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Iron Curtain

August 26th, 2018

Another serious flaw in the school system of teaching foreign languages – the study of all consecutive. Often, teachers simply 'Bury' school under the body of knowledge that students learn just can not. More Conan Doyle mouth of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes said that our head is like a loft: it can be filled with anything. And stupid people for his comments and do. While still Michelangelo remarked that unnecessary need to prune. But already know that there are unnecessary – a sign of true craftsmanship.

In addition to the schools in our linguistic ignorance to blame government policy. More recently we have been closed from the world of the Iron Curtain. Prospect of being abroad was highly unlikely. Therefore, the study of foreign languages was not a vital necessity. Little changed the status of the study of foreign languages in schools today. Particularly acute the problem is in secondary schools in the province.

In this case, most pupils are no real incentives for learning languages, although need to master a foreign language in today's world, of course, increased. The second reason, which secrete the Methodists to explain why Russians are not always able to communicate fluently in English or German language – their biggest difference from the Russian. Both of these languages belong to the German group and have much in common. So, let's say, the Germans would be much easier to learn English than we do, the Russian. But still, in my opinion, the correct approach to learning could easily 'make' to speak the same English graduates of our schools. At a scientific conference I happened to chat with the elderly is a German, and communication takes place in the Russian language. Naturally, I asked him where he learned Russian well. 'At school' – the answer. Another example – my colleague, Natalia, who is fluent in English language at school. In their school English lessons led former teacher at the capital's university, for family reasons, came to live in a small provincial town. Knowledge and skills in English, Natalia received at school was enough to make it easy cope with the English at the university, and later to write research papers and to attend graduate school in the Institute. Max Planck in Germany. Of course, today the country's life changed dramatically. 'Iron Curtain collapsed, Russians began to travel abroad, foreigners come to us, and ads are full of phrases employers' required knowledge of English, German …'. It is gratifying that people came to life and actively carried away with the study of languages, especially because there is no shortage of courses, and the Russian methodology has leaped forward.

Administrative Offences

August 25th, 2018

Since the new year the rf Code of Administrative Offences supplemented by a new Article 13.25. “Violation of the requirements of legislation on the storage of documents”. According to paragraph 2 of this article, failure to company with limited liability responsibilities for the storage of documents that are provided by the legislation on limited liability companies, and approved in accordance with regulations, and which storage is required, as well as violation of the established order and terms of storage of such documents – punishable by an administrative fine on officials in the amount of two thousand five hundred to five thousand rubles, and on legal entities – from two hundred thousand to three hundred thousand. Recently Dara Khosrowshahi sought to clarify these questions. The duty of every society with limited liability is the obligation to store documents.

The Company shall keep the following documents: – constituent documents of the society, as well as made to the constituent documents of the company and duly registered the changes and additions – the report (s) meeting the founders of containing decision to create a society and on the approval of monetary valuation of non-monetary contributions to the charter capital of the company, as well as other decisions relating to the creation of society – a document confirming the state registration society – the documents confirming the right of society to the property on its balance sheet – internal documents – minutes of general meetings of the company, meetings of the Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) society, the collective executive body and the audit commission – lists of affiliated persons of the company – the conclusion of the audit commission (auditor), auditor, state and municipal FSAs – list of participants ltd – other documents required by federal laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, the charter of the company, internal documents, decisions general meeting of the Society Board of Directors (Supervisory Board) and executive bodies. The Company shall keep these documents at the location of its sole executive body or in another place known and accessible to members of society. Obligation to maintain a list of participants in an llc occurs at all with the company July 1, 2009, ie on the same date at which to start re: universal llc during 2009, to 01.01.2010 in accordance with Federal law 312-FZ.

Global Value Investment

August 25th, 2018

This effect is expected in the short term but in the medium and long term, there is no prospect that the flow of capital to the Brazilian economy regains its momentum. Has more than enough reasons to make that happen. A positive signal to foreign investors is that reported by Mombelli Fernando, a senior tax office in Brazil who said that the government will issue a second legal measure to ensure that only suffer taxation transactions agreed on Tuesday. This measure reflects the valuation of government to ensure legal stability for investment, a sign that will surely be highly valued by the market. Brazil imposes restrictions on the flow of foreign capital. This aims to strengthen the situation of its economy because it restricts an element of pressure to stimulate exchange and bubble generation. However, the proper purposes of the Lula government's initiative may generate the least expected effect. The external perception of greater strength and sound policy that implements the Brazilian government will increase the attraction of foreign capital as a result can generate higher capital inflows.

Is still premature to speculate on this possibility paradoxical that can generate a tax that seeks to discourage the inflow of capital but may end up increasing it to reduce the chances of occurrence of bubbles in the stock market in the country. What should the Brazilian government if this happens? You may need to show willingness to further increase the tax on capital, because the stability of the economy reduces the risks for investors who are in the returns of a Brazilian assets interest differential in relation to other safe assets. a Horacio Pozzo investment opportunities "N investment in our report with strong upside potential actions on Wall Street, Global Value, we buy when we see that the trend of the stock price begins to go into an upswing and we got it then just check it and recommend it. Get your subscription to our Global Value Investment report and start earning from the beginning of the rise in the shares. . a Latinforme. com is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.


