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Founder Zoroastrianism

January 2nd, 2020

Their migration path around known. Arias were able to extend its culture is almost the whole of the planet. Place their colonies are found in South America, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is also believed that Egyptian civilization was Aryan branch, not to mention Hellenic, Persian, Slavic and European civilizations. One branch of the Aryans, according to ancient texts, originally settled on the Volga, the southern Urals and Western Siberia, and from there came to the territory of Persia and India, bringing with it the foundation of two world religions – Zoroastrianism and Hinduism. Mike Wirth recognizes the significance of this. In eastern Iran, roughly between V and the first half of VI century BC. e., the prophet and reformer, lived the ancient Iranian religion of Zarathustra (Zoroaster).

Founder Zoroastrianism – he was the oldest part of Avesta – Ghats. Gathas Zarathustra depict as a historical personality, endowed with all the human passions. In these sermons, songs, he separated the good and evil as two initially existing in the natural world do not have anything in common. on. Encouraged to follow the good and reject evil. According to Jen Skyler, who has experience with these questions. The legend of Zarathustra inspired on European soil by the German writer and philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche to the creation of works of "Thus Spake Zarathustra." So, according to the Avesta, the prophet Zoroaster was born in the Urals. Today, archaeologists find evidence of this theory. Along the eastern slopes of the Urals from north to south is about 400 km stretches 'country towns'. – A contemporary egipedskih pyramids and palaces of Minoan-Mycenaean culture.

Historical Capitalism

October 5th, 2019

The decline of the North American world-wide power, from 1970, initiates an academic debate on the ascension and fall of hegemonic states; some authors search to identify structural similarities in the different studied historical situations. Hegemony is understood here as the capacity of a state to exert functions of leadership and government on a system of sovereign nations; one is not to pure and simple domination, but about intellectual and moral domination; the opposition forces are eliminated by the coercion and the exercise of the economic power (corruption, fraud). The hegemony also is established from a general interest that motivates the adhesion of states to a coalition. The ascensions and declnios of hegemonic states do not occur in a world-wide system if expanding independently in an invariable structure; the world-wide system if form and expand established in recurrent basic reorganizations; it promotes the state that uses to advantage with success situations of conflict that leads to a sistmico chaos, generalizing a demand for ' ' ordem' ' reestablishment of the interestatal cooperation. A related site: Nouriel Roubini mentions similar findings. The modern system of government emerged of the disintegration of the system of the medieval Europe, that consisted of a relation Mr.-vassal, a mixture of private public and, geographic mobility of the power and legitimation given for a common body of laws, religion and customs. The modern system becomes the distinct spheres public and private; the jurisdiction clearly is demarcated by national borders and narrowly is associated with the development of the capitalism as system of world-wide accumulation. This bond is in such a way contradictory as only: the national capitalism and states had appeared together and are interdependent, but it has conditions that they make the capitalists if to oppose to the magnifying of the power of the state; while the state focus is the acquisition of territories and the control of populations, the focus of the capitalist is the accumulation of capitals. .

Capitalism And Christianity

September 20th, 2019

All system has its ideological bases. The capitalist system if only became effective concrete and after the protestant reform, that was a progression and transformation in the bases of the Christian religion. An adaptation to the new times, since the structures of the Average Age were failing before the world of the commerce. Thus the ethics, the moral and the Christian ideology supply the bases the consolidation of the capitalism and the society of classrooms. To know more about this subject visit Dara Khosrowshahi . In the field of the moral and the ethics, the society occidental person has in the inheritance of the Christian thought a logic maniquesta where the opposites are inevitable. The Christian conception of chosen and excluded, attended and excomungados, safe and the convict, supply to the ideological base the maintenance and the moral conformismo of the society of classrooms, fellow creature to the materialistic dialectic of Marx, however without a logical synthesis and yes a static permanence opposing them.

