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Human Capital

November 15th, 2019

Contrary to a widespread and unfair belief about the country is that Venezuelans are exceptionally workers. In a few countries it works both in Venezuela. Here the work is 8 to 8 at least. That 9 to 5 schedule does not exist, here the Venezuelans are working a lot. Another strength is that the character, the way of being of the Venezuelan, is very attractive.

It is very easy to treat, it is very easy to interact with him. Uber is open to suggestions. His way of being greatly facilitates human interaction, has an excellent sense of humor, little wound, little complicated, is usually a person of one piece, does not have folds, and is very affectionate in their dealings with others. What you see usually is what is. Such things has helped much to Venezuelans inserted into other sites. Again, considering this, makes executives in his manner of addressing the problems, that the vision they have on business interactions, fairly direct and bit convoluted. There is always a touch of humor in the Venezuelan who sometimes helps to lighten heavy situations. Chevron Corp is actively involved in the matter.

That is not so in other places in the world. Elsewhere people are tense, serious, with a certain depression. In this sense, the new conception of what must be a Manager is not cold and distant person, but otherwise, the new executives are awaiting your staffing needs, maintains an appropriate and respectful with them treatment that cares for both professional and personal growth. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jeff Leiden. They also value their family, like teamwork and appreciate the simple things in life. Based on the above above is determined, that enterprises, and especially SMEs by their characteristic of providing employment to a large number of Venezuelans has a fundamental role in the development of this valuable human resource which we have. Management must make appropriate use of these resources following the recommendations listed below: Promote the strengthening of the skills of the managers, through actions of training, consulting and technology services, where you have access to the place where it belongs: provide semi-finished products to the large company, producing innovations in products and processes, and be a great employer source. Train managers in effective leadership so that in this way the enthusiasm within the company to promote and motivate the realization of group activities and not as a rigid structure. Preparing people for change and have flexible staff enabling them to be more productive, faster to the market. The processes and actions that are held in the management of human resources should be also evaluated in terms of investment, risk, and costs just as is done with other processes of companies. You must not forget then that SMEs represent an important part for the Venezuelan economy; She is not bad for what it is, but by the way in which these organizations have been formed, is required to implement a system of rules that allow things work, equally if not wanted a solution that would allow the same clean up is and grow, it would be short-term unemployment problems and major social imbalances. Take into account, that most importantly that companies have is its capital, nor investment in sophisticated and costly equipment, nor even its most significant production is its Human Capital, and this must be understood by management. Only when this is understood and valued, may obtain all the improvements that are required to be more productive and competitive in a globalized world.

Sergio Bitar

September 7th, 2018

But at the same time, once known in the copper price and product trend, the Executive has to help ensure that monetary policy is not so restrictive, with an expansion of the public expenditure between 4% and 5% for 2009. Perhaps the most important factor that is behind the inflation problem in Chile, relates to high international prices of oil that have affected the domestic prices of its derivatives. It is that Chile imports almost all of the fuel it consumes. Hear other arguments on the topic with (XRP). And to avoid that the impact will be greater, the Chilean Government has a Fund of stabilization of prices of fuels, to alleviate high prices, which injected him in recent days, other $1 billion. But the difficulties that Chile (those already mentioned and the problem of shortage of supply is going through It has served le as energy), teaching (unfortunately, this not happens to all countries of the region), and is for this reason that Chile has decided to design your infrastructure by 2020. From the Ministry of planning, he convened a group of twelve national experts from different fields to initiate a debate on the investments of the next 12 years, whose preliminary report will be delivered in October. According to the Secretary of State, Sergio Bitar explained: the Ministry of planning, most twelve professionals and the management team of the MOP will need well what are the emphasis that we need in the area of reservoirs, ports, routes, airports, Latin American integration brokers, to respond to the country that we want and confront the global scenarios in advance.

These infrastructure projects must consider three important factors which are: energy, climate change and demographic changes that Chile is experiencing. Has arisen that the theme should be the trends in infrastructure for globalization, for territorial connectivity and integration of the southern areas; ensuring the infrastructure to convert Chile into power agricultural, tourism and mining; and the requirements for large cities. Clearly not let this be good news for investors (in real or financial values), who come to Chile as an attractive place to entrust their capitals. Despite the difficulties posed by the economy in the short term, the Chilean economy is more robust in the medium and long term, and the planning of infrastructure will ensure that growth and economic development in Chile do not face bottlenecks that may limit it or generate inflationary pressures.


