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National Monetary Advice

July 24th, 2012

The growth of the insolvency stronger and was generalized in the wallet of loans the companies, having reached the main credit facilities. The tax passed of 5,8% for 6,9% in the discount of trade bills, of 2,7% for 3,3% in the note discounting promissory note, and of 1,2% for 1,9% in the turn capital, between September of 2008 and February of 2009. Exactly in operations with external resources, as the Advancings on Contract of Cmbio (ACC), it had increase of the insolvency, 0,6% in September for 0,8% in the last month. The picture of the situation in the segment of the free credit – where the interests are agreed to between the financial institution and the customer – is reflected infects of it that the country suffered from world-wide the financial crisis, with the disappearance of the credit. Without new financings, the companies if capsize in difficulties to roll its loans.

For the data of the BC, the banks they are if preparing for difficult days still more, what she can also be identified in the general degradation in the classifications of the operations of credit. Beyond the provisionamento above of the minimum demanded for the BC, the banks they had lowered rating of its wallets, classified with nine notes, that go of AA the H, in a scale of increasing risk. Classified operations as normal risk, with notes between AA and C, they had shrunk 0.7%, while of risk 1 (between D and G) they had increased 11.6% between January, and February and with note H, practically considered lost, they had gone up 6.4% between one month and another one. The moment if shows, therefore, sufficiently delicate. The government makes what credit is necessary to come back it to irrigate the economy, what estimates the banks to retake its loans for physical companies and people. The National Monetary Advice (CMN) approved the creation of safe from deposits special, with guarantee of until R$ 20 million the FGC (Deep Guarantor of Credit), to stimulate investors to apply again in average small banks e, from where they had run away for the great banks, over all the public, after 15 of September, in the track of the general diffidence in the banking system.


July 20th, 2012

the First factor is the existence of the mass of electronic currency WebMoney. The second factor is a ban Vebmani own bureaux de change their title marks on other payment systems (specifically – to Liberty Reserve and Perfektmani). Motives leadership Vebmani sounded sort of like a very noble: to fight a global network with a variety of financial pyramids, guarding against the temptation of easy money of their numerous clients. At some point, Webmoney system has detected that the shortcomings of a bubble by the name of Rohmanov trying to create a serious web business. More specifically, this moment came at the end November 2009 Next, the system Webmoney actively attacked Privat-Invest and others like him a parallel project Functionaries Vebmani publicly named these two projects scam, and make every effort to ‘overlap of oxygen. ” They register at the website, as potential investors expressed their desire to invest in projects of their ‘pieces’, and once had access to the purses of their own payment system, there are these purses blocked. Here functionaries Vebmani entered directly in the same boyish excitement, and began to block the purses, which they believe may be related to ‘scam’.

As a result, were blocked by dozens of purses, even those who are to Privat-Invest and had no relationship at all. Many customers Vebmani actually been robbed, and, on a fairly impressive amount. (Testimonials can be read here on this site. In advance we apologize for here and there encountered profanity – – in the comments section).

Krynski Marcelo

July 19th, 2012

With the ability to distinguish emotional and flow in them. With distinctions in the field have body and knowing how to act accordingly. The most common problem situations, to which it usually required the help of a coach has to do with: .- difficulties of a person or group of people meet their own challenges. a "difficulties of a person or group of people to join specific learning processes. .- Difficulties that arise in the flow of business processes, which are clearly identified "as problems of relationship between people" or under the euphemism of "communication problems" that impede increased productivity by reducing the levels of commitment.

For the above reasons, a coach is a person who, after a rigorous learning process and concrete has the ability to observe organizational phenomena, reinterpret them in a more powerful and intervene in them in the most effective way possible. A coach looks at human beings in a continuous process of transformation, completing and constituting as such human beings through the relationship with others. For this reason, we call this type of coach: coach ontological. The coach seeks to identify, validate and / or dissolving such boundaries and does so in individual or group processes, depending on the achievements to be met and the type of actions required to do so. Krynski Marcelo tells us that the ontological coaching is a kind of conversation that holds an apprentice with a coach from an ontological express request of the former view that there are certain results that matter and failing to find the resources to achieve that enables you to respectfully challenge their ways of thinking, acting and interacting with people with whom you interact on a daily basis (customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc.).


July 16th, 2012

Denying a crisis does not change reality, this does not depend what you think or feel. If you are in crisis but have not realized, perhaps it lacks preparation, if you are in crisis and may not accept it lacks humility and common sense this can lead to creating a parallel world, a pseudo reality which will cost you much support and will worsen the crisis by using effort and resources to recreate and sustain that parallel reality, instead of accepting and using resources to change with them their true situation.

I’ve seen enough examples of this in the commercial world companies spend enormous budgets on maintaining a product that people have stopped eating, looking through the advertising and promotion to change the public’s taste for it will continue to buy, often at a loss, but refuse to let him buy in Instead of offering a new product, according to the tastes and needs of the buyer and therefore easier to sell. While some of these companies refuse to change, other competitors, identify a need in the market and supplement, take advantage of them, because they have no bond with the past of the product, do not care and do not have to bear the burden can work more freely and use it to be unique.

