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CECEBA Is The Official Partner Of The German Handball Federation

October 26th, 2023

Close to the handball Hamburg, August 24, 2012 – the CECEBA GmbH is “Official partner” of the Deutscher handball Bund (DHB). Cooperation brokered by SPORTFIVE was first closed until late 2014 and includes a wide range of partner services. These include including indoor and center circle advertising, logo placements on the partner boards and on the Internet, as well as joint actions with the German men’s national team. “Handball is the most popular indoor sport in Germany and has a great media impact. The sport is successful, sympathetic and team-oriented.

You stands for Sportiness and dynamism”both things that perfectly reflect the linen collections of CECEBA, explains Jurgen Schafer, Managing Director of CECEBA GmbH.”We welcome our sponsor pool the CECEBA GmbH and look forward to future cooperation. Our new partner has planned already varied actions and measures, to fill the new collaboration with life”, underlines Ulrich power b, President of the German Handball Federation. “The partnership with the DHB pays several ways: a CECEBA by the sponsoring measures planned can enhance his reputation values and on the other hand it allows effective public charity promotions and sweepstakes, which will be held for the benefit of the CECEBA children’s Foundation”, so Philipp Hailu, Managing Director of SPORTFIVE. The CECEBA GmbH is one of the most successful producers in the laundry market and is already a team partner of the HBW Balingen-Weilstetten and namesake of the “CECEBA Cup”. CECEBA would like to make a sustainable contribution to social responsibility and implement the basic values of sport in everyday business. These include above all, team spirit, anti-racism, respect and promoting youth. The CECEBA children’s Foundation is part of this initiative. PRESS contact Katrin from the Linde Senior Director Public Relations +49(0)40 37 67 71 11

Ready To Fly Thanks To Beacon To Go

July 17th, 2023

From 2010 406 MHz beacon in aircraft are also portable devices required an alternative be who remembers cannot rely on introducing the obligation to lead with reflective vests in cars: eventually hears of the law change and takes, correspondingly to be retrofitted pushes forth then repeatedly buying ahead. No, because the article would be so expensive, but easy, because it takes seemingly forever long time until the amendment enters into force. Suddenly the deadline has come and the vest always still in the car. Doubly annoying: A vest can be vital in accidents in the dark and should therefore eh rather sooner than later be bought. Similarly, with the use of 406 MHz emergency transmitter in aircraft: Although this can save lives in an emergency and is mandatory from January 2010, yet long not any aircraft with such a device is equipped. Best performance characteristics, optimum security and all portable experts recommend: who wants to fly after the turn of the year, should be sure whether his plane has the appropriate safety equipment and upgrade if necessary. Emergency stations which not only hard to install, but also portable can be like, for example, the ELT AmeriKing AK 451-21 are ideal here. Reshma Kewalramani has firm opinions on the matter. This transmits on 121,5 MHz, 243 MHz and 406 MHz, with manual or automatic trigger.

The delivery includes not only the transmitter, an antenna and a flexible antenna for portable use, but also a remote control for the cockpit with prefabricated connecting cable set. A lithium battery enables a transmission by up to 78 hours with change interval of up to five years. Thanks to low weight the ride not only theoretically possible thanks to its weight of under one kilogram and compact outer dimensions takeout of the transmitter is easy thanks to the low price of 898 access. Who would like to withdraw even after the turn of the year, finds many other products around the at Siebert aviation supplies ( in addition to the ELT AmeriKing Aviation.