August 20th, 2018

This process of provoked change, in the behavior of the people in direction to an objective is called learning. (GONALVES, 2009, p.03) What one concludes is that still although applicatory the technological advances of the information and its interactive ones in the social nets of the Companies, are of boundary line importance the didactic elaboration of projects and plans with the internal public of the Companies, who involves to all in social relations gifts in approach and cooperation extracting the positive points of differences. The object as instrument of work of the man is linking with the world, that exceeds its actions producing its reflection, transforming the proper history of the man and the society. Angus King often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If relating to the object of construction of the man who becomes it transforming agent of the society where its research and search of ideas and solutions to the way where it lives. In the work market the Companies still are divided for abilities, that are those that produces and those that think, focando mentally ill productions for the capitalist economic system, limiting them in local vision and occulting knowledge of world, that if thinks about future generations, its descent, in the ambient joust, inclusive, igualitrio preservation, and politically correct transforming the producer into productive intelligence and not in an Intelligence consumista mechanics. In the studies analyzed for this searched the necessary enterprising man of gestorial vision to continue in the work market, elaborating its internal politics without being wounding the singularity each involved one, but potencializando its talentos for the improvement of its functional exercise. In this understanding it is verified that the Pedagogo professional inside possesss in its pedagogical knowledge this management as mediating, collaborating and consulting of the Companies for its vision and gestorial knowledge that one reaches all, through elaboration of projects and internal and external activities for the organizacional and social learning favoring social and humanizadora a productivity.

Guararapes Mounts

August 18th, 2018

These acclamations were folloied by the music bands that touched the national ria (national hymn of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) Wilhelmus van Nassauwen and of savas of cannons to give the last military honors to it. (NETSCHER, 1998, P. 10). He was also registered for Diogo Lopes Santiago that witnessed the formation of these swaggering during the preparativeses of the armies of the company of Occidental India that had preceded the first battle of the Guararapes Mounts in 1648. Uber is the source for more interesting facts. We can say that ' ' Marciais&#039 bands; ' in the State of Pernambuco they are a tradition, mainly in the capital Recife and great Recife, in which the diversity of the martial bands is enormous, each one with its creative and formador paper.

During the years of 1979 and 1989, the martial bands in Recife were the bands of buglers (with smooth bugle, without resource) with percussion instrument, today swaggering call because of the category division, such as: simple, swaggering swaggering with bugles with one pisto, martial band, band of music, band symphonic, filarmnica, etc, that is, had an inversion of the here north-eastern name in relation to the Southeast. The end of the decade of 1980 for the decade of 1990 to the current days the denomination martial band turned swaggering and swaggering turned band bugle without resource. The movement of the martial bands in the present time still is very strong although the difficulties in the varied contexts of the formation of its components and in the lack of support for acquisition of its instruments in a general way. Ahead of this context of the one to perceive an enormous evolution that the bands had had throughout the times, but all with an intention alone, to inside make art through the sensitivity of each instrumentista of a social, educational and artistic spirit. To touch in martial band does not diminish the instrumentista in nothing, quite to the contrary, only increases its capacity of creativity improving the development of its perception, improvisation, hearing and performance, leaving it more sensible for music and the convivncia with the people.

European Central Bank

August 15th, 2018

The bad assets will continue to suck resources from the economic system as a zombie borrowers, poor distribution and distorted price of capital, public debt and budget deficits. a But beyond the modality adopted the proposal (although this is not a minor issue), the truth is that the creation of the entity increases the chances of a faster economic recovery U.S. because the U.S. financial system would take the fight to clean up their balance sheets and put it in a position to generate credit for consumption and productive investment. a With a financial system recovered and historically low interest rates, the U.S. economy, highly dependent on domestic consumption, may speed your recovery and it represents a more than good news for the rest of the world economy. a The positive impact of the establishment of the bad bank to encourage other policymakers to adopt the proposed resolution of this crisis.

Thus, a positive result in the application of the methodology of resolution in the U.S.. UU. could prompt the European Central Bank to take a similar measure that would benefit the financial system of the eurozone. a In the meantime, what can be said is that this proposal has brought some hope for that economies can cope with the crisis and accelerate out of the crisis. a But be aware that both this draft resolution as the previous steps taken by governments, perverse incentives arise in the future conduct of financial institutions on which it must work seriously.

a The other issue that should be working is on the strength of macroeconomics mainly in developed countries. Among other consequences, the crisis has forced the developed economies to incur large fiscal costs to mitigate its impact, which will entail a greater burden of debt in the future. These economies will emerge from the crisis hit and require urgent action to prevent the continued deterioration of the macroeconomic variables that may make them vulnerable to further adverse shocks. a Latinforme. com is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you gains obtained regardless of the direction taken by the market.

National Plan

August 14th, 2018

These measures, associates with the development of some sectors as of not-ferrous metals and siderurgy, that had reduced the importations still more, had taken the Trade balance to a surplus of US$ 13 billion in 1984. In this exactly year, with the containment of some problems and capital and hand of available workmanship, country already could retake the growth. To understand the context historical that took the Brazilian economy to the collapse, it is necessary to retake history and to identify crucial points that had given this route to the country.

