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Civil Registration District Fuencarral

February 24th, 2012

Perhaps he had done a little lightly. Would Almudena blame? He was tempted in his vanity. Another Eve. That's what was Almudena Vallejo Pintado. Another tempting Eve.

But he, Melchor Garzagrande i Magina not escudaria anyone. If you had to take responsibility there he was. But on 16 November, just in case, decided to decline the case. He said the "media" that left instructing the cause because there was no charge against those who live direct the prosecution, although it considered that the crimes "stayed" and had not prescribed. He said that now lay with the provincial courts which were the graves investigate the thousands of people disappeared during that period.

Takes the ball and shoots you who gives me a laugh! CHAPTER III IS SAFE, CHIEF? – Are you sure, boss? – Asked Almudena. – Do not I know … – What if …? – Almudena insisted, adjusting her skirt at the waist point. The skirt had a tendency to turn and there was no way that the zipper was in place. – It is well known that it has always been there … – Honourable thoughtfully. – "And the evidence? – Watch the death certificate that I have referred. "In the Volume 4649 Folio 151 of the Civil Registration District Fuencarral (Madrid) know that the deceased, named" Hon. D. Francisco "and surname" Franco Bahamonde, with the last address in "Madrid. Palace of El Pardo ", born in El Ferrol del Caudillo on December 4, 1892, died at five and twenty-five hours of November 20, 1975 in the" Residence G.


February 13th, 2012

They learn in everyday life, especially his mental component (general ideas about normal, as well as common fears, general anxiety and obsession). This approach to history is a revision of the open positivists of household stories, do not extend beyond the description of the material world and its constituent objects, things, manners as such. Another understanding of the history of everyday life prevails in the German, Scandinavian and Italian historiography. “From a public policy study and analysis of global public structures and processes, we turn to the small life-worlds “- that sounded the call of German researchers who wanted to write a” new social history “- the story of ordinary, normal,” small “people.

German-Italian school mikroistorikov in 1980-1990-e expanded. She joined the American investigators last (supporters of the so-called “new cultural history”), who later joined the research history of mentalities and the solving of symbols and meanings of everyday life. Under the banner of mikroistoricheskogo vision stories of everyday life have departed and some of the third generation of the Annales school (J. Le Goff, R. Chartier).

Recent attempts to supplant or limit the “history of mentality” in the study of everyday life have been trying to distance himself from the “fixed-history” as it was seen by F. Braudel. Common to both approaches in studying the history of everyday life – and the target F. Braudel, and mikroistorikami – was a new understanding of the past as “history from below” or “inside”, which gave voice to “little man”, the victim of the modernization process: both unusual and very ordinary.

Professional Football

February 10th, 2012

After the failure of the Russian team in the play-offs with the Slovenian team unabating various conversations around the fate of head coach Guus Hiddink. Dutch contract ends in summer 2010. Gus himself has not yet decided whether he would continue to work with the Russian team. Talk about it on the site. To be honest, Guus Hiddink's humanly very sorry. Who could say what he invested a lot of work to ensure that the Russian national team has reached a new level. He gave team players that could not give it to many other coaches who led the team. He made the players believe in themselves, believe that they can play at a high level, can withstand the strongest teams Peace! And the result of his work there! Semi-final of Euro 2008 – the result of brilliant! Nothing like this has been for many years! The Russian national team for all their new story has never been able to leave the group at major international forums.

For example, the According to the site, Guus Hiddink must remain at the head of the national team! Especially because his credibility with the players is very high. Especially since it is known that after the match in Maribor, a group of players went to Gus and asked him to stay coach command, and more. But what is going on in the minds of the leaders of the RFU and what decision he Hiddink is still unknown. Especially, now that more and more voices in the Russian football public, who want to team coached by a Russian coach. And the question arises – who? Still no decision was made, but actively argue! Who offers Berdiyev which the second consecutive year winning the championship of Russia in Kazan Rubin, who – Slutsky, who – Gazzaev …

Candidates Berdiyev and Slutsky, have their own style, yet seem to be implicit. Simply put, the tactic Berdiyev used in ruby for the team is not applicable because of other matchmaking style … But Leonid Slutsky of the main will be busy solving problems with CSKA. But if Dynamo Kiev will not leave the group in the Champions League. it is possible that Valery G. Gazzayev offer to head the Russian team, as For example, experts from the site. Why you think so … But we'll see! Meanwhile it is interesting!

French Academy

February 7th, 2012

Even there, there, in this bipolar opposition of singular and universal, a "game" quite similar to that which we have discussed relative to reinvest the verbal structure in the universe of that world. It says that everyone knows that the laws are made to be repaired, replaced or abolished a day or the other. If there are no universal laws, there would be no eternal laws. Similarly, why there is no contract that has no cancellation clause? Because the cancellation is the very foundation of the contract: no contract does not provide the possibility to cancel, if I can say! And this goes to all our treaties of all our commitments., Short of any policy (not political in the sense of the term that you have understood). Policy, basically, in that sense, there is one: the permanent revolution, to the extent that we do not cease to be mired future.

And for those words that finish, it is exactly the same translation, in the sense of "language" of the term, are always redo ("you realize to what extent they" age "quickly?). That is why the work of preparing a dictionary of the French Academy and a good use grammar could not finish. That is the reason why, in short, the famous "Lagarde et Michard" at the time of my studies is being replaced by new anthologies "folk" (in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the word, properly understood!). Before closing, I propose that we make together a very brief overview of methodology.