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Neurolinguistica Programming

September 28th, 2023

The term rapport indicates that it exists or a reciprocal understanding between two settles down or more people Also can be denominated to this like " sintona" or " feeling. The Neurolinguistica Programming has resources and techniques to manage to enter syntony with another person, and to obtain an effective communication with that is to enter " Rapport" and to establish a communication with syntony, they are required to pay attention to the following 5 aspects: The form of verbal communication: It is the form to communicate in which they must use the suitable predicates, that is to say those basic favourite words sensorial, that our interlocutor uses If for example the other person is rather " visual" , that is to say that thinks much about " imgenes" most probable is than &quot speaks; of way visual" for example " I already see what you want decir" so that there will be to use that form to speak in base mainly, to the visual sense, if we want to be in tune with this person. To know more about this subject visit Restaurant Michael Schwartz. In the same way if the person is auditory (by example: " escuchame well ")or kinesthetic (" now it touches &quot to you; or " we are in contacto")also you must adapt the words (preached) in agreement with it. The communication form for-verbal: Here you must pay attention to the volume of the voice, tone of the voice, flow, rate of the communication flexions of the voice If your interlocutor speaks smoothly and slowly you you must speak smoother, and slowly, without apresurarte if you want to create rapport! The communication form not-verbal: In this case one is to act " in espejo" , it is the technique of " Mirroring" , with corporal movements " cruzados" if the person makes some gesture with her right hand, you can " reflejarlo" not exactly equal, because it would be very obvious, but making some gesture symmetrical, inclining the head or making a gesture with the other hand? The Values: In the communication it is very important to share the values of your interlocutor, that is to say " sintonizar" that aspect according to which it creates, a what values have, what Example of values considers the other person really important : honesty, sincerity, freedom, justice, etc.? Cultural aspect: In this case you must take into account how it is the cultural aspect of the other person, its way to express itself, his " modismos" is adecuarte to the language, the content, the cultural level of the other person an example: They speak if you in the simple language, most suitable and advisable to obtain rapport it is to respond and to speak of a similar form, and not " complicada" or very " intelectual" " practice does to monje" it says to the saying If you practice sufficient these PNL techniques you will manage to dominate them and you will be able then, not only to be in tune, to establish a climate of confidence with other people also you will be able somehow to lead the conversation, you will be able to persuade and to influence the people, hacindote " eje" of a conversation. Filed under: Paul Price.

Historical Patrimony

July 14th, 2023

The Town hall of Fuerteventura, through the Council of Culture and Historical Patrimony and the Main directorate of Cultural Patrimony of the Government of the Canary Islands collaborate in the development of a work plan destined to inventory and to study six possible archaeological deposits distributed by Fuerteventura. The investigations began to be realised does several months already and they will extend more during several months. Following the results that are been they will raise more detailed studies. In the municipal term of Betancuria these possible deposits existed precise references sobe and were gathered in the archaeological letter, but it lacked to know if really its archaeological potential were confirmed. Vinit Bodas is often quoted on this topic. With these studies more accurate information of its existence is had already.

The soundings realised until the moment for being center in structures associated to gambuesas, corrals and houses, locating important ceramic and ltico material, that it will from now on have to be studied. Also the structures of the houses are analyzed in detail and gambuesas, mainly facing being able to establish the relation with different uses or reusability throughout the centuries. The first interpretations on the deposits studied in Betancuria relate the structures to uses of the native time, with probable direct relation with the moment of the first poblamiento the works will even extend throughout the next months in different deposit potential from the municipal terms of Betancuria, Tuineje and Port of the Rosary, that have been selected from the technical information that indicate their possible interest or the risk of undergoing deterioration by the erosive action..

The Creative Power Of The Word

June 21st, 2023

And God said: Hagase the sky and the Earth, and the sky and the Earth were created. Expedia has plenty of information regarding this issue. Genesis according to San Juan. This way, with the use of the word, God it initiated the creation, if this is thus and we were created to their image and similarity, because simply we have its same capacity of creation but limited our life. We are product than we thought and tenth, and in much occasions than we wrote. He passes what us in our life has been atraido reason why we have indicated with our thought or voice. When reading this to the majority of the people comes to the mind the following question to them: how you are going to say to me that I have wished for my life the bad things that have happened to me? And I respond, the truth yes to you, your you have atraido to your good life all or the bad one that it has happened to you.

