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Presenting TROC

January 5th, 2013

TROC.COM, European leader for the deposit and sale of occasion for the home, leisure and sport, particular to particular with 180 establishments running, presents its business concept to businessmen, entrepreneurs and investors on Friday, may 27, at 9: 30 h in the Hotel Liabeny in Madrid (C / Salud, 3). During this presentation, Francesc Gonzalez, Managing Director of the company in Spain, will explain the development of it projects and will attend, along with his team, to anyone interested in starting a franchise brand. Limited. Confirmations: Cristina Segura 93 218 66 71 born in France, and with great presence in Catalonia, TROC.COM leads a market in constant growth, which responds perfectly to the policy of sustainable development and new attitudes of consumers, said Francesc Gonzalez, for whom his franchise offers the entrepreneur/investor, a promising market, a leading brand with a network bonded 190 centers, and growing, a recovery of the investment from the second year support, accompaniment and monitoring permanent, making that 99% of the franchisees will renew his contract at the end of this. There is no greater guarantee of success. Profile of franchisee seeking TROC.COM is an entrepreneur with energy, enthusiasm and desire to learn a new trade. A TROC.COM store changes permanently, and uptake of deposit in quantity and quality is the challenge of franchisee and the director, Chief Executive Officer of the company in Spain continues. One of the strong points of our training is precisely the technique of reservoir catchment and the establishment of collaboration agreements with other companies, which can be found in us the perfect complement to your activity of sale of new products.

TROC.COM has 10 operating establishments in Spain at this time, and it continues to grow throughout our geography. His main areas of development are: Catalonia, Levante, Madrid and Aragon, but do not reject candidates from other areas, provided that they meet a minimum population of 80,000 inhabitants (in a radius of 12 km). Starting a TROC.COM establishment requires an investment estimated between 95,000 and 120,000 (depending on the necessary remodeling of the local works). There is a right of entry of 30,000 and two periodical payments: a royalty monthly 3% of turnover and other advertising, pending implementation. As for the local, reckoned with a surface area of between 800 and 1,400 m2, and must be located on the periphery of the city or in an access road, but with parking. The average turnover averaged by their current units is 900,000 (from the third year of activity).