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Social Security

October 27th, 2013

Suspension and termination of the right by cesar the need for direct, continuous and permanent care of the son or the minor swept the beneficiary, prior report of the SPS or sanitary administrative body of the relevant autonomous community. By age 18, by the child or minor hosted compliance. To perform any work or activity incompatible with the reduction in working hours. Full reinstatement to work or resumption of work activity. By cause low in the corresponding Social security scheme.

Management / payment management and payment of the provision corresponds to the mutual of accidents at work and occupational diseases or, in your case, the entity manager with whom the company is concerted coverage of occupational hazards. The subsidy shall be paid directly to each beneficiary by paying overdue periods. At the time of making effective allowance, shall be deducted from the amount of the same: the amount that ascends the sum of contributions from the worker concerning the contributions to Social Security, unemployment and vocational training that come, in his case, to join the TGSS. Businessman will be forced to enter only out-of-Pocket contributions corresponding to the Social security contributions and by other joint fundraising concepts which, in his case, proceed. Withholding for income tax. Recognition of the right to the recognition of the economic benefit to the parents, adoptive parents or pre-adoption or permanent welcoming, is subject to the corresponding regulatory development. Documents that must accompany the request (they must be submitted in original accompanied by copy to your compulsa or photocopy already certified, except for identity papers that will be enough of the original display) in ALL cases: Accreditation of identity of those concerned (also of the cause if you have 14 years) through the following documentation in force: Spanish: Documento nacional de identidad (DNI). Foreigners: Passport or, where appropriate, valid identity document in your country and NIE (foreigner identification number) required by the AEAT for purposes of payment.


October 20th, 2013

Today, humanity does not know where and how to further develop and solve problems that are increasingly being felt as the confusion and shock of blind fate. In the 21 st century communication tools are filled with predictions of the future divination, horoscopes. We really are in an unknown world to us. But today we are drawn to the predictions are not in blind faith inherent in previous generations, but because of awareness of their powerlessness in the nature! Belief in higher power that rules the world, came to us after the faith in science, the conquest of nature. As a result of scientific development, we realized that we have no power over nature and his destiny, and begin to search for the source, on which depends. Baal Sulam in the 'Exile and the release of' Chapter 'coherence and unity of Kabbalah, a blind fate and the development of human calculation,' says about the future of mankind frustration in solving problems – and making science Kabbalah as sent over the knowledge to correct themselves and the world. Michael Laitman

Central Bank

October 7th, 2013

Agent Banks in the second level make loans and are looking for projects profitable financing. Often, they use technologies and methods to lending that banks borrow from the organizers of the first level. Such a model does not exclude the implementation of independent programs lending by individual banks, but most Russian banks are not willing to lend to both small business and act as organizers of lending programs for third-party providers of banks – the fact that most financial intermediaries in the regions exist at the expense of short-term deposits! These banks can not provide long-term loans to entrepreneurs for a renewal of fixed assets. Banks are limited to short-term lending for working capital (up to 1 year and more often – for 3-6 months). Such care improves the reliability of the regional banks, but, unfortunately, short-term loans do not allow small and medium-sized businesses to upgrade their production.

In addition, most regional banks are relatively small. Even loans to small businesses to upgrade their production facilities to create these banks increased credit risks. Besides issuing these loans are small banks could lead to violation of several standards established by the Central Bank of Russia. Banks can not alone provide all micro-credit, therefore, are reluctant to issue a large number of small loans due to high transaction costs associated with the evaluation and control of each. As a result, small and medium-sized businesses wishing to get a loan in the amount of $ 10,000 to $ 20,000 are having difficulty finding outside sources of funding.