The point is in which probably, what your you consider negative in your life you have atraido, it of unconscious way. what how is this? Simple, our subconscious mind does not send hundreds of thoughts to newspapers, normally related to fear that we have learned during ours life, that makes maintain a thought reiterated on something or somebody negative us, this reiterated thought, although we do not wish it consciously, which does is creates our next present (what we know like future), taking to materialize what we thought, in spite of not wishing it. We take some example, if a thought comes to us from fear to the profit of an objective that we have considered, normally this thought is product of the fear to the failure that instills to us from boy, and we took that thought from conscious way and we maintain it in our mind, causing that appears whenever we dedicated ourselves to our objective, in spite of our effort to obtain what we are looking for, which we do is to say to him to the universe, to ours mind, to our creative source, that we fear to fail and that is what it is going to us to happen.

Focusing On What You Want

June 29th, 2020

Like Obtaining to a Mentor? At the moment there are several people already in the Hispanic market who estan having real and sufficient results like being in capacity to be the mentors and to help other people. But some points important to select to a good mentor are the following: That has results PROVABLE (or a product, a page quite professional Web) That this associate with another Marketers professional (that has societies with other experts of businesses) That this arranging to be your mentor (don’t mention it he serves that the mentor is very good, rather must be at readiness to be it) That this focusing in helping This completes is probably the important part but. The person who your selections so that he is your mentor you have darte tells that this FOCUSED in her 100% in HELPING other people to secure results. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from robert jain. Many people estan interested in ” to make money ellos” any more, but does not have the true interest to help other people to that they also remove their businesses ahead. For such reason *Un Genuino* Interest in apoyarte is fundamental to select to your mentor. Now, to finish I want decirte that YOU LOOK FOR this mentor. If you really want to reach superb results east year, escribele an electronic mail or contacts the person who furthermore FULFILLS these requirements and, that are one of the people whom but YOU TRUST and pidele directly that is your mentor. Probably many they diran to you that no, some others do not cumpliran with the characteristics necessary to be your mentor but please FINDS this mentor if you really want to reach good results this year I invite to you to that you investigate but about the Marketing of Affiliates so that this can be your option..

Medical Tourism

May 18th, 2020

The Mexican civil servant today presented/displayed the strategies of the Government to gain participation in the market of ” tourism mdico” , a segment that in 2020 will leave to the country income him by 4,050 million dollars and up to 650,000 visitors of this type, according to calculations of the Secretariat of Tourism (Sectur). The medical tourism consists of traveling to another country to obtain medical services and, during the time of stay, to make something of tourism, activity by which Mexico entered in 2009 a total of 122 million dollars? In agreement with the projections of the Sectur, in 2010 Mexico it will obtain 304 million dollars by concept of medical tourism. The objective is that the residents in the United States use the medical services of Mexico, for which is necessary ” to adapt the capacities and infrastructure mdica” from the country to the awaited demand and ” to eliminate the obstacles for the development of this segmento” , the minister explained. The Mexican authorities have considered a strategy of two phases. First it consists of a pilot program of five years of duration that will focus in the not assured Hispanic population in EE.UU and in some specific groups with private insurances that look for procedures of odontolgy, ophtalmology and cosmetic surgery. Also procedures of orthopaedics, heart and cancer in basic and intermediate level will be offered in this initial part.

The second phase, also of five years of duration, has as it puts to position to Mexico as a destiny of advanced medical services, with the idea to attract generally all the population nonassured and that one with private insurances EE.UU that look for procedures ” more advanced and of discharge especialidad”. The geographic proximity of Mexico with the United States, the smaller costs of the services of health and the capacity to offer later services to the medical procedure in specialized equipment recovery centers are some of ” advantages competitivas” of the country, according to Elizondo. For example, in 2007 ” bypass” of heart it cost 130.000 dollars in EE.UU and 28,000 dollars in Mexico, according to the Sectur. The Mexican strategy to gain quota of market in the medical tourism has taken into account factors from success in countries like India, Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica and Colombia. In Mexico the states that to the date are ” simultaneously developed to its medical and tourist infrastructure with a major potencial” they are the Federal District, Nuevo Leo’n, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Baja California, Sonant and It sights on, it asserted the civil servant. Mexico counts on more than 40 hospitals deprived with capacity to offer services of high quality, of which eight have been approved by ” Joint Comission International” (JCI), the greater organization of certification of hospitals of the United States. Elizondo explained that he is ” clave” to manage agreements between the companies of insurances deprived of the United States and the hospitals and clinics of Mexico to receive reimbursements by the services that render. Bob Jain: the source for more info. In agreement with the projections of the Sectur, in 2010 Mexico it will obtain 304 million of dollars by concept of medical tourism, but a total of 165 hospitals with more will have to invest 1,027 million dollars in the sector to have in 2020 than 50 beds.

