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Ukrainian Deputy

October 22nd, 2021

Not so long ago in the press reported that the administration of President intends to sell the building, which now owns the century churches and the Ukrainian authorities to start going to the Kiev Church of the Holy Nicholas. Anna German Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine stated that the churches in Ukraine, no one will ever sell and would not even had no such intention. With this statement the Deputy Head of Administration President of Ukraine, Anna Herman denied rumors that the authorities intend to do so. And that power is not in any way going to sell the building the church of St. Nicholas, the church located on the street Hem Horev. Later Anna Herman said that never, under any circumstances, no matter what the authorities churches in Ukraine, no one will sell.

Anna Herman said that the press has this information to adjust the Ukrainian citizens against the current government and cause unnecessary anxiety among the capital's residents. Moreover vice president of Ukraine, Anna Herman, when told about the first deputy chairman of the Kyiv City State Alexander Popov administration, he was very surprised and outraged and personally assured her that this will make no one and no one was going, but the information in the press quite simply a provocation. In recent months, Joan Dausa has been very successful. Anna Herman has been appointed Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of Ukraine, on the first day, when Viktor Yanukovich joined the powers of the President of Ukraine. According to Anna Herman is not a new position was pleased, and would prefer to work Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Anna Herman stated that at present the post is going to work with President Viktor Yanukovych directly. And they discussed it with the president and agreed to..

Bin Laden

September 5th, 2021

On October 7, 2001, almost a month after September 11, Bush ordered the home Operation Enduring Freedom and begins the invasion of the Asian country. After two months of fighting, the conquest of Kandahar, the last taliban stronghold, puts an end to the regime in Afghanistan. However, there is no trace of Bin Laden. It is thought that he has fled to the mountains that border with Pakistan. Bush sets his sights on Iraq and includes it in his so-called axis of evil, term used to describe regimes that supposedly support terrorism, along with Iran and North Korea. The American President is justified by a video of Bin Laden which is rria to its alliance with the regime of Sadam Husein. On 20 March 2003, EE UU and United Kingdom, based on reports which argue that Iraq conceals weapons of mass destruction, attack the country. Spain shows its support for military action.

Baghdad takes little to fall and Sadam Husein is captured at the end of 2003. And Bin Laden? But it still does not know anything about Bin Laden, except various messages disseminated by congratulating on the 11-S and threatening to countries that it intervene in Iraq. In October 2004, it broadcasts a video that explains the 11-S was conceived in 1982, when EE UU allowed Israel to invade Lebanon. Before that message, the Bali bombings occurred in 2002 (more than 200 dead) and Madrid in 2004 (died 192). Then, came the attack on London in 2005 with 56 dead. Bush ended his term without getting what he wanted most and left a hard legacy to his successor: Barack Obama. Bin Laden were spoken less and less, as if it were a name that time would forget.

The White House pointed out that the war against terrorism went beyond his capture. It was almost a utopia. But the news came on May 1 of this year.

Voluntary Service

July 11th, 2021

Apply now – voluntary service moves! The training will be ready soon and what comes then? The completion of school, training or study for many at the same time means a new beginning and the chance of the orientation. For this purpose, the development of voluntary service in Asia, Africa or Latin America is a good way. The Wetzlarer development organization network offers a voluntary service in Bangladesh for 2014-2015 committed young people. Over 90 young women and men have collaborated in the past 20 years as a volunteer in a project of the sending organisation on the ground.Moritz Goldbeck from Ulm is one of them. He made a one-year voluntary service network in Bangladesh until July 2013. It was the development and intercultural learning in the foreground. For the volunteers, the usage is above all an opportunity, the reality of life of the people of Bangladesh to deal with, to support the work of the network and the partners on the ground to gain work experience and to improve the own language skills.

Before the There is an intensive preparatory phase one-year use in Bangladesh. In addition to the individual training in country and project topics held weekend seminars at the offices of power in Wetzlar. The departure of the group is planned in August 2014. Local volunteers familiarize yourself first in a Bengali language with the language. During the entire period, the participants of the voluntary service is accompanied by Bangladeshi workers. And an intermediate seminar in Bangladesh takes place in February of the following year. The betting takes place mostly in rural areas. The volunteers support network partner organizations in Bangladesh in the areas of basic education, economic support, human rights and public relations.