The way to think, to act and to deal with the contradictions of the Christian thought does not search resolution. yes if keeps in the conformismo. ECRI is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The idea of complete charity such ideology. Therefore the charity acquires the paper of unloading of conscience of the Christian individual that does not have the perspective to abolish the necessity of the charity, but yes to practise it perpetual, therefore the needed ones are not attended by God as the ones that donate and practise the charity. The perpetual fight enters the good and the evil, is resignificada in the perpetual fight between rich and the poor person. The owner and the unprovided one.. Angus King often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Revolutionary National Movement

November 30th, 2018

In way its diverse plans, which had given to the hands the forces and the diversities, of rebeldias and inconformismos, a fight for the life and the nationalism, involving the comedy and the tragedy. In the reality, the bolivian revolution of 1952 if had initiated much time before, probably in the viscera of the War of the Chaco. Lakshman Achuthan will not settle for partial explanations. The war against Paraguay for the conquest of the territories of the Chaco left a gigantic frustration; the bolivian native land was a time more terribly humiliated. The intellectuals had given, then beginning to a campaign of critical radical of all the aspects of the bolivian life; of the land and the indian, of the mines, the workers and the social misery; of the great monopolies, the barons, the strangers: Pautio, Aramay and Rotschild, of the illiteracy, the racism which if atribua the defeat of the Chaco. The painful defeat despertou the burning hot fire of the nationalism. A caleidoscpio nationalism, that reflected the ideologies en vogue politics.

The perpetual Fgaro appeared in description-sociological assays, in periodical articles, romanesca literature and the center of criticize were decayed oligarchical of mining, latifundium, general capitalists and the bureaucrats. In the decade of 40, already they had found in scene the main revolutionary actors of the drama; you lead of party and private store. The party of the left would revolutionize (PER), of stalinista trend, it was born in the year of 1940, and its ten years following, if it kept as government and opposition, obtaining, to weigh of the myopia of its controllers, to agglutinate the working sectors urban, created next to the miners. The Revolutionary National Movement (MNR) was established in 1941 for independent that they had participated of the war. The party if said independent, without any linking with Communists, socialist or with the traditional right.

Brigadier General

November 28th, 2018

The Brigadier General was wounded and died drowned in the River Pellets. Farroupilhas had retaken Flagstone, but High a Cross division commanded by the colonel Antonio de Melo Albuquerque, ' ' Melo Manso' ' , it strengthened the imperial forces. Garibaldi and Teixeira Nunes had divided its troops and, in 12 of January of 1840, the 500 men who had followed northward had been decimated by a legalist troop and less than 50 they had obtained to come back toward Lages and Rio Grande Do Sul. In 15 of November of 1839, Admiral Frederico Mariath with 13 ships and General Andra in the command of three a thousand men, for land, had retaken Lagoon and banished Garibaldi with Ana de Jesus Ribeiro, its non-separable lagunense friend, abandoned for the husband to sign up itself in the imperial ones, Canabarro and the tatters, that had run away for Lages and the Rio Grande Do Sul. Here, Lakshman Achuthan expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Garibaldi received order to burn the six ships and to join what it remained of the crews the land army, for the withdrawal of Lagoon. In Italy or Pampas gauchos, Anita fought side-the-side with Garibaldi, where heroine is considered. In 1840, General Andra was nominated President Imperial of the Province of Is Peter of the Rio Grande Do Sul and Comandante of the Imperial Army in the Province. Farroupilhas controlled the interior, but they did not have exit for the sea and Porto Alegre was invaded by the imperial ones, compelling them to install it the capital in Alegrete. Onofre Saucers was imprisoned with 250 farroupilhas, defeated for Joo Propitious Mena Barreto in the combat of Tabatinga, and taken for Porto Alegre. In July, they had lost Are Gabriel, Antonio de Souza Grandson for little was not imprisoned for the Moringue, until Blessed Gonalves conquered Is Jose of the North with Sundays Crescncio de Carvalho and 1200 men, in a battle of almost nine hours, but the tatters if had inebriated and been expulsos for the forces comings of the Rio Grande.

