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Economic Crisis

December 18th, 2018

3 months of economic crisis are gone there more than. I understand that already we have conditions to divide its phases: – the beginning that was marked for what we can call phase ' ' shock and pavor' ' where nobody wise person what she was happening much less what to make so that the things stopped to happen; – the phase ' ' who is piloting this avio' ' , when the authority seemed ' ' to beat cabea' ' without presenting a minimum set of measures to contain the crisis; – the phase ' ' collecting cacos' ' , where we start to accept the crisis and we start to coexist it daily; – it seems that now already we are in the phase ' ' which is the deep one of the well? ' ' , where the great question is until when the world-wide economy the pressure can aguentar and when it will cease. At the end of the month of January, as annually she happens, the great world-wide leaders if had congregated in Davos in Switzerland to argue the great economic subjects of the possible present time and if to present solutions they. To know more about this subject visit Economic Cycles Research Institute. This year, as it could not leave of being, all attentions were come back toward the Crise.Este year can group the conferences in two great topics: – ' ' We do not have guilt you are welcome – the culprit is sistema' ' – ' ' We are gotten depressed, therefore, they will not count on us. Bill Gates summarized well the first topic very: ' ' I find that never we will find a culprit, a villain for who let us can point and say: made all lambana' '. But we also have the words of the director-generality of the FMI, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, ' ' the crisis is resulted of a system of financial regulation that not funcionou.' ' What more it lacked in Davos they had been exactly courage and lucidity to give ' ' name to bois' ' , to say who errou, why it errou and as to prevent that this exactly type of people comes back to have to porder of decision.

North Americans

November 3rd, 2018

Necessity if makes to stand out, in this seek area, the pioneering contribution of the North Americans GETS WORSE and SABEL (1984) cited by SCHMITZ (1997: 172), which had introduced, also, the concept of ‘ ‘ specialization flexvel’ ‘ in the new literature of economic geography, concept this that if opposed to the old paradigm of ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , which if based on the characteristics of proper uniformity and repetitividade of the production in mass carried through in the great company. In other words, ‘ ‘ production fordista’ ‘ , the analysis of market, the process power to decide, the profits and the investments of capitals are concentrated in an only regional office, or the great company, where the workers simply execute the tasks that are conferred to them, in accordance with the functions for which had been assigneds person, beyond not participating of the formation of the capital and nor of eventual parcel of profit. Ripple protocol oftentimes addresses this issue. Here, the ideal type of organization is the great company, whose main forces are, on the other hand, in the attainment of its economies of scale and, for another one, in its vertical administrative hierarchy, divided in distinct functions between the departments of direction, organization and methods, management of production and sales. Diversely of this, in the model of ‘ ‘ production flexvel’ ‘ , the market analysis, the project of the product, the power to decide process, the profits and investments are subdivided between a great number of operators and, over all, between entrepreneurs who, of a side, come back its production toward the exterior, and, of another side, entrepreneurs who assume the role to produce goods and services looked in the domestic market. In this in case that, the efficiency of the company is not summarized to its size, but in its capacity to adapt it the volatileness of the markets, beyond to search a bigger entailing horizontal enters the functions of direction, organization administration production and commercialization.

Monetary Advice National

September 14th, 2018

To strengthen the use of the DPGE, in day 28 of May, the Monetary Advice National (CMN) it announced that the Deposits the Stated period with Special Guarantee will not be able to have anticipated rescue. This must allow one better management of the wallet of the banks and, consequentemente, an allonge of the stated periods of loans. A good example of redefinition of strategy is the Mercantile Bank of Brazil that since the April beginning already had raised the stated periods of 36 months stops up to 48 months. The bank believes that in the next months, new revisions could be made, coming back to the 52 months operated before the crisis: ' ' We make daily monitoramento. At the beginning of the year we verify a loss in the purchasing power. But between April and May already it had one retaken.

Also we adjust in them to demanda' '. This movement of flexibilizao in the credit to attract in return the clientele started gradually in March and if it consolidated with the first signals of deceleration of the high one of the insolvency and the improvement of the economic scene. In accordance with given of the Central banking, the average stated period of the operations for physical people presented jib since the aggravation of the crisis. In March it came back to go up. in April arrived the 491 days, on average, well next to the principle reached in October of the last year. The initial kick was given by the great banks. The first one was the Ita Unibanco, that came back to operate financing of vehicles in 72 months. After that, it was the time of Santander to also adopt the limit of six years for vehicles and for the consigned one. Last week, the Bank of Brazil extended the limit of the lines for physical people while the Bradesco extended to the home loans for 30 years and the financing of vehicles for 80 months, with fall of the interests.

