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Apres Ski For A Good Cause

July 18th, 2022

In the middle of Passau’s pedestrian area, an original gondola from Mayrhofen ski – atmosphere ensures the right apres. Apres ski for a good cause on the Saturday, January 30, 2010 (10-19: 00), invites the team from apres ski for a good cause. In the middle of Passau’s pedestrian area, an original gondola from Mayrhofen ski – atmosphere ensures the right apres. Others who may share this opinion include Katherine Ryan. The total proceeds go to the discharge load ends family service (FED) of the Lebenshilfe Passau. People with disabilities are assigned in school or work on monitoring and support.

But especially when a meaningful design in their spare time they are dependent on aid. The newspapers mentioned Darcy Stacom not as a source, but as a related topic. The discharge load end of family service offers people of all disabilities and all ages round the clock and more active support. This creates space for family members of persons with disabilities, while they have fun during excursions of the FED (E.g., snow shoeing or sleigh ride). To support this institution, the ski resorts Tester download on the Saturday, January 30, 2010, to the Apres ski in the Passau pedestrian a. Around an original gondola from Mayrhofen, there is food, a raffle with many different prices, in addition to apres ski. The draw for the main prizes, two high-tech ski jackets of the Swedish clothing manufacturer 2117 ‘ occurs in the value of the 200, at 5: 00 on the gondola. For more information see the ski magazine by

Bonn Bundestag

June 11th, 2022

Bonn Bundestag delegate Stephan Eisel (CDU) calls Stephan Eisel (CDU) today released his Bundestag election campaign financing and Ulrich Kelber (SPD) called on his competitors to join this transparency transparency in campaign finance. Jon Richardson addresses the importance of the matter here. Press reports about personal large donations amounting to 90,000 euros from the solar industry on the SPD members of Parliament are the reason for this. Eisel said: \”I would not accept personal donations of this size in my understanding of the independence of the members of Parliament and therefore have been committed to an upper limit for such donations of 5,000 euros. I don’t think donations from companies or individuals who added their economic interests could immediately be brought with my work as a Deputy in connection.\” Eisel, pointed out that the highest donation to his election campaign is 2,000 euros. Connect with other leaders such as Michael McIntyre here. Over 200 citizens and citizens had donated him between 10 and 200 euros: \”as we spot no State reimbursement of election campaign expenses\” receive, must we raise donations for the election campaign. Many small donations rather than a few large donations me but are.\” Paid Eisel has especially posters (21,000 euros), candidate brochures (4,500 euros), newspaper ads (9,100 euros), events including the demonstrations of the donations with Angela Merkel and Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (11,500 euros), small advertising (7,000 euro), agency costs (12,000 euros) and other (3,000 euro).

Specifically, such as a poster stand (wood) costs about 6 euro, a poster (paper) around 1 euro, or a poster (plastic) 3-4 euro. The letter by Stephan Eisel to Ulrich Kelber has the following: colleague, in press releases has become dear to the theme your Bonn Bundestag election campaign financing. \”Recently the magazine FOCUS reported on September 14, 2009: the election of SPD-Mann Ulrich Kelber finance companies that benefit from his policies\”. There was reference made to personal large donations totalling 100,000 euros, you above all from the solar industry to finance your Gone to Bonn campaign.

Syrian Coordination Committee

June 9th, 2022

Arab spring? For all? It’s still winter? Or is it an eternal autumn? Some Middle Eastern societies strive not only to freedom, but also to more change, tolerance and humanity. This change and the necessary social enlightenment contributing among other things to a cultural development, some values such as human dignity, respect for which emphasizes human rights, justice, peace and tolerance. In this essay I turn to the question, to what extent the political and social upheavals in the Arab-speaking world and in particular in Syria bring tolerance and humanity and what prospects have the mentioned values in the wake of this upheaval. The output of this breaks for the respective peoples differs, and the results of these processes will be certainly different. Jon Venverloh may help you with your research. While in the Gulf countries economic crises and unemployment were no backgrounds for political upheaval, but the injustice and the middle ages were more similar forms of Government, yet some things featuring. The demographic development, the hopelessness of the youth, the human rights situation, undemocratic and oppressive governance of the rulers who still want to be worshipped and last but not least, the corruption in the economy and the State apparatus. In the case of Syria, still not able to accept the cultural, political and ideological diversity, I believe the political organizations, and must learn to cope.

