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October 24th, 2023

Well analyzed, political freedom is a fable imagined by Governments to numb to their constituencies. Learn more about this with website. Napoleon Bonaparte A through the entire history of our human race, has been fighting for freedom. How many beings have died, succumbed in trying to achieve it, assure their generations to live in freedom. However, 21st century still freedom is being threatened, lives in many countries where freedom not manifests itself, rather than the autocratismo is the dominant, where it restricts him, prevents him from that is of and be watchful against those who want to live democratically. .

You know, as expressed to those who fully identify with it, that the concept of freedom is generally defined by opposition to determinism, to the coercion, force, which according to the circumstances, are regarded as absolute or relative limitations of freedom. In this case, freedom is the fundamental and determinism. Accessory, the subordinate. Everyone is entitled to freedom, nobody us the You can stifle, recalled that the problem of freedom has been one of the capital problems of philosophy and has been reason for wars. To the extent that guarantees freedom, there will be a true democratic, respecting coexistence, union, committed to delivering our efforts, knowledge for progress, which is manifested through the conquest of freedom and this as anyone, CITES him supports various manifestations of various aspects, so it can be expressed in a simple way, as the faculty that recognizes every mangovern the inside of his soul, his conscience pursuant to its exclusive, own and personal belief of the meaning attributed to the universe that surrounds it and the position that consequentially wants to assume. Says, the man, in his dealings with the world that surrounds him and himself resorts to two behaviors: a, which consists of giving a sense, interpret it in knows what to expect with respect to him. The other consists in doing something with the world, modify the reality, to give satisfaction to their specific needs.

National Association

February 24th, 2013

The NAHREP is the acronym for National Association of Hispanic Real State professional defined (National Association of professional real estate Hispanic) which is an organization without profit created by Hispanics in the city of Washington, D.C. United States, which has the purpose of guide to latinos and Americans in the field of property real estate. The creation of the NAHREP occurs in the year 1999, where Gary Acosta, Ernest reyes and Ruben Garcia decide to join to create a major company for the guidance, acquisition and global advice in real estate. By the year 2000 this organisation already owns such importance that within its members were already important well known businessmen in the real estate environment Fannie Mae among others. Not to mention that you for this year already the NAHREP possessed its own newsletter and future a professional educational program is planned. In 2001 took place the first large conference given by the NAHREP where touched by points of the real estate market as rates of interest and mortgages, and in turn was shown to the public important growth presented by the NAHREP in the first two years, showing significant growth rates in terms of members associated with a total of 4000. But leaving aside the statistics and the history of the NAHREP, is very important to mention the factors that have made this same entity one of the most recognized in the United States; some of these factors such as: the advice provided by the NAHREP to all kinds of person either Latin or American in the acquisition and investment in the field of real estate is probably the factor that most characterizes that entity. Excellent attention to latinos in their own language, and not to mention the accompanying this entity makes them achieve the American dream more easily.

The social contribution given by the NAHREP in areas such as education, put the creation of courses focused on the real estate and consulting in this field show that such entity has large viras into the social future. Lastly and possibly factor giving more recognition to the NAHREP is that all the previously mentioned virtues are performed without profit and they are therefore quite appealed by the whole community, especially the Hispanic. Although there are other important features make the NAHREP one of better informed and more recognized in the United States, the aforementioned entities are possibly the most significant to keep in mind when we speak of that entity. Currently the NAHREP focuses its attention to new markets, especially in the investor, since this entity is promoting such activity especially among Hispanic audiences, with the aim that they increase their capital index to short time and under excellent financing options, in order that these can get a housing dignified in the United States.