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November 22nd, 2014

Today it is well known that telephony not only in Mexico but in the world is going to older, in specific convert us into a point of sale of electronic recharges previously was practically a privilege and some few, distributors with establishments engaged only in the sale of cell phones and then some people at the crossings of the city also began offering the servicethe first step for the sale of time was air, however the insecurity began to collapse this type of sale, both from hackers who violate codes of the tabs, as well as criminals simply infringe sellers taking an inventory of thousands of dollars in chips of time air. However all this was changing, since was insufficient supply for the consumer since every day a business model with an unimaginable scope, increased to millions and millions of people who ultilizamos the service, this emerged the service of refueling electronic through web portals linked directly to servers of telcel. (A valuable related resource: David Reeths). Nowadays at least in Mexico there are about 10 web portals. However not all offer a stability of 100% in this article only naming two portals that ami trial are the most stable. over 3 years I was only testing services to verify the stability of the same. With this system are achievement to introduce a point of sale in every business that already had its own infrastructure, a space, a computer, an internet contract and the desire to earn additional income to a business with a high demand and that far from decrease is has hido increase with the passing of the years and our need to be communicated. This facilitated that the electronic recharge service expands as we say Mexicans say wildfire PORLVORA, was a windfall because the investor did not have to build a local invest thousands of dollars in physical inventory and of course devote exclusively to the business of selling cell phones and time air.

But with having a business such as stationery, Internet cafe, gift shop, boutique, and any mentionable business as well as private individuals they could offer the service electronic recharges telcel and multi-brand with what was more easy benefit everyone, by one vendor (telcel, iusacell, Movistar, Unefon or Nextel) part the wholesaler, Distributor and the customer to more easily find an establishment that could offer the service. It is well known that in Mexico we have option to deploy a highly profitable business from home, business or Office with friends and acquaintances, with frequent customers of our current business and with lo ke could well help us pay our receipt of light, phone receipt or receipt of pay Television. No more for the moment thank you for your attention and I say goodbye not without before them the cordial invitation that are aware of this new system of sales that undoubtedly could help entrepreneurs Mexican families.

Housing economic Feasibility

November 17th, 2014

Logical sense of the index return home is to compare the effectiveness of the two financial instruments. One of them – embedding large amounts of money (usually in foreign currency) in the bank for deposit. Other – buying an apartment with to surrender its lease. Moreover, in case the apartment you can play a part in changing its price, which generates income from the resale. In this philosophy apartment is considered as a source of revenue, although this does not mean that it must be handed over. Just such an approach – a method of assessing its economic attractiveness, in tune with the income method of real estate valuation. Because estimates of the current cost of an apartment is simple – everyone's doing it method of comparative analysis of sales, pritsenivayas to similar objects.

Important to understand – and whether the apartment is really worth the money?>>. Reply to this question can only compare the current price level in the calculations income method. Purchasing an apartment economically advantageous if the offer price less than the value calculated by the method profitable. If the offer price above the price of the income method, it is most advantageous to simply put the money in bank and earn interest on the deposit. If bank interest or the yield of another financial instrument exceeds the amount of lease payments for an apartment of similar value (perhaps minus the loss of its value a fall in market prices), it is not economically profitable to live in their own, and rented accommodation.

Profitability index is calculated on the basis of calculating the potential rates of return from owning a flat. It consists from two sources: first, from the value of lease payments, subject to renting the apartments, and secondly, changes in the value of the apartment during this time. To estimate the change in the cost of housing in this case should not take one month, and the integral rate of change in prices over a longer period of time. Ideally, for the year, but to make visible changes in the trends of the period may be half or a quarter. You can take a period of six months, taking into account the last three months and the trend in prices over the next three months. To get the index of the potential rate of return refers to the average rate of return on long-term bank foreign currency deposits. Such conditions more similar to investing in an apartment (long term – by year, the money in the currency). Used the average interest on deposits in the most stable banks in Moscow. Profitability index = (Rental Income + Change in value of the apartment) / (Earnings at the bank) The relative value of the index return can exclude from consideration a number of additional factors such as inflation, the ratio of courses dollar and the ruble, etc., because these factors are the same way change the real rate of return on various instruments. In this case, we mean a formal income, brought for every dollar invested (or ruble) without taking into account changes in real purchasing power of the currency. Another reason for this approach to the calculation of the index return is the fact that, as the index value, he or she determines the profitability of some particular apartment, and is an indication of the typical rate of return on real estate market as a whole. An important indicator is its modification, indicating the increase or decrease the profitability of the property market.

