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Catherine O Flynn is an English of Irish parents who was born the year 1970 in Birmingham. What we lost is his first novel; It was published after having been rejected by a considerable number of publishers and literary agents. Of course, with this background, the novel has been an extraordinary success among critics and sales, which neatly explains the importance that usually has the talent in the shameless marketing of publishing and selling books. Set in crippling casings of a gigantic shopping mall, the author does not lose the opportunity to describe the decline in the traditional life of the annexed neighborhoods and limited life of its inhabitants. The protagonists are people living delivered to the giant trade, without the ability to carry out their wishes and aspirations beyond his own work, mediocre and bland, which absorbs their very existence. Very interesting the way is that the Narrator introduces the characters in the story and will be setting their appearances with decisive moments of the plot. The attempt of the author by taking out the maximum advantage of a scenario so rich in possibilities as a commercial center, gives an idea the intermittent appearance of characters that do not have to do with the thread of the argument but with the pulsating life of the commercial center, full of all kinds of individuals. It is appreciated throughout the narrative, small flashes, almost trivial, they give life to the landscape and outlines perfectly the personality of the characters.


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