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Japan Conscience

March 26th, 2013

The perennial philosophy is the eye of the spirit that uses the educator holistic to investigate the spiritual level without falling into reductionism or dogmatism: is a vision of universal love towards all beings, vision of peace beyond distinctions ideological, economic, political, gratitude for the benevolence of life, which leads us to a full presence in the world deeply creative (1). The previous paragraph allows me to make retrospective of the meaning of the perennial philosophy, for commenting on the dialogue of Isabella Colalillo Kates with Gallegos Nava, where precisely Gallegos says that we must understand education holistic as a process of evolution of consciousness: well, I also want to understand clearly the concept of conscience, and the dictionary transcribe the following: awareness is knowledge, notion: aware of his actions, of their rights. Feeling whereby man appreciates his actions: listen to the voice of conscience. Morality, righteousness, integrity: man of conscience. I think that it is of vital importance to understand the term conscience to which I am referring, since it speaks of knowledge, actions, righteousness. which in our work of teachers must apply and keep in mind, since the knowledge that we transmit must be clear, real, correct. Even consider not only a group or in an isolated manner, because as Colalillo Kates puts it, we must consider the change of systems, since it says not enough change to a single human being or a small group, but that change must be carried out at system level. We need people more prepared, more spiritual, without thinking of that spirituality is the religious, since you can convert into groups favoring only its members, falling at the level of the competition, as it is happening in Japan, trying to have a control for the purpose of destruction of the weakest. Gallegos this topic replied, that in today’s society there is a revival of religion, although some thinkers say that religion will retreat, leaving their own churches, giving the example of the Netherlands, since churches have become very bureaucratized structures, linked to power, with greater political participation is more earthly, mundane.

Logical Reasoning

March 26th, 2013

But in relation to the article it is mentioned that the chess in fact helps the development of the logical reasoning thus helping the child to improve in the school, house and any place and activity that to carry through. Theoretical Referencial the D Agostini (1979, P. 1) says that the chess is an intellectual sport, that if plays between two people, or teams, that makes use of equal forces, either in amount either in quality, called parts that it has different color, white and generally black. The parts if put into motion according to conventional laws, and the game has the reason of, after a changeable number of movements, also calls launches or plays, to give check kill in the adversary, what it is obtained taking the contrary King (the King, let us know, is the part most important of the chess) to a special opposition, the one that if it dominates kills. The Objective, therefore, of the chess game is to give kills the adversary.

the player who obtains first to give kills its rival wins the departure. The chess helps to fight the shyness, but according to Selaibe (2007, P. 29), nor always to little availability for relationships it is guilt of the shyness. In the present time, the professional status is common to associate success to well-being or same it reduces the people to its condition of aconomicamente active. In reply to the question ' ' What it has made of the life? ' ' , the great majority cites, in first place, its professional activities.

Thus in this thought joining to the chess in the seven phase the eight years, I imagine that the chess helps in autoconfiana from the moment where the child obtains to win and to carry through plays in which the aid. According to Blacksmith, (18 of July of 2008). ' ' The children always can be used to advantage and better be developed, can exactly create small geniuses inside of our houses if follow recommendations of the specialists, who are not complicated! The important one is to invest time to guide and to stimulate crianas' '.

Eduardo Burgos

March 26th, 2013

Reverse reading google news a few days ago. I saw that they had worked with Anti-hydrogen atoms which is to say, that on Earth, our planet, which is composed of matter, was possible to create atoms of antimatter. Which says that subsequent instant of the big bang was created matter and antimatter together (these are the parts of the theories of the origin of our universe). Well well my article is not focused on these theories if not rather a few that I thought back to what they had read. Researching a bit on the net I read projects that have been made subsequent to the 1960s which have the purpose of finding antimatter in our universe. Although galaxies or places not found in the universe with antimatter is not discarded the possibility that exists in this.

Well come to the point. If there is a place with enough antimatter I thought that there could be a place like the Earth that we could call Anti Earth which means this, that owns the molecules of matter that we have in our planet but of Antimatter. Which gives us as a possible existence of life. In these circumstances which mean that living beings like us but with an arrangement of different atoms there are. Although it is something that I cannot prove I consider that it is not a theory that has no fundamentals well it is the same as life as we know but arranged differently.

The second thing I thought about after this article is that if our universe is matter but also considers the existence of antimatter could there be a universe parallel where this would be composed of antimatter and what has disappeared is matter. I think that these are really open and debatable theories by everyone. But valid meeting that someone is interested in this if you want to know more about what is antimatter inviting them to investigate on the net as well wiki called possesses information well specified.