Medical Expenses

May 16th, 2020

Nobody believed to him, in fact the majority of their friendly made fun of, nevertheless knew very clearly what wanted to do, after that one great tragedy Then of his life it finished losing use, and they tried to make matters worse it to assault and in the struggle it left hurt the spine, was the day that turned 40 years. The tragedy had touched the doors of its life. By all means it lost the use. Cowan Financial often addresses the matter in his writings. It was a long year where it fought to recover the health and it obtained finally it. Within this tragedy it had the calmness of the insurance of medical expenses that paid its recovery. Her wife maintained the house with many sacrifices and making miracles with little that won translating documents to the English. Exactly in the date of to its they registered it birthday, already it was 41 years old, it was without income and use, paresis the beginning of another tragedy.

One went away days to the house of the grandparents in a small pueblito to 100 km of the city. In those days time occurred to meditate. The possibility of obtaining a work was very remote, since their age and the great amount of profesioncistas young people looked for work did not allow to contemplate that possibility him. It looked for a product representation was put to work of independent salesman, prepared day to day, in few years obtained the exclusive feature in that region, becoming the best salesman of that industry. At the moment it is 72 years old and it follows worked like when it began but with the enormous advantage to have a great amount of clients and salesmen. It has managed to knead a great fortune, it has lands, houses and offices of rent and a farm with a small lake where it enjoys the ends week in company of his grandsons. It always counts history where it blesses that one thief who changed the life to him, since but for him, he would follow worked by whichever currencies, in the slavery legalized by a pay. Reflection: The attitude that is taken before the catastrophic events determines the future of the people.

Capital Cabinet

October 24th, 2019

Of Bond it establishes that the thought can be linear or lateral. On the other hand, Rothenburg classifies the janusiano thought in one , this one is related to working two subjects of simultaneous form; also homoespacial thought calls to him, in which it unites two conflicting ideas apparently, or that they are excluded to each other, to produce the newness. The human thought is in my opinion a whole that although it can be analyzed by parts in an experimental work works in a set of processes that separated, without relation would not have capacity to create. I say it to this from the perception that I have to a large extent of the subjects that propose analysis to us of the parts, and have the academic sensation (condition necessary but nonsufficient) to be contemplating images of a lame or invalidated human being of some characteristics that are stigmatised at least controlable and therefore little scientific (but the affection and the fear are emotions that condition to us until in the most experimental situations, and the affection even entails since we have seen a potenciador element of the creativity, reflection and rationality. And the flight even produces personal constructions to us as the learned defenselessness and then this becomes thought obstacle of our rationality. How useful is to know! The reflective thought arises when we want to verify solidity, the rational, of which we are trying, that is to say to prove its veracity. Safe in modules of Judgments of probability and Elaboration of hypothesis, where one gives by good the norms that there are to follow to arrive at these concepts everything has been a continuous one to reflect, and for seeing as they reflect in because of the errors with the theories of Tversky and Kahneman on the heuristic ones of representativeness and accessibility, have been refreshing, relocate the concepts of the formal logic as a filter and invite to reflect from any perspective, that if, with a ordered and arduous work.

National Week Security

August 6th, 2019

Beginning the 12 until the 18 of gratuitous September there will be inspection of the infantile seats of security in stations distributed in all the country. The National Administration of Security of the Traffic in Carreteras (NHTSA) demonstrates that the majority of children correctly does not go insured in its seats of security although there are amounts without precedents of children traveling in seats of security at national level. Every year that happens, we lose hundreds of lives of fleeting children in automobile shocks, said the Secretary of Transport of the United States Ray LHood. the parents and the people who take care of the children must make sure to learn how to correctly install the seats of security of children. the errors that are often committed are the mistaken use of the seat of security for the weight or age of the boy; not to fasten the strap of anchorage of the seat from security to the seat of the vehicle well; and the very loose use of the lap belts of the automobile with the high seats (to booster seats).