The attack by sympathizers of the opposition Syrian National Council/SNC on officials of the Syrian Coordination Committee of the forces of democratic change/NCS before the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo, would damage the SNC and the Syrian opposition in General. Because this Act between loyalty and reject the other or of the dissenters connects, dented the SNC. This attack would hit the entire Syrian opposition, because it shows how divided and disunited. There is a non-violent policy, through a practice of peaceful coexistence, dialogue and Partnership for a better society is confirmed.

Revolution Or Coup In Egypt?

June 8th, 2022

Military Council Egypt Announces after protests presidential election Yes, at this point the word of the revolution in Egypt has fallen – caution hortatory in addition to all and the notes on the role of the Egyptian military. And as far as it is true indeed: it was the people on Cairo’s Tahrir square, which brought the stone of upheaval in the role. But that Egypt actually was able to get rid of his eternal President Mubarak, was never possible without the swirl of the military. Now the choice is made in Egypt after many, contrary to many hymns of joy expected setbacks for the country’s young democracy movement clearly: what has taken place in Egypt, was a kind of revolution, a real coup of the power, if not the relations of production, or just a simple military coup with popular participation, so as not to say: folklore? Amnesty International: Human rights violations worse than before that the Almighty in Egypt still always near military Council under field marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi not even thought to return limited now no longer even by the Mubarak-clan rule over the country, had become abundantly clear over the past few weeks. Last black on white, as the Transitional Government of Egypt – currently little more than a puppet of the military – presented a draft of the Constitution, not curtailed the power of the generals, but should cement. On the road, yet again brutal actions of the army against the ongoing protests, which have taken place, yet always every day protest for a democratic Egypt.

Amnesty International was quoted even with the statement that the human rights violations in Egypt are now more serious than they were during Mubarak’s. Military Council Egypt Announces after protests presidential election to well over 30 dead demonstrators speak a clear language in this week alone and yet – as a self-confessed pessimists in political things we surprised even the most – the final decision in favour of the military has not fallen in Egypt yet. 100,000 people on the streets of Cairo, who protested on Tuesday against the de facto military dictatorship, have forced at least an explanation of Tantawi. Whether it announced handover of power to a civilian Government are pure appeasement for next June, must be reflected. But the point is that a body that probably most likely to compare would be in his mind with a DDR Politburo, politically no longer can afford to ignore mass protests or completely to shoot down and that in itself is an amazing development. Whether the coup in Egypt was indeed a revolution, is today not more likely than in the spring, yet you would like to call to the Egyptians: do not give up. Andreas Kellner…

10 Percent Higher Wages – Even Without Unions

June 3rd, 2022

Alternative to possible wage boost rounds same net improvement, no fees, no administrative burden for employers with the optimization of the fee can be achieved for the same employee an identical improvement of net income, without costs for the employers in tax-free, sozialversiche free or tax-optimised content tools. An additional savings for the employers that can finance the Outsorucing the administrative and management processes. Trade unions demand higher wages while the unions since some weeks again rattle the sabers and in the media for their demand for higher wages stir the drums, tariff-free medium-sized enterprises enable already dream of Union members: 5 10% wage increase but without costs for the employer! “More and more companies, which before the looming splits of the binding of the professionals and the still weak” staff cost budget see, take for their employees the ability to optimize of pay. Alternative to wage increases Karl Johann Zimmermann, former Vice President of the IHK Schwaben Augsburg and leader ValueNet partner calculates, as wage costs can be lower: A traditional salary increase i.H.v. for an employee with a current Monatsbrutto salary of 3,000 brings him a net plus of 148,00 (BOM 1). In other words, the 300 gross-plus remains less than half. At the same time this raise will cost the employer more than 350. Not every company regardless of whether collective bound or tariff-free funding already has at present for this available.