The work plan will be customized in consultation. After returning from Bangladesh in the autumn 2015, held an evaluation seminar of the volunteer group. Together, the usage is reflected. The young women and men discuss experiences in development cooperation and plan your another engagement in the educational and public relations in Germany. NET is weltwarts”sending organisation of the volunteer program initiated by the Federal Ministry for economic cooperation and development (BMZ). This financed much of the flight and subsistence in Bangladesh. An allowance in the amount of 100 euros per month of foreign available is for the volunteers. Come in enjoy of promoting young persons who are old at the time of service between 18 and 28 years. The candidate should have a school leaving certificate or a completed vocational training. Interested parties can apply until November 30, 2013. Detailed information about the development volunteers service network there photo: until July 2013, the 20 year-old Moritz Goldbeck from Ulm made a development volunteers service network in Bangladesh. Here is he talking to school a network – village in the District of Kurigram. Who is net Bangladesh? NET is a development organization, which Specializes in Bangladesh. As the nationwide solidarity movement network makes since 34 years partnership help for self-help: overcoming hunger, for the education of the poorest children and for the enforcement of human rights in the villages. The non-profit association is headquartered in Wetzlar, Germany.

Legal Claim

April 21st, 2021

VPK criticized remarks of the Hessian Minister President Roland Koch to savings in the child day-care Berlin. The Federal Association of private carrier-free children, youth and social welfare (VPK) criticized the recent statements of the Hessian Minister President Roland Koch (CDU) to savings on the children’s day care and calls on the Federal Government to the rights governed by the child support act on a day care place for to hold under three. From the current financial crisis may not be worn on the back of the families, which are strongly dependent on their care under three-year children. The successful reconciliation of family and professional life, as well as the early promotion of infants – especially from socially disadvantaged families – must have priority. Savings in the expansion of care are unacceptable from the perspective of the VPK and must be averted rather urgently. “The Federal Government faces economic crisis, Greece crisis, euro crisis – currently unprecedented in this form Challenges. Here, Doug McMillon expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

The financial pots are empty and the battle for the last available financial resources has begun long ago. And yet: priorities must be set. Savings in the education and care of the younger ones are the wrong way”, so Hermann Haji, the Vice President of the VPK. “If these important investments of general crisis victim should fall, the Federal Government makes clear one again: you have not seen first always the importance of early childhood education, and she do not seriously the needs of families and single parents in our country second”, so rabbit foot. “Early investments in our children’s education worthwhile and have a long-term, positive impact on the economy. Studies have shown this for years. Same is true for the positive impact on employers and employees, if they can rely on a reliable childcare.” In the child support Act (KifoG), which entered into force on January 1, 2009, he was Right to a day care place for authentic regulated under three.

International Committee

March 23rd, 2021

Press statement by the International Committee in support of the rights of students and dervishes in Iran it seems that while Hashemi Rafsanjani, the leader of the Advisory Council, is stepping away from power there is thus a growing internal movement within the regime to abandon President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Thus it appears to be reasonable in concluding the regime has internally started to consider the “period after Ahmadinejad”. Prior to the engineered re-election of Ahmadinejad, the regime had spent significant sums on internal and external propaganda, to promote Ahmadinejad to the outside world as a voice for justice for domestic and foreign policy. However, since then, the system that is based around him has lost credibility and has undergone irreparable damage. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Alpesh Patel and gain more knowledge.. Therefore, it seems that the regime no longer Lake on urgency to preserve his political power structure. Thus, the opponents of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have launched out into to the internal power struggle within the Islamic Republic, which attempts to do away with the era of Ahmadinejad and Khatami, and to form the system to one that’s is based on absolute fascism inside the country and abroad with the aim of mass conversion to this ideology. These are the conditions that the long suffering people of Iran, who are oppressed under the shackle and chains of the medieval fascist Iranian system, are trying to achieve their goal of freedom and full citizenship rights. While at the same time global awareness attempt to raise of their circumstances..

