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The Congress

November 15th, 2014

They began to apply to the norms ” antirracistas” of the new law of press approved by the altiplnico congress. The miner whom Morals went to look for in search of protagonism – because where the agent chief executive are cameras brightens to appear preferred to remain to live modestly in Chile, in freedom and with better future, than to return to Bolivia therefore he offers a position to him in the cabinet. The theater trip served so that Its Excellence returns to make the ridiculous situation, returning without glory. As the man is not ashamed, he does not do notch to him. It was they invite without it, returned they surprise without it.

The idea of Morals was to be like a sensible governor worried about its same types, to those who in house it does not have problem to brutally repress. Neither or its law was promulgated, three journalists are being accused it to have violated. ” The crimes are vindication, public instigacin a to break the law, that is to say, that using oral, written and televising mass media, these gentlemen would be of some form urged and summoned people so that of one or the other form they carry out the facts of the 24 of mayo” ; the public prosecutor said. What passed the 24 of May of 2008 in the city of Sucre? There was a confrontation between university students and farmers quechuas, brought of the mountainous areas by partisans of the government to intimidate the population. The citadinos were more than the farmers and denigrated humiliatingly to the native ones. Fact reprovable, but categorically never comparable with the lynchings committed by the farmers when they surpassed to the citadinos, in grescas who exploded in different points from the country since Morals are president.

The Values

November 4th, 2014

In accordance with Freire (2005) the educator whom if it alienates to the ignorance, if enclausura being thus static in an invariable position which if finds to be the owner of the truth, the expert of knowing; whereas the pupils are ignorant. they do not obtain to learn and they do not know. This traditional conception understands to educate with the act of only transferring knowledge, therefore the man is a citizen the-description nails a pedagogia tecnicista conservative, which the transmission of the values translates oppression. In the measure where this vision annuls the creative power of the educandos or minimizes, stimulates thus its naivety and not its criticidade, being that it satisfies the interests of the oppressors, and for these the basic one is not the denudation of the world, its transformation. Its humanitarismo this in preserving the situation of that they are beneficiary and that the maintenance of its lack of generosity makes possible them. According to ideas of Freire (2005), the pupil in its necessary essence becomes free itself of the world oppresses that it to adentrar in its reality, to reach the practical liberator. This education that nails to such practical liberator, far from being utopia has been the way most efficient in the search of a pedagogia that longs for the intellectual growth of the society, that makes the difference between citizen and object, where the being passes if to question; to criticize; to analyze and to formulate its proper concepts with regard to the established truths daily pay, that is, leave the oppression and pass the release. The authentic release, that is the humanizao in process, is not a thing that if deposits in the men. It is not the hollowest, mitificante word. It is prxis, that it implies the action and the reflection of the men on the world for transforms it (FREIRE, 1987).