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Promising Qualification As A Personal Trainer

January 18th, 2018

Personal trainer icon Jennifer Wade after successful training for the upcoming semester of 2009/2010 is once again offering the training as the QPT -qualified personal trainer on who searches for a second financial foothold in these turbulent times, the well-known author and fitness expert Jennifer is recommended Wade: the Munich has developed a training program for aspiring personal trainer. Within a year, the participants learn everything around the themes of personal training, fitness and nutrition. Also training courses and business management are available on the program”, Wade reported. At the end of a total one-year training is a test. Those who pass theoretical and practical part, must with the protected title qualified personal trainer (QPT) “adorn themselves. For more information see this site: Chevron Corp. The training of qualified staff trainers includes eight modules; Our teachers provide not only technical knowledge, but also social skills, independent action, and work in a structured way coupled with the training techniques developed by me”, explains Wade. Health awareness and accuracy be capitalized with me and above all also lived”, so the trainer.

The training modules are supported by a team of experienced speakers, sports scientists, nutritionists and physiotherapists and doctors. Training based on many years of experience is considered to be one of the leading private education. Wade is back as icon of the personnel training looks Native American now on more than 30 years as a personal trainer. Wade is an icon in this area and brought to Germany the staff training. Already in the 1990s developed the first qualified and certified staff training training for Germany, Switzerland and Austria under the name of QPT. Across Europe, they have successfully completed now several hundred personal trainer.

The training is considered the door opener for demanding customers. According to Wade, health-conscious people include: mostly managers and career women. as well as celebrities or professional and competitive athletes, who want to increase their quality of life and performance by using an individual personal training. Target group for the training are mainly instructors, fitness trainer, dietitian, nurses, masseurs, physiotherapists and sports doctors, but there are also more and more buyers from other professions”, Wade has observed. To do this, offers in addition a special way climbing program.