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Capitalist Accumulation Production

August 16th, 2015

The capitalist aims at only to the accumulation of the capital, and for this she increases the productivity, what costuma to cause a descending the amount of looked work, and, therefore in the formation of an Industrial Army of Reserve. This article aims at an analysis on the new standard of capitalist production and its impacts in the Syndical Movements, detaching the loss of the syndical forces and the incorporation of the workers in the fight for the productivity in the companies. Word-Key: Profit. I exercise Industrial deReserva. Accumulation of capital. You may want to visit Roubini Global Economics to increase your knowledge.

Syndical movements. 1-INTRODUCTION the capitalism is the economic system that if characterizes private pelapropriedade of the means of production. The classrooms if characterize pelaposse or lack of means of production and for the free act of contract it work. You love rigorous critical to the capitalism Marx was made by Karl, ideologist alemoque considered the socialist alternative to substitute the capitalism. For osMarxistas, the capitalist system does not guarantee ways of survival for asociedade. In contrast, the condition of the system is the existence of the ExrcitoIndustrial de Reserva, that is, a mass of dismissed workers. Almdo more the workers who are in activities, that is, used in ramosde production, receive a wage that only guarantees its survival. SegundoMarx, the profit is not become fullfilled by means of exchange of merchandises, but yes in suaproduo. What Marx wanted to say is that it had a difference enters valorincorporado to a good and the remuneration of the work that was necessary for suaproduo: the more-value. For the profit tax it is the reason of the more-value on ocapital, and its fall is proportionate for the development of the forasprodutivas.

Mining Capital

August 13th, 2015

The Eneir War decided to take its nephew to take a walk in Belo Horizonte. We catch the bus of the Pretti Means of transportation and follow for Colatina, place where we would embark in the train for the mining capital. To save the grana that was short we spend the night in the Rex Hotel, that one that is next to the Road. Pra swims to make the night seats in the main square of Colatina. The Eneir suggested that we would have to follow the first sister with the bible in the hand and to enter in the church that it entered. It was the first time that I entered in the Maranata Church. In the end a man of tender prayed so that our trip transcorresse well. We raise early and we arrange our luggages to catch the train.

While the Eneir was in the bathroom I looked a cloth to clean the sapado one and it did not find nothing. I looked at for that purple curtain of the Rex Hotel and thought with my buttons as it is that somebody places a purple curtain. Vi that the curtain was so old that tore with any poke. I gave one pulled and a from above strap of twenty centimeters below came to stop in my hands. I caught a piece to clean the shoes and threaded the remain in the stock market of the Eneir without it perceived.

The train was crowded, to put, obtains places to seat. The Eneir in the window and I in the corridor. A pretty young woman lode with a great luggage, of that she seems of cardboard. My uncle wanting to engraar itself for the side of the girl, who travelled in foot, was soon if offering to hold the luggage. The young woman delivered the luggage to me and I pushed only it for top of the gentleman to the side.

Letter Social Responsibility

August 10th, 2015

Analyzing the studious texts of the Hooley, Saunders and Pierce, in the book-' ' Strategy of Marketing and Competitivo&#039 Positioning; ' , one perceives intelligent directed strategies the companies, to be applied in the retention of the customers. After that, Campaign in its article ' ' Empreendedorismo' ' , of the periodical ' ' Nowadays ' ' , it detaches the connection of the mission and vision of the allied company to the credibility conquered in the past and the maintenance of one planning to arrive at the success of the company. Souza affirms in the article ' ' He changes the focus business-oriented: he makes supply of clientes' ' , that it is necessary to know and to manage relationships of ' ' good convivncia' ' , to lead the differences of each one. If you would like to know more about Nouriel Roubini, then click here. Nassar focuses in (Capital Letter Social Responsibility in Evolution), the historical support in the accomplishment of the work and articulated plans of action stop with the commercial, ambient and cultural support. In the Magazine Management, Staff and Attitudes, the consultant of companies, Loureno, it affirms in the article ' ' The importance of the management of the customers internos' ' , that the investment in interpersonal planejamentos accents value to the company and makes possible the Social Responsibility and the ethics enter the actors of the context. Carlos salient Cross ' ' feedback' ' in the intentions of an institution, in which the collaborators must be conscientious of the goals and if to involve in the intentions of the same one, verifying the yearnings of the consumer and to base its action in these expectations. 14 Second Lovelock (Services, Marketing and Management), of the prominence in the necessity to know to hear the customer and recognizes the difficulty in mensurar the productivity due the intangible character of the performances of the collaborators. The consultant Chana Vasco ' ' Secrets of the good relation, ' ' it defends the idea to verify the yearnings of the consumer and to base the actions in this and not in norms and research. .

