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The Emotion

June 28th, 2013

Credibility sells. 5 Think about a good producer. Get the best producer of video that you can. Find a producer with enthusiasm, experience and ideas whites will be the final hit for a good corporate video. 6 Think of emotion.

of emotion, of energy, enthusiasm. The video reflects the emotion as any other medium. Take advantage of it. Leave your dossiers, PDFs and figures away from your corporate video. Or as much, it uses the essential sparingly. 7 Think of your current customers. Your actualies customers can also tell your story.

Gives them the word and let them be them that speak well of it. Appear as pundits impartial and disinterested, and your corporate video conbrara much greater poise. 8 Think of something casual. Do you have your corporate even some casual moment? Until the more reserved companies have some spaced for a casual and fun, human moment. It is that moment and your corporate video will seduce your audience. 9 Think of 30. If your corporate video is long (something that we discourage) changes the rhythm, message, music, content, every thirty seconds. It will make a 10 minute video look like 5. Separate into several chapters with new perspectives and ideas. 10 Think of design: the video is incredibly malleable. A great corporate video differs from one heap in design, in capitals, in the effects. Catch your Viewer, and offer you a powerful company image. Competition looms! As you can see, there are many tricks. These and many more. Take advantage of our experience and our know-how. In the Texel video production company we have a long experience in the realization of audiovisual. On our website eocontraras a tool for calculation of instant quote original author and source of the article.

Administrative Department

June 17th, 2013

The appreciation of the exchange rate also It could adversely affect the income of the foreign direct investment (FDI), if it considers that the Colombian peso is excessively valued, and with which one would expect a reversal in their behavior that would affect the expected profitability of investments measured in dollars. There is a positive aspect of the exchange rate appreciation in an economy that has been growing at a good pace as it is the Colombian and that lies in the observed fact of an increase in imports of cheaper exchange rate strengthening capital goods. According to the last report of Dane (National Administrative Department of statistics), the appreciation of the peso in conjunction with the expansion of the Vallejo Plan towards the services sector (eliminating the tariff for imports of capital goods used in the provision of services which are exported). These two factors contributed so that capital goods imports posted an increase in the period January-April, from 24.5% in interannual terms. So which reflects the Colombian website in a note, clearly this increase in imports of capital goods improves the competitiveness of Colombian companies. So you might think that what is losing competitiveness by the appreciation of the exchange rate, is (at least partially) offset with the improvement in productivity by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. And what you can expect the inverter in this context? Although the exchange rate appreciation plays against the prospects of the inverter, keep under control the inflationary dynamics, multiple opportunities exist of profitability in the Colombian economy. Colombia is pursuing an active policy of external opening through the conclusion of commercial agreements. It is also encouraging foreign investment in several sectors but with main focus on the energy sector (here vale remember also areas for oil exploration tenders). So that, the prospects for profitable investments in Colombia, are very positive, and they are linked to economic growth having quite possibly the country in the coming years.

Visionary Investors

June 17th, 2013

Marina Mazatlan, a project that was planned many years ago, is now a reality achieved by a group of visionary investors in search of the best geographical location to make one of the biggest and best Marinas in Mexico and Latin America; more than that, it is an open door full of opportunities waiting on the other side for those looking for an elegant and exclusive lifestyle that includes efficient maritime services, excellent medical services, attractive opportunities in Mazatlan real estate, and above all, better capital gains by its investment. Singlar of Fonatur is the Government agency responsible for building and maintaining docks and marine fuel in Mexico. Marina Mazatlan Singlar, are located in the new Marina in Mazatlan, and have all the amenities to meet the needs of the now so prolific nautical community. Among the services offered are the following: crane gantry with capacity of 55 tonnes, hidrolavado, sanding and scraping lijero, helmet, polishing cleaning and waxed total, changes of zinc anodes. General and exterior painting, paint jobs of Fund, cover, and finishes; application of pesticidal paint, repairs of fiberglass, repair of blisters, repair with gel coat, modifications, carpentry and repair. Repair and maintenance of engines and transmissions diesel and marine fuel, alternators, starter motors and generators of current repair; diagnosis, repair and installation of electrical system, wiring, batteries, underwater lights, repair of propellers, bushings, crimp, Horn, & fittings; system of cooling and heating, air conditioning, lathe and soldering, repair of pumps and winches, maintenance of engines outside borda, plumbing, purchase, sale and provision of transmissions, engines, spare parts and new and used boats. Marina Mazatlan is organiser and host of international tournaments fishing, as International Billfish Tournament and Big Game Trolling involving more than 40 countries, among the most popular is Exmouth: Spain, England, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France Slovenia, United States, Angola, Egypt, Senegal, South Africa, Nicaragua, Belize, and of course Mexico.

Seven Secrets

June 8th, 2013

Seven Secrets, franchise dedicated to integral aesthetics, had the Phyto-cavitation, a new unpublished body treatment in the sector that enhances the effects of cellulite and localized fat, and that has emerged thanks to the joint effort of the departments of I?, medical service, training and marketing. Seven Secrets has over 30 franchises across Spain, offering near 70 treatments, including laser hair removal, in addition to other programs both bodily and facial or Phyto-cavitation. Seven Secrets currently has an effective and advanced body Protocol, what differentiates you as to its jurisdiction in the market. This new program is enabling the increase of new customers thanks to the new treatment, allowing loyalty clientele and offer dynamic, more effective and exclusive services. In addition, Seven Secrets has highly qualified professionals, that are formed by the franchise. They have the advantage of receiving the ongoing support of medical equipment, in addition to working with the most technologically advanced equipment within the Dermoestetica sector.

Seven Secrets is regarded as a safe investment and at a minimal cost for the investor, while it is characterized by a strong commitment to excellence and innovation. The Ensign recently participated in Cosmobelleza 2011. Their booth was meeting point between customers and potential franchisors, who learned about the advantages of being part of the successful network in person. In this sense, the Director of the company, Paqui la Rosa, has stated that we have the best service of the market, based on professionalism, technology and excellent profitability.