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The Apprenticees

May 21st, 2018

Of this form, we can affirm that the main function of a modern manager is ' ' energizar' ' the people. E, to energize means to take care of to ace complex aspirations of the employees. But, before energizing the people the Manager must know ' ' felt of prontido' ' of the employees, therefore employees exist who are ' ' prontos' ' the ones that not yet are. That is, those that are ready have experience technique in the branch? they are employee experienced. the ones that have little promptitude are the inexperienced employees. Being thus, when crossing these two 0 variable? aspirations and promptitude? we find four (4) types of employees and, before any next analysis, it is necessary to affirm that the people tend to be much more complex of what only four types. But, only to understand better the form to treat them? to manage them? we go to classify them in group of four types: ) The Apprenticees: Profile? They are those inexperienced employees and that they only possess simple aspirations, which? in its majority? they get the first job. They do not have experience some and prefer to work only for being close to house and the small wage.

Treatment? it treats it with little flexibility at great length, informing it what to make and conferring if the tasks they had been carried through in agreement the writing. That is, the Leader must use a rigid supervision. B) The Colds: Profile? They are those employees who until have experience technique, but possess simple aspirations. That is, they are not energized or motivated to reach its aspirations. They know to work, but they do not vibrate with this because perhaps they have been punished in its creativity? in previous jobs. Treatment? The Leader must involve it in the decisions of the sector, making to feel itself it important and increasing its auto-they esteem. To know more about this subject visit Marc Bistricer.


May 28th, 2017

The subject leadership invaded the Brazilian publishing market, the formation of executives, the universities and the most diverse professional areas in last the twenty years. In this search for the leadership (it has space only for leaders, never for the led ones), serious and compromised researchers had not only gained voice: the autoajuda and the misticismo advance and its followers are for there, developing its leaderships or what they obtain to understand for this phenomenon. For one soon evaluation of best-sellers of the last years, we will be able to see that the leadership is more than what a recurrent guideline, is also a market in frank expansion. But in the same step research in centers of studies specialized in the contexts of sciences human beings and also of the health is developed. Nouriel Roubini has many thoughts on the issue. What we want to say with this publication is that to study leadership it cannot be confused as to be a leader and to delineate its characteristics so that to other they follow it people, as they make many books currently, the majority with not scientific characteristics or that had not passed for a process of critical reading. To speak in leadership is not to show models of people who are considered leader in its social environment for the reach of its acts or for the fame that they had conquered throughout the time. Leadership cannot be confused with notoriety or as model for people who desire to the success and a fast professional ascension.

Leadership is not subject only for executives, all can know a little on the subject and to bring it for the proper life. In a globalizado world and in which the information circulates in vertiginous way, way for all type of inquiry and speculation to this respect confides. is there that we can deceiving in them around pseudotheories concerning what is leadership.


December 27th, 2012

' Where he is the other? where it is the different one? where it is the common one to all people? Where they are the tests, where they are the facts? Good the news were alone rumors? ' ' H. Gessinger. Period of rains, summer in our piauiense capital. Amongst other consequncias, pra me, what more it characterizes this time are the opportunist calls viroses. Thanks to some respiratory complications with which I still coexist since less young, these if use to advantage of these problems. Or it would be bad luck? I do not know, the doctors are philosophers and they never arrive at a consensus.

Then, recently it stows making tour for some clinics, and – only now – I could not leave to perceive a thing. I say ' ' only agora' ' why a difference between seeing exists, and taking conscience of what it has for backwards of the visa: to enxergar, to notice, to know, to know, to think. Good, but we go to the thing: the children, have diverse types of pastime in these places. Or better, not only in clinics, but in the majority of the places. Places pra to play, televisions transmitting livened up drawings.

Then I was to think, why? Why, it is clearly, pestinhas make racket if to be idle, bother the parents, proliferate the ambient clutter. Then I transferred my thoughts there to a certain mirror. I, to the 15 years, ' ' adolescente.' ' One day called ' ' aborrecentes' '. One day died by being threat. Now we do not bother more in the clinics. We do not bother in the hospitals. We do not bother in the schools. We do not bother, then we are not worthy of the public effort of the distraction. They do not know to say when we start, when we finish.


