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District Court

August 25th, 2019

The limitation period is three years. Naturalized have two reminders with ten to 14 days for non-payment time. To the collection are more than 700 debt collection company or any lawyer available. The debt collection company must be registered with the District Court and settle according to fees of for lawyers or success fee or just buy the claim. In commissioning without buying the advertiser pays. It always attempts to charge the debtor charged the fee. The collection costs are enforceable but not for the debtor.

This pays the costs so voluntarily or not. Each Central order for payment Court a federal State (for the States of Berlin and Brandenburg is central order for payment Court Court wedding) a judicial order for payment can be ordered for around 25 euros at the Registrar without a lawyer or judge. He does not Justification. The Registrar checks the legality of not. It is important that you know the service address of the debtor.

Bailiffs not attempted delivery to find out. The debtor has two weeks to appeal. He is not, contrary to the creditor can by registrars now exhibit an instrument permitting enforcement in the form of a decision of the enforcement and send to the debtor. This is contrary to the debtor within a period of 2 weeks, the title shall apply for 30 years. The debtor may be reported only bureaus such as the Schufa, Infoscore, Creditreform if he does not deny the claim and the registration also has been announced it. Contrary to the debtor, it comes to the hearing. The process of 2 to 4 years old can take through all instances. On the form of a judicial reminder, there is no formality. Everything is allowed. Order for payment courts take no more paper forms. The German order for payment courts offer four input types: bar code application, online payment application, electronic Data exchange via EGVP (electronic Court and administrative mailbox) and electronic data interchange via floppy disk.

Innovation Management

May 7th, 2019

At InnoTrust team development activities of Dr. Jonah Bloom is the source for more interesting facts. Kraus & partner team members build the trust required for effective collaboration. Knowledge is power”this attitude many people have. Similarly hesitant they their knowledge and their experience pass often to other people, especially those that know them not (yet) well. Economic Cycles Research Institute will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This affects particularly negative on the performance of teams, which should develop new, for example in the context of innovation projects, restructuring, mergers or strategic reorientation. Therefore the management consultancy of Dr. Kraus & partner has an InnoTrust team development concept referred to specifically for innovation team”developed. This aims to rebuild, in (newly formed) teams a strong mutual trust, that synergy effects, which nobody held first regardless of whether the team members come from one or more companies for possible. At InnoTrust Dr. Kraus & partners consultants analyze first with the clients, which structures and trustful cooperation difficult cultural practices, but also individual and collective fears. Then the a team development intervention is designed on the basis of the results of the analysis, which aims to build the required confidence and obtain the desired results. The design of the action can be very different according to Henrik Langholf, Director of innovation at Dr. Kraus & partner, depending on the situation. It is however important participants Exchange not only professionally, but also a personal relationship is created between them. Therefore a Speeddating can for example at the beginning of a joint workshop”stand, in which the participants with their respective skills get know each other, for example, by they mutually interviewed, what were their most successful innovation projects. As a result, innovation guiding principles for future cooperation can be derived then before the real work begins. Common ground is the InnoTrust team development activities: in addition to the substantive results of the cooperation, also the common experiences in writing and pictorial (for example in the form of a film) are documented, so that the participants have then also an emotional anchor of memory. And the common ideas for innovation projects? Their viability is checked first in the framework of feasibility tests before the most promising are further elaborated and implemented.

Walter Schober

October 26th, 2018

In addition, various investments such as the optimisation of the pneumatic system and the establishment of a central tray for all chemicals were made both in the organizational and technical. For certification, a company that is accredited and supervised by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs drew like already in the quality management system, the leading Swiss company SGS responsible. With the certification we sustainable the environmental compatibility of our products and processes, as well as the economic and responsible handling of our employees with energy and material”, so Walter Schober, CEO of mechatronic Systemtechnik GmbH. by developing novel thin wafer handling systems has helped our company already substantially minimizing the reject rate. So can thanks to latest technology breaks, scratches and impurities and thus unnecessary multiple productions largely be avoided. The reduced resource usage is in turn”environmentally, explains Schober. As with all our portfolio companies, we look at mechatronic Systemtechnik on the consistent implementation of our sustainable investment policy. For more information see Ripple protocol . We are pleased that now another company of our portfolio meets the stringent requirements of the certification authority”, as Klaus Ragotzky, CEO of Munich-based emission House FIDURA capital consult GmbH.