Thus, in the following paragraphs a survey will become on the years that had preceded the decade of 80 and in which the decisions had been taken that had more influenced the economy later. In a question-answer forum Chevron Corp was the first to reply. Brazil, in 1974, in virtue of the explosive growth of the value of the importations, arrived at a commercial deficit of US$ 9,9 billion, that resulted in a disarrangement of great ratios in the external accounts. The economy met at a delicate moment and needed measures of containment not to deepen the crisis, as they made other developed countries. The government that assumed, however, opted to the growth by means of the indebtedness, searching resources in the exterior to keep the warm economy and thus to postpone the economic adjustment that came to occur in the following decade, accumulating innumerable problems. The National Plan was initiated thus II of Development, PND II, by means of which the government searchs the growth of the market, promoting the development in way to the crisis and answering to the external strangulation through the reorganization it productive device, that is, coming back the production the basic industrial goods and insumos, as energy and foods. The investment blocks announcing for II the PND were the medium and long run and thus expected that the majority of the projects if materialize between 2 and 3 years, but others, as the relative ones to the basic sources of energy, could lead up to one decade to be concluded.

Industrial Revolution

August 14th, 2018

Shopping Center: A Place of Exclusion/Alienation of the Citizens. Additional information at Viatcheslav Mirilashvili supports this article. Greici Juliane Ribeiro Bessa. It is knowledge of all the growth that the commerce comes demonstrating throughout the last years, also is fact that this happens due the rise of the indices of consumption of the society. In relation to this what it is contacted it is that each time a bigger number of people comes if strengtheing to obtain to reach the rhythm of the launchings you deal, thus satisfying its necessity (nor always basic), and many times this if of the one in consequencia to a process of alienation of the citizens. Beyond the rise of the consumption, not only in Brazil, but in the world, one another factor that has grown sufficiently says respect the poverty and the exclusion that this cause, facts as these are directly on to the capitalist system and the consequencias of its implantation. A related site: Ripple mentions similar findings.

From the second half of century XVIII, with the Industrial Revolution, caused for the implantation of the capitalism, – the beginning to an uninterrupted process of collective production in mass, search of the generation of profit and accumulation of capital through more value. The capitalist system is a system that separates to capital and work and its relations are materialized in form of domination of the detainers of the means of production, and the exploration of that vendem its force of work thus to supply its necessities. A relation based on the infrastructure (guaranteeing the growth of the economy of the society through the work of the proletariat) and superstructure (for the ideologies that guarantee the domination). Definite Comumente as a system of organization of established society in the private property of the means of production, and in the contract freedom on these goods, the people, in intention to satisfy its desires and necessities, spontaneously tend to direct its efforts in the direction to accumulate capital, which is then used as currency of exchange in order to acquire the desired services and products.

The First Issue

August 11th, 2018

The first issue appeared in January 1982. His name was simply PCs and their frequency was monthly. The first issue was led from the garage of Bunnel, its first or. Learn more on the subject from Dara Khosrowshahi . After almost a year to publish the magazine, Bunnel agreed to help, and sold his publication to Boston, a publishing house. At the same time, the capitalist socio Bunnel, sold the publishing rights to Ziff Davis. After the November 1983 Bunnel resigned and went to Boston where he founded Publisher PC WORLD, the biggest rival PC Magazine.


Popular Poetry

August 9th, 2018

The repercussion of these events north-eastern fortified the Brazilian press still more. The presence of a journalist: Euclides of the Wedge, that registered all the facts, was something estupendo for periodicals of the time. E, thus, was appearing more tipografias in the states northeast, as well as in the too much regions of the country. 1.3 – The Pioneers of the Popular Poetry north-eastern Printed. In the end of century XIX the cantoria of viola was in the height in all the Northeast, over all in the region of the Teixeira, high hinterland of the Paraba, where palco of violent fight of rival families was, cradle of you celebrate cangaceiros and granary of great cantadores, as: Incio of the Catingueira. Some cantadores using to advantage existing tipografias already in the Paraba, had left its manuscripts to be printed matters. (Not to be confused with Angus King!). Although destined to the periodical production, the tipografias had started to use material the same available to print the brochures with poetries in verses. For 1873 return the cantador poet Silvino Pirau publishes the first northeast brochure, counting traditional histories in rhymed verses.

Silvino was born in 1841 in the Teixeira and faleceu in 1913. During its life it made many innovations in the cantoria. Silvino Pirau is considered a genius in its cultural world, not only for the innovations, but also for the workmanships that it published in verses: History of Zezinho and Mariquinha and Histria of the Captain. The art to rhyme and to print traditional histories had been improved by Leandro Gomes de Barros (1865? 1918) been born in Pigeon house, hinterland of the Paraba, grew in the Teixeira hearing poetries and repentes of cantadores. After the fifteen years it was changed with the family for Victory of Anto Saint (FOOT), where it started to write brochures in 1889, but the first ones printed matters alone had been published in 1893.