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Four To Avoid Music Career Error

February 11th, 2015

Rockstar reveals error, Alex Staropoli, keyboardist of the Italian metal band Rhapsody of fire prevent the rock bands on the success and success coach for rock bands published a special report on the most common mistakes of aspiring rock bands on their way to success. Staropoli says: “it is very fulfilling to work who have still not signed with talented bands and helping them on their way to success as a mentor to the page. It is equally frustrating to discover bands, which have enormous potential, but still fighting, because they don’t know how they can design a unique and clear plan, to achieve their goals. Success is denied, as devastating in building her career mistake them. too many bands” Many mistakes that make new bands, Staropoli’s report highlights the following: 1 too much reliance on social media sites for promotion and exposure.

Many up-and-coming bands believe mistakenly, that registration on social media sites such as Facebook or MySpace, as well as the acquisition of thousands of ‘friends’ in these portals to impress record companies or other important people in the music business. Indeed, popularity on MySpace (and similar sites) has very little meaning for record labels since these companies know that such statistics in reality are no indicator of how popular a band really is. Nobody had ever signed solely based on the number of people who pursue a band on social media sites. There are other, more important factors in the game. 2. running a band as a democracy. Of course, each band member should have the possibility to raise in relation to the career of the band of his voice, and to express opinions. A band can make much greater progress with much less internal friction and conflicts if only a major decision makers there, which includes the opinions of the members of the band, but has the full authority, to make final decisions in the name of the band.

Democratically guided Bands usually quickly turn into dictatorships or disintegrate completely. 3. no good live shows to deliver. One of the most effective ways to get more fans to a concert, is to also provide a great visual experience at every appearance. Fans expect a great live show and less simple playing down the scores of songs. Staropoli says: “before (Rhapsody of fire) going on the stage, we spend lots of time, to ensure that all aspects of our stage presence are during the live show at the highest level. Any band that pays attention to all elements of their performances, stands out in the eyes of fans and record label from the crowd.” 4. no personal responsibility for all things which reached the band to take over. There is generally widespread thinking that success can be another influential in the music industry only the result of a record contract or someone, which gives the band a chance. The fact is that bands nowadays much more influence on significant achievements in their career to reach, by they be independent and effective Erfolgscoaching for rock bands get more free advice and special reports titled “Success for rock bands” are to be found on . Uli Latus

A Heart For The Road To Christmas – Penner Game Launches Fundraising Campaign

February 10th, 2015

A heart for the road to Christmas Penner game launches fundraiser Hamburg, December 28, 2010 the 2010 fiscal year ends for Penner game successfully benefit many needy. “Under the motto a heart for the road, winter coats for the homeless” color flood contributes a large amount even for Christmas and calls himself to support his players. The campaign started successfully, the bum game team ( to generate a medium-sized four-digit donation amount expected until early January. The warm winter clothing benefit sellers of Berlin Street newspaper “strassenfeger”, selling arms and homeless. “Also this winter will be long for the Berlin homeless and hard. We are pleased with flood of color to have a donation partner, our Zeitungsverkaufer_innen with warm jackets immediately helps”, Christian Ghattas directed his words to the donations ready for community of the game and the creators behind it.

Laura is one of three Directors of the Berlin Association mob e.V. – homeless mobilize. The Club has since 15 years the strassenfeger”out. Color flood entertainment looking back not only on a successful business year, instead it supported 2010 several projects that give need assistance to help themselves. So, with the help of the community of players, color flood 2010 generated a five-figure donation. “Locally, the companies support charities such as the Caffee with heart” in Hamburg or the GEBEWO “in Berlin.

Also to international events such as the earthquake in Haiti or the Homeless World Cup in Rio, Penner game activated his players ‘ willingness to donate. “” Under the following link you will find our team paddock game – a heart for the street “on, as well as the appeal in favour of the strassenfeger”: about color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates online games all over the world. Founder and Managing Director is the 22-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally oriented company with its play – is u. a. the successful Penner game – in over 30 countries operations in nine languages. The Hamburg-based company is actively engaged for the homeless, by regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects and works closely with many homeless associations. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH, Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web:

Managing Director

February 10th, 2015

myTaxi BBs makes possible – the revolution of the taxi market the Smartphone app myTaxi revolutionized the taxi: free, faster and easier. Meanwhile knows all over Hamburg. The software is booming. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was: today is missing the call to the Central for the passenger, and the driver is often sent by any coordinating authority. However, this trend offers little reason for the melancholy. Rather, he is a progress, which makes life easier. Responsible for this is myTaxi, which until recently still 1TouchTaxi called has made virtually eliminates the need for an app for smartphones, the taxi headquarters. The success can be seen: myTaxi took the third place in the German start-up competition of the year 2010! It works so: If you have the app on his cell phone, is automatically connected to the Internet with taxi drivers, the myTaxi use something like their taxi operating system.