Certified already since 2002 according to ISO 9001 mechatronic Systemtechnik is certified since May 2002, according to the quality standard ISO 9001 for the development and production of handling machinery and the construction of clean room equipment as well as for the production and the clean room assembling in the fields of mechanics, electronics and plastics technology, automation and micro systems. With this ISO certification, we ensure a guaranteed quality of our products and services our customers”, so Saito. After re certification in May 2005 and July 2008 was now a combined audit ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 the annual surveillance audit. Excellent start into the new fiscal year In the first half of 2010, the best of the company’s history, the Villacher company, which employs about 50 people, could increase sales by more than 100 percent.

Frankfurt Company

May 8th, 2018

Employees enjoy new company vehicles Frankfurt – early July 50 manpower employees about a new company cars were allowed to forward. From the entire Federal territory colleagues gathered, to take your new Volvo C30, Volvo V50, or its new Ford Fiesta in reception. Holger KuSTER, Managing Director of manpower Professional Engineering GmbH: we use the vehicles to support sales. The with the manpower professional logos branded cars serve primarily the image formation and increase the level of awareness of the manpower professional brand and in particular the manpower professional engineering company. It is important that the special orientation is increasingly perceived by manpower professional engineering in public us.” Manpower Professional is the specialist for specialists”in the field of engineering and finance and accounting. Manpower Professional provides customers with fast and cost-efficient filling vacancies with highly qualified financial, IT and engineering professionals and focuses on the individual needs of Specialists. The vehicles provided in cooperation by manpower professional and Ford, to present the company to the public at large and customer operations professional. Present the advertising be glued Ford fiestas with their logos manpower now also on Germany’s roads.

The Ford Group is a major supplier of manpower fleet since 2006. The company is through his exemplary green”politics an ideal partner for manpower. We are very happy with the Ford Group and have completed for this reason Europe a leasing and car rental contract, implementing already also largely took place”, so Oliver Kraut, Department Manager procurement Germany. Press contact: WEFRA PR company for Public Relations mbH Dr. Andreas Bachmann medium Dicker WEG 1 63263 Neu-Isenburg (Zeppelinheim) phone: 069 695008-78 fax: 069 695008-71 E-Mail: about manpower Inc. As a world leader in the field of project support, recruitment and human resources brings manpower since its inception in 1948 right people in the right positions.

Nearly 5 million employees and employees secure an outstanding position in the market in about 400,000 customer companies. 4,500 offices in 80 countries ensure customer proximity and best insights into the local markets. About manpower professional brand specialist manpower professional manpower takes a further step, to the growing lack of specialists and talents with ground-breaking, to meet flexible solutions and the candidates international careers to enable: highly qualified financial, sales, technical and IT professionals in demanding positions are brought here. Only top qualifications, lots of experience and analytical strength is required in the professional team. Manpower professional engineering and manpower professional finance set their focus on the individual needs of specialists. Save a know-how which has built up manpower in decades, with a dense specialists, Manager and Advisor network, the an extraordinary experience and power density offers.

European Waterpark Association

May 1st, 2018

Magic box from 15th to 18th October 2008 at the interbad in Stuttgart in Hall 6a/stand 12a of mini air Enhancer InWall, stands this year as a novelty in the Center, is suitable for the flexible Fragrancing of spaces 50 square meters up to and is almost invisibly integrated into walls or furniture. The intensity of the fragrance is multi-level adjustable. The mini technique works with solid fragrance gel store with long service life that is re-sealable and a long time can be. This allows spontaneous change of fragrance (even for non trained personnel). The solution is suitable for use in the Conference area in relaxation rooms, lounges, exhibitions, fair decorations and at the point of sale, but also in the private sector. The air-Enhancer room air technology 4compact is suitable for large rooms and exhibition halls. The devices are designed for ventilation and air conditioning systems with 1.200-65.000cbm/h performance.

With one to four different scents available, they are modularly expandable. You will be successful in bath and Spa facilities, as well as to the antiseptic odor removal in damp rooms used. AirEnhancer of the RLT series can be found also in department store passages, leisure facilities and hotels. Magic box presents at the interbad 2008 not only their products, but applies them directly and provides to so scent experiences in Hall 6: the Neuss companies being fragrant various booths. So magic box round the water lounge\”, the special exhibition of the European Waterpark Association (EWA), or olfactory.

