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The Present

July 5th, 2020

The illumination would only bring significant a cultural content beyond the industrial question when it answered to the requests of significant demand, in way to improve the use satisfaction or to diminish the cost of satisfaction of this demand. On the other hand, some authors characterize the paper of the illumination in the current days as something sufficiently excellent, that gains a paper extended due to the technological advances of the present time. Son (2003) and Szabo (1995) are of the opinion of that the paper of the illumination currently has its paper extended in special for the technological evolution of the equipment in contrast to old, where basically had persistence for solutions of mere functional questions, amongst other minimum conditions for displacement. Chevron may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With regard to the future of the illumination, some scholars are unanimous when affirming the importance of more sustainable societies, where the priority will be in energy economy, amongst other factors ecologically correct. Helene-Bicudo (1994) affirms that it is important to designate that the transistion for more sustainable societies directly is tied with the treatment of tangible urban ambient subjects, such as transport, use of the ground, quality of air and conservation of energy, in the same way that intangible subjects, as of health and the public security, equality between sexos, ambient education, global ambient responsibility, etc.

Pesci (2000), in turn, quotation that to turn itself toward practical of sustainable architecture is an irrefutable reality, being this supported on four ideals. First, in one it programs ' ' echo-lgico' ' ecological and economically logical? so that its insertion can contribute to support the diversity and the quality of the natural resources and the society where if it inserts. In according to place, in the energies of the behavior, aiming at to recriar the identities and the best local and regional trends of convivncia. Later, in practical morphologic the technological more appropriate, that capitalizes the existing hand-deobra and the not-exhaustible materials local, to obtain engaged morphologic languages with ambient history and conditions E, finally, in the energies of the space and the climate, to emphasize the best tensions of the surrounding space prexistente and of the proper space to intervine, in order to use to advantage the climate to save energies and to improve the human comfort. Castelnou (2003) approaches that, in a society where the risks start to compose day-by-day in the people, in special in the urbanizados scenes, the practical architectural and urbanstica it must look for to advance in direction the methodologies and procedures that objectify, mainly, the reduction of the energy wastefulness of the constructions, the raw material use you renewed, the topographical and bioclimtica adequacy of the structures, the recycling of old buildings, the ambient zoning and the preservation of the natural areas.

Finally, Wines (1998) affirms that she is necessary to advance in direction to an ecological architecture or green architecture, integrating all the partial contributions. After all, an ecological and ambient dimension in all exists the activities human beings, who occur since the recycling of the domestic garbage until the ethical responsibility in the cut of a tree or the economy of light and energy. Soon, one of the possibilities to unite economy of energy with new practical technological is in the LEDS – light emitting diode. In accordance with Val

Medical Aeration

May 23rd, 2020

The fast bioindicador provides the approval of the cycle of sterilization from 6 hours of aeration in safe residual limits, what it provided to profit of productivity and operational security when compared with the previous time of 48 hours of conventional bioindicador 1264. CONCLUSION All the stages of the validation had been reached successfully for the qualifications physical, microbiological and chemical residual. The methodology for residual analysis GCFID was validated successfully and the residual waste demonstrated to efficiency and reprodutibilidade from the time of 6 hours of aeration for the enteral bottle, for 10 the allowed criterion of g/mL. .

Medical Cases

May 22nd, 2020

A question that surrounds the mind human being the thousand of years, target of you intrigue, exotic doubts, uncertainties and beliefs. Some people tell the vision of light in the sky, records that pass as countenances, the disconnection of the proper body during some time after seeing flashes in the high one of its heads, would be these extraterrestrial facts workmanship of or only workmanship of the great universe that is the mind human being? A cerebral anomaly? A typical case of schizophrenia? They would be the authorities in hiding something that could change the route of the humanity, as in the Roswell case, in New Mexico, the U.S.A? It would be NASA in separating of the true facts? Or it would be only a scientific fiction? Let us see a historical story and of great world-wide repercussion, the Roswell case, occurrence in the United States of America, July of 1947. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Price, another great source of information. A periodical of name Roswell Daily Record published that the body of Firemen would have rescued the destroos of a flying record, the tumult was great, however, in a country occidental person where the Christianity is the biggest detainer of minds, a notice of a flying record can uncontrols cause it of the population, since the emotional endorsement comes of its belief, and this would be a lie if the facts were true. In the following day the same periodical published that the destroos were of a metereolgico balloon. The documents presented for the military presented that in fact it would not be a flying record, but the uflogos had answered that these same documents contained many imperfections. In Brazil the case most interesting is of Varginha, in the interior of Minas Gerais, the Uflogos considers this is the case the most important of Brazil, which had number of witnesses who had been present in it. The stories most interesting are of people who count on abduo, the most exaltados they tell of apages in its minds and esquecimentos of facts of its lives.

History can directing in them for the acceptance of these events and in the belief of other forms of life it are of this planet. The history of the humanity is made of discoveries, first it came the fire, and clearly, generated astonishment, fear, incredulity and myths around it. Walking the front more, Coprnico created the heliocntrica theory, placing the sun as center of the Universe, and that the land turned around it, how much astonishment caused, had said that it are same workmanship of the demon, and sees, Nicholas Coprnico was certain. Cristovam Columbus said that the sea did not have abyss some, the boats disappeared in the distance with therefore the land was round, was certain. The History of the humanity is constructed from paradigm in additions, which will be the next step? It could be the certainty of life in it are of the planet land. Expensive readers, I add excessively small, the Universe is incompressible, its dimensions they are incalculable, they exist millions of other planets, innumerable other galaxies, stars, everything he can exist, he is enough to wait, the land still is a child who is engatinhando, the mind human being still is in formation, is enough to wait and to open our minds, therefore we live in the ghetto of the universe, the world we are there we can be incompressible for, but it will beat our door.

