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Thank God

July 13th, 2021

Not so long ago everything was OK, because he had little to eat and to drink, but at least a warm family. And now? Now he has nothing! Only his sister and his mother. Add to your understanding with Jason Brown. His mother, straight obviously not going well, that varies and which falls straight to the ground. * How long was she unconscious? Determined not long, because the Sun was moving, then only a little. The boy leaned to his mother, took her hand in his small dry hands and looked at her with fearful eyes. Hardly, she noticed her situation, she was terrified on and turned his head looking after her baby. It went unchanged, except that it was weak, protesting sounds.

She thanked God that she fell onto her back. Thank God’ blew them off and hence the jammed their forces, was considerably easier, because the camp was not far from here, as you have described it to her. Somewhere nearby there’s also more tanks, because you must run straight ahead, then control a long white tower. Why Did Cyrus Massoumi Leave Zocdoc?: the source for more info. A couple of kilometres and they have arrived! A couple of kilometres, for which she has no power, and what the water is insufficient, at least for three thirsty. They went even further for a while, then she found a large sign from old wood with the font the Nayyabi refugee camp. 5 km further East”.

For the first glance she did not believe their eyes, then she started loud laugh so loud, that she had to cough out. The boy looked at her silently. He knew nothing. The mother took water into her mouth and spat it into the mouth of her daughter and handed the water her boy and ordered him to drink a big gulp. He drank, he then began to laugh. The mother laughed more, laughed and coughed, laughed and and wept. She washed off her tears with the hand.


March 30th, 2021

As well, as it can be, that he wants to call the competent emergency call even Netcare, although police investigations later revealed that two mobile phones were found in the bathroom, but came off an emergency by any. Then ran “he opened the front door down, ran high again and carried the wounded Reeva down up to the front door, to the hospital to bring them, but unfortunately on the doorstep in his arms” died. In the benefit of the doubt? A residual doubt remains the history described by Pistorius will ring hollow and is so full of contradictions, oddities and misconduct, that it a very much good will and in the benefit of the doubt “-Denken very is difficult to find them credible. It will be interesting to see whether the indictment will have earned any clues and evidence to the scheduled date of the hearing in June, which refute the processes described by Pistorius in his affidavit. It is however to assume that his defenders washed with all waters has not allowed any demonstrable lies are included in the history, which can easily refute evidence and autopsy. However, the version that has that Pistorius in the night armed with Reeva might have had and they therefore aware, if shot in the affect could have a catch: as I said is to assume that the defence is recorded no demonstrable lies in the affidavit. Therefore it can be assumed, that Pistorius wore actually no dentures at the time of the shots, because even if the Defense put the South African police and forensics as a dilettante, it would be easy, but even for the worst evidence based on the angle of shot, which hit the door and Reeva, to understand whether the shots were fired by Oscar Pistorius with or without his dentures.

You can assume so, when they say he no prosthesis had at the time, that was also so. Only it occurs is also hard to imagine scenario a couple in the dispute in the course of which the man prone to outbreaks of choleric is so angry, he decides on the woman with a gun to go out without having it but puts on his prostheses in the course of the dispute. If he wasn’t wearing dentures at the time, which is actually rather filed against him, because he has the sure just to go to bed. Even if they had started in the bed to argue and Reeva would be eventually got up to get stinking mad, E.g. it would be unlikely, and without his prosthesis that he tried to stop them and so remain at the end, quiet rest doubts whether it at all contradictions of its history not yet so have been could, as he describes it. All hopes are now at the main hearing, whose first process day initially for the June 4 is scheduled, where it is more likely that it will be then yet a further adjournment. We hope what happened in the night of the 14.02.2013 in the home of Pistorius, that will the truth come out and justice win. Not only to our to satisfy any curiosity and sensationalism. But above all, so that a victim and his family justice again drives. A young beautiful woman, who had her whole life at the age of 29 who unfortunately again is like most of the almost victim in the shadow of the media presence of the offender in oblivion. RIP, Reeva Steenkamp! Claudia Haack (freelance journalist)

Land Caves Protection Act

March 24th, 2021

The lower Austrian provincial law to protect, maintain, and to the exploitation of natural caves while the nature protection act 1924 regulated protection of natural monuments, protection of the landscape and the protection of the animal and plant kingdoms in the Federal State of lower Austria, in the Centre of the country natural cave Protection Act was the protection, conservation and recovery of natural caves. In addition, there were more conservation laws in lower Austria, which are now published in the series of LawLeaks. The purpose of the law the purpose of the national cave Protection Act 1924 was the protection, conservation and recovery of natural caves in lower Austria, in particular their exploitation for tourism. Developed natural caves developed were considered natural caves which were harnessed to a specific economic purposes at the time of the entry into force of this country Act by labour and capital expenditures in manufacturing such equipment and safeguards against unauthorized use. Developed natural caves were in receivership of the Country be if is the omission of further recovery from public considerations, in particular for reasons of conservation, or just the recovery by the State or by another greater economic benefits capabilities or for the exploitation of untapped part of the cave right of disposal over the accessible part is required. Not developed natural caves are developed natural caves, the collecting entirely failed during three consecutive years, to evaluate such additional Nathurhohlen. The disposal of additional natural caves was reserved for the State of lower Austria. If the province of lower Austria not even recycled the natural cave, then the Government could let a third party recovery and set the conditions for this.

Methods for the development of the development and utilization of natural caves could be justified by permanent or temporary easement through expropriation, land and Buildings could be placed under compulsory lease, building materials such as wood, stones, gravel, sand could be replaced. The determination of the object and scope of forced lease, receivership, expropriation and replacement had to be made by the district authorities. Natural caves law enforcement of the State law and administrative penalties was completed by the district administrative authorities. Administrative penalties were to be imposed to a month 10,000,000 kroner or arrest.

Utgardie Germanic

March 23rd, 2021

Hauke was now throughout the harsh winter on the way and he also went, that same image. He he discussed that with the Erilaren and Druids on the way found and nobody knew the Council. The preachers of the new God applied much cunning and deception and the exceptionally pure and chaste Germanic girls and women easily fell into this sneaky saying makers and gave faith all oh so touching stories of the suffering God, very quickly turned Loki, Odin and the asir in gets faster and faster rhythm. This was faster, as the new God providers achieved power and could easily cut off the heads of those who refused the new deities. As did the Germanic people of the Saxons, where five hundred loyal people were beheaded in one day.

Finally, the full extent of change is clear and the dimension of the destruction of their ancestral, inherited from the ancient world the wise men to Erilar John Hauke Arneby was but gradually. So they came to the conclusion that proposed truths, lies the new preacher could survive only in stone and each of them, to his rightful place, should the devotion and sacrifice Focus stock of the Germanic values and their history. Details can be found by clicking Merrill Lynch or emailing the administrator. So it was decided, and so it was done. All Erilare, in the first place, because they were the Chief priests and Druids also sought out now carefully suitable stones in them to carve a wise and powerful runes, who reported from the worlds of Germanic tribes which are subdivided into nine worlds. Asgard and Vanahiem are the worlds of two Germanic Gottergeschlechter, of the asir and the Vanir. Lichtalfenheim, is the world of the light Elves. Midgard is the human world and East into Utgardie world of Giants (Jotunheim). In the South the Tierra del Fuego Muspelheim bordering the world of men. Svartalfheim is the world of the Dark Elves.