December 17th, 2012

Flower did not obtain impediz it until arriving the marriage, therefore in a beautiful Incio afternoon I not only obtained to pull out only one kiss of flower more yes if to lie down with it, in one of its country journeys. Of its stolen kiss it was taking off the clothes of it and leaving completely naked played and it in the soil and made of it what it wanted for some time made, it to be delirious of as much pleasure, with its ingenuous sighs, made things that it never imagined to make with a man, being young it or 25 years older than it, as Incio. After having it pra it as always he wanted Incio only took it pra house and from that day he did not stop to abuse it, always in its strolls if he lay down with it, making it to suspirar of intense pleasure. More in contrast the normal Flower it liked if only lying down with it, in the hour that was taken by pleasure, because later it hated. Therefore it started forcing it and later she herself if he delivered in its arms.

During the time that flower was abused for Incio, she was very stranger did not speak with nobody, nor only made nothing was in its room. What it made its father to take a decision to bring its Mileide cousin to pass some we have with Flower. A pparently cautious decision its vision. Mileide Gonalves de Azevedo, delicate, intelligent, fine and educated woman as never was seen. Perhaps the attributes were these that despertaram as much interest of Incio. It spoke I finish, used the best perfumes and the clothes most expensive vendidas in the capital.

It swims so different of Flower. But the reason for this sudden interest. Mileide already was a woman, had 30 years, very different of Flower that was only one girl.


October 17th, 2012

She has as many reasons to read, but lately the people do not enjoy more than this, they place the excuse in laziness or the lack of time. To appreciate a book is so magical, the secret is to enter in history, to imagine the scenes and to enjoy the pleasure of the reading. Hunter lobato says that ' ' Who does not read, badly speaks, badly hears, but v' '. is not really? The reading engrandece the soul, increases the vocabulary and knowledge, and I say who it, of the much pleasure, the secret am to read something that if likes, nor that it is the periodical, I contend its notice or the magazine counting fofocas, to read is essential, makes with that is possible to extend our knowledge in relation to as many things. Lately the reading comes being substituted for hours in front of television or computer, but if to stop pra thinking it is in all the place, it only depends on us to open hand of some minutes and to read something. Who already only read a good book knows amused quo is, has that one surprises that you at an end not waited, that one that you are curious pra to know as everything goes to still happen and what devora you of the beginning to the end, but this to happen must be known to choose the certain, adequate book to our gostos. When we discover the taste for the reading, the book turns a company, we dive of head in the words, we identify in them and we coexist the personages, in them we become abetters, we live history and when we perceive we arrive at the end with headquarters of more, and then, it comes an emptiness, as if a part of us had been pulled out, and wanting that history continued, it remains in them to break pra another adventure in a new reading, after as &#039 says this thought; ' The reading and the trip of who cannot catch one trem' '.

Training Development

September 20th, 2012

In accordance with Boog (1995), is essential that it has compatibility of the objectives and the work in team, guaranteeing a project of responsibility of the collaborators and a system of communication. One understands that through the training the people present behavior change. With enthusiasm and vision of future they start to contribute more with company collaborating so that the objectives and goals are reached. The process of T& D helps to develop individual characteristics that assist in the learning, transmission of information, development of abilities and concepts in order to modify definitive attitudes. In accordance with Marras (2002, P.

145): Training is a process of short-term cultural assimilation, that objective to directly repass or to recycle knowledge, abilities or attitudes related to the execution of tasks or its otimizao in the work. The training produces a state of change in the set of knowledge, Abilities and Attitudes (TEA) of each worker, a time that implements or modifies the particular luggage of each one. Marras (2002) affirms despite the T& D is one of the subsystems most important of the RH area and is composed for the survey of the necessities, planning, programming of modules, training (operational and administrative), evaluation of performance, development (executive and talentos), library and data base; 3.2.2 Objectives of the training As Chiavenato (2006) the training supplies ways that beyond facilitating the learning, guides in positive way so that the people develop its knowledge, attitudes abilities benefiting all. The main objective of the training is to prepare the people for immediate execution of the diverse tasks of the position where the focus would be to provide chances for the continuous personal development, to change the attitude of the people is for creating a more satisfactory climate between them or to increase it to them motivation and to become them more receptive the new techniques of management.