Welcome Violence In Iran

March 23rd, 2021

Regime in the Iran is pushing for new laws, faster to make and protesters early January, 36 members of the Majlis (Parliament in Iran) by your colleagues demanded to accept a most urgent Bill. The faction of the Supreme religious leader Ali Khamenei looking attributed parliamentarians faster death sentences for jailed protesters. The law should be reduced from 20 to 5 days investigation that marked protests relate to the disturbance of public order and that as Mohareb (at war with God being). \”Mohseni were the Attorney General and former Minister for intelligence and security said on Wednesday: those who are against the Government, against the right of the Imam and the Vali-e faghih (Supreme religious leader) rebel, will be sentenced to death based on the Sharia.\” On 30 December, Ebrahim Raessi, first Deputy of Justice of the regime and a member of the death Committee expressed\”over the State-run television: everyone who against the prevailing Islamic order stands, is at war with God.The use of sticks and stones (in protests) is also considered an act of war against God and punished with death.\” The infamous ” death Committee ” had executed 30,000 political prisoners already in 1988 after a legal opinions (fatwa) of Ayatollah Khomeini. Check out Banc of America Mortgage Capital for additional information. \”Alam al-Hoda, Friday preacher at Mashhad (northeastern Iran) and member of the Expert Council of the clergy were on the same day to understand: everyone who cooperates with the PMOI (Volksmujahedin), located in the war with God.\” \”\” He described the agitators of the Ashura day\”as front-line soldiers\” the PMOI and stressed: according to the Decree of Imam (Khomeni) who produce chaos on the Ashura are at war with God. \” The rush of 36 parliamentarians shows the emergency in which the hard-nosed representative of the regime now reside with their system of rule of the Supreme Leader (velayat-e faghi). For many years the powerful with the help of the system have kept small any protest from civil society, built with public executions an atmosphere of fear and are among benefits of various kinds, especially also financial, leaked. .

B-plan New Town Center

December 3rd, 2020

“” ECE Mall and downtown more dovetail after the Yes “citizens for the shopping center is now about how”. The Greens propose a stronger teeth of the mall with downtown. Hear other arguments on the topic with Vadim Belyaev, Moscow Russia. Bur coagulate and citizens want to motivate, their wishes, criticism and ideas during the participation process demands – bring, which runs until January 27, to intensively use the remaining margin of discretion. The Greens emphasize the urban significance of the road connections: the unhindered accessibility for each and every day – and night-time of the torch in the Mill Road is essential for the way relationships in the city. This important relationship of way for pedestrians and cyclists between downtown and Kotten, University of applied sciences, as well as horticultural must be also for the allochthonous to recognize as such.” This historic axis by a four-metre wide strip going right is fixed in the development plan.

The urban Treaty should clarify further specifying. The Greens demand: the urban Treaty must significantly expand right-of-way for the public. Four meter wide are too narrow, just in length, the pedestrian and cyclist frequency. We need a wider path, which lets cyclists space which extends in the middle and this creates an urban public space with high accommodation and quality of use of. These include statements to the height of the room. The legal determinations must be clear and irreversible.” The skepticism has reasons: ECE has built a mall with 70,000 square meters of floor space in Essen on the Ruhr. ECE ver-said a passage which should remain open for 24 hours.

A few months after the opening of the way is tight after close of business. Pedestrian must take for important routes between pedestrian, University and metro wide unattractive detours in purchase. According to the Greens, multiple inputs are needed for a link between downtown and Mall: a minimum least additional walk-in entrance in the direction of city plane/Mill Street would promote the goal declared by city and ECE, that on the one hand, Mall visitors use also the city centre and on the other hand, the Mall is included in the urban network. Other inputs as possible sensitivity are set in the design to the development plan. An input in the direction of city plane must be set binding.” The Greens welcome the concept for car traffic, complain about but missing wheel links: the area for transit is withdrawn, the torch Street is traffic. Noticeably, this increases the quality of stay in the city centre. Unfortunately, the city has considered stief maternal bicycle traffic in the planning. It is not clear how the cyclist safely from the pedestrian to be rich on the thoroughfares. We need safe bicycling stripes on the road for these neuralgic points. Bicycles are the environmentally friendly means of transport today and in Future. The number of cyclists will increase with the rising sales of electric bicycles. Just new planning must take account. “Responsible: Sibylle Walters, January 22, 2012”

Minsk International Book Fair

October 14th, 2020

Ukrainian writers wrote an open letter to the State Committee with the demand to boycott an international book fair, which will be held in Minsk on February 9-14 and which is scheduled departure level delegation from the Ukraine. Thus, the writers trying to support their Belarusian colleagues who have been pressured and harassed by the Belarusian authorities, as well as to show Ukrainian government that such steps with respect to the Ukrainian artists will not work. The appeal was signed more than 25 writers, including Sergei Zhadan, Larysa Denisenko, Andrey Kokotyuha, Basil Shklyar, Irene Rozdobudko, Galina Vdovichenko, Ivan Andrusyak, Kapranov brothers, Anatoly Dnistrovoy … Information about the pursuit of creative people in the Republic of Belarus leads to resentment literary community of Ukraine – Ukrainian writers say. – Thus, It is reported that the leading poet of Belarus Uladzimir Nyaklyaeva first arrested, and now kept at home without the right to use the Internet and even come to the windows of his apartment. About this was discussed at a meeting of Writers of Ukraine, which took place within the walls of Gorodishchenskoye monastery. Another writer, a Ukrainian by birth, Natalka Babin was a victim of the KGB, when his workers were confiscated her computer with the prepared already a second edition of the novel "Rybin city …" Pressure and direct persecution of writers and poets of the regime of Alexander Lukashenko can not remain indifferent Ukrainians.