You need a taxi, quickly pressing the yellow myTaxi symbol on his cell phone, and from then on, everything happens automatically: The app looking for the next taxi drivers and the potential passenger offers a profile of the taxi driver. For more information see Lakshman Achuthan. This in turn through the contact know who asks for it, including name and telephone number. Is booked the trip, clash can be traced on the phone exactly the second driver and passenger live on a map. The taxi will drive for both sides safer and more transparent”, reports Andreas Lemke, a Hamburg taxi driver who has used the app even under the name of 1TouchTaxi. We drivers immediately know which guest is. And the customer gets a profile of the taxi driver, with reviews from previous customers on his cell phone.” But above all, it makes myTaxi the taxi drive cheaper and easier for both sides: many riders like Andreas Lemke also, make more trips per day up to 20% and can strategically positioned on the road because they always know the app in which areas are watching their colleagues. Also the need to fall through the direct contact between passenger and driver Taxi Zentrale away. myTaxi user press only one button.

The app is free, so will save not only time, but also money”, Sven Kulper, inventor of myTaxi white. But the innovation ever used? Since the launch in April the tour revenue has multiplied. In Hamburg we have so far 80,000 user”Joe Mewes calculates, Managing Director of myTaxi. The numbers should continue to rise. The Hamburg entrepreneur with a new version of the app on the market have come on the 22nd December 2010: passengers can save now also addresses as Favorites and rider profiles. If you prefer the emissions-saving eco taxis, can set this in the future also as a search criterion. In Hamburg, MyTaxi has become interesting also for the economy. DieDeutsche Telekomhat participated with financial and technical support. And in the wake of the Christmas fundraising event listener help children “in cooperation with radio Hambur g, there are also partners in the hospitality industry: by 18 Hamburg Hotels, the only their taxi fares about myTaxi book, Kulper and Mewes donate 20 cents per booked trip now. The cooperation with the hotels are likely to persist, and the proceeds go to children who would otherwise not be able to celebrate a holiday season. This has not yet been there in the taxi business. In Hamburg’s taxi no longer what it once was. More information under: press Friederike Mewes

End Of Year Is SMS

February 9th, 2015

“In the month of December that sent most SMS the end of the year the SMS represents the culmination of activities, but the entire month of December month a SMS”. Restaurant Michael Schwartz follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Not only private individuals much and like to send text messages at this time, also professionals have recognized the potential of SMS marketing and customers will gladly send the one or the other SMS. The options here are diverse, ranging from an SMS newsletter via SMS gift vouchers, coupon codes, memories to simple greetings at Christmas time. SMS are sent like Santa Claus, Christmas and of course new year’s Eve. The month of December offers enough occasions to send some SMS. SMS are often as pleasant and too much personal, as E-mails or even phone calls from clients and are therefore ideal for customer loyalty. Other advantages of SMS are that these are read mostly within a few minutes, are inexpensive and campaigns can be implemented in a short time. For traders, the customers not only at Christmas time, but throughout the year would inform via SMS, the SMS is suitable shipping by bulk SMS.

This a single SMS can be sent at the same time to a variety of recipients. Bulk SMS can be sent easily over a SMS gateway. Spryng has focused on the German market for business and offers on a gateway business customers, of which both masses SMS as well as individualized single SMS can be sent quickly and cost-effectively. The interactive platform offers many features that simplify the creation of a mobile marketing campaign, like z.B an address book, deferred delivery, long SMS, own sender detection, etc. The SMS gateway can be used online or in the own systems integrated on-demand via API. Spryng offers its customers not only a gateway, but advises and also personally assists them in the implementation of a mobile marketing campaign. Furthermore the concept & Development likes a Spryng Department on specific requests and provides Custom-made according to customer requirements. Contact: Spryng Katja Schmitt Herengracht 138 1015BW Amsterdam

Gregor Wessely Kiebitz Court

February 7th, 2015

With the easy-to-use software tools, the Powerflasher once again showed their expertise in the development of user friendly applications. “” Their extensive experience in the principal business areas human interface design “and application development” were incorporated into the project. If you would like to know more then you should visit Jonah Bloom. The menu of the software tools is clearly arranged and self-explanatory. The design steps build on each other and the respective functions reveal themselves intuitively. Lars Schlimbach, project manager of the customer Deutsche Post: Our offer Portal offers businesses a convenient way to make carefully targeted in the neighborhood on themselves and their offerings.