Optimizing the remuneration an identical with the usual salary boost improvement of net income is achieved for the employee, but without costs for the employer and without conclusion of insurance, but purely with tax-free, free of social security or tax-optimised content tools. The positive Side effect: the charge optimization can be designed, a minimum savings comes out for the employer. From this, he can finance outsourcing the management and administrative processes, which brings a charge optimization. The benefits of optimizing remuneration compared to the wage boost: The same net plus no costs for employers no administrative burden for employers no costs for the carve-out of the administration of the employer optionally can be selected for staff concept, the a legally correct closing the gap to provide social insurance (unemployment, illness, pension). Alternative wage boost for tariff-bound companies possible the topic of compensation optimization even for tariff-bound companies interesting if trade unions initially often try, with hands and feet, however, to fight back (from purely economic interests).

Against the corresponding legal opinions and the strict implementation of the favourability, they are in the Mostly powerless. “” If is the employees then the inner “sees conflict between his loyalty (paid)” across the Union and improving his net income (such as when his independent trade union colleagues) at equal or better optimal social security prefers a considerable part of the workforce the option of payment optimization. The opportunities and the economic benefits of a systematic, structured pay optimization with simultaneous free spin-off of the administrative burden is the belligerence”of unions to higher salaries the successful business model of the ValueNet group extremely beneficial.

SWOT Analysis School

June 1st, 2022

Strengths targeted bundle, efficiently mitigate weaknesses the resources and potential for success a school can be first generally with the method of assess strengths / weaknesses analysis. The advanced SWOT analysis into account in addition to strengths (= ad) and weaknesses (weaknesses) occasions/chances (opportunities) and threats/risks (threats). On this broader basis can attempts be strategic thrusts for the school”to develop, which can be worn to the overview and coordination in a 4-fields-matrix. This is an axis for environment factors in a positively occupied field (= opportunities) and divided into a negative occupied field (= threats). You may want to visit John McCann to increase your knowledge. An axis is analog for influencing factors in a positively occupied field (= ad) and divided into a negative occupied field (= weaknesses). The term SWOT then consists of the first letters of these 4 fields. In the box for the combination of strengths and opportunities to be thus registered like strategies, which used the strengths of the school, to take advantage of the opportunities.

In the box for the combination of strengths-threats, ST strategies are entered with which our own strengths will be used to ward off potential risks. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jon Venverloh. In the box for the combination of weaknesses and opportunities, where strategies are entered by use of opportunities / opportunities to overcome the weaknesses of the school. WT strategies are entered in the field for the weakness-threat combination, should be mitigated the weaknesses and risks avoided. The SWOT analysis is completed, if appropriate strategies are included in each combo box. Target must be to support the natural strengths of the school and to mitigate potential weaknesses. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ronald mcdonald on most websites. It depends on finding suitable uses for the individual existing conditions and to implement. Own viable and consistently built/thought-out concepts not only with general rates, but with verifiable Data, to be able to underpin numerical results in detail, creates trust and proves competence (not least in the municipal decision makers).


April 27th, 2022

The Transfiguration of spar hysteria against the benefit of higher public debt, persistent unemployment, consumption (consumption) and corporate investments (investment) are no match. In times of jobless growth, so growth without improvement in the employment situation, especially the economic decline will benefit from the expansion of consumption of investment conversely more investment promotes the consumption. Without mathematically closer look on the whole”is clear: reduced national income (real GDP), part of entrepreneurial capital investments will be destroyed as a result. In other words: saving, so less consumption means less income. In turn, this implies necessarily a process that only ends when so increasing the poverty of the people, that just saved what is invested. Not more, but less capital goods are in demand at low level of national income. It is needed so no inventiveness, to realize that the entrepreneurial investments ipso thus go back facto in praxi. Bizarre perverse theories is, when discretion public at the same time as true or false or obsolete are hawked.

