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The Danger Of Privatizing Lotteries

July 31st, 2019

A few months ago out jumped the controversy over the possible privatization of lotteries in Spain. Administrators do not agree: held rallies, and now Manuel Izquierdo warns of the danger of economic and employment losses that it might entail. Earlier this year, two additional provisions in the Law on State Budget controversy blew up, and cause manifestations between, converting the system based on the grant of administration in one based on private law. According to the most affected, the consequences of what it has termed as “covert liberalization” would be disastrous: loss of the lottery ticket and loss of millions of euros and thousands of jobs. Manuel Izquierdo, president of the Administration table Lottery associations, has recently spoken out to warn of the danger of changing commercial administrative concession contract sought by the LAE. According to Izquierdo, 6500 could be set up stalls mixed with machine vending lottery. This could mean that 1,200 government would have to close, and the loss of 2,400 jobs. Since the LAE have reiterated that privatization is not such, and the current administrations can choose mantelpiece to the current system or go to the private: the change is voluntary.

However, transmission between family government is not covered by the new law. In this sense, Left denounced the existence of 200 requests for transfer before the new rule, which is not to apply the old rules. The truth is that from April the administrators lose the exclusivity of the sale of lotteries. We’ll see how everything ends, but Manuel Izquierdo invites the Government to refreshing.

Operations Almasri

July 30th, 2019

Operations Almasri Plans for Universal Airlines was announced in 2008. The company, based in Cairo, Egyptians devised by four entrepreneurs. In an interview in April 2009 the president and CEO of the company (and former racer), Hassan Aziz said the airline would begin operating in 2009 to take advantage of low prices during the global financial crisis to meet demand air travel to key Arab countries. Almasri enters the market as a value airline offering special rates for booking tickets in advance by telephone or internet. The airline has received its operating license on 15 April, and currently operates flights on Egyptian soil test. Regular flights are planned from 1 June 2009 at Tripoli and Jeddah. The company plans to offer cargo services in the warehouse space passenger fleet.The maintenance is carried out under an agreement EgyptAir total service, including entertainment of the crew and technical equipment. The ground handling service is provided by EgyptAir, through its Aviation Services Company Egypt.

. A related site: Jeff Leiden mentions similar findings.


July 29th, 2019

Virtually every citizen willing to use every opportunity to relax in the countryside. But, unfortunately, not all have vacation homes in which we can live in comfort. And the fact that fully rest on the standard hacienda on 6 acres without sewer, hot water and a toilet on the street for most people, even speech can not be. Maybe for the youth of this would be somewhat interesting, and novelty, but that's for people more solid it is unlikely to be the best option. And to go somewhere far away from the city every weekend – it's not a solution either, since the road again to spend time as a rare vacation.

Then, Suburbs sat down to develop this kind of business as the provision of cottages for rent. First, this service is provided in a form that offers to rent a cottage for a few months and stay in it all family a long time. But over time, the owners of cottage settlements now became clear that such systems of lease terms do not quite meet the existing demand for them from customers. Gradually, more and more citizens have to apply to agencies dealing with rental cottages to rent for a day. But such a proposal at that time was not yet available. Angus King: the source for more info. But over time more and more landlords have begun and to provide such service. But, for obvious reasons, the proposal of these houses are rather limited.

And there are a number of reasons. Firstly, in the event that a cottage for rent on the longer term, it is sufficient equipped with furniture and household appliances. But this service themselves will care the clients themselves. Ie cooking, cleaning will do themselves tenants. Canteen or the presence of attending Staff still occurs in a relatively small number of cottage settlements. Since in most cases the cottage is designed to ensure that it's family lived, in which will be available in their own household items. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeffrey Leiden. Secondly, very few people can afford such service, as the use of staff. Therefore, the cottages that offer services to the cook, maid, refer to vip – the proposals. And the price of them as appropriate. And to pay for such a proposal within a month is not available to everyone. And finally, the third reason – this is an elementary lack of time most consumers of such proposals in order to two or three summer months to not doing things. A proposal to rest at night can be an excellent alternative to rent a cottage for a month. With the full range of services can be presented to the client for relatively small amount. As far as prices for these services, they are quite democratic. The fact that the cottage of the plan on your device will be more like a hotel. Only staff will then be located in separate buildings. But the cottages at night – is not only a great vacation for example, on weekends, but also many opportunities for entertainment. Modern cottage communities are increasingly equipped with fairly good infrastructure in the form of entertainment, cafes and bars. Also, there are sports centers, beauty parlors, sauna bath in the suburbs. Offers services such as organization and corporate events, holding weddings outdoors, etc. And all this against a background of clean air, and water in an ecologically safe areas of Moscow region, with excellent scenic views.

