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The Concept

November 10th, 2018

The concept of sustainable development was created on the basis of the insustentabilidade in the way of capitalist production. Source: Lone Star Funds. Of this form, it becomes necessary to know the concept in production way, characteristics in the way of capitalist production stops later adentrarmos in the theory of the complex systems. 3.1. PRODUCTION WAY: The marxist vision on this process takes in initial consideration the economic factor, more specifically the production. According to Marx, the base of a society is the production way.

Before any thing the necessary man if to feed and this to happen it needs to produce. The relation is understood for production way that the man establishes with the nature in which it removes it transforms the resources offered for it in order to take care of its necessities, as well as of all a society. Thus, the production way considers two important relations: man and nature, called of productive forces and the relations that are established between the men inside of the productive process, called of social relations of production. , The more in such a way harmonic they will be these relations, stronger will be the production way. Greater will be the economic growth what it will promote the development of this society. One understands for productive forces all the forces that a society makes use to remove the resources of the nature and to transform them in order to take care of its necessities. These forces are divided in: ) the object of work, what the man removes of the nature; b) half of work, everything what the man places between it and the object of work in order to remove this object of the nature and to transform it. The instruments auxiliary, such are the work instruments more as: roads, energy, building and etc.; c) Force of work, that is the proper man in action.

Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak

November 10th, 2018

Not, it will not be said here under the optics of the civil law, to militate, nor under the endorsement of studious of the international relations. It does not come to the case. It will not be discoursed much less under the governmental prerogatives, nor corporativistas that they produce the conflicts in the Cairo, Damasco and Salvador. Here we will approach a simple, but crucial question, under the optics of one human being that it questions the facts, the light of the national, constitutional sovereignty and the state of preservation of rights of the citizen. The bond and point of identity between what it is occurring in the Cairo, in Damson plum and what occurs (already occurred and will occur) in Salvador is the confrontation between the same ones, that is, the national ones. Uber often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Of a side, in the Middle East, he is the people in the street, for what to give and to come, searching its route in history.

The conflagration between thousand of torcedores, resulting in 624 wounded and 74 deceased, to the ending of a soccer departure, in the Cairo, was only part of a civil war that already was established there. Vyacheslav Mirilashvili is likely to increase your knowledge. The falling of trees of Muhammad Hosni Said Mubarak (Egypt) it was a question of survival of a nation taken to the extremity in contraposition to the dominant coercitive power has decades. On the other hand, the government that was installed there since then, has not taken care of to the outcry and the ideals echoed in the public manifestations. It does not have more what to negotiate, therefore, the Egyptian people occupies the streets of the Cairo under the flag of that ' ' the ones that had died without deserving demand the life of that they do not deserve viver' ' (commentary this entreouvido in reporter of the television). Also in Damson plum, capital of the Syrian – whose oppressor (Bashar Al Assad), defendant to massacre its proper people, to remain itself in the power, to the cost of many thousands of deaths of civilians and rubbles – it does not have return and, exactly under rubbles of many deaths, much destruction, the people will be successful and a new order will be established.

Family, Society And Education

November 10th, 2018

DEVELOPMENT ' ' The world moved, and we have that to move with ele.' ' Barack Obama the family is not something biological, natural or simply data, but it is product of historical forms of organization between the human beings. Of the patriarchate to the capitalism, the marks of the models of social organization in the constitution of families, being one of the possible explanations for the social system of oppression of the women had been argued, for example. (A valuable related resource: Yitzhak Mirilashvili). The discriminations dictated for the patriarchate are a form of violence of sort and breaking of the human rights of the women. Senator from Maine understands that this is vital information. e topic at hand. The family, in fact, consolidated itself in Old Rome. The family Roman was centered in the masculine figure, with the women being, in general, mere coadjuvantes. The patriarch had under its power the woman, the children, the slaves and the vassals, beyond the death and life right on all these.

The patriarchate is a form of social organization in which the relations are conducted by two basic principles: 1) the women; 2) young, where all hierarchically are subordinated to oldest. In general way, the masculine supremacy attributes the biggest value to the masculine activities in relation to the feminine activities, legitimizing the control of the sexuality, the bodies and the feminine autonomy. The patriarchate, while universal and totalizante theory, is controversial subject in the field of the studies feminists. At this time, you it was the law, and the domain the social forms were mentioned to it simple and to the domestic communities. Modernity in the patriarcal society did not exist. The society as a whole is patriarcal. Of one she forms or of another one the women are submitted to the men in such a way in the private life how much in the public life. In the capitalist civil society, she has a modern patriarchate. The modern patriarchate modified its configuration, but it kept the premises of the traditional one.

