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The Law

August 27th, 2012

However, to take care of the demands in the educational area it is necessary to catch the practical professional in the qualification process, analyzes Almeida (1998) distinct for each particular necessity of new expression in way of capitalist production, performance of the Social Assistant before the educational context has not been visible. The Law of Lines of direction of the Education, law 9,394 in its Art 1, 2: The education pertaining to school will have to associate the world to it of the practical work and to the social one. We verify that the education is tied directly in practical the social one in its function of intermediao to develop human beings and in the practical professional in the world of the work in diversifying professionals as Social Assistants who are on in this mediation between the society and its formation. The school as one ' ' novo' ' field of performance of the social assistant, in which if it does not have exclusiveness, demands beyond many mediaes between the reality of the pupils and its interventiva contribution of practises professional, therefore as it affirms Iamamoto (1998: 20) One of the biggest challenges that the social assistant lives in the gift is to develop its capacity to decipher the reality and to construct proposals of work creative and capable to preserve and to accomplish rights, from emergent demands in the daily one. At last, to be a propositive professional and not only executive. However, in what he concerns the investigativo character and interventivo the Social Assistant has that to display action proposals to deal with the effective demands its respective execution in the proposal of its relevance by means of the confrontations to the answers of the demands in which it is directed. 3.2 The PERFORMANCE OF the SOCIAL ASSISTANT To the FRONT OF the EXPRESSIONS OF the SOCIAL MATTER IN the EDUCATION Being the school a place that if find the varied types of social relations e, being that the schools have its white public: children in process of formation of the character, adolescents in processes of changes in its physical aspect and emotional, and adults who already come with histories of traced lives.


August 12th, 2012

The qualification of the agreements of legal stability as contracts with law force do not come from the constitution, but, of article 39 of legislative decree 757 law frame for the growth of the private investment. the origin of if denomination in this case is not superfluous, since with the same expression in other sectors of the ordering, it is alluded to a completely different topic. For example, in the deprived right, concretely in the civil right, with such notion also usually it is alluded to the intensity of the nexus that ties to the parts of a contract. They have the agreements of legal stability with contracts law, a relation of I generate and species respectively. like first point, we will review its characteristics: – One of the most important characteristics of these is based in the commitment that assumes the state, to maintain its content invariable in case to be able to use no legal norm that indirectly varies the rules that are agreed to. It exists then, via the constitutional norm, bolt that it avoids to exert the possibility indicated above, since dacin of any norm that can modify them, would incur the estates of unconstitutionality immediately.

– With respect to its denomination, we must say that difference with respect to naming them like agreements of legal stability or contracts of granting of guarantees and securities to the investment does not become or like contracts law. – The reserve that carries out the administration with respect to the formation of the contractual scheme, is another one of the saltantes characteristics of this type of agreements and the same is expressed in approving norms of the stability contract models. – They have extended in different sectors despite which they maintain a line uniforms and identical aims. – The formality that it demands that for its formation a procedure must be followed previous administrative that concerns the presentation of a request to the competent organ, the one that evaluates if the investor fulfills the conditions to accede to the regime of legal stability.

Ministry School

August 12th, 2012

On the Stock market Family, Clear Maria Axe (2010), in article for the site of the MEC: ' ' The program takes care of families with monthly per capita income of until R$ 140,00 with direct transference that varies of R$ 22,00 R$ 200,00. The intention is to fight the poverty and to improve the life of the future generations for the accompaniment of the pertaining to school frequency, the agenda of health and from action of work generation and income. To assure the participation in the program, the parents need, among others requirements, to keep the children in the school and to guarantee that they receive cares basic from health, as the vaccine application. The Ministry of the Education is responsible for following the pertaining to school frequency of the pupils atendidos.' ' . This is ' ' Investimento' ' of the government in the education of the future generation of professionals of the country. R$ 200,00 Reals. A prisoner today, in our country, receives from assists reclusion more than the double of what established for the Stock market the Family. Data this, reflect.

Which the type of ' ' profissional' ' the government has financed for its formation? It is impossible that only this irrisria amount is capable to keep a pupil in the school and guarantees it a quality education that it will lead to adequate a professional formation. Beyond that, as said previously, the pertaining to school frequency does not guarantee the same quality of the exploitation and performance of the pupil, who is what the most important the least would have to be considered, thus, the government continues neglecting the quality of the education. The PBF has a proposal admirable, however, it needs to be I coat in many aspects, however, biggest the proposal of the government it would have to be the financing that considers an increase in the quality of the education, and unhappyly what we have seen it is that the evil ' ' investimento' ' it has been the reason of much corruption in the sector of the education.


August 6th, 2012

If it will be absorbed in my proper thoughts and dreams everything what I see is an indistinct mist of bodies to move it the same rhythm, without intention, route. It stows thus during 19 years and alone it has little time I woke up. I woke up and I got passionate myself. Now it is me difficult to read in the convoy, has as much thing to see! Before it thought about travelling to see natural monuments, wonders, to saborear regional plates and to smell new airs. Now, it has days where I feel that I cannot lose nor plus one minute without knowing the people of India, or the Cazaquisto, or Canada. I want to press the hand of an Australian with force and to make a vnia to a Japanese.

I want to speak on sex with an Arab woman and to ask to a Frenchman ' ' You want to marry me? ' '. Some time had had one dolo that she was a historical personage? I had, I have. Jlio Cesar. I want to have an imaginary colloquy with Jlio Cesar, Darwin, Clepatra and Joan D? arc. But also I want to have a private colloquy with that servant of room that served in Versailles during the reign of the King Sun and with salesman of fruit of the time of Salazar. I want to ask to a Russian peasant of century XIX ' ' It speaks with you, the nature! ' '. The difference between these last colloquies and the ones that I have been to describe, is that the first ones are possible, is to my reach, but tomorrow already they do not go to be.

My colloquy with rapariga that was to eat one crepe in Columbus belongs to the same category that all my investigations how much to the French cut with that servant of room. The past is the past and any chronological order imposed to the entity abstracta of the time that passed is only useful in the history lessons, not in the divagaes on lost chances. I never spoke, never I asked and all the faces hang side by side with the questions that had been never asked. It has something more hateful of what one asks that never was asked? It is as a letter that never was delivers or a trip that never was made. It is to cut for the root some thing before exactly of this thing to be. It is to relegate to the esquecimento an experience that never were had and a memory that never was formed. I arrived at the college. I cannot myself be forgotten to go to the reprografia to print those leves. (Sigh)