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Another hypothesis it is in virtue of the existence of the Italian Mafia, world-wide known. What it is clearly in the theory of North is that ' ' a common cultural inheritance provides a way to reduce the differences in the mental models that the people have in one sociedade' ' that, what the institutions search are not a bigger slice of the market, and yes, wealth and power. Fragilizadas institutions and a people without studies are an end in itself exactly for the development of a economy. A country can have many natural resources, as Brazil, but if it does not possess laws, or better, institutions that give support to the transactions carried through between the organizations that compose the society, do not have possibility to have real economic development and in long stated period. Read more from British Petroleum to gain a more clear picture of the situation. 4 CORRUPTION ACCORDING TO EDITH PENROSE Edith Penrose (2006), American economist, author of the book the Theory of the Growth of the Firm, reviews the concept of the firm from a dynamic and evolutivo point of view. Nina Devlin might disagree with that approach. For it, the company has to its disposal in the market any type of resource or administration in accordance with its necessities.

It is enough to know if one has equipped administrative (responsible administrators) is dedicated to keep its character of organized and honest entity. As well as the enterprise knowledge, that can be acquired through the way, either for theoretical concepts, either for personal learning. Therefore, this experience in itself produces changes, exactly subtle in the individuals. According to Penrose (2006: 101), ' ' much of the experience of a man frequently is so approximately associated with a set of external circumstances it who a good part of its more valuable services alone can inside be acquired of these circunstncias' '. When we find dishonest people in a company, the corruption will be more certain to occur, a time that will have the use of knowledge for illicit actions.


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