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Heating Mode

August 24th, 2011

It all depends on the number of exterior walls and glazing, insulation of the room. The smaller amount of space that needs heating, the area of windows, exterior walls, the smaller should be the power of the heater. In some situations are advised to select the heater with a reserve capacity in order not to freeze in severe frosts. Thus, on 15 "squares fit Heater 2 kW. If it is not too cold, you can turn it on low power, and the total power needed during severe frosts.

What is the cardinality heater and the room size for which it is specified in the documentation accompanying the device. So now came the additional features and capabilities of heaters. On them also need to know if you decided to buy a heater. How to control regimes. In order to control the operating modes, using electronic and electromechanical thermostats. On electromechanical thermostat special scale makes the choice of the desired mode of operation is much simpler and more convenient to use electronic control panel with digital display. Due to the electromechanical control can maintain the necessary the temperature of the divergence in five degrees, and e-governance – in one degree. If the temperature varies within one degree, people do not notice it, but the differences in more than 2 degrees, are already doing well-being uncomfortable.

In addition, more precise temperature control heater, it is also saving electricity. The most convenient is electronic "Moodle" to the screen that shows all parameters: mode, temperature and time. What modes should be? Most often, the heater operates in the "comfortable". Thanks to him with the least consumption of electric energy, optimal conditions for work or residence. It is useful when there are people in the apartment. Heating Mode "economy" will help to quickly return the "comfort" mode, when you come home. This mode is good when people leave the room briefly. If you permanently leave the room, and the frost on the street, it is useful mode of "protecting the walls from freezing. He maintains the lowest air temperature – 5-7 degrees Celsius. If you do not have a heater, and the entire heating system, then useful mode of programming. " With the help it can get the heater every individual working conditions at any time. Thus, in the same room as the heater can operate at minimum power, in other – To complete. Check the safety of the heater. Each heater must have a system of protection against electric shock. A special device will de-energize the heater during an emergency. In some heaters have a motion sensor, it de-energizes the heater at the slightest movement. Also, the heater must be protected from mechanical injury and overheating. Protection against water spray – a mandatory part, which should have a heater in the bathroom and shower. Design of the heater. And finally, when choosing a heater please note its design. After all, modern manufacturers offer a variety of colors and shapes, allowing pick up the heater in accordance with the overall style of the interior.

Comparative Behavior Protocol Autistic, Psychotic And Dysphasic

August 13th, 2011

The various diseases that affect communication has forced the scientific community to design tables based classifications in a variety of criteria such as severity, age of presentation, symptoms, etc., That many times instead of helping to clarify a pathology, even more complicated. The above situation becomes more difficult if the diseases are similar in their symptoms or worse overlap. An example of this are the following three conditions: Autism, Psychosis and Dysphasia. Neurologists often found that talk about Receptive Dysphasia to refer to a table with autism, or worse box with autism is diagnosed psychotic configuration. Personally, many times I had to guide parents whose children had been diagnosed as dysphasic, with that really was a picture of autism. To the extent that we clarify the different conditions and try to unify criteria, not only between speech therapists, but among medical professionals, we will avoid the initial emotional impact of parents and false leads. Now I do not know the difficulty of defining the boundaries of these boxes, since each is a universe whose boundaries are played continuously.

This article is not intended to define or circumscribe each of the pictures, but look for shared points and the points at which differ and thus bring to the investigation of pathologies. The following protocol is based on clinical experience, both assessment and treatment of Autistic boxes, and Psychotic dysphasic and to a lesser extent in the literature. COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE PROTOCOL. The protocol consists of four comparative aspects to define: 1. Age of onset of the Panel. Generally it is estimated that autism is evidenced by the 2 years, although it has been detected with 80% effectiveness in children aged one year and six months. The configuration tables or Psychotic Psychotic are seen after 2 years and 6 months, while the Dysphasia occurs around this age showing its most characteristic symptom: Lack of Syntactic Structure.

2. Behavioral Aspects. Among the most striking features of autism box is not accepting the affection of the people around you (family). Be embraced and rejected the demonstrations of affection. Self-injury is common, either hand blows, biting or head against objects. The absence of imitation communicative behaviors, both verbal and gestural. Are you interested in this item? Download here: Visit:.

The Data Of Suspended Ceilings And Their Characteristics

August 9th, 2011

Although, where you need to make repairs in the apartment, private home or office, this process takes a lot of time and assumes a solid investment. In addition, the term is part of the repair is conducting operations associated with repair of the ceiling surface. Together with the market supply of finishing materials, various decorative elements of different surfaces, make your choice on something specific, still quite difficult. But for the ceiling, the optimal solution schitaetsch installation of stretch ceilings. Such a ceiling would be appropriate for any interior, as in an apartment or private home, cottage, or office, sales room, restaurant, and even in the pool. One of the properties of suspended ceilings, is moisture resistant, making, ceilings, perfect for installing them in the bathrooms and catering, in addition, in areas of industrial and medical applications. In Basically everything on the market suspended ceilings, have an appropriate certificate and are made from environmentally friendly materials. In addition, with the installation of suspended ceilings, provide good ability a bulk structure, which, in turn, makes the stretch ceilings, the most interesting for creating exquisite and original interior.

In addition, these ceilings are made to the individual needs of the owner of that makes it possible to perform the most unusual and contemporary design ideas. Stretch ceilings are made of pvc films, foreign and domestic. In addition, they may have a different texture. For example, matte stretch ceilings have a textured ceiling surface, glossy or varnished, have a smooth plane, reflecting and satin, are in between glossy and matte stretch ceilings. Some of most of the proposed types of ceilings, suspended ceilings are German. The main advantage of the distinctive German stretch ceilings on other ceilings of this type is used in the manufacture of seamless material that is stronger and safer than pvc film.

Seamless stretch ceilings are composed of a certain way impregnated with pvc fabric. At the same time as the film ceilings, you can simply wipe in case of need, you can even painted in different color. In addition, well, seamless stretch ceilings, have a distinct advantage, they can be installed in the premises, not only with the zero temperature, but where there may be a lower temperature, but not below -5? C, to example, on the balcony or in the country. And more significantly, that the German stretch ceilings, takes very little time on installation and assembly, while completely missing debris and dust. Seamless stretch ceiling, with installation does not involve additional heating, a simple room temperature, in contrast to a film of pvc material. Thus, if necessary, quickly and for a long time to repair the ceiling in any indoors, and simultaneously obtain a unique design, the best choice finishes, is regarded as the German stretch ceilings.