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Herbert Spencer

August 31st, 2014

The fashion contemporary is more ambiguous and multifaceted, in agreement with the nature highly broken up of the postindustrial societies. (CRANE, 2006, P. 29) the first key to study the fashion in the capitalist and industrialized world, fincou in the structures proposals for social scientists, such which: Herbert Spencer (1854), Gabriel of Afternoon (1890), Thorstein Veblen (1899) and Georg Simmel (1904). Taking the fashion with relevance in its studies, they defend that it has two characteristics to regulate it its existence: imitation and the distinction. Georg Simmel, from 1905, made its theoretical contribution to the studies of the fashion, contextualizando, historically, the mechanism of the fashion and its relation with the social hierarchy. The model of Simmel of change in fashion was centered in idea of that the fashions first were adopted by high classroom e, later, for the middle classes and low. Groups of inferior status looked for to acquire more status when adopting the clothes of the groups of superior status, unchaining a process of infect social in which the styles were adopted by groups of successively inferior statuses.

For the author, the fashion is, therefore, one imitation form that leads to the general dispute for superficial and unstable symbols of status, that is, the elite initiates a fashion and when the classrooms imitate lowest it, in an effort to eliminate the external barriers of classroom, it abandons for one another fashion. Therefore, the engine that would stimulate the phenomenon if would give for the incessant search of the new and for a place of status in the social structure. So soon the fashion is dominant, that is, so soon what only some few practise pass to be practised by all without exception, as elements of clothes or of the forms of social contact, not if more speech can fashionable. (SIMMEL, 2005, P. 163), for Simmel (2005) Thus in fashion imitation satisfies the necessity of social support, on the other hand, because the individual leads the tracks that all follow, and for another one, the imitation satisfies the trend the differentiation, the distinction, the change.

New Trends In The Russian Food Industry

August 31st, 2014

In Russia, the sale of foof to get rich is gradually turns into an industry where there is no place for people without creativity. A huge number of retail formats (kiosks, pavilions, a visiting trade convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, etc.) suggest that each player in this market is trying something different, put the accents, brings zest to his work. This leads to a huge number of custom making in the organization of trade. In a series of commercial equipment now and then there are very unique products that address specific problems. For even more analysis, hear from Lakshman Achuthan. Manufacturers of refrigeration cabinets, faced with limited shopping area. The reasons for these restrictions were different (expensive rent, the premises are not fit for such a trade, etc.), and as a result of the standard refrigerated cases, which offer the producers did not allow solve this problem. Needed a refrigerated cabinet, area calculations of products which would be more than occupied floor space, on which stands the showcase. Find a good solution could not at once. Learn more at: John C. Bogle.

Been tried a lot of options, and now reproductive-health/publications/ru/mec/index.htm whole line of refrigeration cabinets, which fill the existing gaps in the Russian market. These refrigerated cases have combined the best qualities of refrigerated display (an elegant design, excellent visibility of the goods) and cabinets (spaciousness, functionality, economy). All this can be seen directly with the naked eye, but the major challenge for manufacturers is to maintain the highest quality products. This is a complex work consisting of selection and validation of the best parts, working with suppliers, proper motivation and much more..