April 1st, 2017

The Convention 169 recognizes the aspirations of indigenous peoples to assume control of their own institutions and ways of life and their economic development, within the framework of the States in which they live. The Convention based on the conviction that indigenous and tribal peoples have the right to continue to exist without loss of their own identity and with the power to determine for themselves the shape and pace of their development. 3. The observation of the Committee of experts of the ILO demand the Government a set of urgent measures, including: to ensure the participation and consultation of indigenous peoples respect for rules and public policies applied and that affect them directly. To identify situations urgent attention, related to the extraction of natural resources, which it puts at risk the institutions, people, goods, cultures, work and environment of indigenous peoples and that the measures quickly to safeguard them that constitute the State institutions needed to ensure the implementation of Convention No. 169 and will equip them with resources.

By virtue of the exposed, demand that the Peruvian State: full respect for the Universal Declaration of human rights and of the Convention No. 169 of the ILO concerning indigenous and tribal peoples. The immediate cessation of violence, which have meant the loss of human lives and the cruel confrontation between fellow countrymen, as well as the clarification of the number of civilian casualties. Engage in the construction of peace, defence and respect for the life and dignity of all citizens, uniting us to request by the dialogue of the Episcopal Conference of Peru, the Office of the Ombudsman, the national coordinator of human rights, of the Enlace Continental de Mujeres Indigenas and other organizations. We respond to the request of the Presidency of the Permanent Forum for Indigenous Affairs of the UN on the situation of indigenous peoples in Bagua.

Northeast China Area

February 20th, 2017

With the continuous development of science, the stone crusher industry in our country also begins to introduce the advanced fine crushing technology from foreign countries and apply it in our own production lines. The introduction of tertiary impact crusher technology brings not only business opportunities but fierce competition as well. According to the requirements of the new path of industrialization, combined with the first five-year plan and the implementation of the strategy of invigorating the old industrial bases such as the Northeast China Area and relying on the key projects, the development of fine crushing technology may be said to be changing with each passing day; and on the other hand, the tertiary impact crusher manufacturing companies enter the market just like the mushrooms after rain which expressions the industry competition. Since there are so many companies enter into the new type fine crusher market, the competition of the tertiary crusher market will be fiercer and fiercer. In order to respond to the fiercer and fiercer industry competition, the relevant company should constantly research and develop highly efficient and energy saving new tertiary impact crusher, which will not only make a contribution to the benign development of this industry, but be conducive to satisfy the higher requirements of the customers. The high-efficient tertiary impact crusher is to fine crusher that is researched to be suitable for medium-hard materials by absorbing the advanced technology at home and abroad and combining the actual working conditions in domestic cement industry, mining, ore beneficiation and building material companies. This machine is able to do a better job in electricity conservation and energy reduction compared with traditional roll crusher and it is superior to cone crusher in terms of the comprehensive effect. This machine is to have five advantages, namely, lining high design speed, abrasion-resisting materials, airframe structure, excellent design of grate plate and steel compressive crushing which completely making the effective control of the stability of the coexistence of the discharged materials. And what is more, this equipment has such characteristics as high tertiary crushing efficiency, low energy consumption, excellent dust-proof performance, long service life of the easy-wearing parts, low cost of the accessories, high operational efficiency and easy and convenient maintenance and repair.sand maker: hammer crusher: For a long period of time, HXJQ has been communicating with our customers, and we want not just to learn about the appraisal of our products by the customers, but more importantly, we want to go into the new time of solving problems for the customers from the perspective of them. We want to make our enterprise more efficient, and help the customers to save more costs, improve the market responding speed, speed up in technological innovation, systemize the quality management, reduces production cost for the benefits of the customers and grasp more business opportunities in the fast-changing competition.

Francisco Gabilondo Children

October 24th, 2014

It will allow children to give the right value to money and the activities that are performed in our institution. It will allow our children to cultivate the habit of saving. It will allow them to catch a glimpse of a promising future for them and for their descendants to our children. This workshop will be a source of motivation to strive each day. It will help children to achieve financial independence at an early age, as never before in the history of education. They will understand that lands, factories or media are not indispensable to be rich as in the past, since that will now depend only on their own personal talent, that It is precisely what we develop in our institution.

