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Gas Prices Fall For 2 Million Households In The Coming Weeks

January 31st, 2023

Price reductions for 55 gas suppliers of up to 17.2 percent in August and September Berlin announced July 28, 2009 good news for many gas customers: gas is again cheaper for 2 million households in the coming weeks. According to research of the independent consumer portal plan at least 55 regional gas suppliers to reduce their prices in August and September to an average of 9.8 percent. Thus the gas prices continue to fall in the third quarter nationwide. Already from 1 July 2009, approximately 250 companies had reduced their tariffs by an average of 9.6 percent. There are price reductions for almost half of all German companies, among them corporations so that in the third quarter like RWE, EnBW, EWE and the GASAG Berlin. \”Table (.xls): gas price cut in August and September 2009 a sample budget with an annual consumption of 20,000 kWh gas is the announced price cuts to an average 145 euro relieved\”, energy expert Thorsten Bohg estimates by Sink into the top prices at the Stadtwerke Kelheim in Bavaria to 17.2 percent, or 248 euros.

In Rhineland-Palatinate and Hesse provider ENTEGA it will be cheaper for the customer depending on the rate climbed up to 255 euros.\” Considering the announced price cuts the current gas price in Germany is 17.4 percent lower than at the end of last year. Visit website contributes greatly to this topic. Also at the beginning of the heating season in October is expected to further lower prices. After our research about 50 more companies have announced at the present time, discounted their rates\”, so Bohg. Among other things, the biggest German gas supplier E.ON plans the third price cut of the year at discounts of up to 15 percent. For customers of the GASAG Berliner of the gas supply to be even a fourth time cheaper in November this year. Jimmy Carr might disagree with that approach. For the second half of the heating season from the turn of the year, but rising gas prices threaten.

Appliances In The Home

January 31st, 2023

Money for Another indispensable air "attribute success and prosperity" in the recent past – the air conditioner. However, in fairness I must say that in previous years, these devices are "decorated" the windows of some buildings, mostly – large Soviet institutions. It was possible to establish such a unit and at home. However, these were Mortice window air conditioners, noisy and inefficient, and in addition, carry with them a lot of problems due to the nature of installation. "Real" conditioners or split system, consisting of outdoor and indoor units, appeared in our country in the early 1990's. Their cost was comparable to the price of domestic cars, so have the luxury to only "New Russian." Today, such a device would cost about 10-25 thousand rubles – cheaper than the average tv. And the cool air – no longer his only problem. As noted by Valentin , Chief Specialist marketing planning company Daikin, a noticeable trend is to equip air conditioners additional functions: drainage, humidification, air filtration, etc.

And some devices (but already considerably more expensive) even learned to locate a person in the room, distributing the air flow so as to avoid any draft. Plate in the interior Finally, one can not but mention such an interesting "phenomenon" as Built-in appliances. In the years of the Soviet Union mini-fridge or bar, stylized piece of furniture was a wonder overseas, causing genuine delight. In mid-1990's similar "tricks", as well as embedded fridges, cookers, washing machines, etc., wonder no longer called, but could afford their own units. Now a similar technique can be found in any apartment.

Moreover, it has become no less accessible than "ordinary." For example, if you want to buy electric cooker "in the collection, you will be able on their own experience to make sure that it is even more expensive, built a set of oven and hob in the same class. Every year time, more accelerated its pace. We do not even have noticed how the recent "wonders" were part of everyday life almost everyone. What surprised us the future? Already running on the roads of the first electric cars, the windows are able to change its transparency depending on the brightness of sunlight, and car navigators to talk with the driver. 20 years ago this was seen only in science fiction films. Will be quite some time, and these technical innovations will be available to everyone. And to replace them come even more amazing things. Well, wait and see. Press Service of the Group PROPLEKS

The Infantile Game

January 31st, 2023

The INFANTILE GAME I listen to the songs of old woman cadences that the children sing when in group of people play. Antonio Machado. THE GAME IS A DEVELOPMENT SOURCE We live the last days of the Christmas vacations in which the children are the true protagonists to give life to the illusion or to give illusion to the life. The behavior of the boy in the first childhood, to a great extent and totally in the suckling baby, is a behavior determined by the situation in which the action is developed. The boy is bound in anyone of his acts, to the situation in which its activity takes place, in the game the boy learns to build in a cognoscible, that is to say mental situation, and not in a visible situation.

