Company Objectives

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Company gifts are a valuable resource that used properly can get powerful achievements of goals, such as customer loyalty towards the company, a greater degree of commitment on the part of partners and employees, and the sympathy of the community. Therefore, it is necessary, not to say essential, that entrepreneurs and marketers have knowledge about are the gift business, which are objectives that can be achieved with them, which aspects should be considered for its planning and what types of gifts can be purchased to regale them; which is given below. What are the corporate gifts? Company gifts are objects (such as pens, keychains, clocks, mugs, t-shirts, accessories for PC, tools, etc) that have been printed, engraved or etched logo or a company’s brand, which are delivered free of charge to customers, collaborators, employees and certain people in the community on certain events (fairs (commercial, visits to facilities, new product launches, birthdays, Christmas, among others) with the purpose of contributing to the achievement of specific objectives (and promote the company’s brand in its target audience, loyalty to customers, generate a greater commitment to the company on the part of collaborators and employees, and to get the sympathy of part or an entire community). At this point, it should be noted two things: business gifts are a resource that contributes to the achievement of important global objectives of the company; Therefore, are part of a set of actions and resources the market-oriented goal, collaborators, employees and the community. In no way are an isolated resource. Gifts promotional gifts company, should not be confused as awarded for game these past is play only to customers in order to 1) achieve a particular sale (for example, buy 3 units of product X & get gift a practical kitchen utensil) and 2) to promote the brand of a product line or a product in particular on its target audience (through the presence of brand).


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