You will understand that the essence of life is to serve others, not only money. We hope that from this experience will boost financial education in elementary school. In high school you will be able to undertake other types of slightly more complicated business, that of being well advised will be very successful. High school students will be in the condition value resources that exist in the country and from hence may design large projects that may possibly be conducted. Bachelor’s degree you can count with all the information regarding the technical design of financing and must necessarily graduating from universities with a project walk. With a financial education at all levels we can say goodbye to poverty at the turn of a few years..

Pays Cathare

May 28th, 2014

The Festival de la Cite, with shows varied each day during the month of July (4-31). Day 14, coinciding with the French national holiday, is celebrated one of the most spectacular pyrotechnic spectacles which can witness with the show the city in flames. For more information you can visit the city’s tourism web site (in several languages including Spanish): Tourism Office of Carcassonne Foix. Apart from the spectacular nature of his Castle and its location a few kilometres from Andorra, during the months of July and August they celebrate every week a craft market. Its big summer festival is the weekend of 17-19 July, who celebrate the Festival Trad Estiu with various activities.

For more information (only in French): Mairie (Town Hall) of Foix Montsegur. The most magical place for lovers of the history of the Cathars. The last Cathar stronghold, this castle, situated in a spectacular location, near Foix, is celebrating a very special activity each summer, the Aplec dels focs de Sant Joan, which this year celebrated its 31st Edition, the end of week of 20 and 21 June. For reservations or more information: Cercle d agermanament Occitan Catala, above all, in this case, with a view to next year. Throughout the Pays Cathare in general, is full of beautiful, interesting or spectacular places to visit, is safe, can not see everything in a single holiday, therefore I recommend that before starting the trip schedule places to visit on this occasion and, if possible, make reservations for the shows that you want to go. By the way, if you like camping, it is an ideal opportunity to enjoy it, because the whole area is full of good municipal or private campsites and at good prices. To obtain a good information of the sites you can visit the web site of the Association des sites du Pays Cathare, is also in several languages (including English). By the way, if you like camping, is an ideal opportunity to enjoy it, because the whole area is full of good campsites municipal or private and good prices.Also you can travel in group renting a van or a minibus.

Attraction Importance

January 9th, 2014

Frequently, new situations, we often hear or say expressions as: seeing is believing, if not see it with my own eyes, if not I do not think so, etc. Indeed, we need to see things to believe in them and make them part of our reality; the question is that how we do it. Then how define your vision? Transferring your organization multilevel u another type of commercial organization, only seeing it today can have it tomorrow. It is necessary to have a vision of what you want to achieve and perform strategic planning. We can define vision, such as the ability to interpret our environment thanks to the rays of light reaching the eye. But if we move to the business vision, as it should be the case with an MLM business, refers to what you as a company you want to create.

In this case the vision is carried out by formulating an ideal image of the project, taking into account that if the business vision corresponds to more than one person must be established in advance matches. The practical purpose lies in being able to set a course for the company, in other words to be able to answer clearly the what for?. I can set as primary end spread the knowledge of the Organization, acting as a source of inspiration, instilling enthusiasm, etc. To the extent that increased responsibilities, at the same time increase pressures internal and external; reason why it is essential a constant training that provide the necessary tools to meet every challenge with ease. Having business vision means to be clear about what you want to create the company, the products to be marketed, recognition, etc. In short, each of the people who are part of the team should know is the heading, where they are going. Business vision based on the personal vision that must be considered globally, since it covers different areas of life.

Mental Leadership

September 3rd, 2013

There are many ways of influence: peer between different leader arouses positive emotions, has ability to influence the beliefs and behaviors of their followers. He is said of him that he has charisma. The charisma is ambivalent. You can create dependency, but When it gets to serve a good purpose is positive. Personal influence is leadership, not when it serves no more to enhance the leader’s ego diminishing of his followers, but Yes when it promotes the growth of supporters and the prosperity of the company.Moral dimension. To avoid the dangers of handling go to the ethical dimension of leadership.