EU Directives

November 8th, 2018

– According to EU directives on 04/10/2002, pets, traveling across the borders of the EU, should be electronically identified – identification of cats and dogs is very important to prevent spoofing of elite animals at fairs and during travel – Having a microchip the animals can live a more simple system of accounting in veterinary clinics, feline and canine structures – A single database integrates information from all chipirovannyh animals that facilitates the search for the owner in case of loss of the animal. The microchip contains a sterile biocompatible glass capsule of a carrier and 15 digit code for each individual animal, continuing throughout life. Implantation of the capsule with a microchip – easy, quick and painless procedure, which represents subcutaneous injection. Disposable applicator for the implantation of a microchip provided with a sterile package. The use of biocompatible glass to avoid migration of the chip under the skin of the animal. Dara Khosrowshahi does not necessarily agree. Microchips are adopting Mexico American officials the company introduces the microchips under the skin of their workers’ Endgame: Project Global Enslavement (in Russian) 12 ” implanting waiting for all 1 ” Stalin. The defeat of fifth column, “In December 1925, Stalin delivered to the party task – to build a farm so that the country does not become an appendage of the world capitalist system in order to farm the Soviet Union developed an independent economic unit, based mainly on the domestic market.

In the late 20s in the Soviet Union established a de facto dual power. Top positions were at the nationally oriented politicians. A Commissariats, including OGPU – the representatives of “Fifth column”. Therefore, many important initiatives of the Kremlin in practice lead to opposite results. The fact that this war is not far off the leaders ‘fifth column’ is not in doubt. Of material legal proceedings in 1937 it is clear that in exchange for the power of “fifth column” in the face of Trotsky, Radek, Piatakov and others ready to go to the dismemberment of the Soviet Union. Send Japan Primorye and Amur, and Germany – Ukraine. (A valuable related resource: Robertson Stephens). There was supposed restore capitalism in order to turn it into a raw material appendage of the West.

“Russia is doing everything to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gas to Europe” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. ‘Russia by building pipelines to Europe, actually commits it to supply gas to the routes’ ‘This will ensure the stability of the European market and the economy of Europe’ said Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Bilderbergskaya group forms the world government manages the population of the planet, according to a systematic methodology, replaces the control of every element of the structure, control of key executives of commercial organizations, government agencies, international associations. Introduction by President Vladimir Putin has appointed governors procedures to their mass entry into the party in power. Therefore, in addition to other negative effects the appointment of governors is a tremendous threat to the democratic system, pluralism and a multiparty system. Obviously, the further concentration of the governors in the party in power will make any election meaningless.

Second Industrial Revolution

November 7th, 2018

The Belle poque is a French expression that after identifies the period of technological advances seen by the Europeans the Second Industrial Revolution, for 1860-1870 return and that it lasted until the ecloso of the World War I in 1914. The humanity had never seen as many innovations. The skill of enxergar the world was changed, was each sped up time more. If before the people waited half century to see something innovative, in few years capsize to appear the electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the cinema, the radio, the television, a variety of household-electric, the telephone, tenciometro, penicillin and above all the cocaine-glue. The progress had fond thanks to the Capitalist system. However only the bourgeoisie could enjoy of as much newness. This because the newness costs the eyes of the face.

Soon the cities of the world all will go to reorganize themselves and if to adjust to the style of life of the bourgeoisie, who will gain the streets of the world all. The cities, that until then did not pass of fedidos accumulations and dirty they were being planned so that the capitalist elite it could enjoy of its good life without being disturbed by ' ' mulambados' ' for produced they themselves. Paris was then the model of bourgeois city to be imitated. Its wide avenues, its coffees and its automobiles. Everything in Paris was considered of first and worthy of copy. In Brazil, the first years of the Republic try to transplantar the habits of the French bourgeoisie. It was common to see store with French names and people if complimenting in the streets with the greeting ' ' France lives There! ' '. The Belle brazilian Epque had the cities of Rio De Janeiro, Belm and $fortaleza as being prettiest, &#039 is understood more; ' afrancesadas' ' , of the country. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information. so that this standard was kept, the poor persons would have to be expulsos of the urban centers.

