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Insuring a Car

April 12th, 2022

Casco insurance – a complex, exciting and time-consuming process for the insured. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from patrick dwyer merrill. You always want to find an optimal product, pay less and get complete protection against all risks. But a large number of insurance companies and their offers is not alone. "What is to stop? "- An issue that insurer asks himself every time a purchase agreement Casco. It's no secret that among a lot of insurance companies selling organizations are: insurance companies, insurance brokers, insurance shops, Internet portals (the insurance agency). These organizations, as well as insurance agents, are the official distribution network insurance products.

But many people are in the old office, not realizing that overpaid. Patrick dwyer merrill lynch gathered all the information. They are driven by fear, they are afraid of fraud, loss of money, that the agent disappears from the hard-earned. It's a pity, because insurance agencies have to offer you a wide range of services, which the insurance company, you can not get, do everything for you and give you a discount. Check these organizations is simple. Each of them has a license agreement with any insurance company, the curator – an official employee of the insurance, who will answer you all questions about this or any other agency.

Enough to prepare for a bit before you enter into a contract. You just need to call your insurance, such as Ingosstrakh, and learn all about this insurance agency. But back to the service. Turning to the insurance agency, you will receive: 1. Calculating the cost of the policy of 10-20 insurers (Form Calculator Casco) 2. Discount on the official value of the contract 3. Comparison of the terms and conditions of the various companies 4. Any information on each insurance company 5. Free travel specialist in your own time and place and all this for the money insurance company. She pays insurance agency commission on each contract. A portion of an insurance agency pays you the money in the form of discounts. I hope, dear reader, that this article, I urged you to insure the car through insurance agencies. But keep in mind that any expert – a person motivated and blindly relying on his opinion, and advertising is not worth it. For us, it only saves time and money. After receiving the information and calculations better ask around for reviews of a company from acquaintances and friends. Good luck to you to choose!

Insurance Law

October 24th, 2021

As a result, you become an owner the policy you choose an insurance company through a broker, and your future relationship with the insurer will not be anything different from how you would hedged directly in his office. This insurance broker independent of the insurance company, so always, including in the event of a dispute between the insurance company and the client will defend the interests of the latter to resolve the dispute. In this case, the insurance companies do not go, usually on the conflict with a client of an insurance broker, the broker sells as insurance products of these companies, thereby bringing them revenue. In case of conflict, the broker can professionally protect the interests of the client – up to courts …. However, such cases are rare: the insurance companies profitable to go to conflict, because Broker may cease to sell their insurance products … … As for services. We have the right insurance broker legal department, which specializes in resolving customer problems in the insurance event.

And still the best option, when buying a policy for you is assigned a personal lawyer, who at any time on communication. This policy is particularly attractive when a broker '> Insurance Law litss large fleet. It was then, just as most clearly seen the benefits of an insurance broker. Believe me, after several years of this partnership with a broker or anyone would ever think to insure the insurance company directly. The benefits are too obvious …. Some brokers enter into contracts with the client by a broker's legal service.

The purpose of this contract, usually in writing their acceptance of the broker-servicing obligations (usually – free) in the insurance sector. Under such an agreement not imposed on the customer any money or other material obligations. It is a mistake to think that the activity of brokers is limited only by the sale and selection of insurance. Actually, the essence of their work – it's support of the client throughout the contract period. And if self- (Although having spent lots of time and nerve cells) can still be found more or less digestible insurance, you will receive only the policy and nothing else. And then, in controversial situations, you have to deal with the insurance company honest, but the unequal battle. It's no secret, as insurers like to part with money. To do this they have on-the-very rich arsenal of the most sophisticated techniques and state of the most experienced lawyers. But in a good state of broker also has lawyers who are not inferior to those skilled in the insurer's expertise and experience. Your insurance broker, first, try using a connection with an insurance company, not to bring the situation to a critical point. A if you had a conflict breaks out – give you legal advice. But before full-scale hostilities it comes very rarely, due to the fact that all the "pitfalls" eliminated broker before signing your contract. See the difference? Thus, while respecting basic "safety" can be obtained from the dry residue of insurance reliable, financially stable insurance companies, and with a personal lawyer broker for the entire period of insurance. That's good luck! With such an insurance broker the devil himself is not terrible. And do not be afraid of us, we are scary, brokers. In conclusion, I want to say: insurance as a reliable tool for financial protection our property – it was, is and will be! Just as they were, are and will remain in the Russian market honest and decent, insurers and insurance brokers, whose own reputation for a major capital. Source: