Operations Almasri

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Operations Almasri Plans for Universal Airlines was announced in 2008. The company, based in Cairo, Egyptians devised by four entrepreneurs. In an interview in April 2009 the president and CEO of the company (and former racer), Hassan Aziz said the airline would begin operating in 2009 to take advantage of low prices during the global financial crisis to meet demand air travel to key Arab countries. Almasri enters the market as a value airline offering special rates for booking tickets in advance by telephone or internet. The airline has received its operating license on 15 April, and currently operates flights on Egyptian soil test. Regular flights are planned from 1 June 2009 at Tripoli and Jeddah. The company plans to offer cargo services in the warehouse space passenger fleet.The maintenance is carried out under an agreement EgyptAir total service, including entertainment of the crew and technical equipment. The ground handling service is provided by EgyptAir, through its Aviation Services Company Egypt.



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