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Google Adsense

December 25th, 2017

It is well known that Google Adsense enables owners of projects websites earn revenue from ads placed on their own Web sites. Currently these announcements appear in a large number of project sites, whether they are popular or not both. In turn, thus earning with Google Adsense varies depending on several factors, among them the issue and the number of unique visits to the website. Therefore, revenues obtained the prepietarios of their websites, can vary of, say, $1 to $10000 (even more) per month. But well, the bulk of those who earn money with Google Adsense, to see the decrease in income from Adsense, make several questions on this, the most important of which is: why this decline is it?. It is no coincidence that this question arises because the average income caye although the number of unique visitors grow. Therefore, we try to give response to carry out calculations.

We must cite one example. An owner of a web site’s business in 2008 had average earnings estimates of about $300 per month, and this year gets a little less than $250 per month while the average number of unique visitors to your web project increased by 30%. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article that you earn with Adsense depends on many factors. It has taken into account the advertising budget for the web site in question, which must spend within a period of one month, because it is one of the most important factors. Let’s put that in 2008 the advertising budget average for that web site’s business was $650 per month. It should be noted that in 2008 there was a certain amount of business webs projects network, say 1000.

In what refers to the total advertising budget of that time for business websites, it was, say, 650 thousand dollars per month. But today is the year 2010. What is that underwent major changes in two years? Therefore, increased the number of visits to the website in question and especially the amount of websites for business ads appear AdSense. He also increased the budget monthly advertising but not both. Therefore the number of visits increased to the web project in question, say, 30% in two years and instead increased the amount of websites of similar theme, we suppose, twice. At the same time the advertising budget for the websites of business increased, say, as much as 20 percent because of the crisis. Therefore, in 2010 the network already account with 2000 websites for business, Adsense ads, showing instead the advertising budget, distributed among websites, is 780 thousand dollars per month. Thus, it is not uncommon that follow being the decrease in income from Adsense. As you can see, not only count on income from Adsense but creates your business idea on the Internet.

Land Rover Freelander

April 18th, 2016

One has occurred by finalized II the Edition of the Contest Car of the Year EllasConducen 2010 that has taken place within its page in Facebook, in which the most feminine car of the 2010 has been chosen and the winner has been Land Rover Freelander2 with 35% of the votes, followed of the Audi A5 Cabrio and Abarth 500 respectively. At Harbour Portfolio Advisors you will find additional information. Next we left the results you of the 10 voted cars more: More feminine car of the 2010? Land Rover Freelander2 (35%)? Audi A5 Joist (15%)? Abarth 500 (10%)? Alfa Romeo Myth (8%)? Infiniti EX37 (7%)? Audi Q5 (7%)? SEAT Leon FR (7%)? Volkswagen Scirocco (5%)? Opel Astra (3%)? Mazda CX -7 (3%) We are thankful for also the sponsorship of the contest on the part of companies leaders, such as MAPFRE, Ford Deysa and Marketing Surfers, that have wanted to support their to this initiative. On was created in 2007 with the purpose of to help and to inform to all the women interested in the world of the motor or who demand an advising customized in the purchase of its vehicle. From its beginning, this vestibule offers a great variety of informative services and gratuitous advising, such as the purchase of a vehicle and the hiring of an insurance, next to the news, tests of cars and articles of the present time. All the partners registered in the Web receive monthly in their email, without no type of cost, the Motor Newsletter for Them, whom information updated of all that with the automobile sector includes. From its launching, has received more than 2.000.000 of visitors and has more than 12,000 registered users, who monthly receive the digital edition of Motor for Them. A project of the Group They belongs to the Group They, founded on 2007 by Juan Merodio. Its objective resides in helping to the women in different sectors, creating communities in Internet and ensure communications and information between the users. Thus, it manages a network of vestibules dedicated exclusively to the feminine public.