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Duco System

August 25th, 2019

Manufacturer of ventilation systems is Z-Wave Alliance in Copenhagen, December 2009 the Z-Wave Alliance has grown to another Member. The Belgian company Duco ventilation & Sun Control is one of the leading European manufacturers of natural ventilation and solar shading systems. The Duco solutions guarantee a healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient indoor climate. Based on the Z-Wave wireless standard enables the new DucoTronic system to automate the ventilation in the House with the help of CO2 sensors. A sufficient air exchange and a controlled moisture balance are essential for a healthy indoor climate in homes and offices. Without them the acute danger of mold and allergies occur.

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the withdrawal of odors, moisture and harmful dust. Adequate ventilation is the best strategy here. Manual ventilation but often needlessly consumes energy, for example, when you open the window despite heating switched on. The new DucoTronic system makes it possible to automate the operation of ventilation energy-efficient. CO2 sensors: breath of fresh air at the right time when DucoTronic is a natural ventilation system. Using CO2 sensors, which can be installed easily in every room, it always fits the room climate on the specifics in the House and outside the House. The sensor responds, as the carbon dioxide or the temperature in the room rises two important indicators for the indoor air quality.

It sends this information to the appropriate Duco ventilation modules. These are installed windproof in wood, aluminium or plastic window. So the system is released only where it is necessary on the basis of the current climate. No one is at home, driving down the system to consume as little energy as possible. The communication between the various devices is done on the basis of the Z-Wave wireless protocol. In this way the fresh air supply always remains constant with the lowest possible energy consumption.

PDFs Security

February 27th, 2018

As every year for a few already this 2010 prestigious publication centered in the world of the computer science security Bulletin Virus started up a new delivery of its conference of security VB Conference to which they attended about 600 experts in security whom spoke more of the varied subjects, from ciberterrorismo to Backhat CATHEDRAL, botnets, networks of trade, and arrives here most interesting, on well-known format pdf. Concretely Paul Baccus, investigator of the Sophos company, was the one in charge to distribute a conference centered in format pdf and their well-known dangers of security that as much they have given of that to speak lately (in which we took of year have detected four at least important new faults of security related to the format of Adobe and its reader of PDFs). But Baccus did not only remain in this, also it realised a sounding enters the assistants VB2010 on if format pdf would have to disappear due to its insecurity and being replaced by a new standard. The results were forceful. Nothing else and nothing less than a 97% of there present experts in security were in favor of the abolition of the format that occupies to us and of the creation of a new standard, results that have much logic since nowadays format pdf has become new caramel preferred of the bad boys who populate the network to infect right and left and those of Adobe have demonstrated to be quite ineffective against them. Obvious we are speaking of a very small study, but that of 600 experts in security working for the most seeded of the industry a 97% declares to be in agreement with the abolition of format pdf, it is a blow to Adobe and its format and a forceful call of attention so that the batteries are put in one go. Personally I hope that Adobe does not decide by the tantrum but on the most intelligent and fruitful route: to recognize its errors and to work hard in solving them.


April 23rd, 2016

Tick: they are more difficult to combat and can also transmit diseases. In some areas are a problem and you must use effective products to combat them, in addition to immediately remove any tick see you in your dog. Mosquito: If you live in an area where the disease Lehismaniosis is common (the area of the Mediterranean and Central), take all necessary precautions to protect your dog from mosquito bites, which are the transmitters of the organism that causes it. Consult your veterinarian regarding products and protocols to be followed to prevent this disease. FEEDING a proper dog feeding is essential for proper development and health of the dog.

There are basically two types of power: natural and commercial (I think). We are in favour of the natural diet, it is that we give to our dogs and which recommend preferably. The great disadvantage of the natural food is that it requires more preparation time, more organization and is less comfortable that given I think. While we feed our dogs with natural food, puppies as wean them and deliver mainly eating I think. Although this may seem a nonsense, it is something very thought and has its justification.

The explanation is that the majority of new owners will feed your dog with I think, so we prefer that the puppy is initially accustomed to this, so the change to his new home do not wear also rigged a sudden change in power and more stress. If you decide to feed with feed, choose one high-end (the expensive: Eukanuba, Nutro,) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If are you interested in the natural diet, see our page devoted specifically to this subject: power for optimal health and longevity of our Boxer-(I think or natural) meal Plan– until 3 months of age: 4 meals a day (morning, noon, evening and night) – from 3 to 6 months: 3 meals per day (morning, noon and night) – from 6 to 12 months: 2 meals a day (morning and night) – 1 year onwards: 1 or 2 meals a day (if you eat I think best 2) food should be given to ambient or slightly warm temperature.