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The Reception

October 3rd, 2018

Love it needs for full development (and in some cases for survival), and he was trying to get it go to any conditions. Learn more at: Uber. But at heart he has endeared doubt that he is worthy of love – just like that for no reason, without conditions – and the habit of making love. Almost everyone who comes to me at the reception, says a similar story. One woman told me that she could not afford a bad mood, tears, or demands, because it upset my mother. Upsetting, she stopped to talk with her daughter and she quickly learned how to to suppress all signs of discontent, fear or frustration. She became very comfortable, actually cut off part of yourself to get the illusion of acceptance. Another woman talked about the sacrifice of the mother.

Her mother his entire life dropped at the feet of the family – abandoned a career of passion, not letting little or no cost to their needs. But for some reason to live in such an ideal picture was unbearable. The whole family was obliged to be grateful for this sacrifice, and also, as in the first case, it was impossible to be sincere – be angry, to want something else or do not want stuffy care. My daughter had to "cut off" their feelings and for a long time to wear the mask of gratitude. A third woman talked about the outwardly friendly but inwardly very cold and unsympathetic mother. She opted for a role of "daughter" of her husband and almost pulled away from contact.

For Marx

February 19th, 2017

The conscience taking of that under gide of the Capital the work is not the accomplishment of the man, but its desrealizao, is not mote that it stimulates Lester to react against its head and imposes it conditions so that if accomplishes its less destructive resignation; however, it is the form as the worker can react ahead of a distinguished condition of exploration? of the company? for which it donated itself during fifteen years and that in the exchange relation, ‘ ‘ perdedor’ ‘ ahead of ‘ ‘ ganhador’ ‘ it cannot lose very, exactly that it has that to use spurious resources: ‘ ‘ I accept the resignation since that during one year I am receiving my current wage with all the benefits! ‘ ‘ The head retruca of ironic form: ‘ ‘ But this is nonsense! ‘ ‘ Lester reacts: ‘ ‘ accepted you this proposal or I say to the competing Magazine that fired you me because I refused myself to take care of its sexual siege here inside! ‘ ‘. For Marx, the alienation of the work tends ‘ ‘ bestializar’ ‘ the man in the process of the production, in the capitalist company, the more complex this if becomes. … the more fine its product, in such a way more deformed the worker; the more shining and full of intelligence the work, in such a way more the worker diminishes in intelligence and if it becomes servant of the nature. Learn more about this with Jonah Bloom. …

the work is exterior to the worker, wants to say, does not belong its nature; therefore, it does not feel, but … (MARX, op well unhappy. cit., P. 161-162). However, its insatisfao with the work, means a step to the rupture of an alienator social process that desumaniza the man through one ‘ ‘ work of sacrifice of itself exactly and mortificao’ ‘.

Earn Money Success

February 14th, 2017

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Herbert Spencer

August 31st, 2014

The fashion contemporary is more ambiguous and multifaceted, in agreement with the nature highly broken up of the postindustrial societies. (CRANE, 2006, P. 29) the first key to study the fashion in the capitalist and industrialized world, fincou in the structures proposals for social scientists, such which: Herbert Spencer (1854), Gabriel of Afternoon (1890), Thorstein Veblen (1899) and Georg Simmel (1904). Taking the fashion with relevance in its studies, they defend that it has two characteristics to regulate it its existence: imitation and the distinction. Georg Simmel, from 1905, made its theoretical contribution to the studies of the fashion, contextualizando, historically, the mechanism of the fashion and its relation with the social hierarchy. The model of Simmel of change in fashion was centered in idea of that the fashions first were adopted by high classroom e, later, for the middle classes and low. Groups of inferior status looked for to acquire more status when adopting the clothes of the groups of superior status, unchaining a process of infect social in which the styles were adopted by groups of successively inferior statuses.

For the author, the fashion is, therefore, one imitation form that leads to the general dispute for superficial and unstable symbols of status, that is, the elite initiates a fashion and when the classrooms imitate lowest it, in an effort to eliminate the external barriers of classroom, it abandons for one another fashion. Therefore, the engine that would stimulate the phenomenon if would give for the incessant search of the new and for a place of status in the social structure. So soon the fashion is dominant, that is, so soon what only some few practise pass to be practised by all without exception, as elements of clothes or of the forms of social contact, not if more speech can fashionable. (SIMMEL, 2005, P. 163), for Simmel (2005) Thus in fashion imitation satisfies the necessity of social support, on the other hand, because the individual leads the tracks that all follow, and for another one, the imitation satisfies the trend the differentiation, the distinction, the change.

Friedrich Nietzsche Time

January 2nd, 2013

Of religise Phnomen in to give zeitgenssischen gesehen Mehrfachpanoramabildern und die wissenschaftlichen und philosophischen Fragen, die versuchen, die Religion zu entmystifizieren, Fakten, die behauptet, aufgrund to give Skularisation, werden durch of the Leben to einer ra von Kapitalismus und wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt geprgt. When we reflect concerning the history of the humanity, is perceivable that the religious phenomenon and the life of the man had been always correlatos, in all the distinct times and cultures. The paper of the myth is essential, that is, of the religions natural that it is extended of the primrdios of the times until the hodiernos days in our existence. Then, a reflection concerning thos becomes pressing (God), in the contemporaneidade, where a great portion of humanitate (humanity), is marked visor secularizao, where the profane one is the eclipse of Epiphany of the sacred one. Under the effect of the cientificismo in the religion (Bekenntnis) some thoughts had been formulated that still influence in our trajectory and that if taken the severity, would be the collapse of the humanity. The philosopher Bernulf Kanitscheider of the University of Giessen arrived to think about the one possibility ‘ ‘ full life without Deus’ ‘ , and still, the same it affirms that the human being is a negligencvel largeness in an infinite universe. When emphasizing that we are ‘ ‘ nicos’ ‘ , it makes use of the words of Friedrich Nietzsche that he affirms: ‘ ‘ It was not here for an infinite time, was a brief time and it he will not remain for a infinitude.

