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Krynski Marcelo

July 19th, 2012

With the ability to distinguish emotional and flow in them. With distinctions in the field have body and knowing how to act accordingly. The most common problem situations, to which it usually required the help of a coach has to do with: .- difficulties of a person or group of people meet their own challenges. a "difficulties of a person or group of people to join specific learning processes. .- Difficulties that arise in the flow of business processes, which are clearly identified "as problems of relationship between people" or under the euphemism of "communication problems" that impede increased productivity by reducing the levels of commitment.

For the above reasons, a coach is a person who, after a rigorous learning process and concrete has the ability to observe organizational phenomena, reinterpret them in a more powerful and intervene in them in the most effective way possible. A coach looks at human beings in a continuous process of transformation, completing and constituting as such human beings through the relationship with others. For this reason, we call this type of coach: coach ontological. The coach seeks to identify, validate and / or dissolving such boundaries and does so in individual or group processes, depending on the achievements to be met and the type of actions required to do so. Krynski Marcelo tells us that the ontological coaching is a kind of conversation that holds an apprentice with a coach from an ontological express request of the former view that there are certain results that matter and failing to find the resources to achieve that enables you to respectfully challenge their ways of thinking, acting and interacting with people with whom you interact on a daily basis (customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc.).