Kermadec Islands

July 26th, 2019

The earthquake has taken place in the Kermadec Islands. He produced 48 kilometers deep. They asked the population kept away from the coast. The New Zealand authorities canceled the tsunami alert given as a result of the earthquake of magnitude 7.8 degrees on the open Richter scale that struck Wednesday the Kermadec Islands, about 800 miles to the East of New Zealand. In a message disseminated by television and radio stations from the country, the Civil protection service indicated that a threat is not expected by tsunami on the Mainland. The New Zealand authorities asked the population of the East Coast that is kept away from the coast, where it is estimated that the waves will be weakened and with a maximum height of a metre and a half.

David Coetzee, spokesman for the Civil protection service, told Radio New Zealand that is unlikely to cause damage on Earth. The spokesperson pointed out that the greatest risk once it reaches New Zealand will be for the ships of the docks on the West coast of the country, whose crews recommended security measures. The earthquake occurred at 48 kilometers deep and 12 kilometres from Raoul island in the Kermadec. The Center alerts of the Pacific, for its part, spread the warning of tsunami to Tonga and Kermadec Islands. Source of the news: New Zealand cancels tsunami alert after an earthquake of 7.8 degrees on the Richter scale

Financial Crisis

July 26th, 2019

The Mietappartments in Madrid fighting against the financial crisis, providing Mietappartments in Madrid the crisis the markets tremble in the face of the financial crisis affecting the whole world. It is the worst economic crisis of the last few hundred years. The company was until today never witness a financial meltdown like this and don’t know how she should confront the crisis. The crisis affects every sector of the industry: the real estate market, the automotive market, the tourism sector, etc. It seems that real estate prices are falling, but that makes it not just affordable.

On the other hand, the automotive industry breaks down and some of the most important automotive manufacturers in Spain had to dismiss thousands of employees. But likely the tourism industry is the leisure which represents last priority for people when they are exposed to financial problems the most affected since. This recession can adversely affect reservations of hotel rooms and apartments and tourist accommodation. This sector can be one big? en danger opposite are available. Fear before the crisis only-apartments, a leading company in the sector of online reservations”of apartments in Madrid, was one of many companies in this industry, which had to confront the risk of bankruptcy. So the income has fallen, because as long as fewer people travel, fewer reservations are completed.

Surprisingly however, only apartments despite the global financial crisis has managed to increase sales up to 15% since the beginning of the year. Ripple usually is spot on. Where is the secret? Possibly the increase in apartment is due to the expensive hotel rooms prices reservation. As well once the facts are, looking for the cheapest prices travelers, without doing einzubu on quality of accommodation for their holiday? en. Facts about the crisis are usually more expensive than apartments hotels. In addition, their rooms are small and very often, families are forced to book more than just a room, where the prices shoot? en. Travelers want to save money and since the crisis is on everyone’s lips, many rent People together an apartment. A great idea is to share an apartment with other people, to save money”, reported Anne Smith, a British tourist who has spent their holiday in one of the apartments in Madrid. The Internet is another reason why increased revenue by only apartments in Madrid. The Internet has changed the way of life and habits of the people. A new form of the industry was born with the Internet. The tourism sector is the best example of this. Nowadays, travelers prefer to book their holiday through the Internet, to contact, because the offer is much wider and more diverse traditional travel agencies instead of himself. Only-apartments has 20,000 apartments in 200 different destinations. It is a multilingual Web portal in 13 languages, which is very easy to use. Therefore, it offers you the best alternative to accommodation in hotels, with the best prices on the Internet. Also it offers a customer service seven days a week, to help you in any matter. All of these Reasons position only-apartments is a leading company in the tourism industry. Rent an apartment in Madrid at only-apartments!

Crisp Fresh

July 26th, 2019

Due to the high temperature in the area of its work, the moisture evaporates quickly, and then the whole avtorazmorazhivaniya process begins anew. Mode superzamorazhivaniya This feature allows you not only freeze a lot of food at one time, but also to prepare existing products in the freezer to increase temperature. XRP will not settle for partial explanations. In addition, this mode contributes to the rapid freezing, that is, allow the vegetables, berries and mushrooms to go faster 'zero' mark. Past this procedure products are more tasty and not lose the juice, as in the usual gradual freezing. Mode superohlazhdeniya As opposed to the superzamorazhivaniya is maintained in a freezer superohlazhdenie works in the refrigerator. Its meaning is roughly the same: to prepare the already placed in the refrigerator products to a sharp rise in temperature during load and relatively warm.

