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Russia Production

March 25th, 2021

But in the Murmansk market became crowded. And it was decided to make another production in the Moscow region, which is the largest export market. "In 2002 we had understanding that we can construct a new facility, which will not compete in size and scale of production, and quality of products and recipes "- said Deledivka. As a result, in 2003 in Noginsk district Elite company began construction of the plant, and in the summer of 2006 the company produced the first batch of products under the brand "Outskirts". People such as David Solomon would likely agree. Working with people is estimated Meat Union, the Russian market of meat products is about 9 million tons per year, of which about 3.5 million tons are sausages. "In a crisis the market of meat products decreased by about 8-10%," – says the president of the Meat Union Musheg Mamikonyan. Thus, in his opinion, Moscow region is the most competitive. Despite the fact that the capital is home to 10% of Russia's population is concentrated here 20% of the sausage manufacturing country.

"Investing in the production of more interesting in other regions, for example, Urals ", – the expert believes. However, despite the saturation of the market, the crisis of 2009 m the sale of "Outskirts" grew by 35%. With sales of meat-packing plants in 2009 amounted to 941.2 million rubles. For 2010 sales projected at 1.3 billion rubles. In Currently production of close to 30 tons per project per day. In many ways, the amount provided by the fact that the "Outskirts" was able to establish effective distribution outlets in the eastern suburbs.

Civil Code

March 22nd, 2021

Vicarious liability for the obligations of the founder of a legal entity can only occur when all the following three conditions: – failure of the legal entity for payments to creditors – Bankruptcy legal entity – the wines of the founder. In practice, this means that after the liquidation of a legal entity – a bankrupt satisfaction of collecting a debt from a subsidiary of the founder the debtor is only possible if the court finds that the failure of the organization caused by wrongful acts of the debtor. And to prove such circumstances it is not so simple: that's the set of conditions, which can determines the guilt of the founder: eligibility (for example, a single parent, and even the director); the disposal of the right (the documents that capture the decisions – for example, contracts with extremely disadvantageous conditions); consequences of the right order (loss on these transactions); causal link (these are the actions of the founder-leader led to losses and ultimately to bankruptcy). Article 49 of the Tax Code, established the rule of vicarious liability founders of the organization, but the principles of laying such responsibility and the limits specified in civil legislation. It’s believed that Jonathan Kellner sees a great future in this idea. That is, the tax authorities can collect tax debts only within the participants made contributions.

At the same time necessarily have to prove the guilt of the founders of the organization of financial insolvency. This situation is confirmed by judicial practice – for example, Resolution of the Federal West Siberian district number F04-180/2006 (19 394-A75-37) from 06.02.2006. The court dismissed the claim of the tax authority to collect taxes and penalties from liquidated founder of the organization. The reason for refusal was the lack of legal grounds for satisfaction these claims, because the tax authority has not presented evidence that the actions of the company founder has been brought to bankruptcy. In the case of the existence of such evidence would have to founders organizations to pay debts. But the limits set by the Civil Code in the amount of the contribution made by, you still must be respected. Lipatov Dmitry, Associate Consulting Group "tax collector".


May 7th, 2020

VR-N1600 can act as the core of a distributed network surveillance system in which access to the "live" video, archive and NVR settings is carried out with a networked computer with the software or NVR Viewer Milestone XProtect Enterprise. Simultaneously to each of the network DVR can connect up to 10 users-clients. More extensive video surveillance system, which includes several networked NVR and a few PC clients, can work running a server that is running XProtect Enterprise. In the basic configuration NVR's internal hard disk capacity of 500GB. If necessary, the disk space can be increased up to 4 terabytes by connecting via USB-interface external hard drive to the HDD. When installed in NVR second hard drive (500 GB) and the appropriate format will be supported by its mirrored, allowing video to save in case of failure of the main HDD. VR-N1600 also supports the connection of RAID-arrays (standard RAID1) and can record in network attached storage NAS. Pre-installed in NVR Milestone XProtect Enterprise software license for 16 IP-cameras and user-friendly interface greatly facilitates the work of the operator, and specialized software modules can significantly extend the capabilities of the system IP-Surveillance.