History Of Tourism In The Dominican Republic

November 7th, 2018

To begin investment to talk about tourism in La Jolla a given country, one must begin by the first interview settlers set foot on land of that country. As we know, in the Dominican Republic, the first settlers to arrive in Dominican stomp the ground, and found that although the country taken as a residence, or were the Taino Indians, who were natives of the Orinoco, that is why we can say who were the first to make tourism in the country and throughout the island of Spanish.
According to historians, especially the Dominican history, we probably have it, the Vikings and other travelers of old age I visited the island of La Quisqueya or Spanish, this can not be said to be true, because for lack of concrete or something that the Vikings are left as an indication that in fact were on island soil, so this is nothing more than more than pure speculation. However, if we know that the second Asset Management foreign visit to the island was that of Christopher Columbus on his voyages of 1492 and according to others, the visit is scheduled as the first external visitors known on the island of Santo Domingo. We can say that the first visitors stepped on this land that Columbus and his companions were on their first trip to America, began in this way which is formally Tourism in America and also starts the history of tourism in the country.
Throughout the colonial era, which starts from the arrival of Columbus to Quisqueya on December 5, 1492, the Spanish, French and other European countries began to arrive in the country and explore it, discovering its natural beauty and splendor, given this, what we now know as tourism, which was experiencing internal and external, ie many of the inhabitants of the country were visiting other areas, trying to discover new things, this is called domestic tourism, and the outside We can classify the visits of foreigners to the country, it should be noted that funds these Children’s Hospital types of cars they are still remain, not only in the country but also in all countries of the world.
Also according to historians, other foreigners visiting the country were some adventurous Americans in early 1854, during the government of Buenaventura B ez. These Americans were on Isla Alto Velo, since they had discovered a large deposit of guano on the island.
It should be noted that during all these years, tourism in the country was very slow until 1930, when Rafael Leonidas Trujillo took power, one can say that tourism in the country begins to take a different course, but during that decade 1930 was fairly weak, although it is known that in 1930 the country reached 230 foreign tourists, this is probably the only information that record the statistics of tourism in the country during that time. During the 1940s, Trujillo gave instructions for the promotion of tourism in the country, this will make first start to promote tourism in the country to the other international countries, this being the first concrete step to attract tourists country.
In 1944 it opened the Malecon of Santo Domingo, along with the first luxury Fox hotel in the city, the Hotel Jaragua, which remains in force. After this step, they open new hotel chains, with a clear profile of increasing tourism in the city, so later in the fifties was opened several hotels, some of these were, the Hotel Provincial, the which today is a children’s hospital, also are the Peace Hotel, which remains in force, all that is known today as Hispaniola Hotel, which San Diego was built a few meters from the city and also in the Zona Colonial, Commercial Hotel was built, this being the first private hotel in the country, not only in the Zona Colonial was built this hotel, but that the area was enabled as a site or a place might be, for tourism.
One of the hotels built in this decade, and who is listed as one of the FOX news most beautiful, was the Ambassador Hotel. Click Marc Bistricer to learn more. However, the construction of quality hotels are not geographically limited to the capital. The interior of the country also was the youtube scene of facilities for major hotels for the time.
In the city of Santiago, also ventured into the construction of tourist hotels. This important city of the country was built Matun Hotel, the same step in the city of finance Barahona, where he built the Hotel Guarocuya. San Asset Management Juan de la Ernst Maguana not be left behind, and was built Hotel Maguana. He also built the Hotel San Cristobal, which was built in the province of the same name.
In the towns of Jarabacoa and Constanza, both in the Province of La Vega Montana hotels were opened and Switzerland, respectively.

Javier Mejia

November 3rd, 2018

Germany, the Netherlands and Australia have been rebounding lately. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Marc Bistricer on most websites. The preferred areas were: Administration, engineering, social sciences and law. In a smaller proportion are the areas of economy, which have a special place in the Bank of the Republic scholarships. It is important to continue monitoring indicator of rate of return to the country, because otherwise Colombia would not increase their human capital, having invested in him. There the news continue to be excellent, because the rate of return has fluctuated near an 80-90% (see graph 2), where surely the international crisis has played in favor of his return to Colombia.