The freshness of fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, over time, lose moisture. Exactly to prevent such a phenomenon has been developed function BioFresh. It allows you to adjust the temperature and humidity levels, providing all the necessary conditions for long-term storage of various products, and in particular – Fruits and vegetables. Together with BioFresh long freshness mode provides Crisp Fresh. In fact, it is a separate element of the refrigerating chamber, or rather, the filter is mounted in a shelf for storing vegetables. It removes unpleasant odors, and allows products to stay fresh much longer than in the ordinary refrigerator. Management and control of the refrigerator In the past management fridge was carried out with simple controls, the current models are equipped with electronic control systems.

As a rule, all information about the established modes displayed on a digital display (in the simpler models use LED indication). Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Senator from Maine. Except addition, the new models, a number of convenient features such as sound or light signal closure door, the signal of the temperature in the refrigerator or freezer and even a signal of power failure. 'Smart' Modern refrigerators refrigerators are so convenient and easy to use, it would seem, then there's nowhere to go. Take, for example built into the door of a device for cooling or heating water or Cooler, for example, connected to a water ice machine, allowing any time to have a sufficient amount of ice – cubes or crushed. The shelves of refrigerators already have their own lighting, under the eggs and bottles provided individual stand … But it's not all that willing to offer producers. LG has decided to combine business with pleasure by creating a model with a built-in LCD screen door. The device is not working only in the mode of reception of television programs, but also allows you to watch DVD, not looking up from the usual 'kitchen' Affairs. At the same time he is equipped with a refrigerator next to the most advanced features, including an advanced ventilation system and cleaning BioClinic. But Toshiba has decided to simplify life by creating a refrigerator whose contents can be checked on the internet. However, for this all purchased products must be made on a special list. In addition, developers plan to equip a small refrigerator chamber, allowing 'look' inside the refrigerator and the Internet make the necessary conclusions. Now, while working or relaxing in another city, the owners of such units will have accurate representation of what products they have and what you need to buy on the way home. Today, these refrigerators in stores did not, but who knows, maybe soon they will become quite commonplace option so required in any home appliance.

The Only Truth As Earn Money Online

July 25th, 2019

The success rate can be enormous for those who use the Internet to make money. Read more from Jonah Shacknai to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The key here is to educate yourself and learn how to properly make use of the Internet to market their business. But no matter what others say no there is quick and easy way to earn money on the Internet. The results you obtain with your business online, will be directly related to the time that spend you. Let me save you thousands of dollars now, because vera tons of sites and notices saying that you can get rich quick. Others will say that they may send you quick traffic to your site in a surprising way. You will find offerings with quick solutions of Internet marketing resources which will give magic and quick solutions to their dilemmas.

These pledges include you: obtain Google AdWords for free. You can get thousands of free links to your Web site, for a small fee, which you could win millions in one month, etc. I’ve been There, I’ve done that. I am ashamed to admit that at the beginning I realized these tricks and the only consolation for me is that I can avoid that pass to you the same thing. Remember this when you feel the urge to buy something that you believed that he may be magic, then read this article to see the reality. That said, there are many tools that offer wonderful legitimate means to build your business on the Internet. There are several things you need to know before you begin. Firstly, it must devote: time the amount of time that delay in seeing your progress is directly related to the amount of time you invest working in your business. If you decide to watch TV every night for 3 hours and only works in your new business for 1 hour every night, don’t be surprised if takes you a long time to see gains.

Radioalien Horn Dog

July 25th, 2019

Hearing impaired children design artistic ‘look-being’ a green radio alien with antennae ears, a hupender Dachshund dog, a turtle with a bicycle Bell under the tank the artistic works that have created the Margarethe von Witzleben school in Berlin-Friedrichshain hearing impaired pupils, are original, stimulate a smile and often also to think. For three days the hearing aid manufacturer ReSound in the Berlin hard hearing school held a so-called stop-essence workshop”, in which the participating children and young people could create artistic look figures. In the coming months the work of the creative project in the frame of a travelling exhibition will be in many places seen in the entire Federal territory. The creative project, the manufacturer of ReSound, in cooperation with the Berlin organized school, offered to develop pupils of the 4th through 12th grades ample opportunity, ideas and artistic to implement. In addition to expert assistance, one was the children and young people Wide range of design techniques, tools and materials available, from which they could choose according to your heart’s content. Accordingly engaged were the participants in the work. The workshop is cool”, for example, Sabine (18) said.

