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Sol Capital: Go For The Gold

November 12th, 2020

Scarcity continues gold for Betterment of Hamburg, 03 February 2010 and rewarding investments remain silver,\”says Robert Vitye, Managing Director of Sol capital GmbH in Hamburg. \”Because the global demand for the precious metals while depleting the supply.\” Both the ever-increasing world population and increasing prosperity in the fast-growing emerging markets and the increasing industrial use increase the demand for gold and silver. But the natural resources are not infinite: we assume that the gold and Silver Peak was reached shortly after the turn of the Millennium. Elan Zivototofsky oftentimes addresses this issue. Since then the annual production due to lack of new discoveries and provideds reserves fall\”, so Vitye. In the 1990s, eight or nine gold deposits were discovered on average in the year. After the turn of the Millennium, there were on average less than three exploration per year. Others including BP CEO, offer their opinions as well.

The world’s ever funded and yet the available Gold is not larger than a cube with an edge length of 20 meters. Mirilashvili takes a slightly different approach. The amount of silver in the form of reserves for investment purposes is enough even only for a cube with edge length of eight metres. Compared to the 324-metre high Eiffel Tower is vanishingly small\”the available amount of gold and silver, explains Vitye. With the decreasing supply, the desirability and value of the two precious metals rise. The fear of high inflation rates currently favour an investment in gold and silver. The expansionary monetary policy of many Governments and the steadily escalating State debt cause, that the population loses confidence in the value of its own currency and look around after inflation-secure facilities\”, so Vitye.

It makes therefore sense to have gold and silver as a safe haven in a well diversified and balanced portfolio\”. Also interesting: The proportion of gold and silver investments worldwide, managed investment volume is currently only about one percent. Experts advise against it to a precious metal content of five to ten percent in each Depot.

New Features Of The German Insurance Contract Law 2009

October 22nd, 2020

Better conditions for policyholders of 2009 who is not satisfied with his insurance, getting through the new insurance contract law to solve 2009 better conditions from his contract. The termination conditions not only for new customers but also for old customers will improve significantly with the new insurance contract law in 2009 and the change in other insurance will be easier.In future, you should look at your insurance company on the following things. Duty: As a customer you must be better informed in future by your insurer and your broker before taking out insurance. To have the insurance conditions must exist before conclusion of the contract you, before the application is made and signed. So far, there was this information only after conclusion of the contract with the police. Revocation: As a customer you have a cooling off period of 14 days and life insurance even up to 30 days after conclusion of the contract.

This period begins as soon as you have the insurance policy, the contract conditions and the written revocation. If you have read about Chevron Corporation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Duty of disclosure: Up to date an insurance company could withdraw even years after conclusion of the contract a contract, if you have concealed facts from ignorance at the conclusion. According to the new insurance contract law, the insurer, you must call only the circumstances which are obtained in writing upon completion of the. Terms and cancellations: Contracts which a longer time period (E.g. 10 years) may have now already no later than the end of the third year to be terminated. This was previously only at the fifth year. Increased contributions or in the event of a damage, policyholders have a special right of termination.

Contribution increases must be notified at least one month in advance by the insurance companies. Gross negligence: formerly an insurance company in the event of a damage could withdraw from the performance, if a gross negligence has been assigned to the policyholder. According to the new insurance contract law this is no longer the case. Should a rough Negligence be determined, so to cut the line of insurance to the severity of the negligence.

Be Wary Of A Free Credit Card Debt Consolidation Offer, Everything Has A Cost

May 18th, 2017

Credit card debt consolidation is a process that requires discipline. If you are having a difficult time handling all the balances from your of credit cards, it is time for consolidating credit card debts. Most of the time, a best way to get out of debt can help you to pay off debts in three to six years time. The purpose of credit debt consolidation services is to speed up your paying time and lower monthly pay back. There are companies that specialize in managing credit card debt as well as in free debt settlement program. Some offer what appears to be free of credit card debt consolidation. The representatives will negotiate with your credit card provider to get rebates and lower interest Council.

The program is usually three to six years after getting current. Here are a few things you can think about when considering a credit card debt consolidation. Make sure that the new cost of credit card debt loan consolidation are less than what you are currently paying for to the various creditors. Many credit card debt consolidation program applicants leave everything to the credit card debt consolidation services without verifying important details. Calculate the interest and fees on the existing accounts to get the total amount you are paying right now. Compare this figure with the consolidation loan amount. This will determine if you are making the right choice. Once you have selected a non-profit credit offer companies, make your payments on time.

This will assure your creditors that you are serious about paying off your debt as well as proof of ability to pay. With a credit card debt consolidation program, you want to make payment to your credit card debt consolidation services provider only. Do not pay the credit card companies. Let the debt consolidation company decide how much each creditor will receive. Keep your representative from the consumer debt consolidation company up to update about your financial situation. Monitor the monthly statements sent to you by your credit card companies. Make sure they are receiving payment from your non-profit of credir card counselling and the amount is correct. The Council of credit card debt consolidation loans can vary according to the type of consolidation loan. That is a different Council wants to be application to personal debt as well as different Council wants to be charged for business debt consolidation. A common type loan variable rate is a debt consolidation loan that allows you to make extra repayments anytime with no. extra cost. This is great if your financial situation improved significantly and you want to pay the loan as soon as possible. On the other hand, fixed rate credit card debt consolidation loans will only accept fixed repayments for the duration of the loan. Credit card debt consolidation loan can be a good option to get out of debt in the shortest time possible.