Work Teams

November 15th, 2014

So you decide to repair, but what to do, a lot of work, skills, repairing little, and free time are not so enough. Smash his head, you decide – you need to look for a qualified team of workers. But how? I propose to Here are some tips on this subject. First is to decide where you go to a firm or a private trader, of course an individual takes in their work less, but as often happens, and the demand for low-quality work with him will be almost. And if, after a short while repairing your home state had deteriorated, then where you deal with complaints? For such a situation did not happen, ask in advance the presence of license (the presence of independent, you've come to the firm or private trader) and make a contract, which is to discuss all the nuances of the work and assurances of the parties. Speak in advance and make a time estimate. Estimates should be given greater costs, because in the process of repair may break the tools or lack of any consumables and finishing materials.

It is also worth to discuss who will be engaged in the purchase of materials for repairs. You can give another board, check your crew to start work. For instance, knowingly give them an unreal job. And if they agree, I think, you know, it is better to stay away from such "qualified" When choosing a company you should immediately specify the cost of works. But keep in mind that not seeing your home, give an exact amount can not, and if you just say the cost of such services should be abandoned. Of course, the choice of the firm will save you from self-control the workers, but only if proven, solid company.

And do not neglect the survey of your friends, acquaintances, colleagues who are likely to have been exposed to the repair and hire workers. In their reviews and recommendations in greater costs and focus on the choice of labor for repairs. Repair of apartments troublesome and difficult, so if you hire a team, remember that it will cost you quite a large sum. But if you're not sure their abilities and not strained circumstances, it is best to consult an experienced workers, painters, plasterers, etc. and then you will save not only time and hassle, and money, taking into account the fact that professionals do everything right the first time. You just will choose the materials and follow up work in your home. This was, incidentally, is the main thing to remember, except the rules, the team relaxes and begins to work in a slipshod manner. Thus, these rules are simple, but they do not neglected. And remember about security, do not go in the wake of fraud, which give clear messages with low prices. Quality and low price, usually things are not compatible.

The Congress

November 15th, 2014

They began to apply to the norms ” antirracistas” of the new law of press approved by the altiplnico congress. The miner whom Morals went to look for in search of protagonism – because where the agent chief executive are cameras brightens to appear preferred to remain to live modestly in Chile, in freedom and with better future, than to return to Bolivia therefore he offers a position to him in the cabinet. The theater trip served so that Its Excellence returns to make the ridiculous situation, returning without glory. As the man is not ashamed, he does not do notch to him. It was they invite without it, returned they surprise without it.

The idea of Morals was to be like a sensible governor worried about its same types, to those who in house it does not have problem to brutally repress. Neither or its law was promulgated, three journalists are being accused it to have violated. ” The crimes are vindication, public instigacin a to break the law, that is to say, that using oral, written and televising mass media, these gentlemen would be of some form urged and summoned people so that of one or the other form they carry out the facts of the 24 of mayo” ; the public prosecutor said. What passed the 24 of May of 2008 in the city of Sucre? There was a confrontation between university students and farmers quechuas, brought of the mountainous areas by partisans of the government to intimidate the population. The citadinos were more than the farmers and denigrated humiliatingly to the native ones. Fact reprovable, but categorically never comparable with the lynchings committed by the farmers when they surpassed to the citadinos, in grescas who exploded in different points from the country since Morals are president.

The Man Has To Support The Family

November 14th, 2014

The scarcity of money is something really disturbing . I took to lose my home and see my ex-wife went to bed with men just because those “men” had what I had: MONEY. Senator Angus King is often quoted as being for or against this. As they say … “a good checkbook, kills a lover. “There is no point or serves as a good person, a good citizen, a good father or a good son, if you do not have enough money to live or to support your family.

