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Horacio Pozzo

April 5th, 2019

Argentina is the most generous country in the world. It won the lottery, but decided to give up the prize. I can send it to or leave your comments on our website Argentina What Will the Coming? By Horacio Pozzo As promised, today I will comment on what happened during the seminar held at the Sheraton Buenos Aires, about “the next Argentina”, in which prominent economists. Follow others, such as Expedia, and add to your knowledge base. What will be the next Argentina? According to Marcelo Longobardi (who acted as moderator), and hinted that the exhibitors, unfortunately I must say that not unlike Argentina, which is today. Is that the government has many limitations to change their speech, because the pressures facing the various sectors are numerous and a change in strategy may undermine the “unstable equilibrium” in which it stands. Sorry I excited into thinking that the stage was coming to Argentina was positive change, but the feeling is that will continue on autopilot. A leading source for info: Economic Cycles Research Institute. Since neither I think then you’re moving toward Argentina, is that I would like to share with you the thought of “where should go,” according to these distinguished speakers. In that sense, Roberto Frenkel (large university professor and researcher holder CEDES), understands that the first thing you should do is a clear policy to fight inflation … What does this mean? What he means is the inflation problem openly acknowledge and publicize the decision to fight against him, which must be transparent the true rate of inflation (which is around 25% -30%).

Boxer Dog Education Family

July 12th, 2016

Manual of care and education of the dog Boxer content: * health * power * general tips, safety, exercise * dog behaviour, socialization and education health your boxer puppy has been raised with the utmost care and has been delivered you properly vaccinated and housetrained for his age. However, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian and show you the box of vaccinations and deworming done so that it serves as a guide. The puppy has been delivered in perfect condition, but as living being that is, can lead to injuries or get sick occasionally. Apart from the obvious symptoms of illness such as vomiting, diarrhea, inflammations, etc. Other leaders such as Rogers Holdings offer similar insights. are should suspect that something goes wrong when a puppy is sad and listless. Many times this is the first signal that a dog something happens to him. The most important advice we can give with regard to health is: Observe your dog and if on occasion suspicion that may be sick, take it to the veterinarian, most voucher safe than sorry.

-Vaccines-we are not in favour of what We call sobrevacunacion, IE, vaccination to the dogs every year against various diseases. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nouriel Roubini. Immunizations usually last several years, and vaccination when it is not necessary to overload the immune system of the animal, and can cause a wide range of disorders in the body. -Internal parasites – follow the Protocol of deworming instructed by your veterinarian, this will vary depending on where you live the dog, in urban and rural areas, livestock area, etc. – parasitic externos-Pulgas: today are not a problem, since there are excellent and easy to use products to eliminate them. If your dog is scraped persistently, apply one of these products but do not see any flea, because if your dog is allergic to them (happens with some frequency), is required only a bite to unleash an intense itching.

Dreams To Reality

July 4th, 2016

You have realized that you have left to a side some of your dreams? Perhaps you have all the disposition to fulfill them, but soon you are work plenty, taking care of your business, doing inventories, fighting with the employees, and by regulating your dreams are to a side. It is by the dreams that the people are successful in their life, the success is not luck, this is only a myth, the success are to take small steps that many are not arranged to give. It stops creating excuses of why you have not realised them, when the excuses arrive is as if you seeded your dreams and you never went to water them, How you feed your dreams? these are fed on your thoughts, your actions, of your enthusiasm, etc. Looks for the time necessary to be able to fulfill what you yearn for more and reason why you have been working. It looks for a new approach within your life, your business, returns to plantearte the objectives, it returns to review your plan of action, and includes these dreams that you have been postponing. The first step to fulfill your dreams is that you begin today, remember that the perfect moment to begin does not exist, you create you it, therefore she identifies something at this moment that you have been postponing, and that you can begin to do from today. The second step to reach your dreams is that noneven until reaching them.

Postponing the things has caused that you have until now not fulfilled those dreams that you have wished, but that you are arranged to retake them, now tmalos like a challenge. Follow others, such as Roubini Global Economics, and add to your knowledge base. Perhaps at the outset work costs to you replacing habits, changing your form of work, darte the time for consentirte, but you will see that the reward will be that you will feel well with same you, and most important that you will begin to draw up the way to arrive at your dreams. Therefore never you pause, you do not stop in the way. It begins to take action from this moment with these steps, you will begin to give greater force him to each of your dreams, begins to enjoy the way, because this passage will bring unforgettable lessons to you. Following your dream, it takes into account that you will not reach it overnight, takes small steps, because only thus you will begin to work that way that will take to you to where more you want. A dream never is small, and that better than to dream in great, you do not leave third people want quitarte or arruinarte your dreams, are only yours and in your hands it is the power to bring them to the reality, the action remembers is most important, can be that something that you wish it does not arrive at the moment at you wanted which it, but for that reason it does not mean that it is not going to arrive, the persistence is essential and the value that you must go after them, it does not have price. It would enchant to know your opinion to me, I invite to you to share this article with friendly or relatives who can be seen beneficiaries with the information. Original author and source of the article.