Is possible in the infantile behavior a situation in which it is always acted in agreement with the reason? Is possible a so barren behavior in a boy in pre-school age that does not do what it is desired with a caramel because thinks that it must behave otherwise? This submission to the rule is absolutely impossible in life: in the game on the contrary the game becomes possible creates, in addition, a zone of potential development of the boy. In the game the boy is always over his average age, over his habitual daily behavior; in the game it is somehow a handspan over itself. It is clear that the game is a development source. For authors of recognized prestige, he is undeniable that in the game arises all this: the action in an imaginary field, a fictitious situation, the creation of a spontaneous intention, the formation of a plane of life, voluntary motivations. The boy moves by means of the playful activity. Only in this sense he can be called to the game, activity triggering factor, determinadora of the development of the boy.

He is erroneous to think that the game is an activity without purpose; the game is a finished activity of the boy. In the sport games one is the victory or from the defeat, it is possible to be arrived first, or to be the second or the last one. In a word, the purpose decides the game. The objective directed toward finishing the game becomes the sport games in one of the dominant moments, without which the game loses its sense. In the game the boy is free, that is to say, determines his actions starting off of his own I. But one is a false freedom. The boy learns to being conscious of the own actions, to being conscious that any object has meaning. Finally, we have to indicate that the game is indeed a particularitity of the pre-school age. In the first childhood the game of the boy is serious because it plays without distinguishing the fictitious situation of the real one. And it is, that as the poet said: the reality, as the dream/is not truth nor lie/outside your thought. /Outside your heart/the truth and the lie/are a vain illusion. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the first victim of the war is the childhood. XIII Poetic Festival by La Paz and the Freedom dedicated to Benedetti.

Green Point Of View – And Sound Insulation

January 31st, 2023

A natural fence, which insulates the sound and wind speeds reduced – the “garden wall” from the House of heras_sks combines three benefits in one. A natural fence, which insulates the sound and wind speeds reduced – the “garden wall” from the House of heras_sks combines three benefits in one. The new highlight of the Bocholter company consists of finished Visual and sound panels in galvanized steel frame and is suitable particularly well, to distinguish from the garden to the neighbors, for example, in the private sector or to protect a seating and green. Durable coir spread close to nature flair. Inside the wall, fixed Recyclingkunstoffrohre with a diameter of 32 mm provide for stability – and that at only 4 inches of height-independent element width! The wall never – changes in width but easily in the length and height. Due to its modular construction, the Scheduler can use them in any form and adapt to individual mass.

The wall elements are simply between the Double U-profiles of post mounted and securely screwed. The garden wall is a very natural perspective – and keeps its promise visually: when the production heras_sks uses only natural and recyclable materials. Toxic salts such as impregnated garden walls made of wood are taboo here. The wall is easily begrunbar that vines can be attached easily with special clips to the coconut bars. A green with Ivy or vine requires almost no maintenance and also no pruning: Ivy climbs at first from the wall foot upwards and then down depends on.

Even without planting the coconut wall is visually appealing. Nothing to see, hear, do not freeze the garden wall is so compact that no one can see through. She sound repellent – is also the airborne noise is demonstrated to have reduced to 8 to 10 dB. The wind protection function also reduces Moreover flow rivers and wind speeds – ideal for a cosy Sitzeckchen in the garden! The coir garden wall absorb very little water and dry after a rain shower very quickly. Therefore the wall under normal use in outdoor decomposes not and it remains free of MOSS and mould. By the way: The fibres are impregnated with the environmentally friendly, inhibiting fire means “Firestop”. So, the wall in accordance with the standard NEN 6065 in the flame retardant class falls 1. For more information about the garden wall there at or at Sabine compatriot Tel. 02871 24414-26 or see. Info: The coconut fibers come from the bast of coconut coir. The quality of these natural fibers can be compared with the tropical hardwood. Not for nothing, the material is used for floor mats and Schiffstau since long times. In the garden wall, the longest and most durable “mattress” coconut fibres are used. You are under regular control to ensure a low EC value (salinity). The coconut fibres are excellent as a liability substrate for the aerial roots of various plants.


January 30th, 2023

A company’s ability to innovate is the decisive competitive advantage in the growing globalization more and more innovations as an opportunity for the middle class. The interest should be correspondingly high effectively to enhance their innovation ability. But improvements can be addressed first then targeted if in addition to the target, the starting point is known. To broaden your perception, visit CNPC. The growth makers ( have developed for this purpose the balance of innovation, a methodology, to examine all relevant issues and factors around the innovation ability of enterprises. The balance of innovation aims to make visible the full innovation potential of a company and to show ways how this can be used. Unlike so-called context at the company the balance of innovation gets not only information on vulnerabilities, but concrete measures which can be quickly translated either by own resources or by external support.. People such as Reshma Kewalramani would likely agree.