Experience has shown me (and not only for what has happened to me but for what has happened to me strange people who do not even know), rather than approach it as an axiom that goes like … “if your wife or your girlfriend or your lover is left without money and without work, most of the time, you as a man, you have no objection to take charge of situation no matter how long that situation lasts. If, however, is you (man) who will run out of money and no job, no more than six months will pass in that situation, before your wife or your girlfriend or your lover to change you for another man who can give her security economic at this time you can not give. “Obviously, the foregoing is not a generality (please women, do not take to heart). There are exceptions to the rule, but honestly and sincerely, I think are very, very few. Money makes us see “better” can help us get better and just as we can “misfortunes of life.” Money is something of a magnet and in the case of women, is like honey for flies. Who has not seen an elderly man (quite advanced in years), accompanied by a woman much younger than he is doing as his “girlfriend”?.

do as I manage that?. … For assistance, try visiting Senator Angus King . .. adivinenlo bieeeennn a fat bank account and nothing more. Although in truth, I hope never in life Atharva me a woman who values me for money I have or I can get (I cross my fingers for it). Like everything in life, it is important to strike a balance and money is no exception. Very little money, we can make a life and equally horrible happens if we have too. Although in any case, I think it best mourn in a jacuzzi while sipping a martini, which in the rain as we seek a place to hide. For me, money is the bus (transport, bus, etc.) Leaves me closer to happiness. ” I do not live for money, nor money, nor do I see money as a way to trample on others, or feeling run down more than others. NO. Live to earn money that allows me to be quiet and comfortable, to let me taste me, meet people, different cultures and enrich my house because after all, “I ate and lived what he takes away one.” Do not accumulate wealth or fortune … just buy what I like and what I need to live, but I do not depend on the attachment or as much as possible nothing material that is so … because I have experienced what it is to stay next to nothing and learn to live a life very different from one day to another. In my material existence, I surround myself with the material, knowing that one day I’ll leave all that aside and no longer serve me. That is partly the essence of “be” without being unhappy for having, o. .. What do you think?.

Old Laptop

November 12th, 2014

– Getting crumbs. If a person accustomed to drink tea, coffee and scones, cookies, etc., make sure the keyboard is a lot of crumbs. It's enough to take vacuum cleaner and the "vacuum" keyboard, and most little ones will have to sack a vacuum cleaner, and your input will work better. -Just an old keyboard, with time at the keyboard, metal ends (still referred to as "whiskers") bend and there is no contact, so the key does not always work. Click Lakshman Achuthan for additional related pages. This comes from the constant banging on the keyboard, hard-pressed if you pay attention, you first of all, the fault is on the keys in the keyboard, which often are using. This problem is easily treated, quite carefully bend these metal tips at the keys and everything will be all right, try to do everything carefully, such as tweezers, then you do not have tormented and collect keys back if you dismantle it. By the way I notice that not always and not all get everything in place to gather. Of course, if these keys (not always work) a lot, it's better to buy a new keyboard, and the old to give to children in perpetuity.

You can not always revive a favorite keyboard, for example, if the liquid has been spilled and fell on chip control shorted it, feel free to say good-bye to her and throw away and buy a new one. One little advice, experience shows that if the keyboard of a laptop filled, it is better not engage in self-help problems (if not know how and do not know what and how), it is better to a service center, such as ours, where people work, with expertise in this matter, and you do not have to buy a new laptop due to the fact that you tried to own anything in it repaired. Do not forget to have a laptop keyboard vacuum, small chips and small particles gone, that will contribute to better work with the laptop keyboard. Finally, we want to give some advice to avoid further series problems because of what the keyboard can not work: – try very close to the keyboard, and generally the computer, do not eat, drink (I understand that it is practically impossible, but it is well worth careful), which is why Some companies do not allow management to eat, even drink tea, coffee in the workplace – next to a computer, a laptop. – If you have a bad mood, do not get bogged down on the keyboard and pound on her with his fist with rage.

Abramovich’s Yacht – Past, Present And Future

November 11th, 2014

This article is about the fleet of Roman Empire – or rather, on yachts, superyachts and megayachts Roman Abramovich. While on this subject quite a lot written and anyone can easily find a lot of articles on the Internet, and any interested knows what "Pelorus" or "Eclipse", we still have decided to touch it and write this review. Reliably known that the first yachts, Abramovich bought were "Stream" ("Flow") and "Sophie's Choice" ("Choice Sophie ") and it was in 1999. They were bought by Berezovsky, and his assurances (Berezovsky) were intended to Putin. Like it or not it actually, we do not know how and do not know them (boats) fate. These were the boats are small, to the class of "super" does not belong, but nevertheless, the beginning of history about Abramovich – shipowner was laid. In 2002, Roman Abramovich gets his first mega yacht "Le Grand Bleu" ("Big Blue"). "Le Grand Bleu" was launched in 2000 Bremer Vulkan shipyard in Germany.

