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How To Build A Good List

September 30th, 2013

You’ve heard many times about that money is in the lists and I think that you already know that as well as traffic, your hot list will be one of the bases of your business. But… Do you know how to build it? First fundamental concept: the only way you have a good list is which build yourself. One by one. Discard any idea you have in your head that is unrelated to this. I’m talking about a healthy list of prospects interested in your products or services. Maybe you’re wondering: as that’s one? At least is the safest way I know, go adding a one, it is that simple or otherwise you perhaps know better? If you already are, your think that buying a list with 5000 members you inter-program long time and you already have 5000 who sell.

OK, try it and you’ll see. Sabean that means quality prospects? Nothing more i nothing less that potential clients are those who actually can be interested in your products or services, the others only make single bulk make that your list grows, but not that grow your sales. Slowly and steadily builds a list, then you must create trust with members of the same to turn it into a good list I’m talking about a palatable juicy list from which you can extract sales, and above all, repetitions of sales. If members of your list have allowed you you access their mailboxes when they subscribed to your newsletter or mini course, not disappoint them by sending them spam, be respectful of the possibility that you provided. Please do not send business proposals only, remember that they signed waiting for information, you must give it. To create confidence it is necessary that you include your name and address on your site and if you can also a phone, you’ve seen many out there who promise wonders in your site and does not appear neither name nor address and there are even some who inexplicably do not even have a contact form. You put your credit card in a site with these characteristics? I think that doing things right takes the same time that doing them wrong, only that the result is different. Finally: Send messages, Opt-in-email, is when someone accepts that you send emails with information; It is to get your permission to do these shipments, since without that permission, it would be intrusive e-mails. The opposite of Opt-in-email is nothing more and nothing less than Spam. Being respectful with your shipments you earn the vote of confidence and that will allow you to keep in touch with your prospects for a long time unless they appeal to such regrettable option deleted for not receiving a lot of luck! Eduardo Blanco original author and source of the article

Obstacles To Undertake

September 17th, 2013

Hello and welcome my dear entrepreneur, in this article I will try on the obstacles that entails first, starting a business or entrepreneurship so that you know in advance with what you’ll find and not you soprendan. Read what follows now. Disadvantages on this occasion I will talk to them about the downside of having a business or own attimino in Internet. And is that the truth all these disadvantages can be reversed with good management and following a few effective tips to make our venture in internet the win – win. But also answers. The first and great disadvantage that leads a business or attimino online is addiction to work, since we are at home and eager to so our business can generate income, then make us addicted to work and completely neglect our family, friends. The solution is to learn to organize well, define working hours and above all comply with them to grow our business without neglecting personal life. Nothing and no one is more essential than our family, friends and loved ones to those who owe them many details that have contributed to our lives.

The other disadvantage has to do with the fact that we have no face-to-face contact with anyone through the internet business. It is very easy to fall into that trap of staying seated or nearly tied in the computer and stop making social life, is simply one of the worst mistakes that can be made. Also that is not healthy for our physical body or mind. The solution would be to go out and give a break with friends, family or to do sport, something that we relax and distract at least one time a day. Make social life is not wasting time, you can have many good results. I say goodbye and wish you the best.

Mediterranean Sea

September 10th, 2013

A short flight, one of the many deals on cheap flights from Ibiza to Barcelona, then throughout the weekend to enjoy music, dancing, party and the move to Ibiza, and then back to work, with the happiness of having enjoyed one of the most amazing collective experiences, the electronic megafiestas in Ibiza. Without a doubt, the most representative of Ibiza album is Pacha. In fact, Pacha is a chain of disks, present in a dozen countries. Throughout its remarkable history, Pacha has become synonymous with cutting-edge electronic music. The first Pacha was founded in 1967 in Sitges in Catalonia by businessman Ricardo Urgell, who at that time was 29 years young. The venture, carried out with his brother, was to help his family.

Surely not in their happiest dreams imagined the global success of Pasha would have. In 1973, Urgell opens the mythical Pacha Ibiza, local with more world-renowned chain. The secret of Pacha and his resounding success is the music of avant-garde that is touched in their classrooms. In fact, Pacha is the site of launch of the best musicians and DJ s of electronics in the world. Those who have the privilege to play at Pacha, very soon occupy the close-ups of the global electronic music scene, because Pacha trendsetting. Examples of first-rate musicians born in Pacha are David Guetta DJ support Madonna in her last world tour Sticky and Sweet Tour in 2008 – and Ministry of Sound (important compiler seal of electronic music of the United Kingdom). While the season of festivals and Raves is during the summer, in Pacha music sounds throughout the year. With the cheap flights between Ibiza and Barcelona’s last hour might get tickets to lodging, to not miss any of the electronic scene, and, incidentally, take advantage of this fantastic Mediterranean Sea with its beaches of white sands and pristine waters. In the old quarter of Ibiza, it is possible to walk, buy souvenirs and clothing, or enjoy a drink in one of the hundreds of bars and inns that give that appearance of Mediterranean villa so special that it has to Ibiza.

Mental Leadership

September 3rd, 2013

There are many ways of influence: peer between different leader arouses positive emotions, has ability to influence the beliefs and behaviors of their followers. He is said of him that he has charisma. The charisma is ambivalent. You can create dependency, but When it gets to serve a good purpose is positive. Personal influence is leadership, not when it serves no more to enhance the leader’s ego diminishing of his followers, but Yes when it promotes the growth of supporters and the prosperity of the company.Moral dimension. To avoid the dangers of handling go to the ethical dimension of leadership.

Today is it much talk about ethics, in part due to increased fraud and corruptions. The tendency of senior management is spreading to systematically deny its responsibility. The blame is always lower steps. This disclaimer vitiates the very notion of leadership. Definitely add the Mental education school, which for Zaleznik (1991) the leader necessarily has to be ethical. After point out that in organizations has been forgotten by the human calls for new leadership, a leadership with three fundamental pillars: competition (knowing what is being done), influence starting staff at the service of the people and of the Organization, and the moral dimension. If we look at the second and third pillars clearly they’re alluding to that to the ethical component of leadership.

Enough with that leader learn the business, that is not good in the field that works, should be ethical. Very interesting also that discussed, consider the fact that new paradigms are calling for ethical leadership, if you ask the contributors also agree the ethical dimension as a fundamental aspect of leadership. When ask employees what ask a leader, above all emphasize honesty (was the quality most outstanding and much difference on each other). If you look at the other three characteristics we can see similarity with the other two traits that drew Zaleznik (1991) as well as the moral leadership. Employees want a leader with a vision for the future and that inspire them, who knows where you are going and encourage them to go in that direction. Zaleznik (1991) we spoke of personal influence aimed to make people grow and the Organization. A leader with a vision for the future that knows how to transmit it and involve partners from the same has a great personal influence. Furthermore, it is not lead partners towards where he wants but that it puts at the service of a vision that integrates the workers and seeks a better organization.