Highrise Construction

August 5th, 2015

High-rise building in the capital can be viewed from different sides. Here we must weigh the pros and cons. Positive elements of this construction is: a huge saving land; Low cost and savings funds; More modern architecture of buildings, creation of vertical dominants in the architecturally significant parts of the city. Since today the cost of land in Moscow for building a measure of the cost of the building, a construction site has a huge potential. From everyday promoting scientific and technological revolution in construction, high-rise steel on a few points more reliable, more comfortable and durable. Moscow – a metropolis, one of modern cities in the world, so the elite and modern high-rise buildings have become an integral part of it. Of course there are some unpleasant moments in this business: We need more accurate, is deeply analyzed and volumetric calculations in the draft skyscrapers; Must be a hundred percent utilities and housing characteristics that is lacking our glorious engineers; skills of our workers and engineers mismatch necessary standards with all its consequences; Well and, accordingly, require expensive construction technique, which, unfortunately, we must buy abroad. Despite all this, the new government's program to build high-rises give us reason to hope the success of the construction process in Moscow.

Capital and Profit

August 3rd, 2015

It does not matter what size your capital, whether it 20000rub. or a few million. Any money should work for you, they have an unusual property. Sometimes, your money can earn more than you earn on the job. My familiar saving up for a car, it adjourned 200 300 thousands. rub. Money is at home, and will lie, 2 for sure.

He can put money in the bank at 18% per annum and also continue to accumulate. One year later, his money would he rub 36000-54000. It’s more of it monthly salary. But my boyfriend often says “MMM”, and says that the house safer. Despite the fact that now all the contributions to 700tys. rub. Rogers Holdings gathered all the information.

insured by the state, and in case of collapse of the bank, savings bank after you get your money with interest at the contract. In the Internet there are hundreds of sites on which ads appear thousands of business cooperation. These people do business, looking for partners with money. ‘ve Seen many ads of this plan “He opened the shop jewelry, you 30000rub. for the purchase of goods. 45 000 return in 3 weeks, urgently. ” Draw up a loan agreement, pledge a notary, stipulate and describe the conditions, check the transparency of the transaction and you’re done. Bijouterie sold at a premium 200% -300%. Your 30,000 rubles. this man for 3 weeks can turn into 90 000 rubles. Do you know why many wealthy people have a car for 10-15 thousand dollars? Yes, they can afford a car and a hundred thousand, but in this case, their capital is reduced, and hence reduced revenues. Also, in an expensive car to increase consumption. This is called a double hole, which put a greater number of people, the same situation with my friend. You can not buy a car on that you saved up years. The most offensive is that many people work, get 20-30 thousand rubles. per month and are pleased with this. They have enough for food, clothing, well, once a year can fly to relax. If all were are, where we have a new idea? Jobs? Evolve and become wealthy – it is so nice


August 3rd, 2015

For us carrier us opens the doors to the inclusion in this platform and allows us access to new shippers. Nouriel Roubini insists that this is the case. This allows us to expand our customer base and at the same time increasing our emergence. We are regularly informed about freight offers, and we respond to invitations to tender for all over France and even Europe. Clearly TC multiplies the possibilities of business partnerships eBid”. For hinterland the TC has become eBid platform an essential tool in the search to new long-term contracts, like the one signed recently with La Martiniquaise.

Other advantages: the ease of use and the free test. Hinterland and La Martiniquaise agree to highlight the ease of use and simple application of the tender tools without ifs and buts. In the first step, we needed only the available online to download the program. Since we as a freight forwarder the freight exchange TC Truck & cargo subscribed that is offering inTC eBid in our monthly subscription is already included and therefore not associated with additional costs”, Monsieur Klein says. La Martiniquaise was the target in the foreground, to find a fast and efficient tool, its handling is easy to learn… and it has been already more than convincing in the first test. Conclusion is to say that here of not only two companies were able to develop a win-win partnership, but that beyond the original Treaty, more opportunities for cooperation between the two groups have resulting, especially on the relation of Antilles in the context of transportation of rum. An excellent business opportunity, which would probably not have come without the mediation of the TCeBid platform. Discover also TC eBid by you now take advantage of the free trial period. More information: press contact: TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH Manager corporate communication Tim motorcycling in the Steele 2 DE-40599 Dusseldorf Tel.: + 49 211 88 26 69 13 fax: + 49 211 88 26 59 13 E-Mail:


August 3rd, 2015

Namely in the mail except a greeting nothing inside stands and the journalist only through various annexes must fight their way to find the actual press release, passes in the fast in lust. Attach any word files, because not everyone can open and they pose the risk of macro viruses. 5. keep file sizes small! Not only that it seems unprofessional when you send images, which are 6 MB in size, some mailboxes in companies large mails not through to the recipient. Therefore applies to all files, such as pictures or other attachments: Dear a number smaller and a link to the website offer where if higher resolution images are provided for downloading. Jim Rogers: the source for more info.