The first owner of the yacht was the American billionaire John McCaw Jr Despite the fact that at the time of purchase of the yacht practically new, Abramovich sends it to the modernization of the shipyard hdw. As a result, Reconstruction, which ended in 2004, has been redesigned interior, and also due to the reconstructed platform at the stern, has increased the length of the boat, reaching an impressive 112.8 meters. The yacht is equipped with 2 engines to 4570 hp Deutz one that allows her develop a cruising speed of 15 knots and a maximum of 17 knots.

Paul Believe

November 8th, 2014

This is closely related to the fate, we spent half a lifetime waiting for things to achieve success, happiness, love, and yet many of they are there front and we are afraid to take action. We believe that success comes from contacts. A good network of contacts can help you achieve success, but this depends not exclusively on this. We have to think that we can learn from all the people and not obsessed with searching for contacts that can bring us value, we must first give to then receive. We believe that success comes recognition. Not by being a well-known person will succeed, since the process is often upside down, when you reach success, is when it comes the recognition. But both anyway one thing as another, not should concern us, since they will come after we advance in the road and lift us over and over again.

We believe that success is an event. We believe that success comes at a particular time or at certain place, when in fact as I said throughout the post, success is a journey, a process that must go, which need clarification (what we want to achieve), planning (how it can be done) and review (which changes we introduce for reaches our goals) therefore does not idealize the success this will come after work, study, reflect, and especially after walking if stopped us. Maria Garzon BlogRoll INFO how to achieve a good meringue the success of alliances AlChilazo eight keys to improve my business Economic window DeNovatoNetworker 8 errors of the success Paul D. Ceglia claims to be the owner of 85% of Facebook FayerWayer

Gadair European Airlines

November 7th, 2014

The airline company Gadair European Airlines continues with its perforated fall in after the Court of Mercantile number 5 of Madrid has recently declared the voluntary contest of creditors of this airline, original of Majorca, that only makes a pair of years bid up on the other of the great Spaniards: Spanair. The creditors of Gadair European count from now on on a term of a month to inform into their credits to the judicial instances for the later elaboration of competing report of the company. Lakshman Achuthan shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Gadair European Airlines, that was born in 2003 with the name of Gadair Lines Charter, did not get to operate regular routes of flights to Ibiza or flights to Menorca, although yes they covered some destinies like Egypt. In spite of as soon as to present/display activity, in 2008 bid up along with Iberia by the acquisition of Spanair, offering about 500 million Euros. The purchase initiative, that was led by its president, Santiago Sanchez Marin, and was protected by the Catalan society PromoBarna, finally no it prospered and at the beginning of the year a 2009 group of Spanish investors took control of the 80.1 percent of the shareholders of Spanair, leaving in a 19.9 percent the participation in the airline of Scandinavian group SAS.

The Values

November 4th, 2014

In accordance with Freire (2005) the educator whom if it alienates to the ignorance, if enclausura being thus static in an invariable position which if finds to be the owner of the truth, the expert of knowing; whereas the pupils are ignorant. they do not obtain to learn and they do not know. This traditional conception understands to educate with the act of only transferring knowledge, therefore the man is a citizen the-description nails a pedagogia tecnicista conservative, which the transmission of the values translates oppression. In the measure where this vision annuls the creative power of the educandos or minimizes, stimulates thus its naivety and not its criticidade, being that it satisfies the interests of the oppressors, and for these the basic one is not the denudation of the world, its transformation. Its humanitarismo this in preserving the situation of that they are beneficiary and that the maintenance of its lack of generosity makes possible them. According to ideas of Freire (2005), the pupil in its necessary essence becomes free itself of the world oppresses that it to adentrar in its reality, to reach the practical liberator. This education that nails to such practical liberator, far from being utopia has been the way most efficient in the search of a pedagogia that longs for the intellectual growth of the society, that makes the difference between citizen and object, where the being passes if to question; to criticize; to analyze and to formulate its proper concepts with regard to the established truths daily pay, that is, leave the oppression and pass the release. The authentic release, that is the humanizao in process, is not a thing that if deposits in the men. It is not the hollowest, mitificante word. It is prxis, that it implies the action and the reflection of the men on the world for transforms it (FREIRE, 1987).