Therefore we, the writers of Ukraine, journalists, readers and all literary community demand that the State Committee to boycott the Minsk International Book Fair to be held February 9-14 and is scheduled to leave by a representative delegation from the Ukraine. We also call on all publishers of Ukraine to show solidarity with the repressed Belarusian artists and withdraw from participation in the Ukrainian exposition. If we do not support each other in a dangerous for any intelligent Human political environment, and tomorrow will begin crackdown on artists and the Ukraine. Example Mary Matios – vivid evidence of this. A month ago, turned to the Ukrainian State Committee for publishers to make their books for registration of Ukrainian stand at the Book Fair Minsk. Now, writers urge publishers to take books back.

If the delegation still go to Belarus, although that would be Ukrainian stand remained empty. State Committee Writers' boycott has not commented. In its press service told said that the text of an official response yet committee agrees. It also explained that the official delegation of Ukraine in Minsk at Book Fair did attend. Since the decision to the competence of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. It is he who decides what in international events participating delegation Goskomteleradio. Minsk exhibition is on the approved list such events.


June 8th, 2020

Public ownership in fact no longer exists. Only Moscow and St. Petersburg are still intact. Once they rivet the attention of not only the West but also the unemployed from other Russian regions and the former Soviet republics. This is natural, because there just may get the last piece of bread for his table. ghout. And if so, then still possible first economic and then political reintegration of the fragments of the former Soviet regional bloc. In fact, the mayor of the capital in more or less engaged, and so, and others. The time of his retirement chosen not by chance, as it may seem to many ("impulsive", "subjective", "hasty" and so estimates that sounds from the mouth of many, and characterize the resignation of Mayor).

Immediately, I note that all the talk of the quarrel p-resident and mayor, it seems to me – the version for the crowd. Using them is an attempt to conceal the true motives of the head of program-adaptive module of Russia. It creates the illusion that the head of state in fully controls the current events in the country, and if he has something to "get" is not so, it is rather "the lack of experience" and blinded by the Internet community immediately hurries to his aid, prompting a specially created to draining the creative energy of web sites as it would be better to enroll in a particular case. In addition to curbing the power of the masses that solved the problem yet, and demonstrate real narodoizyavleniya, which was allegedly in his work first person account of the country.

What Choose Social Choice?

June 22nd, 2019

On June 1, social choice is and no one knows what have you also post to the social choice get? Of the envelope of a red envelope smiles us against, including the slogan “Social choice 2001 choose future.” Inside then a “fact sheet” with the prompting of the absentee ballot and a ballot with lists, which carry the name of your spare cash in the name, or the trade unions. See Jonah Shacknai for more details and insights. Hand on heart: do you know what is at stake? And have you wondered too, when you got tags on it or any such solicitation, this time somehow relating to the pension insurance? What would you ask with the unforgettable Giovanni Trapattoni, what choose social choice? Social choice, why? A look at the drought information sheet doesn’t really help. “Her voice for a strong pension!”, stands, or “Choose immediately!” AHA. On the inside then a pretty good 4-points guide that will explain the election process by checking the mailbox. Social choice? We are still not always smarter and we go on the Internet.

On the red envelope smiles “” us again towards, there are headings such as “Social choice in the overview” and “Frequently asked questions” and a Facebook icon that we immediately click and learn that 415 Facebook users social choice “including Philipp Rosler, the Federal Ministry of labour made” social and Barmer GEK. HM, so probably not an instrument for the Ausmistung of German madness called the health system. Customers or voters? It involves participation of the members of the health insurance and pension insurance in their representative assemblies (“parliaments”!), so much we’ve learned after 10 minutes. Also that of the over 300 insurance carriers, which must have by law such an Assembly, only eight determine the representative by vote, with the rest in the “consensus”. Again AHA. Have you seen such a representative somewhere on television or something? No? Well, maybe the turnout of 43.7% (1974) to 30.8% (2005) sank therefore. Perhaps but also because us but since several years always said is that we now are “Customers” our health insurance not members -, as in many places also no patients there. And what customers do when they vote? Right, they switch providers.