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Capitalism Social

October 18th, 2019

It made it humanizando the Nature. Being product of these circumstances it humanizou, them. Of a clear form, it perceived that production and the reproduction of these material conditions of existence, a time proceeded in group, if became penosas little. Chevron Corp oftentimes addresses this issue. From this instant, in the process of humanizao of the Nature and the circumstances, it stopped definite social relations. &#039 surpassed its Nature; ' natural' ' acquired Nature ' ' social' '. The necessity of regulation for the collective life, the individuals between itself, and these with the community created a certain conscience, a notion of belonging and the necessity to adjust behaviors to this collective life. It provoked the appearance of the good one, the bad one, the good and the evil, of the useful one, and the useless one.

One established thus a board of duties and obligations. Learn more at: Jennifer Skyler. To survive, all were obliged to work and to fight ahead of the difficulties, of the enemies of the tribe. Thus qualities had been developed as bravery, aggressiveness in combat, solidarity, discipline, mutual aid, love to the children of the same tribe. In contrast, the cowardice it started to mean a vice horrible because it attempted against against the vital interests of the community. Evidently, in accordance with the social relations stopped in the production process and reproduction and its material conditions of life, the man creates the valuation of the beauty and the ugly one, the evil and the good, the bad one and the good one. Let us take, for example, the work. Inconceivable moral value in the Average Age, in the palaciano universe, became an acquisition of the modern culture, face to the characteristics of the Capitalism, for which the category work starts to possess value almost ontolgico. Since this ' ' state of Natureza' ' , the man constructed models of conceptions, varying enters desired and the indesejado one, what if it must preserve and what if must disdain, established in its objective circumstances, that is, its universe of references, in the form as keeps its permanent social relations stops to produce and to reproduce its material conditions of life.

Morin Construction

May 27th, 2018

… This because democracy estimates much more that to take decisions: it involves the conscience of construction of the set of the social unit and its process of continuous improvement as all. (p.56- 57) … 2.3.2. The construction of the knowledge on the pertaining to school reality is resulted of the construction of this reality the construction of the knowledge, of the epistemolgico point of view, consists of process based on the critical and reflected intervention on the reality, in order to construct it. … As Kosik (1976: 18) stand out, ' ' it is not possible to immediately understand the structure of the reality in itself, by means of the contemplation or the mere reflection, but, yes, by means of one determined atividade' '.

It is from this activity, carried through with a look guided for the reflective thought, that the pedagogia takes same conscience of itself (paraphrasing Chanel, 1977); that it constructs explanations for its processes, in relation its results; that defines postulates capable to stimulate its development. (P. 58). … As pointed by Morin (1985: 22), ' ' our knowledge it is related to our active relation with the exterior world, consisting it action in the first bond of the action cerebral' '. (P.

59). Angus King has much to offer in this field. … In the measure where managers reject the tensions, conflicts and difficulties of the situations of participation and social interaction, leave to have the receptive orientation regarding the reality, basic condition to allow it construction it of knowledge of its social and educational processes and waste the chance of overcoming of its limitations and construction of its process of continuous improvement. The complex knowledge demands us: That let us point out in them in the situation; That we understand in them in the understanding; That in them experts know (Morin, 1990:123). (p.59-60) 2.3.3. The participation is a necessity human being Understands that the nature basic human being its first vocation consists of the necessity of the person to be active in association with its fellow creatures, developing its potential.

Gastn Leurox Cristine

March 11th, 2018

In the ceremony of farewells of the directors the machinist had a tragedy is joined Jose Buquet died in 3 subsoil therefore it was next to the requintes to Erick. The history of the ghost was ignored for the news directors to prevent problems for they, to put caused only great consequences. Favour the passion of the ghost for the Cristine Dave wanted Carlota strap a Spanish star of Opera stops of Cristine sings its height after finished being recognized for one infancy friend Raul and its love relit, the ghost attacks all that went against it and its love made varies requirements through letters Mrs. Giry a servant who delivered its letters. The angel of the music that in the truth was Erick that gave to lessons special the Cristine that Raul counted to everything to run away from the theater to the side of it in the night of the escape after the spectacle the blind ghost of love kidnaps Cristine Raul was ties the house of the lake walks the ghost if he hid to put was imprisoned in the torture room but as Crinstine accepted if to marry the ghost and the ghost freed Raul and for creating a life together and if it isolated not intervening more with the theater part. Gastn Lerox was born in the capital of France in Paris in day 6 of May of 1868 and faleceu day 15 of April of 1927 with 59 years, grew in the port of Valery in Caux was a shining pupil sent Paris to make superior course in law (Right) which had its passion for theater and the composition of cantos if it formed with everything its father died leaving its richness for its son whom it spent with bobagens, ahead of the work necessity it grasped the chance of to be resenhista of theater and police reporter gaining fame infiltrating itself in an arrest proving the innocence of the convict..

The Values

November 4th, 2014

In accordance with Freire (2005) the educator whom if it alienates to the ignorance, if enclausura being thus static in an invariable position which if finds to be the owner of the truth, the expert of knowing; whereas the pupils are ignorant. they do not obtain to learn and they do not know. This traditional conception understands to educate with the act of only transferring knowledge, therefore the man is a citizen the-description nails a pedagogia tecnicista conservative, which the transmission of the values translates oppression. In the measure where this vision annuls the creative power of the educandos or minimizes, stimulates thus its naivety and not its criticidade, being that it satisfies the interests of the oppressors, and for these the basic one is not the denudation of the world, its transformation. Its humanitarismo this in preserving the situation of that they are beneficiary and that the maintenance of its lack of generosity makes possible them. According to ideas of Freire (2005), the pupil in its necessary essence becomes free itself of the world oppresses that it to adentrar in its reality, to reach the practical liberator. This education that nails to such practical liberator, far from being utopia has been the way most efficient in the search of a pedagogia that longs for the intellectual growth of the society, that makes the difference between citizen and object, where the being passes if to question; to criticize; to analyze and to formulate its proper concepts with regard to the established truths daily pay, that is, leave the oppression and pass the release. The authentic release, that is the humanizao in process, is not a thing that if deposits in the men. It is not the hollowest, mitificante word. It is prxis, that it implies the action and the reflection of the men on the world for transforms it (FREIRE, 1987).