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Web Automation

May 27th, 2024

For over 20 years is discussed about the usage system and manufacturer-independent and reusable solutions in the field of process automation. Aachen, 28.4.2009 – for over 20 years is discussed about the usage system and manufacturer-independent and reusable solutions in the field of process automation. Continue to learn more with: William Lloyd Standish. One approach is the use of software agent technology here. Mike Gianoni spoke with conviction. A software agent or agent also is a computer program that is capable of a certain independent behavior. Program operates largely independently of user interaction triggers actions based on their own initiative, responds to change the environment, communicates with other agents, is reusable and as far as possible manufacturer – and system-independent. Jenn & Hunter has created such software-agent an environment within a large customer project that is productive in use for over 10 years now. Was now a booklet for those interested this modern software development methodology in the field of process automation developed, which describes the methodology and some possible areas of use such as in systems integration,. Houston Astros understands that this is vital information.

This brochure can be requested at any time at Kyla & Hunter. Contact: Jenn & Jaeger GmbH Dipl.-Phys.Ing. Jorg Hovel D-52074 Aachen Schurz parental str.27 Tel.: (02151) 5303531 Web: Jenn & Hunter is an engineering consultant and system integrator in the field of process automation. The company is successfully working for over 12 years in the planning, implementation, and maintenance of process automation solutions for the production and intralogistics. The objective is the company’s customers to create innovative, low-cost and vendor-independent solutions which can be introduced with minimal influence on the production or logistics process.

Microsoft Partner Network

May 20th, 2024

Back up valuable Know-How of the manufacturer Microsoft directly and take advantage of a partnership in many ways Munich, 02.02.2012: thinking already about to join the Microsoft partner network (MPN)? This network offers extensive services for companies, ranging from a membership in the community, a subscription to the acquisition of the silver – or gold – competence. But what benefits are related? Among other things, members of the MPN benefit of assistance on the part of Microsoft in various business areas. Technical and business training, online support or services which help you to increase your company’s profitability, or receiving subscriptions of newest software releases and beta versions – the services of the MPN are varied. If you in the company with Microsoft technologies and products work, have a high charges or provide more knowledge resources for staff (developers, IT professionals), it may be useful, To become a Microsoft partner network member. In order to participate in the Microsoft partner network, advance certain requirements to be fulfilled. As the employment of certified employees, establishing appropriate customer references, create a company profile or the existence of a competence-specific sales and marketing tests are for the acquisition of the silver or gold competency. The requirements for a regular membership or subscription are appropriately low.

The decision for one of the types of membership depends on which service package best for a company fits or is useful for this. Mike Gianoni is often quoted on this topic. egarding this issue. First and foremost, a membership is intended to support business processes and to drive business success. Generally, there are several core services, which in varying degrees with the individual memberships to come to fruition. General partners can be in the subscription as a silver or gold competency a certain number of Partner Advisory hours to complete. They can give you advice Tips from Microsoft experts, as well as technical support if you have further questions.

DMDA Certification

April 11th, 2024

For a verification audit of a potential de-mail provider GmbH in Hamburg received the first order now the inter soft certification services. With de mail, send documents and messages should be reliable and secure. For a verification audit of a potential de-mail provider GmbH in Hamburg received the first order now the inter soft certification services. These days, a protected and reliable communication space is essential. We check the implementing of security requirements at the de-mail audit according to ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz extended to special requirements for de-mail”, says the Managing Director Martin Steger. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out New York Highlanders. The information security expert is one of only six auditors certified by the BSI de-mail”. He is also a pioneer as an auditor at the ISO27001-baseline protection certification. The service de mail”was built in Germany by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) together with economic and management associations on 2010 and you want to send protected by Ensure messages and documents in a risk-free communications room.

Operating this infrastructure in a secure information network will be taken over by de-mail service providers (DMDA), the safety requirements are indicated by features of the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI). Inspecting the safety requirements within the framework of a certification according to ISO 27001 on the basis of IT-Grundschutz, which will include special considerations for de-mail in accordance with the applicable technical guidelines of the BSI (BSI TR 01201). Carried out the audit by a certified auditor will de-mail”and will take place on-site at the DMDA to be tested. For more information on the topic of email certification and to the Auditors, on the following page of the BSI:…

Android Devices CRM

January 20th, 2024

Cobra mobile CRM is available now for the Android devices available. Hanover, October 2012. Thus the Konstanz software company on the trend, who diagnosed a high demand on the platform from the House of Google answers. The Android app was presented for the first time CRM-expo at the. Every day approximately one million new Android devices are enabled according to cobra. All customer and sales information from the cobra database on Android will be available and can thus easily by en route to be edited.