Zygmunt Bauman

November 22nd, 2012

Hardly if it can contest the fact of that it, with effect, does not authorize no reply to this questo.' ' (WEBER, 1993, p.18) Leaving of the concept of ' ' desencantamento of mundo' ' we can search some relations with the concept of ' ' modernity lquida' ' considered for Zygmunt Bauman. For the author the metaphor ' ' modernity lquida' ' it points some characteristics of this time that you beginning with the modernity, marked for the invasion of the instrumental rationalism, for the new technologies, the capitalist development, the globalization, the rationalization and the scientific development. Bauman affirms the modernity-liquid (or after-modernity) as a moment of ' ' melting of slidos' ' , they are values and scientific conceptions, theories, technologies, economic model and even though behavior standards. According to author, the solids if keeps and possesss durability while the liquids have the slightness capacity, always has flexibility and malleability, being ready if to adapt. ' ' But modernity was not a process of ' ' liquefao' ' since the start? He was not ' ' melting of slidos' ' its bigger pastime and main accomplishment? In other words, modernity was not ' ' fluida' ' since its conception? ' ' (BAUMAN, 2001, p.9) This characteristic liquidity of after-modernity points a moment fruit of a movement where some basic changes had occurred. We can detach the English Industrial Revolution of century XVIII as one of the events that had inaugurated modernity (previous period to liquid modernity). The Revolution brought obtains the capitalist ideal of material productivity and speed as quality standard. This ideal if firmed as one of the great bases of modernity and also of after-modernity. E, inside of this context, new positions and standards of behavior had appeared. A new economic model (capitalism) started to dictate new rules to this society appeared of the attempt of melting of old social standards.

Courageous Warrior

September 30th, 2012

The pulso of life is that one that if can run away and if protect, already the pulso of death, the citizen does not have as to run away and nor if to protect, on account of that is producing of great load of suffering. Of this form, it has a joint between the projetiva dynamics and the pulso of life whose the objective is to diminish the pressure excused for the pulso of of something ahead ackward death, producing an escape state takes that to look it in the exterior the causes of its discomforts. (Laplanche and Pontalis, 1986) the myth fulfills a function social, therefore it projects in its image the dreams and collective aspirations. In imaginary the collective one two distinct types of Ayrton Senna coexist: Courageous Warrior? half-god of the tracks, king of rain, only, necessary, unattachable and inagualvel; the Exemplary Citizen? good young man, shy, gentile and charismatic. In relation to dolo, Lesourd (2004) he standes out that its function is to be figure of identification for the citizen and that will be ' ' in relations social, in what we will call social speeches, that are necessary to look the origin of dolo, its creation. (2004: 86-87) It is very comumente, to present an allure for dolo, fact that it hinders to keep a critical position in relation it. ' ' dolo only can be understood as a mixture. Identification model of differentiation in relation to the adults, it is also a representation of the dominant values of the society of the moment, of the adults. It thus has for the adolescent a function of bow with the ones of its classroom of age, the pairs against the adults, but also of bow with the society in its set, through the messages of values that it transmite' ' (LESOURD, 2004:89). The agitation fascist is centered in the idea of the leader, not mattering if it leads in fact or if he is only the agent chief executive of interests of the group, because only the psychological image of the leader is apt to reanimate the idea of the all powerful and threatening primitive father.

Habitus, Field And Capital

June 10th, 2012

Habitus, Field and Capital the focus of this summary points with respect to the Habitus concepts, Fields and Capital, central offices of the workmanship of Pierre Bourdieu. For in such a way, I worked with texts of some books of this author: The Symbolic Power, Questions of Sociology, the Masculine Domination, Said Things, the Misery of the Written World and the book of Education, organized for Maria Alice Nogueira and Afrnio Catani, with texts of Bourdieu that not yet are available in Brazil. The interest in understanding as the author always used and developed its theories using these three concepts was what it guided this work. The field is a space of game and fight between new (dominated, pretending) and the dominant ones. It is a structuralized space of positions that are objects of disputes. The positions independem of its occupants to exist. Each field possesss properties its differentiates that them of the other fields although to possess laws that do not vary.

The dominant ones create the rules. Each field possesss one doxa, that is, implicit rules and truths that are known for the dominant ones of the field and that when being desveladas by the dominated ones they guarantee some possibility to them to impose new doxa. The rules are fight object. One of the logics of the field is that the involved ones possess interests in common. For example, in the scientific field all the involved ones have interest in being cited, beyond having scientific publications in magazines and periodicals; thus it has the reificao of that such doxa express the truth and in such a way imposes in a flow ' ' natural' '. The wealth that exist in the field are increase of capital. For each field it has a specific capital that it must be similar gathered of that its detainer can assume the dominncia position.