Economic Cooperation

March 22nd, 2013

Flattery is like the shadow, not makes us larger or smaller. Proverb Danish General considerations the dynamics of the economic scenarios global enta too active to the serious crisis which many countries face and seek the way how to find ways to strengthen the financierqas institutions, restore economic security, avoiding the impact of the Recesionperu is host of the annual Asia Pacific economic cooperation forum, comprising 21 countrieswhich would create an opportunity for Bush and the Peruvian President, Alan Garcia, announce the implementation of the agreement. APEC does not have a formal treaty, its decisions are taken by consensus and works based on non-binding declarations. It has a General Secretariat, headquartered in Singapore, which is in charge of coordinating the technical support and consulting. Each year one of the Member countries is guest of the annual meeting of the APEC. The Summit of the year 2007 was held in Australia and the next Summit will be in APEC brings together government officials from the highest level, through the meetings of Ministers of State since its creation in 1989, and from 1993 also attracts at each annual meeting of the heads of State.

It has a General Secretariat, headquartered in Singapore, which is in charge of coordinating the technical support and consulting. Also, recall (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, in Spanish Forum of Asia-Pacific economic cooperation) is a multilateral forum created in 1989, which he deals with issues related to trade, economic coordination and cooperation between its members. As a mechanism for cooperation and concerted economic action is aimed at the promotion and facilitation of trade, investment, economic and technical cooperation and regional economic development of the countries and territories of the Pacific Ocean basin. The sum of the gross national product of the 21 economies that make up APEC is equivalent to 56 per cent of global production, in both that as a whole they represent 46 percent of global trade.

Company Objectives

March 17th, 2013

Company gifts are a valuable resource that used properly can get powerful achievements of goals, such as customer loyalty towards the company, a greater degree of commitment on the part of partners and employees, and the sympathy of the community. Therefore, it is necessary, not to say essential, that entrepreneurs and marketers have knowledge about are the gift business, which are objectives that can be achieved with them, which aspects should be considered for its planning and what types of gifts can be purchased to regale them; which is given below. What are the corporate gifts? Company gifts are objects (such as pens, keychains, clocks, mugs, t-shirts, accessories for PC, tools, etc) that have been printed, engraved or etched logo or a company’s brand, which are delivered free of charge to customers, collaborators, employees and certain people in the community on certain events (fairs (commercial, visits to facilities, new product launches, birthdays, Christmas, among others) with the purpose of contributing to the achievement of specific objectives (and promote the company’s brand in its target audience, loyalty to customers, generate a greater commitment to the company on the part of collaborators and employees, and to get the sympathy of part or an entire community). At this point, it should be noted two things: business gifts are a resource that contributes to the achievement of important global objectives of the company; Therefore, are part of a set of actions and resources the market-oriented goal, collaborators, employees and the community. In no way are an isolated resource. Gifts promotional gifts company, should not be confused as awarded for game these past is play only to customers in order to 1) achieve a particular sale (for example, buy 3 units of product X & get gift a practical kitchen utensil) and 2) to promote the brand of a product line or a product in particular on its target audience (through the presence of brand).

Benefits Of Working Abroad

March 6th, 2013

Benefits of working abroad a question many times we ask is would be I willing to change country’s getting a job related to my skills? Six of every ten Spanish workers have answered Yes to this question by Randstad, 30% of those who responded “Yes” makes only a year. The high rate of unemployment, which already is around 18%, is to blame for this change in attitude. Spanish workers, before so reluctant to change their residence (not already only to another country, but to another autonomous community), are now willing to make suitcases and seek employment abroad in search of a better livelihood. One of the reasons is that the unemployment rate in the eurozone (8.9%) is half of our country. For example, Holland, with 2.8%, has the unemployment rate lowest in the European Union. Advantages. What are the benefits in working abroad? Many. Since acquiring new professional and personal skills to learn or improve another language and, in some cases, find a better job that you can get in Spain.

However, barely 2% of Europeans live and work in a Member State other than their country of origin, according to Eurostad data. Eures network. By proximity, the countries of the old continent are more logical destinations for Spaniards find employment and employment opportunities abroad; and the Eures network (), the appropriate tool to learn about vacancies in employment of 31 countries, hang an online curriculum and requesting advice one of 700 advisers that are on this network. Through Eures, job seekers also can report is about practical issues as the way of life of the country to which intend to leave. The data are updated continuously.