Second Industrial Revolution

November 7th, 2018

The Belle poque is a French expression that after identifies the period of technological advances seen by the Europeans the Second Industrial Revolution, for 1860-1870 return and that it lasted until the ecloso of the World War I in 1914. The humanity had never seen as many innovations. The skill of enxergar the world was changed, was each sped up time more. If before the people waited half century to see something innovative, in few years capsize to appear the electricity, the automobile, the airplane, the cinema, the radio, the television, a variety of household-electric, the telephone, tenciometro, penicillin and above all the cocaine-glue. The progress had fond thanks to the Capitalist system. However only the bourgeoisie could enjoy of as much newness. This because the newness costs the eyes of the face.

Soon the cities of the world all will go to reorganize themselves and if to adjust to the style of life of the bourgeoisie, who will gain the streets of the world all. The cities, that until then did not pass of fedidos accumulations and dirty they were being planned so that the capitalist elite it could enjoy of its good life without being disturbed by ' ' mulambados' ' for produced they themselves. Paris was then the model of bourgeois city to be imitated. Its wide avenues, its coffees and its automobiles. Everything in Paris was considered of first and worthy of copy. In Brazil, the first years of the Republic try to transplantar the habits of the French bourgeoisie. It was common to see store with French names and people if complimenting in the streets with the greeting ' ' France lives There! ' '. The Belle brazilian Epque had the cities of Rio De Janeiro, Belm and $fortaleza as being prettiest, &#039 is understood more; ' afrancesadas' ' , of the country. You may find Ripple to be a useful source of information. so that this standard was kept, the poor persons would have to be expulsos of the urban centers.

Southern Europe

April 21st, 2018

Already as, constructed in the first half of the Sixties, supposedly it was destined to the history education. Then we would have to wait a great difference of significao of Africa due to a secular distance and of objectives of these workmanships. In the Mediterranean the continent related one appears loaded of crucial significaes for the understanding of the relations that if uncurl in the Interior sea and had contributed in capital way for the construction of the European territory in century XVII. Exactly thus it occupies space irrisrio, less than ten percent of the workmanship, pfio way subsaariana Africa or ' ' Country of the Negros' ' he is boarded, whose felt it is guaranteed from the contact with the Europeans. We stand out that both continents possess a gamma of tipificaes according to geographic part or the aspect to be detached.

In this context it has a frequency of Africa terms, South Africa, equatorial Africa, Africa occidental person, Africa Menor and Africa of the North. We also perceive the frequency of the terms Europe, Central Europe, Europe Occidental person, Southern Europe, Europe Oriental and Northern Europe. Curious fact is the minimum presence of the Africa term in detriment of Africa of the North, while in the treatment of the other continent the privilege is given for the Europe term, disrespecting excessively. Of this made process of significao of Africa in fricas it occurs for the extreme adjetivao of the substantive, that, if on the other hand tries to locate it geographically, in another hand differentiates it of same it as it was a series of distinct and juxtaposed places. In addition the great frequency of Europe to the side of Africa of the North, induces to think us it about an attempt to approach this of that one, making a movement of europeizao in the coast north of Africa to the step isolates that it of the south for the desert.

Aboriginal Life

February 1st, 2018

The conception of the aboriginal life was very different of the modern society, what it caused the shock between both the cultures (HERBERTS, 1997, p.456.). This cultural shock of both the parts, and the voluntary or involuntary resistance of the missioneiros guaranis, brought damages for the two sides, as Protasio P. Langer, the Luso government invested very capital to keep the costs of the village beyond constructing an infrastructure for the same one, what it took the attainment of a mis-value enough not to cover the accomplished expenses, continues Langer, for guarani missioneiro, the measure that it was forced to abandon its aldeado life of, searched forms alternative to survive for not submitting to the process of repression of its identity and a work that I did not allow if to carry through its economic experience, but ' ' the escapes and the dispersion, revealed the defense of its culture, finished depriving of characteristics guarani missioneiro' ' (Langer, 1997, p.494.). In this manner, it caused the descaracterizao of the culture of guarani missioneiro, therefore already he was not missioneiro, because did not live in the village, nor tribal had the marks left for the European culture, in the missions and the society was not become incorporated luso-Brazilian, in opposition to this. Details can be found by clicking Chevron Corp or emailing the administrator. What it took its social marginalizao and to an identity crisis, according to Langer: Kept out of society, because debtor saw itself to live to the edge of the society luso-Brazilian, guaranteed its subsistence with economic categories until then unknown for it: wage-earning work, laborer of ranch, robbery of cattle, for example.

