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Just Run

July 12th, 2015

Install it yourself and save money home is the dream of many people. Enough space, many freedoms, a garden with terrace for barbecues in the summer. A home greatly enhances the quality of life. But not all can also fulfill their dream of the House, because a home is of course also always a question of money. One way to reduce costs and so perhaps still to reach the longed-for dream home allows a new system concept of the EWL electric House.

Our new system concept allows the client all craft work to do, a consultation with an exporting company is no longer necessary. This reduces enormously”the installation costs. The founder Dirk Hansen and Franz Thiel speak so from experience, since they first operated a classic installation business at the beginning of the 1990s in her hometown of Trier under EWL. The system concept is the organizational process basically like when commissioning a conventional operation. The feature, however, is that instead of a fitter of the client All artisanal works even not taking over, but on the quality & safety requirements of a qualified specialist company do without. Installation is performed in three steps: buying the kit system concept, carrying out the installation work, and finally the finished message under the service hotline. Later that meter registration & installation as well as the attachments & commissioning is carried out automatically. Our system concept EWL InstKit ensures the professional material from German brand manufacturers and guaranteed professional acceptance with registration at any German power company”, so Franz Thiel of technical manager of the company.

Master partners available and in-house technicians are also 1500 for the on-site service. The individually designable request kits suitable for equipping new buildings such as for a renovation of old buildings, in addition for any structures such as stone, concrete, or wood, etc. The services include the provision of Installation aids such as Musterverlegeplane, 3-D floor plans, installation instructions, as well as a technical phone support, facilitating self assembly continue a successful. And so you can get a whole lot closer the dream of owning a home. The installations for the installation are available in relevant known hardware stores and building acts. More on the subject also under. Dirk Hansen