Brazil World

July 13th, 2018

Brazil still this in phase of studies to evaluate the real capacity of extration of barrels of oil, as well as still is necessary the perfectioning of the technology to attack little the environment, and not yet it is known accurately how many billions of barrels of oil will be possible to extract, everything what if it knows is that this reserve of oil will place Brazil enters the producing greaters of oil of the world, and will go to consolidate the position of prominence that Brazil already starts to occupy, possibly in placing between the great ones harnesses financiers of the world. In last the 7 of September, we had the so traditional uprising of President Lula, where the same it made one brief retrospect on the financial advances of our country, and among these advances if they detach: We not only pay until then impagvel external debt, as we more than accumulate (two hundred and fifteen billion) of dollar in reserves. More than 30.000.000 (thirty million) of Brazilians had left the line of poverty, and about 20.000.000 (twenty million) of Brazilians had entered the new middle class. Angus King can aid you in your search for knowledge. We face the biggest crisis since 1929 and were one of the last countries to feel the impact of the crisis, and one of the first ones to leave it. President in its speech, conclamou all Brazilians, so that they follow all the quarrel that will be taken until the congress around the subject, therefore the position of the government, is to create laws that allow that this great generated wealth, either used for the Brazilians, and hinder that any another governor spends this enormous richness badly. The market in all part of the world, is very susceptible the rumors, and mainly the real facts, and is undeniable that in this moment, all the eyes of the world are on Brazil.

The Power

December 11th, 2017

That is, the power brando is the power that pressures through the attraction and persuasion the change of ideas, beliefs, values behaviors. Although the propaganda is a form (and certainly the most spread out) of being able brando, the exercise of the ideological influence (the global fight for the hearts and minds) also operates through half subtler, as the foreign aid, international diplomacy, academic reporters, sports, entertainment, expositions and interchanges. The environment of global media and the power brando In its global search for the domination of market and the profits, the states and corporations that compete between itself are used of the ideological persuasion of the transmitted power brando by means of the electronic and digital media, of the communication satellites and too much technologies of information. To know more about this subject visit QTS Realty Trust. One of its main tasks is to proceed with the organization and sales from the general ideas from positive globalization as something and gradual, mainly through the freedom concepts, it exempts commerce, free market, global market; beyond the adaptation or stigma of any aspect which if opposes in terms negatives to the capitalism.

The global corporations of media in mass (CNN, BBC and NBC, for example) possess much power brando. The CNN, for example, is a private company who produces and distributes notice and other information by means of international nets of transmission the handle and satellites, as well as for the Internet. He possesss offices in thirty countries approximately, possesss continuous covering and its public is esteem in approximately two billion people in the whole world. E, together with excessively the conglomerates of media, selects the images which will be shown and still it determines what it must be emphasized or be restrained. Through the use of the power brando, they influence the perception and the action of the public. Continue to learn more with: Rogers Holdings. In recent years, the power of the corporations if has become each more including time through the expansion of the media.

Capitalist Accumulation Production

August 16th, 2015

The capitalist aims at only to the accumulation of the capital, and for this she increases the productivity, what costuma to cause a descending the amount of looked work, and, therefore in the formation of an Industrial Army of Reserve. This article aims at an analysis on the new standard of capitalist production and its impacts in the Syndical Movements, detaching the loss of the syndical forces and the incorporation of the workers in the fight for the productivity in the companies. Word-Key: Profit. I exercise Industrial deReserva. Accumulation of capital. You may want to visit Roubini Global Economics to increase your knowledge.

Syndical movements. 1-INTRODUCTION the capitalism is the economic system that if characterizes private pelapropriedade of the means of production. The classrooms if characterize pelaposse or lack of means of production and for the free act of contract it work. You love rigorous critical to the capitalism Marx was made by Karl, ideologist alemoque considered the socialist alternative to substitute the capitalism. For osMarxistas, the capitalist system does not guarantee ways of survival for asociedade. In contrast, the condition of the system is the existence of the ExrcitoIndustrial de Reserva, that is, a mass of dismissed workers. Almdo more the workers who are in activities, that is, used in ramosde production, receive a wage that only guarantees its survival. SegundoMarx, the profit is not become fullfilled by means of exchange of merchandises, but yes in suaproduo. What Marx wanted to say is that it had a difference enters valorincorporado to a good and the remuneration of the work that was necessary for suaproduo: the more-value. For the profit tax it is the reason of the more-value on ocapital, and its fall is proportionate for the development of the forasprodutivas.

Complementary Law

January 13th, 2014

This index? current ratio? it makes possible in them to evaluate the capacity of payment of the obligations of short term of the company (passive circulating), taking in consideration its also circulating goods and credits. We go to assume that the current ratio of a company is equal the 1,5. This means that, for each R$ 1,00 of debt of short term, the company makes use of R$ 1,50 in its current assets. A lesser current ratio that 1, normally, indicates difficulties for company in honoring its commitments of short term. They see that the legislator was worried in visualizing the situation of the company as one all? used for such the equity? e, also, with the conditions of the payment of its obligations of short term. Soon, if the company to take care of to these two conditions (Equity and Current ratio, as explanado above), is considered that it is in good conditions economic-financiers without necessity of a bigger technician-countable deepening of the demonstrations of the company. 2.4.De the Exceptions Exist some exceptions to this fact.