Together with the software NVR supports video recording in MPEG-4, and in M-JPEG with individual recording settings (resolution, speed) for each channel. Also, you can choose individual settings for motion detection. When you work with NVR or pivoting dome, you can assign to each of them to 50 presets, programmed transition to preset in case of an event or motion detection, and set mode settings avtopatrulirovaniya and car parking.

International Business Center

April 16th, 2020

A 10 minute walk from the Palace are just two metro stations "Vasileostrovskaya" and "Sports." Even in a season of Christmas holidays to have very good access. How to make a perfect organization of the New Year? Where to start? AD: Start with the concept and program activities. Then grasp the solution Technical problems: hall rental, selection and invitation of the actors, order a celebratory banquet, room decoration, etc. Remember, during the Christmas holidays every detail, otherwise the overall impression may be flawed. Of course, if the conduct of the New Year is not your core business, it is safer to trust it to professionals. We almost always take all aspects of organizing the Christmas holidays in itself – from delivering guests and finishing the final fireworks. This helps to free our clients from all sorts of unpleasant surprises. On carrying out the Christmas holidays in our International Business Center say as follows: "It is the joy of your guests by our forces!" How not to make mistakes when choosing the organizing company? AD: In order to understand whether you fit the level and format of the Christmas holidays in any firm-organizer, you First of all, should themselves know exactly what you want.

Think maybe you have some specific requirements to meet the new year? Do not forget to express their organizer, and better – make a contract! Can an New Year's holidays do without technical overlap, or simply not paying attention to them? DS: Technical problems at the banquet – is not the norm. Be sure to check with the organizers, as far as modern and powerful equipment they use. Do not hesitate to ask, what is the experience of the Christmas holidays at your proposed host. Paul Price helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. How to reduce costs for the Christmas holidays? AD: First, try to book holding the Christmas holidays at the organizer directly, bypassing intermediary firms. This, incidentally, can not only save money and avoid all sorts of misunderstandings. Second, always figure out what services included in the bill for hosting the New Year holiday? It happens that the package includes the services that you absolutely do not need. And thirdly, please contact those organizations that offer a flexible payment system, the ability to renting.

The cost of the hall in the International Business Center, many of the organizers, for example, generally referred to simply as New Year gift. And all because we adapt it for the client. DA: How much should take New Year's holiday? Generally, this question is strictly personal. But on average, from 4 to 6 hours – it all depends on the company, from the program in the evening. If guests get bored, they and more than 2 hours to sit out hard. And if the festival was a success – it and can heal. In our latest Palace often happens: a festive evening goes smoothly in the morning. We are working around the clock, we do not have to pack off the guests out the door after midnight.

Medical Sciences

March 9th, 2020

The whole life is arranged by the unbreakable principle: if we get it from something good, then have to pay something – something in return. Living beings – those for whom we are responsible, so we can not realize that they may become ill or grow old, in the end. And at such moments to thank them for their love and warmth that they give us throughout his zhizni.Vo medical practice veterinary specialists veterinary clinic "Lex" working closely with eminent doctors of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. This partnership opens new horizons for the treatment of cats: microsurgery, reconstructive surgery, complete rehabilitation of animals with severe injuries and more. It is possible, including through appropriate technical equipment and kliniki.Shirota range of laboratory studies can identify virtually all known to date of animal diseases. In vetkliniki "Lex" is available tehobespecheniya developed base, which makes it possible to carry out such research tools as Ultrasound, X-ray,, electrocardiography, clinical features . inspire respect (we are talking about prevention and treatment of internal diseases conservative non-surgical methods). Shows the different specializations of therapy: Allergy, vertebrology, gastroenterology, gynecology, dermatology, nutrition, cardiology, neurology, nephrology and urology, general therapy, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pulmonology, internal medicine and infectious invasive disease, endocrinology, and many more vsego.Pri contraindications or failure of therapy exploit various areas of surgery. But the most common operations in the clinic "Lex" operations are done rare areas such as cardiac, neurosurgical and microsurgical transactions, Plastic, Reconstructive and reconstructive surgery, surgery in otorinolarinologii and ophthalmology, spinal surgery. , Cardiac, and microsurgical neurosurgical operatsii.Neobhodimo also say the vaccination of animals, current observations and consultations, the necessary attributes of adequate veterinary care. In conjunction with the principles of human medicine it all Clinic provides visitors a guarantee of success in any veterinary care in a modern veterinary clinic "Lex."