The advertising campaign is more than a simple business listing should be. Together with the Powerflasher we have developed therefore a quote and profile designer, which is easy to use and attractive design options. The tools are therefore in a sense online-offline interfaces with which our customers for the first time have the opportunity to transfer their sidewalk stands and storefront signs on the Internet. Currently we are planning the development of new features for the two Desgintools together already.” For more information, see about Powerflasher: the Powerflasher GmbH has been developing multimedia applications since 1997 and is with over 1000 references of one of the leading European providers. “” “The fixed approx. 40-strong team of specialists of the three units agency”, solutions”and labs” holistically complex applications, fully dynamic websites, produces emotional animations for Web/DVD/Cinema/TV, innovative online ads, interactive IPTV formats, intelligent eLearnings and various individual solutions – from conception, through design, usability and the full development.

So has gold and others with the IF communication design award”award-winning multimedia agency of the renowned specialist Carlo Blatz as a service provider positioned for creative, content and technologically innovative content and services including customers such as converse, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Telekom, LG Electronics, ProSieben, VOX, ZDF and agencies like DeepBlue, ElephantSeven, Jung von Matt, Springer & Jacoby u.v.m. contacts: Powerflasher GmbH Carlo Blatz Belvedereallee 5 52070 Aachen Tel. + 49-241-91880-230 fax. + 49-241-91880-239 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Gregor Wessely Kiebitz Court 9 22089 Hamburg phone + 49-40-325-0917-16 fax. + 49-40-325-0917-19

Higher Customer Satisfaction Thanks To Active Mediation And Billing In Real Time

February 7th, 2015

Excellent performance and flexible configuration allow effective billing process at life 🙂 Paderborn (Germany), Kiev (Ukraine), January 4, 2011: Orga Systems has the NGCP, his solution to the settlement in real time, active mediation and policy control at life :), a dynamically growing, Ukrainian mobile operator implements. Thanks to the excellent project management the installation took less than four weeks and life 🙂 to unwrap about this unified platform since early November, billing for all participants. The NGCP 🙂 is used on all VAS platforms by life, to offer commercial products on the highly competitive Ukrainian market 249. Higher customer satisfaction through real time solution due to its integration in the real time billing process between network and billing system performs the NGCP Subscriber specific policy and billing decisions. The notification are another important function, which leads to an exceptionally positive experience for the end user, in real time.

life 🙂 was the product of NGCP (next generation Control Point) a successfully in November 2010 and offers its customers significant advantages. A power increase of over 300%, the flexible configuration options of the system and the support of Subscriber profiles repository for the control and independent settlement are the key benefits of the native platform. Since the introduction of the NGCP customers benefit from life 🙂 the flexibility through integration with the GGSN node, thanks to an effective settlement is possible. The NGCP plays an important role for the customer satisfaction. This is evident also in that the customer complaints to the GPRS billing has significantly fallen. Restaurant Michael Schwartz contributes greatly to this topic. A future-proof solution life 🙂 is a fast growing company that contributes to the development of the sector.

Innovations, underline this claim worn by value-added services, and the customer-specific offerings. The use of the NGCP allows life :), without heavy investment in Billing hardware 3 g or 4 g technology by BSS infrastructure to support. With the upcoming auction of UMTS licenses in 2011 in the Ukraine, the use of this infrastructure once again highlights the role of life 🙂 as an innovative company. Real time solutions for the market leader business partnership trust life 🙂 and ORGA Systems began in 2006. As the world’s first network provider with a truly convergent billing system the 2007 introduced TL gold from ORGA Systems familiar life 🙂 on the convergent real-time platform for the settlement. life 🙂 and ORGA Systems innovation award gold with the GTB in 2010 were for TL as the “convergent billing innovation” awarded for a comprehensive marketing support. * Orga Systems #1 choice for real-time charging and billing with its excellent know-how in the area of billing and settlement Orga systems in real time is the pioneer in the field of GSM prepaid billing. ORGA Systems focuses on real-time-based solutions for customer billing and Customer management in the area of mobile services. It uses regular milestones for its industry to expand its leadership position. In relation to the access speed is ORGA Systems’ high-performance database InCore, the currently fastest data technology worldwide. Mobile providers need future-proof settlement systems, which offer clear benefits for both services and costs. The fully convergent real-time billing platform TL gold guaranteed them a profitable growth. Please visit for more information. Contact: Orga Systems GmbH at the Hoppenhof 33 33104 Paderborn Eva Heumann Head of corporate communication

State People

February 7th, 2015

It says the princes that the people must always be to its side and that they perceive in any situation that the State them will be indispensable, with this will be always fidiciary offices. In this direction, the command of the State must personally be made by the governor who thus, possesss the easiness to become solids its bases, with good laws and good armies, in way that its ruin is evitvel. Exactly that its principality makes use of a ortaleza, this will not be able to save you if will not have the support of the people. Safer it is not to become hated for the population. Thus constructing to one politics based on the art to know to choose of males the minor. Gain insight and clarity with Restaurant Michael Schwartz. The good actions and also the harms necessary must to the sprouting of conspiracies, these will be able to come of all sides or of the people or the noblemen.