The situation continues for a time which can be more or less long, and will last until they are exhausted its resources, shortages when it appears, by that time they have to accept it, no they have no other way, they should try different solutions and then, only then begin to travel the road to recovery. Scarcity, paradoxically is what generates activity, measured in terms of scarce resources is the partial or complete lack what is necessary, the power shortage forced to move, to try new activities, looking for answers. Consider that much of the most productive activities are born of scarcity, when something is not enough to meet demand, there arises an opportunity, soon will identify any provider and move to seize it.

When resources are scarce and are used as efficiently as possible, pushing scarce resources price hikes by the laws of the market, so they must care for and be sold to anyone interested in paying a fair price, and it will be others interested in into the business and competition push upgrades for the user of the product or service. The sooner you accept the crisis, the faster start working on the solution and less wasted resources and businesses holding untenable situations, then you are in a better position to solve them, will have more time and resources, will be a of the first to offer solutions to existing problems, while others will be providing accommodations to convince their clients to help them solve problems that do not actually have. If you agree to mitigate the crisis early losses, many things will change, but may keep too many others, especially not waste time and will be strengthened. For more infos opinions are not widely known.

All human activities are cyclical, constantly move between cycles of expansion and contraction cycles that occur as part of the dynamics of the natural world and society in this dynamic influenced by many external and internal factors that can not be controlled by actors individual who can only adapt and influence to add value and win. The initial step to deal with a crisis is to accept that we are in it and we must start working to solve it.

Advantages Of Living In Wooden Houses

July 11th, 2012

A house to enjoy nature without trying to exhaust the reasons, nor too deeply into them, we highlight here some interesting. The ecology and protection of the environment of concern to most citizens. Among all the building materials, wood is, as you know, the only natural and processing operations renovable.Las wood tree are minimal and hardly needs energy, compared with other traditional materials. The wooden house comes from the forest, the lungs of the earth that generates oxygen, fixed carbon dioxide and reduce the greenhouse effect, an environment in which develop the most environmentally friendly materials: wood. Contrary to what is advocated by some radical environmentalists. At any latitude where we are and whatever the tree species, the forest must be maintained and cut to order for your cycle continue natural. Abandoned in the forests of old trees die, victims of competition among themselves, are attacked by pests, and decay.

The forest then ceases to produce oxygen thus alters their ecological role. Respecting the immutable cycle of nature, must therefore be a rational as to maintain the forest asset. A healthy housing particularly in the managed forest is pure and healthy. See, touch and feel the trees causes breathing being perceived to some extent in the homes of wood. This sense of comfort and welfare is not an illusion: the wood is one of the healthier construction materials. First, the wooden house is a house that breathes and absorbs moisture regularizing you flush it out of the environment and the interior.

Helps prevent rheumatic ailments and respiratory infections, to stabilize the moisture, and filter and purify the air. The bioelectric field of natural wood also provides a state of equilibrium in the human body. Our metabolism, influenced by radiation and Earth’s electromagnetic fields, can suffer in a traditional house of true effects Faraday cage. The timber, permeable to natural radiation, do not distort these subtle fields, contributing to health. An old Scandinavian proverb says. “If your doctor can not do anything for you, buy a wooden house.” On the other hand the acoustic properties of wood are widely recognized: absorbs the wave energy it receives, thereby reducing noise pollution. The wooden house is a quiet house, reducing the stress of their inhabitants. The sociological and symbolic criteria of the materials are baseline data and provide a design tool for any designer. Wood refers directly to natural values that man needs to feel on their own organic condition. Without falling into pantheistic or mythologies telluric attitudes should be emphasized that it is a living material, which causes an emotional bond with nature making us symbolically return to our roots.

Attraction Marketing

July 11th, 2012

“There is so blind as those who will not see. (This popular) have you ever seen someone do it?, Is not it stupid?, “Is it not futile and that also costs a lot?, Then people strives to offer online merchant that you have not asked ?, let’s talk about it. No doubt today the key to success in Online Business is Attraction Marketing is a fact, useless and old methods of affiliation, no one, and I repeat today nobody wants to be disturb or sell anything to it, our society is experiencing the day to day continuous bombardment of advertising sales, it is normal that when we go with our business proposition, and we throw it in the faces of people, this is rejected and underestimated, however good that this is for us, put in place, think, why would separate us?. So it is normal for these people who have put their dreams on their projects Multilevel fail because they do not know that the new currents of thought going in another direction, the successful the Multilevel know where?, in yourself, if you’re a smart entrepreneur, and the quality and efficiency in your work and prospecting systems. Is that people still have not realized that traditional prospecting does not work? That the difference between working with an effective and do not, is abysmal. That it is better to become the hunted instead of the hunter. Apparently have not noticed, because there is no day that there will be my mail or send me a message by offering social networking I have not asked, and I guess I will have many like this happens is mismo.Esto because this industry is full of people who have no idea what the Network Marketing, if it is not a minimum to master the basics of marketing, as you can call Networkers. 95% of people starting a business from home MLM business generally, fails, and this is because they do not acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the competitive internet market.

Today if you want to succeed you must find the way that people will invite your world (Attraction Marketing), is not you who tries to enter, so, stop shooting people face your offer, formate, turn the expert, position yourself as a provider of services and become part the 5% of Networkers who are successful professionals. The best and most effective marketing tool you own is you, not your product or is your business, why?, Very simple, there are hundreds of businesses and hundreds of deals in the market, but there is only one like you are the only product that you sell. For your success and only you success in MLM.