Or offer if necessary to send larger pictures. The social media Newsroom provides a modern way in this area. In it, you all can merge your videos, images and activities in the social network. 6. Nouriel Roubini has firm opinions on the matter. when writing, think of Google! A press release published on the Internet should be relevant mainly for search engines. That doesn’t mean that the text must be poorly written. But instead of exclusively on fine-sounding phrases to make sure it makes sense to think through that for its own business of relevant keywords and then specifically to accommodate them in the text.

So, they are also found at the end of via Google & co. 7. write media-friendly! As a general rule for the Internet: hold still shorter than for print. Use subheadings and Pack key messages, in terse paragraphs, no one scrolls like through long text desert. Requested waiver, formulations such as copy or reprint free of charge looks at online media somehow strange. Online you can write for example: link requested. Photo rights should be communicated in each case. Tip: Choose press photos wisely from self if the journalist does not apply to your press release, perhaps he can use the image and even then your name will be among them. 8 Note fundamentals of PR! Sent by E-Mail, a press release is a press release. Soak so will not turn by the standards: the most important (the questions) at the beginning of using no jargon, unless it is a simple and understandable language to a trade magazine she still no news hurt good writing style retained, so always active instead of passive fomulieren 9 control you all channels! Online PR has the advantage that you have many options to publish your content. Whether free press portals, references in blogs or forums (to your problem fit our solution), the positioning as an expert on portals like or but setting your content in social networks and news portals. 10 send to the control yourself! To see when and how a press release in the newsrooms arrives, send the mail also to itself via the BCC field. To see if everything is right: format, line breaks inserted photos, etc. About PRonline is a service provider in the field of public relations. For the middle class, PRonline offers affordable solutions in the online-PR. This includes E.g. the dissemination of press releases on up to 50 press portals on the Internet or but the advice in the area of social media. Get more information and practical tips in the blog at

Successful Product Development With The Customer

August 2nd, 2015

The decisive advantages in addition to a high innovation tendency and internal expertise are to involve the customers already in the different stages of product development. The right products at the right time at the right place significantly represent the competitive advantage of a company. Product developments can be costly and time-consuming depending on the industry. Therefore, it is essential to bring products with the customer in line as early as possible. The decisive advantages in addition to a high innovation tendency and internal expertise are to involve the customers already in the different stages of the development process. The concept of an internal working group for the development of the product should consist of engineering/development, sales, marketing, and service and accompany the entire process up to the launch. You is based on the strategic objectives stipulated by the Management Board.

Product development begins with a needs analysis carried out in the market. This is provided through the Optimization needs of existing customers and supplemented if necessary carried out technology audits. Also the dealer will bind to a multi-tiered distribution. The results, summarized according to target groups, compared with research and studies from renowned institutes and material suppliers. This results in the new product specification for the development. Feasibility studies and profitability calculations support the decision whether development projects be carried out internally or given to external partners and lead to a corresponding list of priorities and the respective schedules.

The development process of also takes into account long term tests of prototypes for customers and their feedback for possible modifications derived. Read additional details here: Roubini Global Economics. The advantages of product development is significantly reducing the flop rates clearly oriented. The integration of customer creates an additional customer proximity, which leads to unique competitive advantages. End customers such as dealer, also can be won as a partner and in the long term be bound. The customer is given greater awareness of the entire company and expanded the product and technology expertise. Marketing initiates and controls this process, so that the customer-oriented product development. The expertise, if it is not present in the company, can be purchased externally. While attention should be paid to sufficient practical experience. Short profile: Ratchford Marketing Consulting specializes in the support of B2B company (business relationship between company) specialized. The focus of our deliberations is in the identification and implementation of meaningful marketing activities as a key function to the company’s success. Marketing is both strategically as also operationally geared towards the business objectives. The owner Raymond Ratchford has an international marketing studies (degree graduate in business administration & Bachelor of Arts (Hons), European business studies) over a 20-year experience in marketing and business development at major international Industrial companies. Through his years of experience with over-proportionally growing and highly profitable company, he developed the concept by focusing to success”as the basis for a range of target-oriented and strategic advice. Contact: Ratchford marketing consulting Raymond Ratchford Gropius trail 5 64289 Darmstadt T 06151-711309 F-06151-711301 E