Other countries. United States, Canada, China or the United Arab Emirates can be a good destination to search for work and employment opportunities if the post is accompanied by attractive economic and professional perspectives. There, however, to know the labour legislation of each country before accepting any offer. International search engines and pages to look for work as, or can be of great help. Offers from Spain. The globalization of businesses has resulted some bids for work abroad generated in Spain, specifically 1.35% of all of them, according to a report of portal. Portugal (13,82%), Morocco (8.19%) and France (7.68%) are the countries with greater contribution to the international job market.

Sales Force Deployment

March 5th, 2013

Question: how I work this? Dianne: Well, when a sales representative identifies a need for a client since there are new trends in your industry, can make use of the information and the tools that the company has prepared for precisely these new needs and they can provide all the support to meet these needs, increase business opportunities in these segments and which should inform their customers about the availability of these new features in their products. Question: Okay, let’s the meaning of P Dianne: Yes, the P is performance management (Performance management). Sales oriented data, organizations manage and measure metrics such as number of leaflets, prospectuses, amount of money on current opportunities, competition, potential by territory or account and many more facilities. These companies also know in detail how much will take to a new sales representative land on their territory and start with the generation of actual sales. Even work tools and processes to try to minimize this time reinforcing the training. ou seek more information. They know well that progreson are getting, since they have clear measurement processes. Question: Is this what you used to calculate compensation and incentives? Dianne: No, incentives and compensation are calculated based on the results obtained or outputs, although it is not so simple. You have to define your compensation process with a mixture of results according to your strategy, for example with the generation of new customers business, more businesses to existing customers, emphasis on some segments, etc.

In reality there are clear processes that apply to consistently maintain a measurement of these results. These processes allow you to reward those who have outstanding performance and penalize those that is below targets or even remove them from their posts. Question: what meaning does the letter S in this model of TOPSales? Dianne: The letter S represents the deployment of sales force (Sales Force Deployment). The companies with a scientific orientation in their sales processes, successfully synchronized the different processes of sale with the characteristics and strengths of sales groups.

Administration Commission

March 5th, 2013

In this century that has knowledge simply goes left behind, and is forgotten as a piece of scrap to the drift of the sea that goes away, until inevitably our view poor is not enough to display in the bluish landscape. Yes or similar mind we feel many of the Venezuelans who are or who someday will choose to take a course or simply trying to broaden our knowledge on other horizons. This situation is seen in the look of disappointment for many of us when we have to deal with the currency Administration Commission, or CADIVI, whose function in some way is to handle the international currency such as the dollar. In our country has undoubtedly hindered and has been an obstacle more in the aspirations many of us have when wanting to supplement our studies in foreign countries or simply travel to other country for personal recreation purposes, visit and get to know other cultures to the rededor of the world. Not even fit on the head why and why all Venezuelans have to apply to a process in which we have to specify every detail of our visit to another country.It is our money, if we get activities you licit should not have any problem either in delivering dollars them to those who are of age and all those who are not, proquad we have representatives who are responsible for us.

This is definitely a difficulty that increasingly takes more strength against our academic, personal, professional and cultural aspirations. With some regularity listen when you find yourself another Venezuelan in a foreign country the chilling urge to flee our country, and at rumbar to another where there are no such huge limitations. Obviously the solution to the problem posed by Chavez in 2003 when CADIVI is No capital flight in which I believe is practicing this type of economic policies that are detrimental to seriously to many of us. But do such policies without creating any kind of so drastic repercussions. By such a situation brought about by the Government created some mafia types handled by a black hand whose business is establishing its own price of the black dollar and sell it at the back of the Government. This dollar is bought from a common without any consent from the Government, which has within its advantages to not having to do any process so complicated and tedious as it is from CADIVI, another advantage to consider is, which is more quickly since receive it the cash CHIN CHIN which is very different if we talk about the process of CADIVI because it takes much more, as it has lasting weeks and even many months depending on the nature of the request and the quantity ordered; coupled with the incessant anguish of knowing if it is approved or not the dollar supposedly this 4.29 but thats the officer, dollar black in double casually placing priced approximate between 8,52 and 11.96, clear those prices will depend on the seller and the buyer need;Remember that these precious are only as reference by which any entity of the State supports such prices over-valued then CADIVI represents an advantage or disadvantage today, you think, and remember that every Government has within its functions transform the disadvantages into advantages, inequality in equity and the deficit into surplus, in addition to this it should ensure cultural as monetary among others developmentso in order to improve the fundamental part of society is the family. Data provided by: my blog: original author and source of the article.