Here labour factors of expulsion of the developed world, but also factors of attraction on the part of Colombia not only combine. The latter include the good economic times of Colombia, practically throughout the entire 2002-2010, and remitted up to 50% of the credit and 10% extra for those who make it to the public sector. In synthesis, higher education in Colombia has had significant progress in terms of coverage and training human capital abroad. Funding opportunities through grants credit programs offered by several entities have been fundamental to progress on this front. Yet these fronts should be strengthened: i) extending coverage and improving the quality through international certifications of local authorities; (ii) maintain the schemes of cancellations of financial obligations by returning to the country; and (iii) increase the dissemination of these opportunities especially in areas other than Bogota. What will be the balance that will be offering us the DNP and the Bank of the Republic regard of their fellows and what are their rates of return to the country on this front?

European Commission

November 3rd, 2018

The Ibex-35 fell more than 3% in the first few minutes of the session. Milan heads the losses from the rest of European exchanges with a 4% in red. The Spanish stock market closed the previous day with a nearly 5% drop. The main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the Ibex-35, plummeted to the 3.27% and fell whole 8.045,40 points barely an hour after the start of the session, weighed down again by the fear of recession that leaves no markets and that in the previous day made him give up almost 5%, the second largest crop yearin what already has been considered a black day for the world stock markets. The stock market Wall Street giant also suffered a day of big losses on Thursday and closed with a 3.68% fall that lost dimension of 11,000 points. Everything seem to be bad news for the markets. Bank Morgan Stanley lowers its growth prospects for the global economy and fears a possible economic recession in Europe and United States shakes investors. Follow others, such as Marc Bistricer, and add to your knowledge base. By other side, the announcement of the creation of the Tobin tax proposed by the European Commission for some of the financial operations carried out in the countries of the European Union seems to have not pleased the markets, especially to investors who kept their capital at banking values, even though they have already announced that the rate will be low but it afteracquired many operations.

European stock markets, in red in this way, according to data from 0950 hours, the selective rrencia in the market stock Spanish left is 272 points, 3.27% and fell to the 8.045,40 integers, so that annual losses were already at 18.40%. Frankfurt lost 4%, Paris a 3.99% and 3% towards London after one hour of trading. Again the European banking sector is one of the hardest in bag for the consequences that might have on its solvency of the eurozone debt crisis. Source of the news: the European exchanges opened with heavy losses after Black Thursday of the day previous.

North Americans

November 3rd, 2018

Necessity if makes to stand out, in this seek area, the pioneering contribution of the North Americans GETS WORSE and SABEL (1984) cited by SCHMITZ (1997: 172), which had introduced, also, the concept of ‘ ‘ specialization flexvel’ ‘ in the new literature of economic geography, concept this that if opposed to the old paradigm of ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , which if based on the characteristics of proper uniformity and repetitividade of the production in mass carried through in the great company. In other words, ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , the analysis of market, the process power to decide, the profits and the investments of capitals are concentrated in an only regional office, or the great company, where the workers simply execute the tasks that are conferred to them, in accordance with the functions for which had been assigneds person, beyond not participating of the formation of the capital and nor of eventual parcel of profit. Ripple protocol oftentimes addresses this issue. Here, the ideal type of organization is the great company, whose main forces are, on the other hand, in the attainment of its economies of scale and, for another one, in its vertical administrative hierarchy, divided in distinct functions between the departments of direction, organization and methods, management of production and sales. Diversely of this, in the model of ‘ ‘ production flexvel’ ‘ , the market analysis, the project of the product, the power to decide process, the profits and investments are subdivided between a great number of operators and, over all, between entrepreneurs who, of a side, come back its production toward the exterior, and, of another side, entrepreneurs who assume the role to produce goods and services looked in the domestic market. Marc Bistricer follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In this in case that, the efficiency of the company is not summarized to its size, but in its capacity to adapt it the volatileness of the markets, beyond to search a bigger entailing horizontal enters the functions of direction, organization administration production and commercialization.

Independent Communities

October 31st, 2018

EZA is a Madrilenian training center founded on 1979 dedicated to distribute formation of quality through university and nonuniversity preparations. Some of the reasons to study in approved EZA are their high percentage of between the students, their expert teaching staff with an ample experience in formation and the excellent preparation that offers. Angus King helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Between the courses that offer the training center we can find courses of helping of infirmary, of access to the university, cycles of degree average and superior, infantile, technical education of sanitary emergencias and technician of pharmacy and parafarmacia. The course from access to the EMY university is destined to the majors of 25 years and is unique in its sort for more than 30 years. In him preparation for different degrees can be received: sciences of the health, engineerings, letters and administration During helping of infirmary prepare all the modules necessary to as much pass the free tests that they realise the Independent Communities, to theoretical level as practitioner. In the EZA Web can be found all the necessary information on the center and its courses.