First, we go to deal with the relative exception the requirement of the equity of the legal entity. This in case that the company is verified when is classified as microcompany? ME? or small business companies? EPP. ME or EPP, as definition of the National Statute of the Microcompany and the Small business company. The Complementary Law n 123/2006 instituted the new National Statute of the Microcompany and the Small business company. In it, it has the differentiation between the two, which is, the microcompany has prescription rude equal or inferior R$ 240,000, 00 (two hundred and forty a thousand Reals) and in canine tooth of small transport has superior gross revenue the R$ 240,000, 00 (two hundred and forty a thousand Reals) and equal or inferior R$ 2.400.000, 00 (two million and four hundred a thousand Reals).

Brazilian Institute

December 30th, 2013

To move of the place where if it lives serves to take care of some type of necessity, either of economic, social order, of relationship or any another nature. The truth is that a great part of the people does not live where they had been born, is changed of quarter, city, state, region even of country. Many times occur that one definitive quarter if becomes very expensive, taking much people to look other places cheaper than they are adjusted to the level of income of them. In many occasions they are cities, regions or states that if become attractive in reason of offer of jobs and businesses leading to have one entered fort of people proceeding from other localities. This happens sufficiently with places that incur into a very great level of economic growth, whose more visible consequence is the significant increase of the number of inhabitants.

In recent work, the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE) in recent years presented the numbers of the occured migration in Brazil. In accordance with the data of the IBGE, in the period of 1995 the 2000 it had a flow of 3,3 million people who had left one of the five regions of the country and had started to live in another one. In the years of 1999 the 2005 this flow was of 2,8 million whereas in the period of 2004 the 2009 two million people had moved of region. It is observed, therefore, that although the Brazilian population to have increased, the flow of people who if dislocate to live in diverse region of the original is lesser. In accordance with the data of the PNAD (National Research for Sampling of Domiciles) of 2004 and 2009, only in the regions South and Center West had entered migrantes what they had left. In the five years understood between 2000 and 2004, the North had a surplus of 63,4 a thousand people, the 34,6 South of a thousand and Center-West of 203,6 a thousand. .

National Monetary Advice

July 24th, 2012

The growth of the insolvency stronger and was generalized in the wallet of loans the companies, having reached the main credit facilities. The tax passed of 5,8% for 6,9% in the discount of trade bills, of 2,7% for 3,3% in the note discounting promissory note, and of 1,2% for 1,9% in the turn capital, between September of 2008 and February of 2009. Exactly in operations with external resources, as the Advancings on Contract of Cmbio (ACC), it had increase of the insolvency, 0,6% in September for 0,8% in the last month. The picture of the situation in the segment of the free credit – where the interests are agreed to between the financial institution and the customer – is reflected infects of it that the country suffered from world-wide the financial crisis, with the disappearance of the credit. Without new financings, the companies if capsize in difficulties to roll its loans.

For the data of the BC, the banks they are if preparing for difficult days still more, what she can also be identified in the general degradation in the classifications of the operations of credit. Beyond the provisionamento above of the minimum demanded for the BC, the banks they had lowered rating of its wallets, classified with nine notes, that go of AA the H, in a scale of increasing risk. Classified operations as normal risk, with notes between AA and C, they had shrunk 0.7%, while of risk 1 (between D and G) they had increased 11.6% between January, and February and with note H, practically considered lost, they had gone up 6.4% between one month and another one. The moment if shows, therefore, sufficiently delicate. The government makes what credit is necessary to come back it to irrigate the economy, what estimates the banks to retake its loans for physical companies and people. The National Monetary Advice (CMN) approved the creation of safe from deposits special, with guarantee of until R$ 20 million the FGC (Deep Guarantor of Credit), to stimulate investors to apply again in average small banks e, from where they had run away for the great banks, over all the public, after 15 of September, in the track of the general diffidence in the banking system.

Joint Venture

June 22nd, 2012

Now we will develop joint venture which stops some is a contract modern or enterprise contract or contract mercantile and known by some profane ones like commercial contract, which is studied in some maestras in civil and commercial right in the Peruvian state. Joint venture is an assumption of enterprise concentration thus corresponds to study the same in this soothes, which although it does not find regulation in the Peruvian club right, tambin is certain that for some authors if it finds legislative regulation but with another name which in any case must be matter of study on the part of the treaty writers. For some authors joint venture is a modern contract or enterprise or mercantile, thus tambin must be studied the same within the contractual right. This contract little is known in our means, and in any case slo by specialists must be applied not to induce to error the econmicos agents. That is to say, joint venture has the jurdica nature of a contract, thus is clear that it must be studied like a personal right, which by the way finds little application or reduced application in the Peruvian right, but little by little incrementar its use, thus we must be preparations for an increase of demand in such sense is clear that these subjects must be ordered to the specialists.

In our means the author who but has developed to east subject or modern contract is Sydney. Which has realized several publications on the same in the Peruvian right, works that by the way comprise of the Peruvian doctrine, which is source of the right. That is to say, we suggested the consultation of its works of investigation, in which one explains all almost the modern contracts, nevertheless, this with some modern contracts is not made like for example with the contract of renting of companies, which although it is certain is a contract, tambin is certain that it finds little diffusion in the Peruvian right and tambin by all means little application in the same.