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Indian Americans

February 17th, 2014

Also reveals the historical forgetfulness to which are subject Indians Americans, barely mentioned in the electoral period, whose ancestors survived the extermination on which was built a nation. The myth of white superiority over other races has given him the key to the great powers of the world to conquer through the three C: civilize, christianize and trading, or what Serge Latouche calls the imperialism of the three military M, merchants and missionaries in his work La Planete uniform. This uniformity Jose Vidal-Beneyto referred to in his article capitalism without limits, pointing to the Tuaregs, the Pygmies, Lapps, the Inuitas, Eskimos, the aborigines of Australia and the Melanesios peoples lagging behind by the Gallop towards neoliberal capitalism. Others subjected to a process of cultural destruction which have called impoverishment, inevitably destined for extinction and whose only possible salvation was Western transfusion, said the Spanish thinker. Peoples such as the Lacandon Jungle of Chiapas in Mexico resist such cultural destruction headed by projects such as the FTAA, which push and displace indigenous people so that you can get underway building hydroelectric networks, highways, pipelines and, above all, for the extraction of aquifers riches and oil that are in Chiapas. In that State of the Mexican South coexist own several cultures Mayan language and culture that will have to choose between integrated and become extinct if their cultural rights are not claimed. While humanity does not learn the lessons of history, it will be doomed to repeat exterminations and servitude based on superior breeds that leverage to wrest, conquer and dominate in the name of gods or superior beliefs. These differences will continue dividing the world, continents, countries and peoples between those who have access and those who can not do have physical traits that, in reality, are adaptations to its natural environment. Other – cultural differences, social and educational must be addressed by responsible Governments with the human race.

European Union

February 11th, 2014

Italy or the country of the boot is one of the richest countries in Europe’s history. This peninsula was the birthplace of the Renaissance but also gave home to many cultures such as the Etruscans and the Romans. It currently is the third country in the European Union that receives more tourists being Rome, its capital, the third most visited city. Rome was born in the 8th century BC and became the nerve center of the Roman Empire. In the 1st century it became seat of the papacy harboring the Vatican City. The Italian capital is considered the cradle of Western civilization and its historic center was declared world heritage by UNESCO. Some of the most representative monuments that can be visited today in Rome are the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Museum of the Vatican where the Roman Forum or Sistine Chapel. Milano is the second city in Italy by population, and one of the most important cities of Europe.

It is located in the Po plain, one of the most developed areas of Italy. Milano is the moral of Italy capital since it is the city more important to economic and industrial level. The city is drawn by glass skyscrapers and their urbanimo revolves around the Cathedral, also known as the Duomo, the most representative monument of the city. Italian cuisine is one of the reasons for more pride of its inhabitants. Its typically Mediterranean gastronomy is very varied but their most famous dishes are pizza, risotto and pasta. The discovery of the Americas was a great influence in his kitchen because that meant the integration of new foods as foods like potato, tomato, the pepper or the corn. It is a cuisine that have been known to perpetuate the old recipes as the poleta today in day you can taste in the Italian trattorias. Original author and source of the article