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Tow Trucks

April 30th, 2019

The car company "Seagull-Service recently released a new tow truck, equipped with a platform for the direct type, shaved and hydraulic manipulator. To improve the technical qualities of a tow truck was used by the vehicle chassis KAMAZ-4308. Design and manufacture of the tow truck can in the future to save significant amounts of money on transport vehicles. Construction of a new towing equipped platform, Brill and hydraulic manipulator, allows make the evacuation of two cars, with the total weight of 7.2 tonnes, as well as to evacuate by using a partial load, not just cars, but little light trucks (Zubrenok, calf) and buses which earlier had been evacuated with the help of heavy towing. Swarmed by offers, Economic Cycles Research Institute is currently assessing future choices. The cost of a new tow truck on chassis KAMAZ-4308 slightly more than three million rubles, which is much smaller than the domestic heavy towing, which is worth ten million rubles. Using the chassis KAMAZ-4308 in the manufacture of evacuation was no accident. All flawless performance KamAZ. Kamaz company, location where located in the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, tirelessly working to improve the quality of their products.

All the latest models of trucks are equipped with Kamaz spare parts for foreign manufacturers – leaders of the world engineering. For example, a car KAMAZ-4308 on the basis of which produced a new model has a tow truck in its complete set of such spare parts: Engine Cummins B5.9 180 CIV-0 (Series Euro 2) produced by the American company Cummins, famous their diesel engines. Another important spare parts used by KAMAZ – it's gearbox ZF, manufactured by the German concern ZF – the best manufacturer of transmissions. In addition, the chassis KAMAZ-4308 were equipped with air suspension-known company Wabco. Air suspension well-proven in operation evacuation. Use of components of a quality product reduces roll the car and its sagging when fully loaded. It should be noted that in the manufacture of a new model of a tow truck was used in its complete set of the best spare parts for automobiles KAMAZ makes these machines are reliable, easy to maintain and economical. Read the full article "hauler chassis KAMAZ-4308 '

Art Dynamites

April 9th, 2019

Art project “Dynamites”, is famous for reworking the Soviet hit “Stuntmen” to “Strippers.” released disc, received plain name “. The album contains the best songs and videos, recorded and filmed a group of During the last three years. According to the leader of the art of Nicholas Frost, in draft form and ready material for the next album – the English-speaking style r’n’b. In addition, Nicholas opened the cold holiday agency “Dynamite.” “I not a novice in the field of holidays for the past 10 years we have successfully promote holiday costume musicals and musical performances based on favorite movies. Among them are “The Three Musketeers”, “Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession,” “Golden Key “, etc. Therefore, in our festive agency development and implementation of the entertainment component is on a professional basis, and this is one of the key aspects of quality measures “- says leader “Dynamite.” Nicholas cold-owner of holiday agency “Dynamite”, Executive Producer and front-man of the art project “Dynamite”, author and singer.

Released a solo album, “Dynamites 1”, Master of Sports ,5-fold champion Republic of Belarus on bodybuilding. Therefore, in our festive agency development and implementation of the entertainment component is on a professional basis, and this is one of the key aspects of the quality of the event. In parallel with the practice of successfully mastering the subtleties in the development of new holiday industry. Refresher courses at the faculty workshop at the show business “Company Master”, specializing producer, art manager, event-manager.

Horacio Pozzo

April 5th, 2019

Argentina is the most generous country in the world. It won the lottery, but decided to give up the prize. I can send it to or leave your comments on our website Argentina What Will the Coming? By Horacio Pozzo As promised, today I will comment on what happened during the seminar held at the Sheraton Buenos Aires, about “the next Argentina”, in which prominent economists. Follow others, such as Expedia, and add to your knowledge base. What will be the next Argentina? According to Marcelo Longobardi (who acted as moderator), and hinted that the exhibitors, unfortunately I must say that not unlike Argentina, which is today. Is that the government has many limitations to change their speech, because the pressures facing the various sectors are numerous and a change in strategy may undermine the “unstable equilibrium” in which it stands. Sorry I excited into thinking that the stage was coming to Argentina was positive change, but the feeling is that will continue on autopilot. A leading source for info: Economic Cycles Research Institute. Since neither I think then you’re moving toward Argentina, is that I would like to share with you the thought of “where should go,” according to these distinguished speakers. In that sense, Roberto Frenkel (large university professor and researcher holder CEDES), understands that the first thing you should do is a clear policy to fight inflation … What does this mean? What he means is the inflation problem openly acknowledge and publicize the decision to fight against him, which must be transparent the true rate of inflation (which is around 25% -30%).

El Salvador

April 4th, 2019

A new concept, a new experience after its success in other countries, the website of classified ads, decided to expand to El Salvador, earlier this year, market has been released as an aid for sellers and buyers who are looking for an effective agenda and help options at the time of posting ads. Market El Salvador provides an innovative concept, a friendly and helpful user environment offers more than 29 categories and hundreds of sub-category to find what you are looking for, even the web world offers many sites with similar options, offers a publication of a single page and in 3 easy steps, forget the tedious forms to publish your sales or servicesyou select the category, you put details and photos, your data and you’re done! the announcement is published.If we accompany it with your friendly and easy to use interface, you’ll have a navigation designed in the user, which shows you all the categories in any part of the site, when you need something to your left.In addition to the numerous advantages that offers market we add is a system oriented to all kinds of person, with so many options both in category as at ease you can not sell, the site can be used by anyone with knowledge on the internet, everything is guided to make a memorable user experience. For more information see this site: Jonah Bloom. This major market release may not be accompanied by a large marketing campaign, which guarantees to sellers thousands of interested in their products. El Salvador market. You may find that Restaurant Michael Schwartz can contribute to your knowledge. original author and source of the article