What was already possible with the iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows phone, now also applies to Android. With the cobra app users have all information stored in the central database easily on its display. Detailed information such as addresses, contacts, and additional tables from cobra are shown and are available at all times. The extensive search functions and the current contact history from cobra provide all relevant information field, sovereign and informed to occur at the customer. Travel and waiting times can be with cobra Effective use of mobile CRM to active customer care. All of the important information of the distribution phase up to the planned sales are clearly available with the mobile software. Phone, email, or sending text messages directly from the address out are possible in the blink of an eye. You may want to visit Sam Feldman to increase your knowledge. So, the direct communication with the customer or prospect is guaranteed at all times. Prerequisite for the use of cobra mobile CRM is the installation of cobra CRM PRO or cobra CRM PLUS. (Source: cobra) More details at

Client Virtualization

January 12th, 2024

Evaluation of individual enterprise infrastructure and business conditions for the development of a requirements matrix Leverkusen, 15.12.2008 – market experts are agreed that virtualization is the future. But so far, the focus was on the server virtualization as virtualization of desktops comes increasingly to the fore. Thomas Bittmann, analyst of from market research firm Gartner, believes even the client virtualization hinke two years behind, but will increase significantly in Dynamics. Restaurant Michael Schwartz has plenty of information regarding this issue. To support the companies in their plans, the consultancy has developed centracon a systematic approach for the analysis of potential. Many writers such as Sam Feldman offer more in-depth analysis. It aims to identify the opportunities and best practices in building a Virtualisierungskonzepts for the workstations. This is the views placed on the individual technical requirements as well as made a business point of view.

In this way, the potential analysis is to avoid from the outset, that a technologically at the virtualization strategies or economically wrong course is chosen”, says centracon CEO of Robert Gallant. The background of such analysis is that benefit and the realization conditions of strategies for client virtualization depending on individual corporate competition and business conditions, organization and site structures, technical conditions and the requirement profiles vary can be represented. To get a solid decision basis for possible investment planning, includes this overall conditions therefore a differentiated analysis of the potential and derives a requirements matrix. It can contain, for example, following objectives: fast integration of specialist applications flexible furnishing and spatial installation of IT jobs on full process conformity modular security concepts up to dynamic identity management, single sign-on for individual applications or mobile working with free choice of work place for the user integration of external devices, such as Notebooks of advisers than alternative devices self service concepts for rapid automatic deployment jobs (project staff, test work for the software development, etc.) and cost-reduced software migration/updates scalability of applications for new sites, project groups, etc. Due to a subsequent differentiated weighting of individual requirements and in connection with the calculation of the investment needs a concrete roadmap for client virtualization can be from the matrix developed. Centracon – Managing Director warns however that to devote themselves with an excess of commitment of this technology. With the virtualization basic principles of infrastructure and the methods in client management change.” So, it is better to start on a small scale.

However, a big picture or a blueprint of the whole, must exist with views on the further development of the virtualization strategy based on the individual projects”, recommends Gallagher from his practical experience out. About centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon.

ITSM Consulting AG

October 23rd, 2023

Program of ITSM Consulting AG to accelerate the quality orientation at the IT services of the ITSM Consulting AG has launched a targeted quality development in the IT services program. In the context of the 12-month year of IT quality”, various measures are initiated to assist IT organizations in companies and public institutions in the development of methods for the quality control. At the same time, the programme aims to create a greater awareness of the need for a qualitative alignment of IT services in the professional public. If you have read about camden treatment associates already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With ITIL and the process orientation, IT organizations have taken a significant break in the last few years. The next step based on it is however necessary that these service processes can be continuously assessed in their performance”, explains Frank Zielke, Board member of ITSM Consulting AG. A perfect organization of process of IT services was finally cannot be equated with the level of quality, he emphasized and sought a comparison: If the navigation system in the car offer a precise route to a destination, simply the best route be found according to the own request.