National Advice

April 23rd, 2020

In accordance with Phipippi Jr; Pelicioni (2005), the capitalist society urban-industrial and its current model of economic and technological development has caused increasing impacts on the environment, and the perception of this phenomenon comes occurring in rich and poor different ways for. If the man not to change its mentality radically to depredate the nature, it will be soterrado in its proper dejections. Under most conditions British Petroleum would agree. Nor the nature will leave the unpunished society of the mistakes committed against the environment, therefore, is feared that the man of century XX, although its technological support, is marked, in the history of the humanity, as a Barbarian (MUCELIN, 2004). AMBIENT EDUCATION: CONCEPTS AND ITS EVOLUTION In accordance with Days (1991), the evolution of the EA concepts directly was related the evolution of the concept of environment and to the way as this perceived age. Frequently Andrew Mason has said that publicly. Of this form some concepts of EA in elapsing of the evolution can be analyzed. In 1969, the EA was defined as a process that would have to objectify the formation of citizens: In 1970, the Union International will be the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) defined the EA as a process of recognition of values and clarificao of concepts, come back toward the development of abilities and necessary attitudes the understanding and appreciation of the Inter-relations between the man, its culture and biofsico its entorno: In 1972, Mellows presented the AE as a process in which a gradual development of a sense of concern with the environment, based on a complex and sensible agreement of the relations of the man with the environment and its return would have to occur: In 1977, the conference carried through in Tbilisi, defined the AE as a dimension given to the content and the practical one of the education, guided for the resolution of the concrete problems of the environment, through an approach to interdisciplinar and of an active and responsible participation of each individual and of the collective; In 1996, the National Advice of the Environment (Conama), defined the AE as a process of formation and information, guided for the development of the critical conscience on the ambient questions and of activity that take the participation of the communities in the preservation of the ambient balance: In 1992, elaborated for the International Commission for preparation of River, the EA if characterizes for incorporating the socioeconmica dimension, politics, cultural and historical, not being able to be based on rigid guidelines and of universal application, having to consider the conditions and the period of training of each country, region community, under a holistic perspective.

USP Raquel Rolnik

September 1st, 2018

Let us take here the example of the use of the automobile in the great cities. The people are opting each time more to the individual transport, in detriment of the public. It is a complicated question of if deciding nowadays, therefore the great cities are turning a chaos, with much racket, pollution and deaths. ' ' It imagines if a way of transport was created not-polluting agent, a teletransportador helmet, for example. With certainty all would be happy and premiariam the inventor. But, we go to assume despite, when was to receive the distinction, it disclosed that the machine is moved the meat human being, who consumes ten people per day.

It certainly would be imprisoned. But the same he does not occur with the cars, everybody aceita' '. This is a definition of Pablo Saldiva, the College of Medicine of the University of So Paulo (FMUSP), in interview to the Fapesp Agency, on the use of the automobile and its acceptance for the society. What we perceive is that the cities had also passed to be considered in accordance with the necessity of the cars and its drivers. In interview granted to the Frum magazine n 82, the teacher of the USP Raquel Rolnik remembers that, ' ' in Bogota, Columbian capital that is had as example in terms of urban model, the interventions made for the public power give priority for the collective transport and the pedestrian, in contrast of that brasileiras&#039 occurs in So Paulo and other cities; '. In this interview, it counts an experience that had, visiting Bogota: ' ' Vi that the urbanization of the periphery started making the sidewalk with tree, woody, illuminated, pretty, ciclovia in the public sidewalk, equipment, school, library, etc.

and alone later it paved the way. Pavement is 50% of the total cost of an urbanization. The things that really necessary people, sidewalk, school, square, tree, cost less than the pavement.

Moacir Gadotti Transformation

May 23rd, 2018

To work of constructive form in room means to open new horizontes of knowledge with chances of learning for the pupil, so that if it can develop potentiality for ways of diversified actions created by the professor. The school is space of convivncia and place of socialization of knowing of meeting and discoveries to them. Beyond exerting the leadership in the pertaining to school environment, the manager must stimulate new leaderships, dividing responsibilities of creative form aiming at the improvement of the process of the results educacionais.' ' That is, if more meetings of parents, pupils perhaps had each time and professors our education was differentiated. Until with the many spreadings of the media, some schools already if make cliente of that a permanent accompaniment is necessary to move away the aggressions from the daily one. For assistance, try visiting Lakshman Achuthan. As prof Moacir Gadotti in its pedagogical book of the prxis (So Paulo, Cortez/IPF 1995) it affirms: ' ' If it is truth that the education cannot make alone the Social transformation, also is truth that the transformation will not accomplish it will not be consolidated without educao' '. BULLYING IN the SCHOOL In the school or any place where if it coexists children and adolescents, we know that they are capable to practise small great pranks, however, we must be intent in all the details, any verbal aggressions or physical, strange nicknames, pushes, xingamentos, intentional and repetitive are considered bullying. ' ' all are equal before the law, without distinction of any nature, guaranteeing themselves it the Brazilians and to the resident foreigners in the Country the inviolability of the right to the life, the freedom, the equality, the security and propriedade' ' (BRAZIL, 1988, s.p.). Luciene Tognetta, of the Unicamp, in an interview the NEW magazine SCHOOL (p 69) justifies that it enters 10 and 12 years the child starts to search in the conviviality social, different references from that always received in house, to be given the process of construction of its proper personality.