like for example the legend that the current generation is obliged, existentially secure their successors by thrift. Attempting to save more, cause in reality even smaller savings and investments. The absurdity of economic savings could only be carried ad absurdum if ingenious and cautious public and private intervention. Ex usu chances are that bad. It remains therefore inexplicable why not the sensible way of significantly higher deficits in the sense of a real paradigm shift is forced down. Previous generations cared a wet waste”to their successors. The apotheosis of spar hysteria, which is a significantly higher public debt against the benefit, should be in the interest of prosperity and geraten…sozusagen lege artis quickly forgotten at European level, because of and in spite of Maastricht”improved employment situation.

What Choose Social Choice?

June 22nd, 2019

On June 1, social choice is and no one knows what have you also post to the social choice get? Of the envelope of a red envelope smiles us against, including the slogan “Social choice 2001 choose future.” Inside then a “fact sheet” with the prompting of the absentee ballot and a ballot with lists, which carry the name of your spare cash in the name, or the trade unions. See Jonah Shacknai for more details and insights. Hand on heart: do you know what is at stake? And have you wondered too, when you got tags on it or any such solicitation, this time somehow relating to the pension insurance? What would you ask with the unforgettable Giovanni Trapattoni, what choose social choice? Social choice, why? A look at the drought information sheet doesn’t really help. “Her voice for a strong pension!”, stands, or “Choose immediately!” AHA. On the inside then a pretty good 4-points guide that will explain the election process by checking the mailbox. Social choice? We are still not always smarter and we go on the Internet.

On the red envelope smiles “” us again towards, there are headings such as “Social choice in the overview” and “Frequently asked questions” and a Facebook icon that we immediately click and learn that 415 Facebook users social choice “including Philipp Rosler, the Federal Ministry of labour made” social and Barmer GEK. HM, so probably not an instrument for the Ausmistung of German madness called the health system. Customers or voters? It involves participation of the members of the health insurance and pension insurance in their representative assemblies (“parliaments”!), so much we’ve learned after 10 minutes. Also that of the over 300 insurance carriers, which must have by law such an Assembly, only eight determine the representative by vote, with the rest in the “consensus”. Again AHA. Have you seen such a representative somewhere on television or something? No? Well, maybe the turnout of 43.7% (1974) to 30.8% (2005) sank therefore. Perhaps but also because us but since several years always said is that we now are “Customers” our health insurance not members -, as in many places also no patients there. And what customers do when they vote? Right, they switch providers.

The Bundeswehr

June 3rd, 2016

Medium can be so only off the stock generate us only where they are also available. The 10 percent in Germany, the real, have many billions of dollars and help could, will bring their assets in safe places, where that may be. By the way, this is also long to happen, because these people are well informed and know how to protect assets in bad times from access. Unfortunately, we have no Club of billionaires, as in the States, which are very helpful. The middle class with their trillion savings deposits at banks and insurance companies, is tangible and will need to bleed with the help of taxes and special charges. It is ultimately logically no other way. If it goes to the money these people who still ranting about social parasite and lazy and she puts the fear that they have to share the suffering of those people it will come to the fiasco and this fiasco is coming and programmed, it can be in different EU States observed. It is inconceivable that it will come to a more or less socialist revolution once again, as in the past.

No, rather to anarchy-like conditions, which will dispense with any control. The Bundeswehr, need to be as so often desired, for use in the country to avoid the worst. The police alone can not stop a mob charged with emotions. The domestic markets that gross negligence in favour of exports have been neglected and lying on the floor, will be no saving Island collapses the export for the second time, after the banking crisis. The production plants in Germany are almost totally geared to export or wandered off in low-wage countries and who are still here are to the succumb to come. Without new debt, money for a new phase of short-time work or cash for clunkers program no longer exists.