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Nielsen Media Research

May 19th, 2021

Moving images, Web 2.0, and engagement marketing help online advertising to the altitude. For more specific information, check out OhFresh Brands. To claim that the German online advertising market is booming, would be almost stacked deep. With a volume of 1.9 billion and a growth rate of 84 percent from the previous year, the industry surpassed the forecasts of market experts at the beginning of the year many times over in 2006 according to the calculations of the online Vermarkterkreises (OVK) and Nielsen Media Research. Online advertising has become an integral part of the Mediamixes. \”As the main reason for the steep rise in the sales curve in the past two years is a large pent-up demand in the market for Web advertising: when looking at the proportion of the Internet on media usage and parallel to the share of online advertising on the further, it becomes clear that we had a huge gap\”, says the Managing Director of Art2Digital InterMedia – cone t. They have closed now but a bit far – but still be potential for further growth. Because even though online advertising revenues now the Budgets in the area have overtaken trade newspapers, poster, and even radio, Internet at the further reaches only a share of 8.9 percent.

The proportion of the Internet on media use according to time-budget \”study by Nielsen Media Research, but 14.6 percent.\” Online advertising still permeates all sectors: the gap between the use of the medium and its relevance to advertisers decreases rapidly for two years. There is almost no industry more, investing not a high percentage of their media budgets online. And so the OVK this year anticipates an increase in online advertising revenues by 33 percent to 2.5 billion euros, while the further only by about five percent is set to. For the market, also a strongly growing number of broadband connections in Germany is growth in addition to the still growing numbers of Internet users. .

Imke Arntjen

December 9th, 2020

Tom Schimmek is currently working on a media-critical book, which will appear this summer. In the two Berlins Hustle and bustle there is’s offices every day. You may find Bernard Looney to be a useful source of information. Many TV channels and production companies, above all the large private broadcaster RTL, RTL II – Pro 7-sat 1 contact the nationwide Berlin casting Agency and are looking for extras small performers – actors and protagonists to your daily reality TV, to equip quizzes and advice programmes. The exact characters the job by Imke Arntjen and their employees by the casting is Extras – actors and fate of families to seek agency Connect with other leaders such as Vyacheslav Mirilashvili here. Imke Arntjen and their team supers serve their database about 7000 protagonists small actor – actor. is the mediator between the artists and the principals of the film television commercial area.

The Internet direct casting agency advertising is visited by the television and film production companies regularly directors – photographer – from the fields of film television – Zeitungen-and is therefore the ideal presentation platform for artists. The head of the Agency explains in the in the Zapp-interview: It’s a market that has become saturated. Every day, we are looking for singles decoys – families for programmes, such as for example we are family, Super nanny – all Este ster – family check. There are so many channels. We therefore need always protagonists and families have the pleasure to show her life on television, “so the Agency boss Imke Arntjen in an interview with the television magazine Zapp of the NDR. In the Zapp post is specifically about the family black grouse, which were in various reality TV formats. The reported Zapp in his show…/ zapp3190.html. “” The appearances of the family have been black grouse in the television: as arms for RTL point 12 “: family is strapped for cash – black grouse with fifteen euros per day, the family of five must be fed”, as the thickness for RTL 2.

broadcast excerpt from 28.09.2008 “Germany, your thickness”: …und so was always round the family over the years “. “A few weeks later: the problem family for the Super nanny”, conveys again on RTL from the Database of the casting agency Now, other media on the casting Agency and your boss Imke Arntjen have become aware. Among them the journalist Pohlmann of Der Tagesspiegel, interviewed as well as the well-known journalist and (ex Taz mirror of the week) Tom Schimmek. Tom Schimmek is currently working on a media-critical book, which will appear this summer.


July 21st, 2019

On December 1, it has finally come! The housewives radio began broadcasting absorbs! mainly engaged to perform the daily chores. On December 1, it has finally come! The housewives radio begins broadcasting operation! Housewives radio is an Internet radio that is suitable for the Group of people, mainly busy is to do the daily chores. The old proverb says Yes “With music everything is going better” the fulfillment in life is not really homework, that’s why we want from the ‘ housewives radio “you facilitate the daily chores with good music. We have mainly broadcasting hours from 9: 00 a.m. until 4: 00 in the afternoon because exactly at this time is the time of the “housewife” We the team of the housewives radio would be pleased if you daily would listen from 1 December at us. Because a good radio needs also loyal listeners and we want to find these here in the group. If you tell your friends by this group and maybe also a Invitation to housewives radio group send would we very pleased.

We are looking for more moderators for the send start on the 1st. If you want actively as a moderator in our radio to work with then apply to join now! It’s fun to moderating no matter whether you’re male or female, you got the main thing. Housewives radio can you listen whether you in: Dusseldorf, Cologne, Hannover, Gottingen, Altenstadt, Hanau, Bad Vilbel, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Dresden, Berlin, Duisburg or no matter where in Germany to come home. Radio plays housewives your music from yesterday, today and tomorrow… The Web page you can find under:


July 20th, 2019

Michael Jackson all have in the program–we report a PRINCE! The King of pop is dead long live the Prince of radio! RADIO JOYSTICK is devoted in his broadcast on August 1, 2009 the midgets opponent of Michael Jackson with the great talents – and his female wards. Many interesting news of Charlie’s favorite Island Malta and news to RADIO joystick website complete the program! Thanks to time renting abroad DJ Charlie Prince is pushing now for about 25 years on shortwave. Listen for yourself: every 1st Saturday of the month at 10: 00 on 9510 kHz! Charlie’s priorities remain: Malta media music and more! Press releases are available as a blog: of playlists are accessible with a single mouse click: Aktuelle_Playlist/aktuelle_playlist.html are already 3 days before broadcast to hear broadcasts: index.html are newsletters without HTML, without advertising and without order circumstances via: Aktuelle_Frequenzen/aktuelle_frequenzen.html RADIO JOYSTICK, P.o. box 23 31, 55512 Bad Kreuznach; ALLEMAGNE. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeff Leiden.