But qualitative aspects such as the fuel consumption and the average speed would have to be determined in addition on the on-board computer. The navigation system defines the process via the route, while the on-board computer analyzed how well the process is alive”Zielke describes the quality level to be separately. Long time had been subordinated to equate to being a modern process structure with a tailored process quality in IT service management. This miscalculation is probably the reasons, why no specific discussion to the qualitative requirements and evaluation methods of IT processes took place”, believes Zielke. Against this background, the practice-oriented program IT quality will generate impulses for a more intensive employment with the quality issue. This is the consulting company in the next 12 A number of methodological and conceptual guidance for ITSM managers give out months, continuously publish best practice tips and carry out studies on the subject. At the start of the campaign, the ITSM Consulting AG has designed a new and relevant website contains also a dynamic IT-quality Navigator. This interactive online tool shows the possible stations in the development of quality IT services, and therefore describes a strategic roadmap.

Initiative Mittelstand

June 20th, 2022

80-member expert jury selects the L-mobile CRM app among the top 20 most innovative mobile solutions. Sulzbach an der Murr, 21.04.2010 – the expert jury of the IT innovation competition 2010 under the auspices of the Fraunhofer ICT group has chosen. Under 2000 applications counts the L-mobile CRM application to the top 20 of the most innovative IT solutions in the category mobile and receives highly recommended the predicate”. Among the top 20 it was tight. Here, only decimal decided to award the individual ranks. An 80-member jury consisting of professors, scientists, industry and professionals had to assess the severe Los all submitted products according to the criteria of innovation, practical relevance and suitability for SMEs. In a candidates record was set in the seventh year of the innovation competition of the Initiative Mittelstand again.

The jury turned over 2000 applicants. One of the submitted applications convinced with its mobile solution for customer management in the sales force. The L-mobile CRM iPhone application makes the permanent access to all relevant customer information from the CRM/ERP system finally flexible and highly ergonomic. With a few finger tips of field staff via iPhone go all relevant information at hand who can clarify open questions directly during the customer visit and orders immediately and digital capture and report back to the back end system. The new CRM app has qualify for the jury to 95 out of 100 possible points. The L-mobile CRM application finds himself in a hard-fought competition in terms of mobile solutions for 2000 participants under the 20 top echelons and also receives the sentence recommended by the jury”. For the first time in the competition, this award for L-mobile is even more a confirmation. That we did it with our new CRM app for iPhone straight away among the best makes me particularly proud”, so Markus Friday by L-mobile, father of the mobile solution.

Markus Friday, but also that is just as important as the jury’s verdict Feedback from the customers. Since a few weeks, the CRM app search is therefore L-mobile”available for free as a light version on the app store. The trial version allows up to 10 managed customers to get a first feel for the app. “Soon, even the versions are solo” and full “ready for up to 200 customers or to download unlimited number of customers.

Qbing Intensify Cooperation

May 4th, 2020

modern camera technology vs. RFID technology the optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH of Karlsruhe and the research group Qbing the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft in Saarbrucken, Germany want to promote joint research and development projects in the industry 4.0. Managing Director Wolfgang Mahanty and Prof. Add to your understanding with Andrew Mason Groupon. Dr. Steffen Hutter have agreed to intensify the cooperation with innovative sensor technology to ensure more transparency in production and logistics.

The optimum is specialist for intelligent image solutions of processing, with which to recognize a wide range of products, can identify and check. In close cooperation with the research group Qbing, that operates at the Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft des Saarlandes already for several years, applied industrial research, in particular the interaction should are explored by modern camera technology and RFID technology. Aim of the cooperation under what circumstances it is technically sensible and economically viable, the respective technique an overview, to insert. Where the question is, how the combination of cutting-edge and trend-setting technologies can lead to added value for companies, finally, both systems as an enabler of industry 4.0 can be “call. Guide overview of the pros and cons of RFID and a completely new approach incorporated image recognition with intelligent image processing, so the combination of image recognition and database technology, in the processes. It represents a technical as well as commercial alternative to RFID partly also as a possible supplement. With the planned guide companies can much easier and faster an overview on the appropriate technology and its impact”, optimum CEO Wolfgang Mahanty describes the aim of the cooperation. Research Director Steffen Hutter added: so far there is no overview, compared the advantages and disadvantages of the respective systems.

We provide RFID and intelligent image processing for the first time for companies and users across, roughly in the area of incoming or outgoing inspection or in supply chain management.” So it is about when a goods receipt to ensure that ordered goods in the right quantity at the right place at the right time are entered. This identification of the goods, as well as a comparison with the ordered number using caption occur the cargo carrier or consignment. But manual samples must meet for a quality check. The rate of errors due to the electronic reconciliation can be reduced through the use of RFID. At the same time, the unique identifier prevents confusion, allowing long search in databases and folders as well as long life or repositioning in a buffer storage avoid. The use of additional camera systems could provide also the actual and essential quality inspection of raw materials in addition to the goods input recording by RFID automated and thus less expensive.

