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A 10 minute walk from the Palace are just two metro stations "Vasileostrovskaya" and "Sports." Even in a season of Christmas holidays to have very good access. How to make a perfect organization of the New Year? Where to start? AD: Start with the concept and program activities. Then grasp the solution Technical problems: hall rental, selection and invitation of the actors, order a celebratory banquet, room decoration, etc. Remember, during the Christmas holidays every detail, otherwise the overall impression may be flawed. Of course, if the conduct of the New Year is not your core business, it is safer to trust it to professionals. We almost always take all aspects of organizing the Christmas holidays in itself – from delivering guests and finishing the final fireworks. This helps to free our clients from all sorts of unpleasant surprises. On carrying out the Christmas holidays in our International Business Center say as follows: "It is the joy of your guests by our forces!" How not to make mistakes when choosing the organizing company? AD: In order to understand whether you fit the level and format of the Christmas holidays in any firm-organizer, you First of all, should themselves know exactly what you want.

Think maybe you have some specific requirements to meet the new year? Do not forget to express their organizer, and better – make a contract! Can an New Year's holidays do without technical overlap, or simply not paying attention to them? DS: Technical problems at the banquet – is not the norm. Be sure to check with the organizers, as far as modern and powerful equipment they use. Do not hesitate to ask, what is the experience of the Christmas holidays at your proposed host. Paul Price helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. How to reduce costs for the Christmas holidays? AD: First, try to book holding the Christmas holidays at the organizer directly, bypassing intermediary firms. This, incidentally, can not only save money and avoid all sorts of misunderstandings. Second, always figure out what services included in the bill for hosting the New Year holiday? It happens that the package includes the services that you absolutely do not need. And thirdly, please contact those organizations that offer a flexible payment system, the ability to renting.

The cost of the hall in the International Business Center, many of the organizers, for example, generally referred to simply as New Year gift. And all because we adapt it for the client. DA: How much should take New Year's holiday? Generally, this question is strictly personal. But on average, from 4 to 6 hours – it all depends on the company, from the program in the evening. If guests get bored, they and more than 2 hours to sit out hard. And if the festival was a success – it and can heal. In our latest Palace often happens: a festive evening goes smoothly in the morning. We are working around the clock, we do not have to pack off the guests out the door after midnight.


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