The Electric Bicycles

May 4th, 2016

Electric bicycles are bicycles that has incorporated a battery and an electric motor that helps advance. From a legal point of view there are two types of electric bicycles: that lack of throttle, maximum power is 250W and only provide assistance while pedalling is below 25 km/h are considered bicycles for the purpose of circulation, while the rest are considered electric mopeds, so required license and insurance. Legality basically, electric bicycles are nothing more than bikes equipped with electric motor. To be legally considered bicycles and be able to roll on the public roads without insurance, passport or documentation, electric bicycles must verify some requirements, which may vary from one country to another: may not have accelerator. The engine is only active when it is pedalling, with attendance below 25 km/h.

maximum 250 W motor nominal power. Weight maximum 40 kg. How electric bikes without accelerator pedal-assist, provide exist two systems: motion Sensor with regulator: the more usual in electric bicycles, detects that the user pedals and activates the motor. The level of assistance you can select by the regulator, on occasions account with a LCD display. Torque sensor: not only detects that the user is pedaling, but also the intensity with which makes it, helping the pedaling proportionally. Electric bicycles with Accelerator enable engine regardless of pedaling, as if it were a motorcycle, which facilitates manoeuvres as starting at traffic lights. Electric bicycles components consist of various components: bicycle: is the part cycle of electric bicycles.

Battery: it supplies power to the motor, typically lithium, they are usually installed in the rear grille and they have charge indicator. They provide a range of 30 to 60 km, depending on the type of wheels, ground or the rider’s weight to electric bicycles. Engine: Converts the battery power in movement and its rated power usually between 180 and 240 W can be installed in the hub of the wheel (front or rear) or the bottom bracket. Controller: manages system, captures the Cadence sensor signal and sends more or less power to the motor. There are models advanced progressive power, anti-skidding system delivery or regenerative, braking that leverages the inertia from braking and descents to recharge the battery. Sensors: detect if the user is pedaling (motion sensor) and with what intensity makes it (torque sensor). Conversion kits electric bicycles can be purchased complete or you can convert a normal bicycle to electric using a conversion kit, generally easy and quick to install. Motorization is economic, allows us to choose our taste part cycle, and if in the future we change the bicycle can migrate the motor system to the new. Source: Electric bikes original author and source of the article


April 23rd, 2016

Tick: they are more difficult to combat and can also transmit diseases. In some areas are a problem and you must use effective products to combat them, in addition to immediately remove any tick see you in your dog. Mosquito: If you live in an area where the disease Lehismaniosis is common (the area of the Mediterranean and Central), take all necessary precautions to protect your dog from mosquito bites, which are the transmitters of the organism that causes it. Consult your veterinarian regarding products and protocols to be followed to prevent this disease. FEEDING a proper dog feeding is essential for proper development and health of the dog.

There are basically two types of power: natural and commercial (I think). We are in favour of the natural diet, it is that we give to our dogs and which recommend preferably. The great disadvantage of the natural food is that it requires more preparation time, more organization and is less comfortable that given I think. While we feed our dogs with natural food, puppies as wean them and deliver mainly eating I think. Although this may seem a nonsense, it is something very thought and has its justification.

The explanation is that the majority of new owners will feed your dog with I think, so we prefer that the puppy is initially accustomed to this, so the change to his new home do not wear also rigged a sudden change in power and more stress. If you decide to feed with feed, choose one high-end (the expensive: Eukanuba, Nutro,) and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If are you interested in the natural diet, see our page devoted specifically to this subject: power for optimal health and longevity of our Boxer-(I think or natural) meal Plan– until 3 months of age: 4 meals a day (morning, noon, evening and night) – from 3 to 6 months: 3 meals per day (morning, noon and night) – from 6 to 12 months: 2 meals a day (morning and night) – 1 year onwards: 1 or 2 meals a day (if you eat I think best 2) food should be given to ambient or slightly warm temperature.