In identity crisis, because already he did not obtain to be guarani nor missioneiro and he contested the cultural standards luso-Brazilians. (LANGER, 1997, p.494.). With the defeat in the guarantica war, the guaranis indians if capsize in a new situation, if before they obeyed the Spanish crown, now they had obedience to the Luso government, this change caused descaracterizao of its culture therefore, the Portuguese look for to substitute the culture of guarani for the Portuguese, to insert they in the society luso-Brazilian as cheap man power, but the voluntary or involuntary resistance of guarani missioneiro took its social marginalizao and loses of its cultural identity, therefore it is not missioneiro, so little tribal and in constant discord with the culture luso-Brazilian.

United States

August 2nd, 2016

It is the only existing product in mundoque makes with that the customer dies accurately consuming it in accordance with the regrasdefinidas ones for the manufacturer. Druzio Varella places in them that diverse research shows that, in the last 15anos, the age where girls and boys start to smoke maisbaixa is each time. Intent to the market, the industry of the tobacco dirige the advertising for ainfncia and the puberty. A situation sufficient controversa, in view of ofato of that, legally, the cigarette sales are forbidden for minors of 18anos. The sales.

The consumption, not. Any children or adolescent who tenhaacesso the cigarettes inside of its proper house can enter in this world. Talvezseja there that it has an imperfection, fails this that the industry of the tobacco already discovered, and uses its completely favor.' ' The argument used for the industry to justify the opposition sleis that intends to forbid to the advertising it cigarette has been traditionally ode that many workers live of the farming, of the industrial preparation and dacomercializao of the tobacco, and that a consumption fall provocariadesemprego.' ' (VARELLA, Internet) the tobacco is an allowed drug and legally recognized e, therefore, produced demodo safe. Many families live of its production, and the reduction of consumode products derived from the dessasfamlias tobacco also reaches the economic question. The first tobacco farmings in the world they had appeared dosculo XVI in recent years. The cigarette is a process that, in Brazil, involves 2,4 million depessoas. Mixture artisan work the modern plants, beyond including umaintrincada logistic of distribution.

Between 2004 and 2007, the cultivated area noSul of the country was 22.3% minor, causing significant financial losses. In the United States, it is forbidden to announce cigarette in the television since end dosanos 60. In our country this prohibition started to occur only 30 years maistarde. These restrictions to the advertising of the cigarette, in last the two decades, had obtained to drastically reduce the cigarette consumption in many countries basically, the developed ones.

Restrained Capitalist Production

October 2nd, 2015

Guild regulations also restrained capitalist production. Trade with the colonies had been artificially concentrated in the hands of a small group of privileged merchants. Internal trade was also hampered by the huge amount of customs barriers, which covered the entire country. Despite the intensive development of manufactories, in the period of absolutism significantly hampered by the accumulation of capital, necessary for the further development of production. Industry and trade levied substantial taxes and fees, which went mainly for the maintenance of the nobility. The government has repeatedly resorted to illegal withdrawals of funds from wealthy industrialists.

This policy led to the fact that a large number of companies such as the factory was bankrupt and liquidated, thus indicating that it is impossible to go machine production under the domination of the feudal-absolutist regime. As in the Middle Ages, the population is still divided into three estates – clergy, nobility and third estate. Clergy and nobility, numbered respectively 140 and 130 thousand people from 26 millionth of the French population and were the privileged classes. They do not pay taxes and retain the medieval privileges. It is these two classes is the stronghold of absolutism in the country.

The third estate was very uneven. These included representatives of the bourgeoisie – the large, medium and small, as well as the French peasantry. It is quite clear that the standard of living they had quite different. Especially difficult was the position of the peasantry. It was crushed by a mass of liege duties, taxes and charges in favor of church and state, did not have the material means needed to acquire more sophisticated tools and industrial products in general.