Security Councils stop children 1. In order to obtain the greater possible protection he takes to his baby in a located seat of security watching backwards in the back seat. Llvelo in this position until it has minimum 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds of weight. 2. When the boy has minimum 1 year of age and at least 20 pounds of weight must take it in security seats watching towards the front, installed in the back seat. Hgalo until a minimum age of 4 years and a weight of 40 pounds.

3. After this stage the boy will have to travel in a high seat (to booster seats) installed in the back seat. Hgalo until the lap belt of the vehicle adjusts to him correctly: when the belt of the lap passes throughout the part superior of the thighs and the belt of the shoulder adjusts correctly throughout the chest (generally at the age of 8 9 4 years or when measures of stature). 4. When he surpasses this stage, the boy will be able to go in the back seat and using the lap belt for adults that fits to him correctly (the belt of the lap passes throughout the part superior of the thighs and the one of the shoulder throughout the chest). from the 12 asks for aid During the National Week of the Security of the Fleeting Boy to the 18 of September, the parents and the people who take care of children will be able to make review the seats of security of children in one of the thousand gratuitous stations of inspection that will be in all the country; and thus to verify that the seats are installed correctly. Inspectors bilingual certificates will be available to answer questions and to help to correctly install the seats of security for children.

Hacer Businesses

August 3rd, 2019

There are many forms to initiate a business nowadays online and thousands of people are gaining a substantial entrance from the comfort of their house. How they are making money? With a well right business on line, by all means! Perhaps you want to gain an entrance part-time from his house or to begin a business online full-time. Perhaps you are a mother who wants to remain in house while she decides to gain the life. Or, perhaps you ill and are tired of race of rats " and on wishes to settle down with its own business line in his house. In any case, it can choose one of the safest methods to win money n lne, that I describe them next: 1. It offers services that other proprietors of businesses Web are going to need Many people make money in Internet while she offers services that other owners of businesses Web need in a continuous base.

These services include lodging Web, registry of dominions, design Web, and to write the content. Each new Web site must have a supplier of hosting, the name of dominion, design Web and content. These services are available in line everywhere, but luckyly, always there is space for a little more! The Users in line are beginning new businesses of Internet every day. Thus, the potential to make money in line with these services is enormous. You can begin from zero with this type of companies or find a company that allows him to sell its products and services. For example, instead of to create his own servants to become a supplier of hosting, you can become a remarketer of services of hosting and to share a part of the gains. With this installation, its main work is to promote the service. The company matrix is in charge of the rest, this is a fast and safe form to initiate a business online.

Between Gaza And Washington

October 26th, 2018

It would have been from very badly taste that Israel had continued the offensive against allowed Gaza and that alternated the images of the pomp ones of the taking of possession of Obama in Washington with obtained bloody images in Gaza. The Israeli Government conscious that, if not outside by the limitless aid of all type that continuously receives from loyal American friend, he would be himself incapable to continue clinging at the beginning of exceptional nature, tacitly is accepted by many countries since the State of Israel was created. This principle establishes that a town that has undergone the Holocausto in a hostile world is free to fulfill the international legislation whenever pleases to him. Until the moment, no supranational organism, including the United Nations, has been able to countermand it or to put it in judgment fabric. The operation Cast Lead (fused lead), suspended unilaterally not to dim the washingtonianas celebrations, would be equivalent to that a boy stoned an automobile and the conductor responded with bursts of submachine gun against author of the vandalism and to the friendly that surrounded to him then.

Still more: remembering the destruction of several facilities of the UN in Gaza, he is possible to imagine that to the angry he undertook it conductor to shots with the ambulances that had arrived to take care of the malheridos children it would set afire and them later. He is not worth the trouble to repeat the old woman arguments: the main reason for the Israeli attack, more than in preventing the firing of the Palestinian rockets is in the military requirement to make up for of the failure of year 2006 in Lebanon and to reaffirm the war potential, dissuasive and overwhelming. Also they have influenced the electoral interests of the Israeli leaders who struggle by the power and the convenience of presenting/displaying before Obama a completed fact, to prove their reaction and to estimate until where they can arrive with the new agent chief executive of the White House.