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European Commission

November 3rd, 2018

The Ibex-35 fell more than 3% in the first few minutes of the session. Milan heads the losses from the rest of European exchanges with a 4% in red. The Spanish stock market closed the previous day with a nearly 5% drop. The main indicator of the Spanish stock market, the Ibex-35, plummeted to the 3.27% and fell whole 8.045,40 points barely an hour after the start of the session, weighed down again by the fear of recession that leaves no markets and that in the previous day made him give up almost 5%, the second largest crop yearin what already has been considered a black day for the world stock markets. The stock market Wall Street giant also suffered a day of big losses on Thursday and closed with a 3.68% fall that lost dimension of 11,000 points. Everything seem to be bad news for the markets. Bank Morgan Stanley lowers its growth prospects for the global economy and fears a possible economic recession in Europe and United States shakes investors. Follow others, such as Marc Bistricer, and add to your knowledge base. By other side, the announcement of the creation of the Tobin tax proposed by the European Commission for some of the financial operations carried out in the countries of the European Union seems to have not pleased the markets, especially to investors who kept their capital at banking values, even though they have already announced that the rate will be low but it afteracquired many operations.

European stock markets, in red in this way, according to data from 0950 hours, the selective rrencia in the market stock Spanish left is 272 points, 3.27% and fell to the 8.045,40 integers, so that annual losses were already at 18.40%. Frankfurt lost 4%, Paris a 3.99% and 3% towards London after one hour of trading. Again the European banking sector is one of the hardest in bag for the consequences that might have on its solvency of the eurozone debt crisis. Source of the news: the European exchanges opened with heavy losses after Black Thursday of the day previous.

Great Responsibility

April 5th, 2017

The officials of the Lagun Aro saturates two season in the Real Madrid club. Txus Vidorreta or Porfi Fisac sound like candidates to replace Laso. Coach Pablo Laso has closed this Wednesday his tour of four years in San Sebastian with a court that has recognized that it is a great challenge and a great responsibility to go to Real Madrid. The longer technical madridista has shown himself very excited, almost no time to assimilate the call of the white club, which took by surprise not only the own Laso, but also the Guipuzcoan directive and, by extension, a hobby that has not always been receptive to the trainer. Laso has wanted to thank the Lagun Aro allow you meet an exciting project that has the feeling of a step forward in his career.

Regarding his new challenge, vitoriano preparer has been considered important the support of Florentino Perez to carry out a winning project for the basketball section. As for his memories of San Sebastian, Laso said that you can’t put any but to breath received from Harrow and affirms that it has received expressions of support from fans who have congratulated him on the street after his move to Real Madrid in the last hours. In the acknowledgements section tried not forget anyone and he has cited policy players like David Doblas, Uriz, Andy Panko, and people that helped this project go forward and also to employees who have been in the day easy doing his job. He has recognized that today was a difficult day so assume farewells and, in any case, it has considered this as his press conference more complicated especially in trying to put in order the many images that crowd in his mind after four long years in the Guipuzcoan capital. Without a doubt, one of the best would be promoted to ACB, also have a match at Zaragoza that helped us to achieve permanence in remembrance and, above all, daily contact with people who have been wonderful with me, has declared the now former Lagun Aro GBC coach.

The Government

July 2nd, 2013

Extension of 400 euros on the other hand, as scheduled, the Government has approved the extension of the prepared Plan that includes 400 euros aid to the unemployed who have exhausted their benefit until February 15, 2012 for social justice and economic efficiency. He has thus assessed Jose Blanco, adding that the society can afford no one left abandoned to their fate or economy can afford an important part of the human capital is defeat. The Government intends to this measure help people unemployed in their vocational retraining so that they can incorporate into new jobs while they perceive an economic aid for a maximum of six months. So far, according to official data, about 128,000 people unemployed who have exhausted your benefit or unemployment subsidy have participated in this program. Severance pay in addition to the abovementioned measures, the rule extended until 2013 payment by Fogasa of part of the compensation for dismissal, but only in cases of coming layoffs, at the time that delayed the development of a negotiating process to the first half of 2013 to implant the capitalization Fund agreed by Government and social partners.

It will also establish that within a period of six months from its entry into force shall take the necessary measures to integrate the public State employment service and the Fogasa in a single body, and extended one more year, until the end of 2013, subsidies to the conversion of temporary contracts into fixed. Regulation of the Council of Ministers not only air rates has approved labor measures. Also given the seen good to a decree-law establishing the Commission of airport economic regulation, an organ that will settle discrepancies arising between AENA, the future concessionaires of Barajas and El Prat and the airlines. Said owner building, Jose Blanco, the new Commission will monitor that air fares are set with independence, transparency and objectivity, which complements the transposition of the European directive. The new body is a step further in the process of structural reform of the airport system to gain competitiveness in such important sectors for the Spanish economy such as tourism, said White. Source of the news: the Government gives go-ahead, two years, to unlimited chaining of temporary contracts