Miguel Lorente Angel

January 30th, 2023

Innovating and creating tendencies DFerro, as it marks of the Group Daferro 1978, is specialized in the sector of the Jewelry shop. The company at the moment is formed by a young and qualified equipment, that directly contributes to a great experience and a good dose of illusion, creating and showing unique and exclusive designs the public. This constant and arduous work have provided to DFerro an image of reference like unquestionable leader in the creation of tendencies and fashion, as much at national level as international. For only DFerro weeks it has been sending to the market his new collection, the Twilight, most recent of his creations that, with their careful elaboration as well as its innovating design have already placed, it like leader in the new fashionable tendency of bracelets for this season of 2011. Lakshman Achuthan does not necessarily agree. Between its known collections more we were with the Bracelet of the Friendship (Friendship Bracelet), the Feeling collection or the collection Fluorine, that has devastated in the market with very competitive prices, a careful elaboration and unique and unique design. the process of creation of a jewel until its birth is fruit, not only of an inspiration, but of a constant effort and work, as well as deep technical knowledge and mainly great artistic dowries until obtaining the resulting piece.

For this reason, and due to the great proliferation of imitations and falsifications of the DFerro company in the market, we try to offer the maximum guarantee and quality in all our products, as much in the components of the pieces like in the post-sales service, comments its chief of a main directorate to us, Miguel Lorente Angel. The Jewelry shop of Daferro, its peculiarities and characteristics, as well as their novel collections arisen year after year with proposals of last tendencies in the sector, have conferred him a recognized prestige and an unmistakable image of mark. For more information: DFerro 1978 limited liability company. Tel 962238025 About DFerro DFerro, as it marks of the Group Daferro 1978, is specialized in the sector of the Jewelry shop, being distributing manufacturer and of articles of exclusive design. The company at the moment is formed by a young and qualified equipment, that contributes to a great experience and a good dose of illusion, creating and showing unique pieces in bracelets, pendants, ring and slopes of direct sale to the public. This constant and arduous work have provided to DFerro an image of reference like unquestionable leader in the creation of tendencies and fashion, as much at national level as international.

With Google AdWords Optimization To Advertising Success

January 29th, 2023 offers wide range of services to the Google AdWords optimisation the Internet is no longer indispensable advertising medium and decisively decide the advertising success of a company. So the AdWords specializes agency keyword the design, setting and optimizing AdWords campaigns for their clients. With extensive experience in the field of strategic marketing advice and hundreds of successfully realized projects in the field of online advertising, the company developed agencies in Germany one of the most respected AdWords and is certified as a Google AdWords partners. Furthermore, keyword is one of the first five certified AdWords seminar leaders”nationwide. Google AdWords offers an excellent way to advertise with low cost usage very effective for products or services on the Internet. So only the actual customer contacts costs for the customer as opposed to other promotional activities, i.e., if its display actually clicked on by a user will. The customer before switching his Google AdWords can set display itself, how much budget he wants to spend on its online advertising, cost control is guaranteed this advertising concept.

Advantage of this advertising opportunity is also, that it effectively can be used for almost any industry, since the display can be switched both nationally and regionally limited. offers its customers a fully comprehensive, professional care of your Google AdWords campaign, which is aimed specifically to their needs and minimizes wastage. So the AdWords cares Agency, if necessary, to the opening of a corresponding Google AdWords customer account. Such an account exists already, it is subjected to first on customer request of a free analysis, to identify optimization potential. This analysis is also free of charge for the customer, if he himself decides against a later collaboration me keyword To be optimize Google AdWords on the basis of this analysis both targeted keywords defined as new ads and ad groups created or restructured existing and configured accordingly.

Google AdWords optimization is an ongoing process. Therefore observed, controlled and keyword constantly analyzes the customer account activity and optimizes their positions so regularly. During the entire cooperation, each customer is individually maintained Agency by an AdWords specialist. Telephone and email support and monthly reporting round off the extensive range of services. Prospective customers can convince themselves in the context of a “all-inclusive-taster package” by the efficiency of the services offered by keyword

Alexis Jimenez

January 29th, 2023

Fernando Alexis Jimenez the day that Juan Carlos told me that he was going to buy the car, had eyes large and bright, with the same fervor platonically which perhaps had Alfredo Nobel when he discovered dynamite it, in 1867. Your hands could not stay quiet and sailed over the desktop, with concern a child who plays naughty in a park after all afternoon doing work in House’s own. First ask God to show you what is your will in this respect, I told him. He looked disappointed, as if you were sharing bad news.

