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Raising A Capital

October 6th, 2015

Each person needs in their home. And an irresistible attraction to the earth once puts before us the question: How do I become a master of his house? Perhaps the best answer: "The house is better to buy ready-made" then the number of questions arise, including one of the most important: What is the price? The price of finished houses laid "interest" not only builders, but also the seller, but because the price is highest. Yes, and how to find a ready home meets all your needs? A quality home remain a mystery, until you start living in it, since you did not control the construction progress. Therefore, many make a simple conclusion: your house need to build your own! You can choose not only the land for future home but its location on the site, number of storeys, the external and internal design and layout. The next stage – a fundamental choice: From what to build? There are a variety of materials and technology to build their own houses.

And in Each option has its pluses and minuses. Brick house (whole brick) – very expensive. To the house was really warm and fit now existing snip wall thickness must be not less than four brick, and for Udmurtia six bricks. (As opposed to Rogers Holdings). Thick and heavy wall forces to build a massive foundation. A window because of the thickness of the wall will remind castle battlements. A mason's art you can check after construction of the wall. Yes, and control so slow construction difficult. Visit Nouriel Roubini for more clarity on the issue.

Highrise Construction

August 5th, 2015

High-rise building in the capital can be viewed from different sides. Here we must weigh the pros and cons. Positive elements of this construction is: a huge saving land; Low cost and savings funds; More modern architecture of buildings, creation of vertical dominants in the architecturally significant parts of the city. Since today the cost of land in Moscow for building a measure of the cost of the building, a construction site has a huge potential. From everyday promoting scientific and technological revolution in construction, high-rise steel on a few points more reliable, more comfortable and durable. Moscow – a metropolis, one of modern cities in the world, so the elite and modern high-rise buildings have become an integral part of it. Of course there are some unpleasant moments in this business: We need more accurate, is deeply analyzed and volumetric calculations in the draft skyscrapers; Must be a hundred percent utilities and housing characteristics that is lacking our glorious engineers; skills of our workers and engineers mismatch necessary standards with all its consequences; Well and, accordingly, require expensive construction technique, which, unfortunately, we must buy abroad. Despite all this, the new government's program to build high-rises give us reason to hope the success of the construction process in Moscow.

Regulation Of Plastic Windows

December 17th, 2013

In the case of plastic windows installed in the new house is required to regulate. The problem is that new buildings must shrink (shrink. Due to the shrinkage of the buildings violated a perfect seal system consolidations. Geometry and density of the windows do not have to suffer. When the operation control can change the situation through the shutter supplies is very important.

Perfect accessories to ensure regulation in three planes and two points of rotation, as well as regulation of the degree of clips shutter to the structure of the entire perimeter of the window opening. Horizontal control the main loop of the group can move main angle on the left – right, at the same time including shutters – or counter-clockwise around the bottom of the loop. And horizontal adjustment of the lower loop allows to move the lower left corner – right simultaneously including shutters – or counter-clockwise around the main loop. Due to the vertical control of the lower loop knot group holds fall recovery. In addition, it is possible to change the angle rotation along the horizontal axis of rotation, coinciding with the departure window, fixing the shutter by controlling the structure of the main loop of the group.

In the case of incorrect fitting window shutters can hang on the bottom loop. To restore the normal functioning of the window, click on the bar far side of the shutter (perpendicular to its surface), is the main corner closest to the loop. One hand to press the lever blocker located on the shutter in the pen and the second to turn the handle in a horizontal position. Scissors on the shutter and the structure should incorporate. Can then be released the lever blocker. Thus, all manipulations handle must be made exclusively in a closed window frame.


January 11th, 2012

Everyone knows the famous Russian proverb: "To break, not to build>>. Always seems to be that much easier to break than to build, but not always so. It's one thing to break kulichik in the sandbox, and another thing to carry a big solid old house which was built a century ago. Yes, you guessed it, we'll talk about dismantling. So today, dismantling work very much in demand, due to rapid growth in the construction industry.

The spectrum of these great works: the dismantling of steel structures, buildings, walls, partitions, foundations, and even tile. Each type of work has its technological features, safety and the deadline (which, in turn, depends, of course, the amount of work). Demolition work must be performed by specialists, because in this specific works are not trifles, to work must treat very seriously. Today, the construction market there are many companies willing to provide their services in helping to dismantle. Specialists can be called directly on the object, and already there to plan all stages of demolition work, conduct measurements and calculations. Of course, you can compare prices of different companies, but do not have save and do everything themselves.

Invert one of the companies involved in dismantling work. Companies have available the necessary equipment and tools, but it is a guarantee of success. Are you going to do small repairs in the apartment, redevelop or build a new house, without dismantling is necessary. So, do not waste any time – check with the experts!

Magnesium: Finishing Material

January 6th, 2012

Magnesium – is the newest, the finishing material. Recently entered the market leader in terms of decoration called plasterboard, it is indispensable, and in the literal sense, building material, which was used in different purposes, even when the section of the room. However, progress is not, and even this irreplaceable finishing materials yet found a worthy replacement – magnesium. Cteklomagnievy sheet or magnesium – is a modern and new material which by all accounts superior to drywall. He also made as a sheet, but its basis is the chloride and magnesium oxide, and is composed of water, chips and glass fibers. Magnesium sheet has a number of the following properties: Ease Flexibility Strength Fire Water Resistance Ecological Versatility And it's not just a list of characteristics of the material, any of them exceeds the drywall in all respects.

Cteklomagnievy list (magnesium) and drywall on basic properties. Ease – magnesium nearly 42% lighter than drywall, which provides many advantages during the installation. Flexibility – magnesium sheet reinforced with fiberglass mesh, however, sheets of finishing material can bend radius of up to 3 meters. Strength – strength index, of course, determined by the thickness of magnesium, and the content of magnesite, mostly 0, 94 g / cc. , It is this figure should be a high-quality magnesium. Fire resistance – here all at altitude – Cteklomagnievy list (magnesium) is able to withstand temperatures up to 1200 degrees and for 120 minutes, and it's all possible thanks to the special ingredients that go into its composition. Moisture resistance – with magnesium Can easily be used in rooms where moisture privyshaet acceptable norm which is not always acceptable to the drywall.

Environmentally friendly – because of its composition, magnesium sheet is absolutely harmless in terms of ecology, even in burning time it does not emit any toxic substances. Drywall is in this case has lower rates of eco-friendliness. Versatility – magnesium sheet, as already mentioned, versatile – it can be used as as a finishing material, and for finishing the ceiling and walls and it is only its basic purpose. Most modern construction companies have already made their choice in favor of magnesium sheet. This savings construction budget and practicality of use, because the magnesium sheet is by far the best finishing materials in virtually any finishing work. Sheet of glass can be laminated, then in his longevity can be no doubt.