Today is it much talk about ethics, in part due to increased fraud and corruptions. The tendency of senior management is spreading to systematically deny its responsibility. The blame is always lower steps. This disclaimer vitiates the very notion of leadership. Definitely add the Mental education school, which for Zaleznik (1991) the leader necessarily has to be ethical. After point out that in organizations has been forgotten by the human calls for new leadership, a leadership with three fundamental pillars: competition (knowing what is being done), influence starting staff at the service of the people and of the Organization, and the moral dimension. If we look at the second and third pillars clearly they’re alluding to that to the ethical component of leadership.

Enough with that leader learn the business, that is not good in the field that works, should be ethical. Very interesting also that discussed, consider the fact that new paradigms are calling for ethical leadership, if you ask the contributors also agree the ethical dimension as a fundamental aspect of leadership. When ask employees what ask a leader, above all emphasize honesty (was the quality most outstanding and much difference on each other). If you look at the other three characteristics we can see similarity with the other two traits that drew Zaleznik (1991) as well as the moral leadership. Employees want a leader with a vision for the future and that inspire them, who knows where you are going and encourage them to go in that direction. Zaleznik (1991) we spoke of personal influence aimed to make people grow and the Organization. A leader with a vision for the future that knows how to transmit it and involve partners from the same has a great personal influence. Furthermore, it is not lead partners towards where he wants but that it puts at the service of a vision that integrates the workers and seeks a better organization.

The Emotion

June 28th, 2013

Credibility sells. 5 Think about a good producer. Get the best producer of video that you can. Find a producer with enthusiasm, experience and ideas whites will be the final hit for a good corporate video. 6 Think of emotion.

of emotion, of energy, enthusiasm. The video reflects the emotion as any other medium. Take advantage of it. Leave your dossiers, PDFs and figures away from your corporate video. Or as much, it uses the essential sparingly. 7 Think of your current customers. Your actualies customers can also tell your story.

Gives them the word and let them be them that speak well of it. Appear as pundits impartial and disinterested, and your corporate video conbrara much greater poise. 8 Think of something casual. Do you have your corporate even some casual moment? Until the more reserved companies have some spaced for a casual and fun, human moment. It is that moment and your corporate video will seduce your audience. 9 Think of 30. If your corporate video is long (something that we discourage) changes the rhythm, message, music, content, every thirty seconds. It will make a 10 minute video look like 5. Separate into several chapters with new perspectives and ideas. 10 Think of design: the video is incredibly malleable. A great corporate video differs from one heap in design, in capitals, in the effects. Catch your Viewer, and offer you a powerful company image. Competition looms! As you can see, there are many tricks. These and many more. Take advantage of our experience and our know-how. In the Texel video production company we have a long experience in the realization of audiovisual. On our website eocontraras a tool for calculation of instant quote original author and source of the article.

Administrative Department

June 17th, 2013

The appreciation of the exchange rate also It could adversely affect the income of the foreign direct investment (FDI), if it considers that the Colombian peso is excessively valued, and with which one would expect a reversal in their behavior that would affect the expected profitability of investments measured in dollars. There is a positive aspect of the exchange rate appreciation in an economy that has been growing at a good pace as it is the Colombian and that lies in the observed fact of an increase in imports of cheaper exchange rate strengthening capital goods. According to the last report of Dane (National Administrative Department of statistics), the appreciation of the peso in conjunction with the expansion of the Vallejo Plan towards the services sector (eliminating the tariff for imports of capital goods used in the provision of services which are exported). These two factors contributed so that capital goods imports posted an increase in the period January-April, from 24.5% in interannual terms. So which reflects the Colombian website in a note, clearly this increase in imports of capital goods improves the competitiveness of Colombian companies. So you might think that what is losing competitiveness by the appreciation of the exchange rate, is (at least partially) offset with the improvement in productivity by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology. And what you can expect the inverter in this context? Although the exchange rate appreciation plays against the prospects of the inverter, keep under control the inflationary dynamics, multiple opportunities exist of profitability in the Colombian economy. Colombia is pursuing an active policy of external opening through the conclusion of commercial agreements. It is also encouraging foreign investment in several sectors but with main focus on the energy sector (here vale remember also areas for oil exploration tenders). So that, the prospects for profitable investments in Colombia, are very positive, and they are linked to economic growth having quite possibly the country in the coming years.