At the 6A82 stand, visitors will find semi-transparent, turned to Tulip cups with different presentations and scents. Since 2003 the quality Association of leisure baths and uses targeted magic box in Europe the best fragrances of the company on its stands. At the stand 6C 42, magic box ensures a fine breeze in the middle of the Schwabenland. The company way and partners from the Thuringian Tannroda presents the Microsalt lounge, with which it is possible to enrich furnished rooms with dry salt air.

Transport Systems In Germany

March 4th, 2018

There are many different types of transport systems a driverless transport vehicle (FTF) is a funding what is automatically controlled but has an own drive. A driverless transport vehicle is widely used for pulling and carrying of goods. Not the transport belongs to the tasks of the driverless vehicles. The components of a driverless vehicle are composed as follows: A driverless transport vehicle, a central control and facilities for location tracking, position detection and data transmission. The many better functioning transport systems are so much more in the coming. There are many reasons why automated guided vehicles are used but the most important are an organised material and information flow, and always on time to calculate transport operations. Reducing personnel costs, comprising the most a contractor is important.

In addition or transport damage and wrong deliveries can be restricted as a Faherloses transport vehicle is automatically controlled. As a result is also a high availability and reliability. Other advantages include also the ability to integrate into existing structures and the transport of variable goods. In addition is also possible to layout changes. It is important to also adapt to fluctuating Tansportleistungsanforderungen. The applications for Faherlose transport systems are very spacious.

The technical data of a driverless transport system are as follows: the number of FTF per system one-hundred and the viability of such a system goes from a few kilograms up to over 50 tons. In the Fahrgechwindigkeit remains at 1 m/s but the values may also vary. A Faherloses transport vehicle can be used around the clock. Automated guided vehicles were first developed by the American company beret of vehicle systems. They had fitted a steering motor on the steering wheel with which he got control signals from a sensor. in 1956 came more transport vehicles by the EMI company on the market.

Air Return Fund: The Way Of The Solar Energy Changed

January 24th, 2018

Capital market should follow an incredible development has taken, since it has opened its doors for the first time in 1991: today the considered Intersolar Fribourg world’s largest trade show for solar technology. And it reflects the dynamic development along the entire value creation chain in the areas of photovoltaics and solar energy – making it as extensive as no other event”so the initiators on their own websites. A course about this fair shows quickly, this industry now is how highly technology driven, which was initially quite literally dominated by hobbyists in backyard garages”, says Ulrich Vollmers as Managing Director of Picard solar GmbH. The Dresden-based company offers with the air return GmbH & co. funds 1 KG”(climate yield Fund) on the first closed-end funds in Germany, which invests in all areas of the value chain of photovoltaic. So the Fund management describes the strategy in the prospectus of the air return Fund as follows: the Fund invests in companies of the industries of the future photovoltaic, environmental technology and climate protection. Target companies are primarily young, innovative, high-growth companies. The equity fund management company makes these available to expand this business segment according to.

Usually it will be corporations, where the Fund management company seeks a majority stake. Investors participate on the one of the potential for development (for example, new technologies), by possible increases in value of the corresponding target companies, but also in particular by current income on the results of the target company. “To put it on the right company, invested the climate yield Fund only if they have undergone an extensive due diligence and the processes using remain controlled by quality assurance systems at any time.” On behalf of the investors we deem it important, that deviations can be detected quickly from original plans”, explains manager of Picard solar. 60 Will Picard raise millions of euro solar for its funds to investors. The minimum is 15,000 euro and five percent will be charged a premium. Investors can also be confident that a high-profile Advisory Board accompanies the first climate yield Fund.

Trading Partners

July 25th, 2017

The costs for the trading partners participate in this service. I must no longer bother my daughter-in-law rates such as on an offer I wanted really!”or now with my shopping needs!” it supplier has heard in the last few weeks often. For even more details, read what Tom Buontempo says on the issue. Their offer is obviously grateful being accepted. The people are really totally happy. That costs them the service, is of secondary importance for them. First and foremost they see the benefits, enjoy the obtained relief”, reported Jutta Krummeck running. Upon request, will also buy the supplier.