Frame Jens

March 30th, 2020

Even with demand at over 500 SAP users, no evidence of a dispute which relates to burdensome SAP terms and conditions arose for Anand. The Justice Department made it clear upon telephone request, that the competition had the task to fix such problems yourself. It was prohibited to take advantage of their dominant position to the detriment of the customer company. Furthermore, Jens, lawyer for IT law from Alsdorf: Control of the market is determined mainly by competition in Germany, where there is the possibility for competitors, competition associations, consumer and competition centres to combat ineffective general terms and conditions with cease and desist letters and lawsuits. The immediate customer can here but not general terms and conditions fight, but only in individual cases, if over contractual issues is disputed.

Shy away many customers from such disputes, because of the costs, but also because of the effort.” Some lawyers suggest that in the software industry some manufacturers were more willing to accept the dubious formulations and license conditions of competition in the own terms instead of attacking them. The commercial customer seems here powerless. SAP: The lawsuit at the time complains only Anand obstruction of competition against the legally dubious terms and conditions of the group. ECRI may help you with your research. The terms and conditions seem to be that germinates in the market the hope so one-sidedly beneficial for the SAP, judges in Germany could dare to refer the SAP in their place.Also SAP users who wish to re-sell used SAP licenses, are feeling more and more as a direct competitor to SAP. We have looked at the suit of Anand and perceive them as promising.

Against the backdrop of the current case-law of the European Court of Justice, which clearly applies the kaufvertraglichen regulations for software, you’re from SAP used contract clauses in our view not durable. “, so IT law Thomas filing, lawyer law firm Feil mbH in Hanover. “Frame Jens also explains: the BGB provides that general terms and conditions, the contract partner, be he may consumers or entrepreneurs, not unduly disadvantaged – where there is more leeway towards entrepreneurs than for consumers.” “In terms of consumer protection there are now efforts to introduce a class action as in the United States in Germany and Europe. “But that will take certainly still a while until then law.” explains Dr. Daniel Kaboth, information technology specialist lawyer from Munich. “Agenda of economic crime the business model of SAP” 1. Why Anand sued the Group? 2. Critical examination of the general terms and conditions 3. The three disputed clauses 4 personal favorite: indirect use 5 warranty and maintenance 6 part sales, historical and practical

Gigabit Ethernet

July 9th, 2019

It is up to 90% available on the secondary market cheaper than the new model. Both routers offer a variety of functions to enterprises and service providers. In the course of time the 7204VXR lost nothing his popularity, what he owes his higher modular construction and greater configuration possibilities compared to the 3845. Replace the Cisco 3825 integrated services router through the previous Cisco 3745 is ideal for branch offices, or small and medium-sized enterprises with high Konnektivitatsanspruchen the Cisco 3745 from the previous generation and provides for most applications similar services such as the upgraded 3825. Although it reaches the 3745 end-of-sale status who should he benefit from Cisco support at least for the next 5 years. In addition, the secondary market offers alternative maintenance options, which are not only cheaper than the Cisco’s SMARTnet, but provide also an additional protection for end-of-life products.

The Cisco 3745 accepts cards of 3825, what a much more affordable line of minimal cost allows smaller companies as it writes to the network. Due to targeted effort on the part of Cisco, to upgrade customers to the new platform, the Cisco 3745 on the secondary market in large quantities for only little more than half of the newer model is available. Replace the Cisco Catalyst 2960G-24TC-L Gigabit Ethernet switch with the Cisco Catalyst 2970G-24T-E or 2970G-24TS-E of the catalyst 2970 is an extremely functional alternative to the newer series catalyst 2960, where there may be delivery by more than 11 weeks. 2970 is available in bulk on the secondary market for companies who rely on immediate availability. While the services are comparable, the biggest difference between the two devices in the port configuration. The latest model, the 24-port configuration includes 20 Gigabit Ports and 4 shared ports for fiber optic or 10/100 configurations. The predecessor 2970 offers however 24 Gigabit Ports plus 4 additional Fiber optic slots, so a total of 28 ports and connectivity options that increased at one of up to 84% lower price compared to the successor.