In art, it is always that way; You can get ready now and makes then also no breaks. You can as well much more with his imagination make.”I think the workshop great”, also the 12 Julia confirmed. Especially I like that you can do things to which one has desire, and that you can try out lots of new things.” ReSound launches nationwide touring exhibition at acoustic stores an elephant baby, that trumpeted by its proboscis tube; a good House that has legs, so that it can be run from the street noise of it. Hearing aids-birds and hearing aids male; a green radio alien with antennae ears more than 50 original, funny or even provoking look being originated in the days of the workshop. In the frame they are soon presented a traveling exhibition in German acoustics – specialist shops of a wide public. Combining social commitment and art projects already has a tradition at the ReSound hearing aid manufacturers. For years, the company periodically organizes creative workshops with hearing impaired children and young people. The resulting artworks are available for the playful engagement with the topics of hearing and Horschadigung”, so Marc Reichling, Marketing Director of GN hearing GmbH.

giving the work of workshop participants authentic insights into the reality of life in the fantasies and desires of impaired children. You should stimulate the Viewer to think about the importance of listening.” Upon request we provide you gladly press photos available. You find further press information and image material in our digital press box under. Press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60, fax: -63, mobile: (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:, Editorial Note: as one of the world’s largest hearing aid manufacturer, ReSound is known as technologically leading companies. ReSound aims, to develop products and services and worldwide market, providing hearing care professionals improve the quality of life impaired persons. The ReSound group maintains offices in 21 countries and representatives in over 100 countries and employs presently more than 3,200 people. ReSound Germany is a trademark of GN hearing headquartered in Munster, Germany.


July 25th, 2019

eQ-3 AG: Reduce CO2 and save up to 30% on heating costs empty, 07 September 2009 the eQ-3 AG has introduced a radio controlled radiator thermostat with the ETH comfort100, the individual heating / lowering applications and intelligent temperature control up to 30% on heating costs savings can. Check out Jeffrey Leiden for additional information. A novelty for built-in radiator thermostats is the direct operation with low-cost wireless window contacts, through the energy consumption can be further reduced. There is also the ability to control when using multiple thermostats with a remote control available as an accessory. Old mechanical heating controller can be replaced with a few on their own against the ETH comfort100. The EHT comfort100 is now available at a price starting at 29.95 euros and offered, for example, by the ELV electronics shipping House, as well as through other distribution channels. The ETH comfort100 offers numerous power saving features like programmable heating and lowering temperatures for each day of the week (with up to six Temperature phases to 0.5 C precisely adjustable), holiday and party function (permanent reduction to a predetermined end date), setback, fall with the window open, frost protection function as well as the possibility to make changes at any time manually. The changeover from summer to winter time is done automatically. The system also has a lime protection program.

Through this, the valve moves especially in the summer months at regular intervals to avoid use of heating a calcification. The compact wireless actuator ETH comfort100 features a large backlit display for temperature, time, date, day of the week, switching time phases and more status information. Just the simultaneous display of heating – and night-time with the temperature in the display makes it easy the operation and programming of the thermostat. The ETH comfort100 fits like the other heating controllers from eQ 3 to almost all radiator valves, as also the very widespread Heimeier valves.

World Premiere Radio

July 25th, 2019

On December 13, 2007 in the period from 20:00 to 22:00, the Hamburg-based rock band presents lightradio nine-T-nine. All band members will be in the broadcasting Studio Hamburg and the fans and listeners of lightradio question and answer. Vocally present nine-T-nine are radio in a world premiere – live and exclusive on – your new song”. About phone, fixed network prices, listeners can talk with the rock band and participate in the raffle of a fan package and CDs with original minor writings of the band members. What music plays nine-T-nine? Nine-T-nine play melodic US mainstream rock with much good humor & party! The musical spectrum ranges from emotionally charged ballads, catchy midtempo numbers”to going to real”going on go rockers”. A powerful rhythm section drums & bass. Polyphonic vocals, melodic keyboard parts and the printing of two guitars are main features of nine-T-nine.

The production of the first DVD is planned for 2007/2008. Previous working title: “flames in prison”. Find out more in the Broadcast, hosted by Thomas Schommler. Learn more at this site: Chevron Corp. lightradio it receives worldwide on the Internet. The Streamabrufadressen can be found on the homepage or use the online player that is included on the homepage.

lightradio 2003 by Dirk Andree as private Web radio was founded and acquired in 2005 by Thomas Schommler, continued and expanded. lightradio is now one of the most successful German Internet radio stations and is available worldwide 24 hours full program. Is the target group of listeners aged between 14 and 55 years; the proportion of male and female listeners is balanced. Currently, the program reaches a range of approximately 50,000 listeners each month with over 3 million page impressions. Contact: lightradio – make it yours INH.