E these actions are negative or positive they must leave always of the estimated one to please always its subjects. Threats of the foreigners also exist and to defend itself of these it will depend on good weapons and good allies. Revealing always to a true ally or a true enemy, assuming broken and taking part in the conflicts it will always earn, constructing to alliances on that it counted on its adhesion and it obtained the victory or obtaining support of that it was defeated. Still here, it is clearly the duty of a governor cautiously not to join it one more powerful than, therefore in victory case prisoner will become and this state of dependence must be prevented. To conquer the power it must take in account all the ways. If necessary practical of violncias these will have to be in only way not to have that repetiz them it each day, therefore the evil becomes instantaneously so that its pain becomes fulgaz.

United Socialist Party

February 6th, 2015

In addition, Jaua is authorized to approve the accounts of the ministers, the elimination and changes in the beings public and the direction in presidential commissions. The minister of Planning, Giordani, on the other hand, will have the function of to declare budgetary insufficiencies and the exonerations, when it is necessary, of the Tax to Valor Agregado (IVA) and of the Tax On Renta (ISLR). The powers that the president of Venezuela conserves maintained east Saturday a tight agenda to leave solved subjects that will allow to stay him to the control of the Government in spite of being in Cuba, when meeting with their ministers; later, to do it with its followers of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), and, later, with supporters dismissed who it. In order to stay to the control of the Government and power to sign official documents from the island, Chvez was well-educated in the use of an electronic card with which it will be able to print, of valid and legal form, its heading. Also it will be able to direct to a cabinet " via telemtica" , and so it assured that it will be to the current of everything what occurs in the Government. Chvez did not say when it will return to Venezuela, but assured that its absence would be nearly time. Patient of a pelvic abscess In past June the Hugo Chavez was put under two operations in Cuba, at where day 8 arrived of that month to compliment the last stage of a tour by the region that had taken previously it to Brazil and Ecuador. The Venezuelan agent chief executive had to be taken part emergency the 10 of June to extract a pelvic abscess to him, and day 20 of the same month a cancerous tumor was extirpated to him. The 30 of June, Chvez sent a televising message to the Venezuelans from Havana, communicating for the first time the details of its disease and the interventions which it had been put under, and the 4 of July returned of surprise form to Caracas. Source of the news: Chvez arrives at Cuba to treat the cancer while it delegates to be able in Venezuela

Eduarda Maria

February 3rd, 2015

Meanwhile in the hospital, Luisa appeals listened it for the radio and Humberto was working, then it bound for it. Already planning to run away and to take Bruno. Few minutes later it she wakes up eats of it, the nurse when entering in the room applied remedies in Bruno, but she was surprised at paulada in the head left that it unconscious. In followed it dressed the clothes of the young nurse who was well new, little had more than twenty and four years. Bruno still slept for effect of the remedies. Then it rolled the boy in the blankets and went down the policy Already was in the place, hidden in desfarce left for the deep ones the building. Eullia and Edmilson were in the reception of the hospital, had bound for Clber to count the occurrence, the youngster did not obtain to contain the tears and asked for perisso to its masters and left fast route to the hospital. Jonah Bloom has plenty of information regarding this issue. The plocia only econtrou the nurse who took care of to Bruno seminua in the room, that already was late Smooth found Humberto and had run away from car.

Some days later ……. Without no notice of Bruno Eullia it entered in depression, did not want to eat nothing was being weak. All the family was very abated. The suffering is immense, Eduarda Maria saw Luisa and Humberto then it was invited by the policy to make a composite picture of them, folloied of Eullia and Edmilson. The girl occurred all good obtained to describe them and the photos will be displayed in all the esquinas of Saint Maria. Luisa already thinks about running away from Saint Maria, the neighbors can finish descubrindo something. They plan to run away the night, not to raise suspicion and to finish being imprisoned.

Some hours later Bruno woke up, Luisa was come close to it hugged and it. Very confused of the ideas it answers: — What he happened? Where I am? — You suffered an accident, but already this all good my son, nothing more goes to happen, is here to protect you. Two days later the searches for Bruno had continued, but the family already this without hopes to find it. The night arrived ready Luisa and Humberto to run away had caught the luggages and Bruno and if they had been route to the Porto Alegre. The suffering of the family alone increased with the days, Edmilson did not obtain nor to leave to work, but it had that to go of the opposite the financial situation it will go to get worse. Eullia was to make treatment for depression, did not obtain to accept the situation that was passing. Eduarda Maria felt itself guilty for the Facts, but all left clearly that it did not have guilt none.