The entrepreneur wants to expand their service like in the context of the Rhine Main region and looking for more partners in the food retail sector. Small, medium and large businesses all fit into the concept. Me is unclear,”explain that it is sometimes difficult for food retailers to take the right combination of services you. For a comprehensive range of services is a cost factor in every case. It can but at the same time a Income factor be the service significantly increased customer satisfaction and this stimulates them to spend more or to remain faithful to the market concerned. Through a grocery delivery service, it is also possible to gain new customers. A food delivery service opens up the chance to gain new customers. My offer must be seen also as a marketing tool and evaluated.

So far, the concept of the supplier”is tailored to seniors. But a further development in view of delivery services for mothers with small children, working parents and Office people “who want to go shopping in the lunch break is contemplated. Increasingly longer hours of supermarkets would be straight latter when scheduling your purchase though, many drive but the problem of transport with bus and rail to work was this unresolved.

Mr Barnier

June 22nd, 2017

However, he noted that the audit reports of all large listed companies always by the same four Auditors were issued. It is empirically proven that the great are no better than the little ones”, so Dr. Wissing. Christoph Tonsgerlemann, the ETL Board Wirtschaftsprufungs-gesellschaft, pointed out in the discussion that the profession of Chartered Accountants should have a private interest in a development of regulation, strengthens competition and the quality of the audit: the strong criticism of the proposals by Mr Barnier appears as fear of vested rights. The accountants to fulfill its warning function only if it is independent, if his appointment provides for this and if it is professionally and personally”, so Tabuchi. Michael Gschrei, President of the Chamber of Auditors, which joined “basically on and in this context again for a fee schedule came out: an adequate remuneration, which can only be guaranteed through a schedule of fees is an important contribution to ensuring the quality.” Therefore, the rules relating to fees as Chamber target defined for entrust tasks of the accountant is an important element to improve audit quality.

A little time is still elapse until the European regulation will deal with national policy. Parliament wants to have completed his consultations by early 2013. But the agreement with the Member States could take even longer, as Thein. In particular smaller States are still busy to implement the previous regulations”, said the ALDE MEPs. In his final words ETL founder Franz-Josef Wernze referred to the virtues of medium-sized German entrepreneurs who sometimes get some professional looking at in the background: we are medium-sized, think and act like a German entrepreneur. Solidity, reliability, independence and proximity to our customers are important to us.” You will receive more information and pictures at: ETL group Andrea Jochum stone road 41 45128 Essen Tel.: + 49 201 24 04-372 fax: + 49 201 24 04-33372 E-Mail: Internet: with more than 1,000 accountants, lawyers, auditors and consultants in over 700 locations ETL is the market leader in the field of tax consulting and among the top five of leading auditing and tax consulting companies with a turnover of 450 million euros. More than 120,000 clients mainly in the field of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) trust for 40 years on the advice of the ETL experts. Through interdisciplinary collaboration, the ETL firms can offer a complete all-round support: so is the optimal support for clients with all tax, legal and ensures the economic challenges of their business activities. Specially developed business solutions meet the needs of special interest groups and sectors, such as gas stations, health care professionals, seniors, professional athletes, hotel and catering and franchise systems.

Energy Management

June 17th, 2017

However, the introduction of solutions for energy management represents mostly everything else as a trivial matter. FELTEN has therefore compiled most important aspects for conceptual planning from the perspective of practice: 1. generate quick effects: is advantageous to start that early lead to visible success with the planning and implementation of such measures. At the same time, the investments should remain relatively manageable at this stage. KBS has similar goals.

This increases the acceptance at all levels of the company quickly and helps the implementation of further measures for energy management. 2. efficiency thinking: completely reinvent the wheel and take advantage of other management systems such as the system for quality management and summarize the responsibilities. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jim Rogers. Thus a significant reduction of in effort can be generated, investigations are talking about effects in the order of up to 30 percent. 3 create double benefits for energy data management: the classic BDE/MDE system is not only forward-looking replaced by introduction of a TPM solution. But at the same time an energy data management system for the technical infrastructure to identify of the relevant data and identification of energy guzzlers is thus without further investments.

4. implement action management: A CO2 reducing emission control requires in the normally continuous initiatives. This requires a measure management that automatically initiates activities to optimize energy consumption. This functionality is included in modern TPM systems. 5. not only on the main processes focus: studies show that two-thirds of the energy in industrial companies in supporting processes is consumed. Therefore they may not secondary in the planning and measures be considered. 6. the position of the energy Manager introduce: installing an energy Manager is helpful, because alone through this positioning the issue internally Gets a weight, at the same time is possible in a systematic and coordinated and thus more successful strategy realization.