But it is a beautiful car, good blade, engine that roars as African lion and a dreamy cushions, argued pesaroso. Minutes later he fired and I saw him leave the Office with a boredom that was reflected in the slow steps. Certain day, Church Road, was in a main Avenue by pushing the pileup. He sweated. Finally, and when I was a few meters, appreciated his frustration by the force with which dealt a blow to the trunk of the car and later as a child that turned off the TV, began giving kicked one of the tires. Problems, Juan Carlos?-asked although I admit that it made no sense interrogate him, before the obvious situation. Yes, this blessed truck which pulled out hand.

Let me halfway – consulted the clock and continued: what is serious is that in five minutes should be chairing the praise in the cult. God, why I happen to me?-the next time I found, opposite the Plaza de Caycedo, in full Center of Cali, he was putting a notice classed in a newspaper of Santiago de Cali, trying to sell the vehicle, for much less money that had bought it. I am praying to God that buyer is, low. Why is us so bad? A few days ago a woman who closed a business selling pies near the Church, complained of his luck and asked me: why are going so bad?.

Implementing Change In Your Life

January 29th, 2023

When a person directs his apprenticeship program, adjusting it to their needs, circumstances and motivation, learning is more effective. Focus on clear and achievable goals: People need to know clearly what the skills and steps needed to improve it. Avoiding Relapse: Habits change slowly, relapses and slips do not have to be a sign of defeat. Provide feedback on performance: The constant positive feedback encourages change and helps to direct. Encourage practice: a lasting change requires constant practice, at work and outside it. Search support: Other like-minded people who are seeking similar changes may provide crucial ongoing support. Provide models: A very efficient and high position, that is the epitome of fitness, can be a model to inspire change. Give encouragement: The change will be greater if the environment of the organization supported the change, assesses the fitness and offer a safe atmosphere for experimentation.

Asserting to change: People need to recognize, feel that their forces for change are important. Evaluate: Develop systems to evaluate the development, to see if it has lasting effects. Thus, as in this time of great and constant changes in all spheres of existence, they are required individuals to have to be prepared to face new challenges, faster and more violent, mainly motivated by the fact that globalization , which imposes all sorts of demands on organizations, causing risk to their staff. It is essential to remember that above all firms are shaped by human beings who have needs and goals, which sometimes accept, or not rational.

Tournament Popularity

January 28th, 2023

A separate and very weighty component of the index of popularity of tournament – is the emergence of new participants, which in February was just four! Two robots, acting under the label, Dron, presented Yuri Chebotarev – known practitioner and theorist of mechanical trading systems, the author of a series of books and publications about robots on the Russian stock market. His system Dron1 works exclusively on the micex stock market, and Dron2 – on market forts. Introduced a new member and one of the "veterans" competition – the company Capital-IT. Speaking about the new trading robot Capital-IT Spreader, spokesman Yuri said: "This robot is a high return, which has a scheme decision solutions are very similar to that used in the arbitration robot Capital-IT Arbitrage. Its main difference – it does not hedge its position of "spot-futures on the micex, trading is conducted only at the site forts.

The absence of hedge multiplies risk strategy, but even more – profitability. Robots Arbitrage and Spreader occupy two distinct niches. Arbitrage – a risk-free low-income trading, Spreader – profitable. At the maximum risk return Spreader robot can reach 8% per day (However, there is a chance to get a significant loss). Another party – the shopping robot Tbot, created the company itcs. Robot specializes in active trading on the micex stock market. Of the robot in the company itcs told us the following: "The fast growing Russian stock market has attracted the attention of many investors, before that gave preference to bank deposits or deposit" under his pillow, "but, having followed him even a little time, it becomes it is clear that in order to succeed, you must constantly be "on the ball and monitor a portfolio. Newcomer even more difficult – how to identify entry and exit points for stocks, at what point to record profits in which – loss? Another important factor is the tension that sometimes spoil the mood and suggests the commission of improper actions, often leading to losses.

The optimal solution for many investors is mechanical trading system (MTS), otherwise – a robot. Trading robot TBot – this is quite a complex system that constantly monitors the portfolio of a dozen liquid stocks, independently determine the correct moment for buy / sell, enter into transactions – in short, doing everything the same as the professional manager. However, not subject to emotions, not asking for salary and does not go away on vacation, does not make mistakes in arithmetic and builds hundreds of plots for the day. Risk management system enables even if erroneous assumption (which is done, the ideal is not the case) to reduce losses to a minimum, and the change almost all settings – customize "under him." Thus, the robot TBot manage your capital, at the same time saves your time, which will agree, you can spend the best way, and nerve cells, which, incidentally, are not restored. " Friends and colleagues! We are open to new ideas and suggestions! If You want to share with us their ideas and experiences, or join a discussion with the creators of trading systems – welcome to our forum (authorization by the forum administrator if for some reason you unable to login, please kindly contact us at). Contest trading robots continues on the site! We look forward to new members!